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Number of Players Offline: 1-8 Players
Number of Players Online: 2-8 Players
Minimum Amount of Players Needed: 1 Player (You can play with all the 4 Buzzers)
Total Trophies: 43
Offline Trophies: 22 || 6 || 0 ||
Online Trophies: 6 || 3 || 3 ||
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 5.0/10.0
Time to Platinum: +/- 40 Hours
Glitched Trophies: "Looking good for the cameras" is probably glitched for some people.
Accossoires: Buzz (Wired or Wireless) Controllers
Extra Accossoires needed for certain trophies: Playstation Eye(toy)


Buzz! Quiz World provides an ultra-realistic quiz show experience, putting you and your friends in the contestants' seats. This PlayStation 3 game allows players to define their Buzz! quiz experiences exactly how they want with several new customization and personalization options. Players can choose to play a short or long game and they can even select the round types and question topics.
  • Personalize the experience with hundreds of player names to choose from to create your own profile, which BUZZ! comments on.
  • Customize the game and choose the round types and subjects you want.
  • Answer over 5000 new general knowledge questions including hundreds of pictures and videos.
  • Choose from new rounds and contestant characters.
  • Take on friends and family with 8 player local multiplayer quizzing.
  • Challenge friends online with Sofa Vs. Sofa mode.
  • You can now talk with everybody through voice-chat.


9.0 Presentation
This feels like a goofy game show with its camera angles and pyrotechnics. Buzz can say your name and there are profiles to store your choices. I wish setting up everyone in the beginning was simpler.

8.5 Graphics
The playable characters look great and the combination of quiz titles in the graphics for each round is slick. Buzz’s head flaps just a bit too wildly, though. It’s kind of creepy.

8.5 Sound
Buzz sounds great, the crowd is into it, there are a bunch of buzzer sounds to choose from, and the Final Countdown song is back.

9.0 Gameplay
The new rounds involve dropping people into pools of goo, watching answers appear letter by letter, and betting on whether or not someone will know an answer. That’s all awesome.

9.0 Lasting Appeal
You get 5,000 new questions, there will be more DLC coming, online has voicechat, your credits track the actions of your profiles, and you can play in eight-person matches on the PSN.


For the full review:
IGN: Buzz! Quiz World Review


You’ve got the whole Quiz World, in your hands
Win every trophy – then give that giant brain of yours a rest.

Obtain all the other trophies in this game first and the Platinum Trophy will be yours.

I <3 Buzz!™
Play every type of game Buzz!™ has to offer.

You need to play every type of game atleast one time.

List of game types:
Play a Game:
1. Standard game
2. 15-minute game
3. 45-minute game
4. Round select game
5. Crazy rounds game
6. Serious rounds game

Single player Challenges:
7. Over the Edge Challenge
8. Stop the Clock Challenge

MyBuzz Quizzes:
9. Buzz's Choice game
10. Best quizzes game
11. Fresh quizzes game

Online Games:
12. Play a game online

Team Tactics
Play an online game that involves four players in your household against four players in another household.

You need to play an online game with 4 characters (players/controllers) from your household against 4 characters (players/controllers) from another household. You'll probably get this trophy when you are playing an online game but you can also play with a friend to get this trophy. Just play with 4 characters both.

Play an online game that involves at least three of your PlayStation®Network friends and others.

This could be a very hard trophy if you don't find 3 friends to play with. When you find 3 friends to play with, just invite them to a lobby and play a game. However, this trophy is a bit glitchy, you will need to do the following to unlock this trophy:
1. Yourself and your friends need to play with 2 characters, so there are 8 players in the game.
2. Only the host will get the trophy but he'll get it at the beginning of the game, so if you quit the game and let 1 of your friends be the new host, your friends also can get this trophy really quick.

Look good for the cameras
Use all the costumes for each character in a full game.

This trophy will glitch on some people. For this trophy you need to use all the costumes for each character atleast ones in a full game. I really recommend to use a checklist! If you used every costume for each character in a full game (= standard game) and the trophy didn't unlock you need to delete your save-file (be sure to make a back-up first) and get the trophy on a new save-file. To be sure the trophy doesn't glitch again, you can also delete your game-data and re-install the game.

If you don't got the trophy do the following:
1) Grab a USB drive/stick and wipe it clean (format it on your PC)

2) Go to your PS3 and insert USB stick.

3) Under the Game options, select your saved BUZZ data, press triangle and copy it to your USB (you can check if it has copied by selecting the USB stick to see if it is there)

4) DELETE ALL BUZZ saved data from your PS3 (not your USB - you can take the stick out now).

5) DELETE ALL BUZZ data from your Game utilities folder (still under the "Game" menu).

6) Insert Buzz (and the Buzz controllers) and it will prompt you to download the latest update - PRESS CIRCLE for no.

7) It will then prompt you to try to connect to the servers, press your red button on your buzzer to stop this from happening.

8) Play with all characters on a normal game with either 4 or 8 buzzers depending on how many you have. Select 4 (or 8) brand new profiles and play a NORMAL OFFLINE game (6 rounds with each character).

9) Make sure that after every game you go back to the main menu, play another game and go through systematically every and each costume and character.

10) Depending on the amount of Buzzers you have, you will play 6 full games (using 8 buzzers for the first 3 games and 4 for the last 3 games) or 9 games if you have 4 buzzers.

11) There are 12 characters and 3 costumes each so make sure you cover off every character and costume.

12) After the COMPLETION of the 6 or 9 games, you will receive the trophy.

13) You can now delete all saved data again at this point and reload your old data from your USB stick.

Thanks for the tip wacka-123456789

You’ll never have to work again
Win every prize.

At the end of every game, the winner of the game gets a prize from Buzz. There are 12 different prices in the whole game and you need to win them all atleast ones.

The 12 different prices are:
1. Toy Train
2. X-Ray Specs
3. Gold Buzz statue
4. UFO
5. Bonsai Tree
6. Drum Set
7. Chess Set
8. Hamster Ball
9. Hover Board
10. Russian Doll
11. Bottle of Bubbly
12. Bouncy Castle

Home is where the Buzz!™ is
Launch Buzz!™ from PlayStation®Home.

First of all you need to download PlayStation®Home from the Playstation Store which is available in all countries for FREE. Now we're getting to the point where we gonna launch Buzz. Sign in to Playstation Home, Create a Home Supported Game Session and press to launch Buzz. You will get the trophy when you're at the main menu.

MyBuzz!™ your face off
Play and rate 50 different MyBuzz!™ quizzes.

You need to play and rate 50 different MyBuzz quizzes. This is a bit time consuming but an easy trophy. You can choose MyBuzz quizzes that you'll probably like, to make this trophy less boring. After you played and rated 50 different MyBuzz quizzes, the trophy will unlock.

Fastest Fingers
Be fastest to answer every question in a round of Fastest Finger correctly.

Play with 2 characters and only answer with 1 character. If you answer all the questions correctly and let the other character run out of time you'll get the trophy.

Time Bandit
Score over 3200 points in one round of Stop the Clock.

When you're playing the Stop the Clock Round, you need to score atleast 3200 points (in one round). You need to answer all the questions correctly as fast as possible.

The Artful Buzzer
Steal from every player in the game in one round of Point Stealer.

For this trophy you need to play with 4 characters in a Standard game. When you reach the round of Point Stealer, you need to get 3 questions correctly and steal from all the 3 other players ones.

The Cream Reaper
Pie every player in the game in one round of Pie Fight.

Same as the 'The Artful Buzzer' trophy. You need to play with 4 characters in a Standard game. This could be the same game as when you're trying to get the 'The Artful Buzzer' trophy! When you are gonna play the Pie Fight Round, get 3 questions correctly and throw the pies to all the 3 other players ones.

Hard Boiled
Achieve boiling point in a fast time.

See the 'Soft Boiled' trophy below for an very easy way how to get this trophy.

Soft Boiled
Achieve boiling point in a super-fast time.

This trophy may seems hard but I have found a super easy way to do this. You need to play with 4 characters. When you reach the Boiling Round do the following:
Character 1: Press the correct answer.
Character 2: Press the blue answer.
Character 3: Press the orange answer.
Character 4: Press the green answer.

Press the answers with the characters 2, 3 and 4 as fast as possible. Now you know which answer is the right answer!! If character 2 has the right answer, the answer is blue. If no one has the right answer, the right answer is the yellow answer. If you are fast and get all 6 questions right with your character, you will get 'Hard Boiled' and the 'Soft Boiled' at the same time at the end of the round.

Last Man Standing
Be the last person alive at the end of Pie Fight, Over the Edge and Final Countdown in one game.

Just like the trophy description says, you need to be the last person alive at the end of the Pie Fight Round, Over the Edge Round and Final Countdown Round in one game with the same player. It's probably easier if you play with 2 characters instead of 4.

For the Pie Fight Round: This round is easy, just try to get the correct answers with any player and throw the pie's to the other 3 players.

For the Over the Edge Round: Probably the hardest round. Try to press the wrong answers with the other characters so they will come closer to the Edge. If all the other players are closer to the edge than yourself, you can just run out of time with all the rest questions.

For the Final Countdown Round: Simple, press fast an answer for the first question and let the other characters run out of time.

Dark Horse
Answered correctly when On the Spot and nobody thought you would.

Play a game with round-select with only 2 characters. When you are playing the On the Spot round, the other player needs to vote totally wrong. If he votes you will get the question wrong and you'll answer the question correctly (or he voted that you won't answer the answer correctly and you answered it correctly) the trophy will be yours.

Sofa Slayer
You or someone playing in your house has won 25 online games.

You need to win 25 online games to get this trophy. The easiest way of getting 25 wins is, if you are boosting the wins with someone else. This is a very time consuming trophy and you'll get bored eventually. A few tips:
1. Use a headset, so you can talk with the other guy.
2. You can watch television during the games. Just press the blue button continuous.
3. Try to answer the answers as fast as possible so it goes games go faster.

New tip:
Start an online game with the other player than when the game starts (buzz is presenting the players) one of you should quit. The game will give count the victory for the other player. You don't have to play the whole game!

Under the Radar
Finish a Crazy game without getting Pied, Bombed, Gunged or Stolen from.

Play a Crazy Game with 2 characters (4, if you can't do it with 2 characters). Try to avoid getting Pied, Bombed, Gunged or Stolen with your character.

Avoiding getting Pied: Just throw the pies to the other characters, easy!
Avoiding getting Bombed: When the other player has the Bomb, you can just let him run out of time.
Avoiding getting Gunged: Try to answer the questions wrong with the other characters. You can just let the question run out of time if the other characters are closer to the edge than you.
Avoiding getting Stolen: Just don't steal from your character.

Human Catapult
Gunged everyone and stayed on the floor in Over the Edge.

All the other characters needs to be gunged and yourself needs to stay on the floor (you may not move up!). You will need to play with 4 characters to unlock this trophy. To obtain this trophy, the others must be eliminated by the "winning player". Don't make the "loosers" answer wrong in purpose. You must answer four times right with the "winner".

Popular Author
Quizzes you have written have been played by more than 100 different people.

Shouldn't be too hard. You need to have written a MyBuzz-Quiz that is played and rated by more than 100 different people. You can write MyBuzz-Quizzes on this site: MyBuzz!™ | Locale selection
For more information and tips, see 'Master Quiz Writer'. To unlock this trophy, you need to go to MyBuzz when you're playing Buzz Quiz World and view the MyBuzz-Quizzes you have written.

Quality Quiz Writer
A quiz you have written has been played by 25 different people and has over 2.5 stars.

You need to have written a MyBuzz-Quiz that has been played and rated by atleast 25 different people and has over 2.5 stars. For more information and tips, see 'Master Quiz Writer'.
To unlock this trophy, you need to go to MyBuzz when you're playing Buzz Quiz World and view the MyBuzz-Quizzes you have written.

Master Quiz Writer
10 quizzes you have written have each been played by 25 different people and have over 2.5 stars.

This is probably the hardest trophy in the game. You need to have 10 quizzes written that have each been played by 25 different people and have been rated over 2.5 stars.
A few tips:
1) Try to write quizzes that people want to play and will enjoy.
2) Don't make stupid or impossible questions.
3) Ask your friends to play/rate your quizzes.
4) If you make a lot of quizzes, you have more chance to get this trophy faster.
5) If you really can't get this trophy, you can always make around 15 different PSN's and play/rate your quizzes. (I don't recommend this )
To unlock this trophy, you need to go to MyBuzz when you're playing Buzz Quiz World and view the MyBuzz-Quizzes you have written.

Happy in my skin
Keep one profile active and unchanged.

You need to have one profile active and unchanged for this trophy. Just play games with this profile and don't make any changes to your profile and the trophy will unlock eventually.

Cross Dresser
Regularly play as a character of the opposite sex.

You need to play a few times as a character of the opposite sex. That meens if you have a 'Male-profile' you need to play a few times with a female character. If you have a 'Female-profile' you need to play a few times with a male character. IF you do that the trophy will eventually unlock after you have played a few games.

Picker Onner
Repeatedly pick on a player with a pie or a pilfering.

Just get pied 2 times in a row OR get stolen over and over again by the same player. This trophy will unlock eventually.

Weekend Warrior
Play a game of Buzz!™ every weekend for three consecutive weeks.

Be sure the three consecutive weeks are in the same month to unlock this trophy! You can just play a game of Buzz every weekend for three consecutive weeks or you can change the date on your PS3 to unlock this trophy fast.

Stag Party
Play a game with only male player profiles.

You need to play a game with 4 characters with only male profiles. Just start a game, make 4 male profiles and play a standard game.

Hen Party
Play a game with only female player profiles.

Same as the 'Stag Party' trophy. Play a standard game with 4 characters with only female profiles.

Kick ‘em while they’re down
Pie, and eliminate, or steal from someone who is in last place by more than 1500 points.

Play with 2 characters. Answer as many questions as possible correctly with one character and let the other character answer the questions wrong. When you're playing the Pie Round, throw 2 pie's to that character to eliminatie him OR when you're playing the Thief Round, steal just ones from him. Be sure the other characters is in last place by more than 1500 points.

Pointless theft! You stole from a player who had no points.

Play with 2 characters for this trophy. When you're playing the Thief Round with a character that has no points, just steal ones from him to unlock this trophy. If the other character has a few points just steal a few times from him untill he has no points.

Pie, and eliminate, yourself from a round of Piefight.

When you are playing the Pie Fight Round, you need to throw 2 pies to your character. You can throw the first pie with any player but you need to throw the second and last pie by yourself to eliminate yourself.

Dirty Rascal
Taunt during the round summary of three different rounds in one game, and be in last place during each of them.

Play with 2 characters for this trophy. One character needs to answer a few questions right so he always stays at the first place and the other character (on the last place) needs to Taunt in every round during the summary. Just press the Blue Button a few times during the round summary and the trophy will unlock at the end of the game. This needs to be done in a standard game.

Not your day
Get Pied, Gunged, Bombed and Stolen from in one game.

You need to get Pied, Gunged, Bombed and Stolen in one game. This really isn't hard. You can just play with 2 characters and try to have atleast 1 question right in all the rounds. You will have to play a "Crazy Games" game as no other game mode has these 3 rounds.

Snap Happy
Have a photo taken for each moment.

Under 'options' in the Main Menu, there is an option to see all your photos. You need to have a photo taken for each moment. If you play always with your PS Eye(Toy) connected, you'll get this trophy eventually.

All the moments:
Meet the Players (You'll get this when you start a game)
Dunked (Get dunked in the Over the Edge Round)
Pied (Get pied in the Pie Fight Round)
Sui-Pied! (Pie yourself in the Pie Fight Round)
Thief (Steal point from someone in the Point Stealer Round)
Bombed (Get bombed in the Bomb Round)
Gloater (Win a game)

Host with the most
Have 10 online game invites accepted.

You may accept 10 online game invites from the same person! So, ask someone to help you.
1) Let him invite you.
2) Accept the invite.
3) Leave the game.
4) Repeat.

Guest of honour
Be invited to an online game by five different friends.

You need to know 5 different friends with this game. They only need to invite you ones, so you can also ask people who are playing online to help you, if you don't have 5 friends with this game.

Proof reader
Be the first to play a quiz that has not been played.

Under MyBuzz-Quizzes there is an option to play quizzes that aren't been played before. The game type is called 'Fresh quizzes game'. Just play that MyBuzz game type and you'll get the trophy at the end of the game. Another way to get this trophy easily is to create another profile on the website and make a quiz limited to "friends". This way you're sure to be the first and alone to rate it. Under the game there is an option to play your friends quizzes.

Denture wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Make Gran whip her teeth out during a round summary.

When you are playing a game with Gran as character and you finished a round, Buzz will give you a quick summary about the current stats. When he's giving that summary, press the blue button on your Buzz controllers to make Gran whip her teeth out.

That’s a keeper
Save one of your photos to the XMB™ menu.

Go to 'options' and check your photos. View any photo and there will be an option to save it to the XMB menu. When you saved it to the XMB menu, the trophy will unlock.

There’s always one
Wind everyone up with the buzzer noise select screen.

Play a game with 4 characters. Choose 3 active profiles and make 1 new profile. Make a character, choose a costume and when you need to choose a buzzer noise, simply keep scrolling through the list untill the trophy unlocks.

Filmed in front of a live studio audience
It really was! And you have the photos of you all to prove it.

Play an online game when your PS Eye(Toy) is connected. At a certain point it will start recording for a few seconds. When the match is finished, you'll have a short movie and you'll get the trophy.

I love you guys!
Enjoy back to back rematches against players in an online game.

After you have finished playing an online game, there will be an option to rematch against the same players. If all the players want to play a rematch, you will start another game. All the same players have to do another rematch at the end of the second game. The trohpy will unlock at the begin of the third game. It's easier to boost this trophy with someone, because if some doesn't re-match or someone else joins, you won't get the trophy.

Don’t make Buzz angry
You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

This is probably 1 of the first trophies you'll get. You need to make Buzz angry. There are a few ways to make him angry:
1) Wait quite a time before choosing a topic.
2) Have a few questions wrong in a row.
3) Have a very low score at the end of a match.
4) Wait quite a time before rating a My Buzz Quiz.

Buzz!™ Face On!
Upload one of your photos to MyBuzzQuiz.com.

You only need to upload one of your photos to MyBuzzQuiz.com. Photo's are made when you're playing games while the Playstation Eye(toy) is connected. Go to 'options' in the main menu and view one of your photos. When you are viewing a photo, there is an option to upload it to MyBuzzQuiz.com.

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