Players: 1-4
Number of trophies: 11
Online: 0
Cheat Codes: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 3
Time to 100%: 2-4 hrs


This is the fourth game in the Buzz!™ Junior series, and it takes a trip back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. It is packed full of friendly competition and prehistoric high jinks are the order of the day in Buzz! Junior: Dino Den. Take control of four cheeky little Dino's as they explore the exciting prehistoric world around them, wreaking a little havoc along the way.

In a series of new games, you’ll have the chance to do everything from riding a T-Rex to bouncing on a Brontosaurus’ belly – and let’s not forget ice fishing, surfing on sea turtles or hitting cavemen with rotten dinosaur eggs!

[top]Tips and Strategies





- First playthrough set AI to Hard.

- All but one trophy can be obtained on easy mode.

- If you need to cleanup to get the 100% use the practice mode to obtain the trophy/trophies you're missing.



Dinner Time Dino
Eat more than half the steaks in a single player game of All You Can Eat!

Simply eat half of the steaks in this mini-game. You will get this upon working on the Greedy Dino trophy.

Catch of the Day
Catch all sizes of fish and win in a single player game of Ice Fishing

There are five different sizes of fish to catch. Focus on getting a different size fish with each cast. You need all 5 fishes to get this trophy

Eat My Dust
Lap an AI controlled opponent in a single player game of Elastic Racers

Most likely you won’t get this playing with the AI on hard. With the game AI set on easy you’ll pass the other dinos on the track much easier. Try not to hit things or spin out of control since this will slow you down.

Hop, Skip and Dino!
Win every round in a single player game of River Crossing

In this mini-game all you need to do is press either or the red buzzer. This will knock down the stalactites. Continue until all of them are knocked down so you may cross, then press the order of colors so you make it across the river.

Easy Rider
Win a single player game of Hitch A Ride!

Win a single player game of Hitch A Ride. You're going to get this while trying to get the T-Rex Rambler trophy.

Greedy Dino
Eat all the steaks in a single player game of All You Can Eat!

Simply eat all the steaks in this mini-game.This one is easy and shouldn’t be a problem.

**CHEAT** If you're running into a problem, hit the button on the controller when the dino brings out the meat. This will freeze the game allowing you to see the right color to press for the meat.

Fishing Frenzy
Catch more than 340kg of fish in a single player game of Ice Fishing

Try getting the bigger fish since they are worth more points. The fish values are as follows: Very Small Fish - 10 kg, Small Fish - 20 kg, Medium Fish - 30 kg, Large Fish - 40 kg, and the Very Large Fish - 50 kg. Watch out though, because there is a dino swimming under the water and if he gets close to your rod he'll pull your dino into the water, wasting precious fishing time.

Ace Racer
Win a race without spinning out in a single player game of Elastic Racers.

Try not spinning out around the corners. The AI on hard is more likely to ram into you so this trophy is easier to get on easy. When going around the bottom corner just tap the Buzzer/ to get around faster.

Mother Thumper
Hit 4 stalactites in a row with the highest power smash in a single player game of River Crossing.

What you want to do is wait for the bar to be near the top and then press or the red buzzer.

T-Rex Rambler
Never fall off and win a single player game of Hitch A Ride!

You need to press or the Red Buzzer while you're riding on the dinosaur. There are high and low branches. When a branch appears hit the buzzer or button. If you don’t you will get hit by the branch and knocked off your dino.

Prehistoric Perfectionist
Win a standard single player game with the difficulty level set to hard

Set the difficulty to hard and win in single player mode. All the mini-games are rather easy and shouldn't be a problem for anyone. Try playing the levels on practice to get used to the game and gameplay. As long as you win at least two rounds and keep the rest of the players lower than you, you'll be fine.

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