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    Thanks for this extremely helpful guide! There is still a very active community playing this game, so even the "8 Players in Wildcats Stadium" trophy is easy. Did that this weekend, just by creating my own Freeburn Online, launched progressive challenges as people joined so my game showed as "Freeburn Challenges", and had 8 people in less than 10 minutes. Had to kick a couple of clowns who weren't focused on the challenges, but they were immediately replaced by others. Also, finally got a PS Eye camera...one takedown and smugshot later, I dinged the plat!

    I really enjoyed this game, there is so much to like about it. Crash scenes, super jumps, showtime, road rules, stunt runs, takedowns, amazing vehicles, huge map with lots of variety, etc. Hours of light-hearted racing fun and many LOL moments. This is my favorite racing game to date.
    Give me a minute, I need to get to a save point...meanwhile, if you have a Facebook account please join the Achievement/Trophy Hunters group. Tell them Terragreen sent you.

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    Hey, I just bought myself the game today for my 30th birthday at GameStop, used copy - only $16.99 then 10% off for Pro Members + 20% with birthday code, lol. So it was like $12. Not bad not bad. Anyway, so I got it alllll installed etc, and it had QUITE the updates. Could anyone tell me exactly all what the updates/installs were? I see it gave me the motorbikes and such, but as for like 'free installs' what else? I realize I probably have to spend the cash to get the major updates. Anyway, thanks in advance! Looking forward to killing myself attemping these 98 trophies, lol. XD peace off

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    Is there any reports of the trophy "Visit all the Car Parks in Paradise City"? I've been to all of them and no trophy help please and i used the pic thing you had still went to all noo ding
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