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Estimated Time to Platinum: 15-25 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (but you will more likely repeat certain hunts to earn certain trophies.)
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RoadMap This game is more of a straight-forward arcade style hunt. Once you have completed a hunt you can return to previous missions and select which hunt you need in order to attain a Gold.


Get all trophies

This is received once all 27 trophies are obtained.

Easy As Falling Off A Log
Survive the log balance event

This is story related and obtained during the first mission. Simply walk the log without falling over.

I Walk The Line
Cross all the log balance events

This is story related and can not be missed. You will receive this trophy before you end the final mission.

I Immediately Regret This Decision
Escape the Bear pit

During the Sixth Mission you will be walking during one of the hunts and find yourself in a bear pit. Simply run to the log ladder and climb. Once you escape the trophy will unlock.

Silent Hunter
Shoot any animal with a crossbow

One you have unlocked the crossbow by leveling up, the next hunt you come across use the crossbow and take down the animal.

What Big Teeth You Have
Survive a predator hunt

The last hunt of the First Mission you will hunt a Mountain Lion, defeat the Lion and the trophy will unlock.

Complete any objective without getting a medal

This is easier to do during the latter missions. Do not stand on a cover multiplier and focus on getting the spine shot. You know you are not receiving a medal for the kill when a bronze, silver, or gold medal show up on the upper right card before you take the shot.

Searching for Meaning
Used a scope 42 times

Simple during the first hunt of the First Mission press 42 times.

What's This Button Do?
Press the L1 button 10 times

The only hidden trophy and it was a pain to find. If you played the previous Cabela game you pressed every hunt and that is how I came across this one. During the first hunt of the First Mission press 10 times.

Duck and Cover
Collect all the Cover Points in any hunt

This is take time and patience. Best method is to crawl the whole way from point to point. I was able to do this during the first and second hunt of the Fourth Mission.

Bronze Beauty
Get your first Bronze Medal

When aiming your rifle makes sure the point value does not exceed or come uner the Bronze point value and this trophy will be yours.

Cool Silver
Get your first Silver Medal

Same as above, aim your rifle and only fire when you are within the silver medal point range.

Solid Gold
Get your first Gold Medal

Same as above, except you need to find the 2-3 animal tracks per hunt, find all cover points, aim at the heart, and fire from within the blue +50% cover multiplier and the Gold medal should be yours. Follow this strategy to accomplish receiving all Gold Medals in all Big Game hunts.

Goldilocks Revenge
Bag all 4 bears in the game

You will hunt a total of 4 bears from the middle of the game to the end. The bears will be the predator hunts at the end of the missions that feature bear hunts.

Wasically Wabbits
Shoot 20 rabbits

During gameplay you will have the chance to hunt rabbits for a minigame hunt. Focus your fire and shoot 20 of them, does not have to be done in one minigame but can be a culmination of multiple hunts/tries.

One Shot, Two Kills
Shoot 2 animals with one shotgun shot

During the First Mission you will come across your first minigame which is to hunt geese. Wait until two or more are bunched together and unload on them.

Metal Deer Solid
Bag any deer from within 9 yards

This is completed during the First of Second Missions, slowly approach the deer from behind when they are either eating from a branch or sitting. You can determine your distance by aiming with and pressing . A card will pop-up in the upper left corner which will detail your distance from the selected target. Move up to 8 yards and pull the trigger. Make sure you are aiming at a deer.

Splinter Smell
Get within 6 yards of any animal without alerting it

This can be completed in conjunction with Metal Deer Solid. Except you must not create any sort of alarm (the yellow or red deer heads which come from the player creating any noise or being seen). Approach any animal from behind and make sure you are less than 6 yards from the target before opening fire.

It's A Long Shot
Bag an animal from beyond 80 yards

Once you have the Muzzleloader wait until the Fourth or any of the latter mission to use this rifle. There will be a couple of hunts where the targets are going to be in a wide open field and you can place yourself from 80 yards away. Make sure to use the aim+ option to determine your distance. It is easier to go for the lung shot.

William Tell
Hunt 30 animals with a crossbow

Here are two methods to receive this trophy (legitimate and grinding):
1. Legitimate- repeat missions and use the crossbow to take down Big Game (use the crossbow against predator hunts to maintain the trophy Integrity and also it is easier to reload after each shot; or
2. Grinding- play a minigame and before the start hit to change to the Orion Crossbow and kill 30 animals with the crossbow.

Hunt 30 animals with a muzzleloader

This rifle unlocks early in the game. This needs to be your primary rifle so you can unlock this trophy quickly. Also, it is not a bad rifle to use because you will have one shot kills.

Hunt 30 animals with a pistol

You are given the pistol at the beginning of the game. Here is the quickest method:
  1. Start a minigame hunt,
  2. Hit
  3. Fire at the animals with the pistol, and 4. restart the hunt until you kill 30 animals.

Perform 14 heart shots

When you are zoomed in focus on the beating heard of the animal. The heart is positioned behind the front leg of an animal and you can tell it is the heart if it performing a beating motion.

Welcome to the Order
Complete the game

Story related and can not be missed. Complete the final hunt of the Final Mission and this will unlock.

Complete any level without using Hunter Sense

Memorize where you need to go in the Fourth Mission since it is the quickest. Run through the level without hitting and this trophy shall unlock.

I Love Goooold
Get all Gold Medals in a Level

If you have been following the youtube videos then you will see the primary focus of each hunt is to find all of the animal marks. In order to earn a Gold Medal on each hunt you must do the following: 1. Find all animal tracks,
2. slowly get to the best cover, 3. make sure you are targeting the correct animal, 4. follow the challenge (it nets you 150 points), and 5. wait for hte best shot. Boom Gold Medal for each hunt. Now complete a level using this method.

Ultimate Hunter
Get all Gold Medals for all hunts

This is simple because you can repeat any of the hunts within any of the missions. For the Big Game hunts, find all animal tracks, find all cover points, aim for the heart, and fire from the blue +50% cover spot. Do not fire until you are have Gold Medal pop up in the card on the upper right hand corner.
For the small game hunts practice, practice, and more practice. Use the first shotgun because the gun has a higher ammo capacity, and only reload when there is a slight pause in the action.

Ultimate Tracker
Collect at least 90 animal signs

Once again user burner6999 from has provided a video walkthrough of all of the animal necessary to unlock the trophy. Full credit once again to burner 6999 to take the time to create and upload these videos. Click on the spoiler to see the first video from the First Mission and click on the video to go to another page with the full list of missions. Should take about 1.5 hours to complete if you are going back and doing it after you have all gold medals or you can do this in one full playthrough.

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