Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-2 hrs
Minimum Playthroughs: 1-2

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Can be played with PS3 controller; do not need Buzz Buzzers.
  • All but one trophy is obtainable by playing on the easy difficulty.
  • If you missed a trophy in a mini-game, you can go back and play it in practice mode to get the trophy.
  • First playthrough, set AI to hard for the An Amazing Monster trophy.


  • RED
  • BLUE


Mummy Madness
Win a game of All Wrapped Up.

If you play a standard game this will be the first game. Simply win the game and the trophy will unlock. If you want to knock out 2 trophies in one play through of this game, simply unwrap the mummy. To unwrap the mummy press the matching color to make the mummy spin, and keep pressing the correct color until the mummy thins out and is undressed. Unlocks the Naked Mummy trophy.

Naked Mummy
Completely unwrap a mummy within the time limit in All Wrapped Up.

See Mummy Madness trophy.

Monster Pirate
Knock every other computer controlled monster into the water in Treasure Hunt.

What you want to do here is jump (pressing either the red button on the buzzer or on the controller) to knock the other monsters off the rocks. It doesn't matter if you get knocked in the water or lose the round. Just knock the other monsters off the rocks.

Dry as a Whistle
Win a game of Treasure Hunt without getting wet.

Same idea as above, but this time you want to get the shields and jump fast at the treasure chests. Best thing is to keep moving and getting the shields. What I did was set it to easy and do a practice mode game, then when the game started I waited until I saw a shield and then I made a mad dash towards it. Get the shield and hurry and grab as many chests as you can. Once the shield is gone stay away from the rest of the group and wait until another shield pops up. If you stick with this you'll be able to get the trophy with a lot less problems.

Wonky Donkey
Hit every Zombie Donkey and still win a game of Boo!

This is pretty straight forward. Hit the zombie donkey in each of the three areas. Just hit the matching color with the color of the donkey to hit it. The faster you press the button, the more your points will increase. They are just as annoying as the dog in Duck Hunt, so picture that damned dog when hitting them and 20 years of hate for the dog is relieved.

Hit every Zombie in Boo! including the Zombie Master. But make sure you don't hit the Donkeys!

For this trophy you have to hit all the zombies in all three areas. Sounds simple, but in the third area there is a zombie on the far right side that moves out of the way pretty damn fast, so keep quick with the button pressing. Also, you can't miss, it has to be perfect. This is best done in practice mode.

Play it Safe
Don't lose any points in a game of Ghoulish Golf.

See Gifted Golfer trophy.

Gifted Golfer
Get 20 hole-in-ones during a game of Ghoulish Golf.

Keep making the power bar full and the aim bar in the green. If this is done correctly the ball should be a hole-in-one every time. Plus this unlocks the Play it Safe trophy, since you will not hit anything you shouldn't, like the buildings or the bird that makes you lose points.

Last Monster Sitting
Win a round of Musical Chairs when only one chair remains.

See Musical Monster trophy.

Musical Monster
Win every round in a game of Musical chairs.

There are six rounds, so when a round starts find your character and hold your finger above the button of the color chair you are near. When the music stops, hit the button as fast as you can. By holding your finger above the matching color chair, you have more time in making it to the right chair.

An Amazing Monster
Win a standard single player game with the Monsters set to hard.

Set the AI to hard and win the single player game.

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