Players: 1-4
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes: No
Cheats Affect Trophies: No
Trophy Difficulty: 3.5/10
Time to Platinum/100%: 0.5-3 Hours

[top]Tips & Strategies

1. All trophies can be done in one standard game.
2. A Buzz controller makes this game much easier.
3. All trophies can be acquired through Practice Mode, meaning that you can pick the game type you want to play without having to play through all of them.

PS3 Controller Codes:
= Yellow
= Green
= Orange
= Blue

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits



Mallet Masher
Score a minimum of 4200 points in single player mode in Mad Mallets.

See Mallet Master trophy.

Mallet Master
Score a minimum of 6600 points in a single player game of Mad Mallets.

This trophy gives some people trouble because the only way to get that many points is by going very fast through each hit. Since the bots are dumb, they tend to screw it up for you because they will miss theirs every now and then which wastes valuable time.

Now, what I did for this is set the bots to Hard Difficulty so maybe they will be smart enough to hit the slime fast enough to where you have a chance to get 6600 points. With the bots on Hard, as long as you make sure you hit the slime first or second for 200 or 150 points, you should be able to get this within a few tries.

Finish a race in single player without blowing up in Nitro Racing.

Very simple trophy; you don't even have to win the race. You just have to make sure that your tank doesn't overheat, meaning stop going so fast if it turns red and do not get hit by the fire. You will have to get this if you want the Front Runner trophy.

Front Runner
Win all races in Nitro Racing in single player mode.

Easy enough trophy with the bots set to Easy difficulty. If you keep a steady pace and not letting your tank turn red, you should come out in first every time.

Fastest Finger
Score a minimum of 3500 points in single player mode in Odd Bot Out.

See Eagle Eyed trophy.

Eagle Eyed
Score a minimum of 6500 points in single player mode in Odd Bot Out.

This trophy can be a pain to get, but once you get the hang of the game it should come to you quickly. To take advantage of getting as many points as possible, the first 10 or so are very easy to distinguish. If you can place first on at least 8 out of 10, that's about half of the points already. Just make sure the bots are set to Easy difficulty and having a quick enough reaction time to notice the odd bot and know which color it is.

Feathered Friend
Score a minimum of 2500 points in single player mode in Pillow Fight.

See Untouchable trophy, as you will get this along the way.

Don't get hit once in a single player game of Pillow Fight.

This trophy can be hard, but the bots can actually help you on this one as time is a major factor here and they tend to waste a lot of time when on Easy difficulty. The one thing that always screwed me up on this was once you identified which quadrant you were in, I would sometimes hit the wrong button. So I would recommend picking a color to where you can have all 3 fingers on the other buttons to be ready to push each one. If you are fast enough to identify where you are and what button to press in maybe 2 seconds, you shouldn't have a problem as the bots tend to usually wait a few seconds until they try and hit you.

NOTE: The trophy only says don't get hit. This means that if you happen to hit the wrong button for the bot, but he is too stupid to hit you and it ends in a tie, you are still eligible to get the trophy.

Risky Robot
Score a minimum of 1800 points in single player mode in Piston Peril.

Another trophy where the bots f*ck you over, as they have to pick you to do so. On average for a round, I think the machine lets the points go up to 600-750 points total. So I would say if it started out on you, wait until 450-500 then pass it off to another bot. If a bot passes it to you when it's around 100-200 already, you can probably hold it on you for 300 points. Any time a bot holds it longer than that and passes it to you, I would do just 200 points or so and play it safe for a round. If you can just keep track in your head how many points everyone has, you should be fine

Nerves of Steel
Avoid getting crushed in all the rounds of Piston Peril in single player mode.

All I can say for this is keep your finger on one button and repeatedly press it. If one of the bots moves it to you, the machine will almost automatically move to the bot for the button you pressed, preventing you from getting hit.

Super Bot
Win a standard single player game with the AI bots set to hard.

One of the easiest golds you'll ever get. Even on Hard the bots are still dumb. Coming in first or second in every game (which is very easy to do if you at least know how to play each game) should guarantee you this trophy.

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