Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None Known
Estimated Time to Platinum: 2-4 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Nothing taking more than 10 minutes (see golden fever)
Missable Trophies: None, all games are open for free play from the beginning of the game.
Glitched Trophies: None Known
Required Hardware: One move controller and Playstation eye!!!!!

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1.) Play through a Cabelas cup with a female character. You should unlock quite a few trophies without even trying on your way to earning Camp Star

2.)Pick a female Character from my cabin, and play the rest of the games that you didn't play during Camp Star, earning at least a silver medal, as to unlock the other games. Once all games have been beaten you will unlock Girlz Rule.

3. Cleanup - More than likely you will need to clean up one or two trophies along with Exercise. Once you finish this, you will have earned your .


Platinum Trophy
Unlock all other trophies.

Just like every other , obtain all other trophies and its yours.

Complete 10 Coin chain jumps.

This can be done on either of the Kayaking levels. In the levels, You will see ramps with coins and a red jewel at the end. You must hit these ramps, and gain all coins and jewels in one jump. (Credit goes to PKYxPiKaChUx for finding out that you must hit EVERYTHING ON THE RAMP!!!) This was the only trophy that gave me any trouble, as the Kayaking controls are the pits, making it hard to hit the ramps sometimes. Even then, i probably only spent 30 or 40 minutes on this trophy.

Collect 40 coins in one level on any Kayaking, Biking or Wave Riding level.

As the description states, this can be earned in any Kayaking, Biking, or Wave Riding level. This should pop from natural game progression, but if it doesn't, then i would suggest doing it on a wave runner level, as you can move at your own pace.

Girlz Rulz!
Pick a female character and use her to pass all activities at least once.

From the main menu, go into the cabin and switch to a female character. Now go into freeplay and play all of the games and get at least a Silver in each one. If you have already beaten the Cabelas Cup, then you will not need to play the last game, Hogwhacked, as it is part of Cabelas Cup, even with random games on.

Collect 10 diamonds across all activities.

This should pop from natural game progression, as the red diamonds are scattered about through the various racing levels (kayak, bike and wave runner.) It is not 10 in one level, it is a cumulative count throughout the game.

Stunt Man
Finish any Biking level without falling from the bicycle.

Just finish any biking level without bailing. Avoid the trigger button, as it will make you pedal faster. Also, the bully will come and knock down trees. Avoid these buy jumping with the Move button. As soon as the race is over and you haven't bailed, the trophy will pop.

Finish any Kayaking level without flipping the kayak.

Don't flip the Kayak on any Kayaking level, and the trophy is yours. Avoid the trigger button, as it makes you paddle faster.

Camp Star
Win the Cabela's Cup.

Should be the first trophy your try to earn. Start the Game (remember, with a female to work towards girlz rule) and pick the Cabelas Cup. Finish the games in first place overall and you win. As this is a kids game, this requires little skill and should not be a problem.

Speed Wheeler
Pass Biking 1 under 1 minute 10 seconds.

Choose biking 1 and bash the trigger button to pedal faster the whole time. Even if you fall, you're probably going to earn this if you keep going as fast a possible.

Shoot the Rapids
Pass Kayaking 1 under 1 minute 30 seconds.

Choose Kayaking 1, and as with Speed Wheeler, just bash the trigger the whole time to paddle faster, and you should have no trouble earning this, even if you flip the kayak.

Speed Cruiser
Pass Wave Riding 1 under 1 minute 30 seconds.

Choose Wave riding one, and hold down the trigger button the whole time, while gathering coins and opening the next paths. Finish in under a minute and a half for another easy trophy.

Flying Fish
Jump 15 times in Wave Riding 1 or 2.

Choose Wave Riding 1 or 2, and bash the move button, making your character jump up and down. After 15 jumps the trophy will pop.

Discover the hidden cave in Biking 1.

Choose Biking 1 and go along until you get a bully warning (it will show his punk ass on the right, and it makes an audible sound.) At that point try to get as close to the left wall as possible, while still jumping the trees, and cut left as soon as you can to see the cave. Ride through it and get a new.

Another point of reference here is the waterfall. Just stick left, it is pretty easy.

Finish any shooting activity with a full 200 point accuracy bonus.

Easiest done on the first archery level with deer, archery 2. Just hit only the bucks(ones with horns) and wolves. When wolves come, they will cause the deer to move back and forth. However, before the wolves come, they will howl. So when you hear the howl, stop shooting deer and wait for the wolf to pop up. Take your time and take out the wolf, as they are always stationary. You must finish the level without missing. ONE MISS AND YOU WILL NOT GET A SCORE OF 200.
The last wolf can be hard to spot, he is in the middle of the screen, at the very top, on some cliffs.

Get through all 10 stages of Hogwhacked.

Hogwhacked is memory game, where 4 groundhogs pop out of tree stumps. Save yourself some time and get a piece of paper, and write down what order they come out in. Bash the hell out of them in the right order and after 10 rounds, you will get another .

Fast Reflexes
Hit a moving deer target while in Archery 2 or 4.

In either Archery 2 or 4, wait for a wolf to come and then shoot a moving deer. Ping!

Ultimate Combo
Hit 25 objects in a row in any Skeet level.

As the trophy states, shoot 25 objects in a row in any skeet level and you will earn this trophy. Use the dynamite in Skeet 1 or 4 to help you as you will blow up multiple discs when you shoot the dynamite. It popped for me without even trying to earn it, because of the dynamite.

Speed Freak
Speed boost continuously for an extended period of time in Biking, Kayaking, or Wave Riding.

Choose any Kayaking, Wave Riding, or Biking level. Mash the trigger button the whole time and this will pop when you finish.

Demolition Expert
Hit all of the dynamite in one level on skeet 1 or 4.

As it states, choose skeet 1 or skeet 4. During these rounds, dynamite will be thrown into the air, exploding everything around it. If you are struggling earning this, focus only on the dynamite. Once you shoot all of the dynamite on either skeet 1 or 4, the trophy will pop.

Golden Fever
Catch 25 yellow fish in Fishing 1.

Catch 25 gold fish and you have another easy trophy. Fishes come in three colors, red, blue, and yellow, and tend to stay in schools based on their color, making it easy to catch only gold fish. Just remember to cast overhand for schools far away and underhand for closer ones.

Pass any Wave Riding level without touching a single buoy.

Just go slow, avoiding the trigger button, as it gives you a speed boost. Take your time getting the required coins for each area, and as soon as you cross the finish line without hitting any buoys, your will pop.

Destroy all 5 crates in Wave Riding in one run.

As the trophy states, destroy 5 crates on one Wave Riding level and this will pop. Choose Wave Riding 1, as all of the boxes are in plain sight, either floating in the open water or hovering above a ramp.

Speed Ace
Receive golden medals in all racing activities.

Once you have achieved gold scores on all Kayaking, Biking, and Wave Riding events you will get this . Remember to grab all the coins you can, as they play just a large a part in your score as speed does. All events should be able to be passed in one to three tries.

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