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Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Estimated Time to platinum: 10-15 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes (2) Bloodhound , Vampire
Missable Trophies: None (open hunts are available during and after the campaign has been completed)

[top]Tips & Strategies

Tag all animals you are targeting in case they run off without being shot in a vital area.

Hold down halfway until the red circle appears telling you where the arrow or round will land on the target.

Carry extra ammo by adding more in the backpack section before a hunt.

Complete the Pro Hunts in each region as quick as possible then go back to complete the regular hunts once you completed all pro hunts as it will give you 10x GC.

Use the legend during hunts by pressing and if you forget your mission hunt objectives press where it will then provide you all the details needed to complete the hunt.

During your hunt if you press to bring up the legend, the icons with a white border are the areas connected with the present time.

Experience is earned by hunting and claiming trophies in all available hunts. You will often have to kill multiple targets before a hunt opens up. The amount of points that is earned is displayed when you claim your trophy or when you hover your binoculars crosshairs over the target.


Step 1 - Campaign Mode
Play through the campaign mode unlocking most of the trophies along the way. During the campaign you will play through 4 regions. Southeast, Northeast, Southwest, Northwest. In all four regions, there will be numerous hunts, some in which you will need to buy certain equipment just to do them. You should unlock most of the trophies during this step.

Step 2 - Missing Hunts
Go back and complete any hunt that wasn't completed during step 1. You will know which hunt you didn't do by the Green check mark over the ones you have done. You may have skipped some hunts due to you not having enough Gear Credits to buy and unlock a piece of equipment.

Step 3 - Miscellaneous
Complete the miscellaneous trophies you have left by entering open hunts.


Platinum Trophy
Unlock all other trophies.

Earn all other trophies before unlocking this trophy automatically.

One With The Stars
Finish the Pro Hunts Slam.

There are 2 Pro Hunts in each of the four regions making it a total of 8 hunts. The next region will not unlock until you have completed both slam hunts in the region, in the last region (Northwest) is where you will earn the trophy after finishing the second pro hunt. These hunts are not unlocked from the beginning of the region so you must unlock them first by meeting the requirements.

During each hunt the pro's give you information about the animal you are hunting in addition to providing you tips and suggestions on how to go about killing this animal. You can follow along or go about the hunt in your own manner either way finishing the hunt.

Here are the 8 required hunts you must complete...

Southeast Northeast Southwest Northwest
Hogzilla (wild boar) Double-Shovel (caribou) Airplane (pronghorn) King (elk)
Pincushion (whitetail deer) Radar (moose) Ghost (mule deer) Scarface (Grizzly Bear)

King Of The Southeast
Finish all regular hunts in the Southeast region.

There are 10 regular hunts within the Southeast region. If they require a set amount of experience to enter the hunt that means you need to hunt that specific animal in another hunt or open hunt to gain the experience points. The hunts required for this are as follows:

Min. Experience
Min. Gear
Flatfooted Chase 1 Black bear with rifle 3 hrs 0 .270 Partitioned Ammo
Omne Trium Perfectum 3 whitetail deer with rifle 7 hrs 615 4x Rifle Scope & .270 Partitioned Ammo
Acquiring the Taste 1 whitetail deer with rifle 5 hrs 0 .270 Bolt Action Rifle
Upwind Downwind 1 whitetail deer from a stand or blind 6 hrs 0 N/A
Razorback 1 wild boar 4 hrs 0 N/A
The Pork Stand 1 450+ wild boar from a stand or blind 7 hrs 0 4x Rifle Scope
Boar Breathe 2 wild boars with a rifle less than 70 yards 6 hrs 0 .270 Bolt Action & Scent Mask
Hog vs. Slug 3 wild boars with a shotgun 8 hrs 600 12 Gauge Pump Action with 12 Gauge Slug
Day of the Broadheads 2 whitetail deer with a bow 5 hrs 205 Recurve Bow with 450-Grain Broadhead
Octo-Bucks 3 whitetail deer 8point plus 7 hrs 1230 4x Rifle Scope

King Of The Northeast
Finish all regular hunts in the Northeast region.

Northeast is the second region that becomes unlocked once you have completed the Pro Hunts in the Northeast region. The regular hunts that need to be completed are as follows:

Mission Hunt Duration Min. Experience Min. Gear
A stick and String 1 moose with a bow 6 hrs 0 Recurve Bow & 450-Grain Broadhead
A Slug’s Life 1 moose with a shotgun 7 hrs 0 12 Gauge Pump Action & 12 Gauge Slug
Bear in Mind 1 black bear with rifle 4 hrs 0 7mm Mag Bolt Action
Claws and Sabots 1 black bear with shotgun 4 hrs 250 12 Gauge Pump Action and 12 Gauge Slug
Rendez-Bou 1 caribou from stand or blind 3 hrs 0 N/A
Pumped Up 2 caribou with shotgun 7 hrs 700 12 Gauge Pump Action and 12 Gauge Slug
Fall of the Triad 2 caribou at 24 point + 7 hrs 700 .270 Bolt Action & .270 Partitioned
Broadhead Donkeys 3 moose with bow less than 40 yards 6 hrs 1620 Compound Bow & Moose Call
Three Stand 3 moose with rifle from stand or blind less than 50 yards 7 hrs 540 7mm Mag Bolt Action and Moose Call
Shotgun Boogie 3 whitetail deer with a shotgun that are at least 9 points 7 hrs 820 12 Gauge Slug and Deer Call
A Stone’s Throw 4 whitetail deer with rifle less than 60 yards 7 hrs 0 7mm Mag Bolt Action

King Of The Southwest
Finish all regular hunts in the Southwest region.

Southwest is the third region that becomes unlocked once you have completed the Pro Hunts in the Southwest region. The regular hunts that need to be completed are as follows:

Mission Hunt Duration Min. Experience Min. Gear
Slug Race 2 pronghorn with shotgun 5 hrs 100 12 Gauge Pump Action and 12 Gauge Slug
Speed Goat 1 pronghorn with rifle 3 hrs 0 .270 Bolt Action
Double-Date 2 mule deer with shotgun less than 50 yards 5 hrs 225 12 Gauge Slug and Deer Call
All Ears 1 mule deer with rifle 1 hr 0 6x Rifle Scope
Of Horns and Arrows One 6+ inch pronghorn with a bow 4 hrs 0 Recurve Bow & 450-Grain Broadhead
Above the Fray 3 pronghorn from a stand or blind 10 hrs 300 8x Rifle Scope
75-Pound Trio 3 mule deer with a bow 9 hrs 225 Compound Bow & 450-Grain Broadhead
Desert Monsters Three 10 point + mule deer 7 hrs 675 .30-06 Semi Auto
One-Day Stand 2 mule deer with a rifle from a stand or blind 9 hrs 0 6x Rifle Scope & Deer Call

King Of The Northwest
Finish all regular hunts in the Northwest region.

Northwest is the fourth and last region that becomes unlocked once you have completed the Pro Hunts in the Northwest region. The regular hunts that need to be completed are as follows:

Mission Hunt Duration Min. Experience Min. Gear
Blacktail Down 1 blacktail deer with a bow 5 hrs 0 Recurve Bow and 450-Grain Broadhead
Fantastic Fur 1 grizzly with rifle 5 hrs 0 .338 Mag Bolt Action
Bear, Interrupted One 500+ lbs. grizzly with rifle 4 hrs 290 .338 Mag Polymer Tip
Two Bears, One Bow 2 grizzlies with bow 6 hrs 580 Compound Bow & 600-Grain Broadhead
Grizzly Stare-Down 1 grizzly with a shotgun less than 50 yards 5 hrs 290 12 Gauge Pump Action and 12 Gauge Slug
Closer Than Close 3 moose with rifle less than 30 yards 7 hrs 1620 .338 Mag Bolt Action & Moose Call
A Tale of two Elks 2 elk with a bow 5 hrs 450 Compound Bow & 600-Grain Broadhead
Raging Bull 1 elk with a shotgun 5 hrs 0 12 Gauge Pump Action and 12 Gauge Slug
The Bugle in the Stand Two 8 point elk with a rifle in a stand or blind 6 hrs 0 .338 Mag Bolt Action & Elk Call
Royal Hunt Three 10 point + elk with rifle 6 hrs 1350 .30-06 Semi Auto & .30-06 Partitioned BT

Boar Expert
Complete all Wild Boar hunts in the Southeast region.

There are 4 regular wild boar hunts found within this region all with their own requirements for completion.

Mission: Razorback The Pork Stand Boar Breathe Hog vs Slug Pro Hunt
Hunt: Hunt 1 wild boar Hunt 1 450+ lbs. boar from a stand or blind. Hunt 2 boars with a rifle less than 70 yards Hunt 3 boars with a shotgun Hunt Hogzilla
Duration: 4 hrs 7 hrs 6 hrs 8 hrs 5 hours
Min exp. 0 0 0 600 800
Minimum Gear N/A 4x Rifle Scope .270 Bolt action
Scent mask
12 gauge pump action
12 gauge slug
Recurve bow

Caribou Expert
Complete all Caribou hunts in the Northeast region.

Complete the 3 regular hunts and unlock the requirements to hunt in the Pro Slam Hunt. Once all 4 hunts have been completed you will obtain this trophy.

Mission: Rendez-Bou Pumped Up Fall of the Triad Pro Hunt
Hunt: 1 caribou from a stand or blind 2 caribou with a shotgun Two 24 point + caribou Double Shovel
Duration: 3 hrs 7 hrs 7 hrs 2 hrs.
Min exp. 0 700 700 1050
Minimum Gear N/A 12 gauge pump action &
12 gauge slug
.270 Bolt Action & .270 Partitioned Recurve Bow

Pronghorn Expert
Complete all Pronghorn hunts in the Southwest region.

There is a total of 4 regular hunts and 1 pro hunt slam for the pronghorn in the Southwest region. Once you complete all 5 hunts this will become unlocked.

Mission: Slug Race Speed Goat Of Horns and Arrows Above the Fray Pro Hunt
Hunt: 2 pronghorn with a shotgun 1 pronghorn with a rifle One 6+ inch horn pronghorn with a bow 3 pronghorn from a stand or blind Airplane
Duration: 5 hrs 3 hrs 4 hrs 10 hrs 4 hrs 30 mins
Min exp. 100 0 0 300 400
Minimum Gear 12 gauge pump action &
12 gauge slug
.270 Bolt Action Recurve Bow & 450-Grain Broadhead 8x Rifle Scope 6x Rifle Scope and 7mm Mag Bolt Action

Grizzly Expert
Complete all Grizzly hunts in the Northwest region.

Like the Southwest region the grizzly has 5 hunts that need to be completed before being rewarded with this gem. This is also a good time to earn the Heart Breaker as well.

Mission: Grizzly Stare-Down Two Bears, One Bow Bear, Interrupted Fantastic Fur Pro Hunt
Hunt: 1 grizzly with a shotgun less than 50 yards 2 grizzlies with a bow 1 500+ lbs. grizzly with a rifle 1 grizzly with a rifle Scarface
Duration: 5 hrs 6 hrs 4 hrs 5 hrs 1 hr 38 mins
Min exp. 290 580 290 0 870
Minimum Gear 12 gauge pump action &
12 gauge slug
Compound Bow & 600-Grain Broadhead .338 Mag Polymer Tip .338 Mag Bolt Action .338 Mag Bolt Action & .338 Polymer Tip

Big Pile Of Small
Hunt 200 small game in campaign mode.

This can be done in regular hunts, pro hunts, or open hunts with the bow or .223 rifles as those work great with small game. Although you can do this in any region at anytime you are given a list of accomplishments that will give Gear Credits if you complete the task. Each region has 4 accomplishments seen in the region under accomplishments. These images show an image of the small game animal and what type of ammunition is needed to kill the animal in order to receive the kill count. This will also help you earn a lot of GC throughout your game so this is your best bet. There is a total of 225 small game animals that can be hunted for GC. Each region has a double animal so once you find an area that is congested with that breed always head back there for the second ammo type.

Southeast Northeast Southwest Northwest
Fox – Fox Creek Fox – Kettletop Fox - Dry River Fox - Allansbridge
Rabbit – River Gorge Rabbit – Kettletop Rabbit - Split Rock Rabbit - Allansbridge
Coyote - Red Oaks Coyote -Bens Den Coyote - Split Rock Coyote - Red Valley

Complete your collection in trophy viewer with all animal types.

Each region has particular breeds of animals found on the top right of the map in addition to the map. You will need to kill an animal of each breed found in each region in order to complete your trophy collection with the small game being excluded from the requirements.

You can enter your trophy collection by entering a region and pressing where a message will appear asking if you would like to go to your trophy collection, simply click on yes and you will be taken to your collection where you can see what you have or have not claimed thus far. The animals needed for your collection are the whitetail deer, mule deer, boar, elk, caribou, pronghorn, black bear, grizzly bear, and moose.

Gun Powder
Buy all ammunition types.

Each time you purchase a new weapon you will be given a free type of ammunition to hunt with. Each weapon has multiple ammo types so you will need to purchase each one. You will not need to use all these types of ammo throughout your campaign mode so be selective of what you are purchasing if you are looking to get through faster. See the spoiler below for a list of ammunition and to which weapon it belongs to.

Toggle Spoiler

Buy all scopes.

Do as many accomplishment hunts and open hunts as possible in order to earn the amount of money needed to purchase all the scopes for all weapons. The shotgun and both bows do not have any scopes to buy. Also to earn money at a higher rate complete all the pro hunts in each region without having to complete all the regular hunts because once you complete all the pro hunts you begin earning 10x for each hunt once you have completed them all. See the spoiler below for which scopes go with what weapon accordingly.

Toggle Spoiler

Buy all firearms and bows.

To purchase all the weapons in game you are going to need a total of 157,000 GC. Not all weapons need to be purchased right away so beware of the trophy hunt requirements before purchasing any weapon. Each weapon will be used through the course of the campaign mode.

Here is a list of both the weapons and the amount of gear credits it will take to unlock each of the weapons.

Name of Weapon Cost in Gear Credits
.223 bolt action rifle 10,000
.223 semi-auto rifle 20,000
.270 bolt action Free
7mm Mag Bolt Action 20,000
.30-06 Semi Auto 30,000
.338 Mag Bolt Action 40,000
12 Gauge Pump Action 15,000
Recurve Bow 7,000
Compound Bow 15,000

Call Of The Wilderness
Successfully use any type of call 25 times.

There are three calls you can purchase in order to unlock this trophy. Those calls are the deer, moose, and elk calls. Before going on a hunt you will have the opportunity to select whichever call you want from your backpack by pressing and selecting the preferred call. You can choose to equip 2 different calls and switch between them by tapping .

During your hunt look to encounter the breed of animal for the call in which you have, for example if you have the deer call search out for a deer and so forth. As you may already know that when you become within a certain distance of these animals they begin to make sounds alerting you of where they are. From here you can hold down on the d pad until the call is finished. You do not want to use the call frequently as the animals will be alerted and run away. Also do not use the call if you have already been identified and the animals are on alert as this will also scare them away.

You will know when the call is successful as the animals will make a call back to you as well as move in your direction. Do this a total of 25 times to unlock the trophy.

Tag And You're Out
Use binoculars to tag 15 8-point plus big game trophies.

This trophy includes all big game animals found within each of the four regions! To use your binoculars press and hold down .

Once zoomed in where you can the place crosshairs over a target which should be the males as they are the only gender that can obtain a score. In the display set on the left side of the screen the description of the target will be listed in a box. If the total is 8 or higher press on the animal to tag it which will then add an animal track to your compass.

10 x 2
Get 10 double lung shots.

A double lung shot is when the bullet or arrow penetrates through both lungs. It doesn't matter if you hit the target's ribs just as long as you hit both the left and right lung. The lungs are found just behind the shoulder of the animal so aim for that portion of the body in addition to the middle of the animal as to high it will just hit the ribs as well as to far below, however if you hit to high you have the possibility of hitting the spine which is needed for Surgeon . When you are taking your shot hold in slightly creating a small red reticule to where you can see the placement of the bullet of where it will land on the target.

Hunt 10 big game animals by shooting them in the spine.

Just like the 10 x 2 you will be forced to hit a specified bone/vital area in the target. This is a bit more tricky to pull off but it's done in the same way by holding in slight until you get the red reticule pointing it towards the spine of the target. This can be done in the neck area or above the lungs, the best way to position yourself is to have a side angle of the target where you can carefully place the bullet.

The spine shot is an instant death just like the brain or heart. This is easier done with the larger animals such as the elk, grizzly bear, and caribou. This does not have to be done in one hunt obviously so every kill shot by spinal damage will be added to the counter.

Hunt 15 trophies from any shooting rest or stand.

More than likely this will be earned playing casually through the campaign mode. All you need to do is hunt and kill from the blinds or stands which are identified by a white diamond and white dot in the center of it. In order for the kills to count you must take your last shot at the target from one of the 2 designated areas.

If the target is not in range of being shot be sure to use the appropriate call granted you have purchased them and equipped them prior to the mission starting. You use the call by pressing down .

Collect 250 animal tracks.

This trophy is more like finding and following as opposed to collecting since you are not going around and gathering specific tracks found in a distinct spot. You can find animal tracks just by hiking around without having to do anything, but move. The best way to find animal tracks is when you find a group of animals gathered together and then they scatter because of the sound of gun shots or because you scared them thus making the terrain filled with multiple animal tracks which you just need to walk over them in order for them to be found. You will know when you have found a set of animal tracks as it will appear on the left hand side of the screen displaying what breed of animal it is in addition to how fresh the tracks are. The tracks will then also become lit up with the color yellow, showing you the route in which the animal was traveling in.

This can be unlocked in the first region of southeast without even searching for the tracks, so it is suggested you playthrough the campaign normally and then return to the open hunts if this hasn't unlocked for you by the time you completed all tasks.

Collect 250 blood spots.

Similar to the Bloodhound this does not need to be found in a precise spot. You will only collect blood spots once you have injured a big game animal that is not killed on bullet impact. After a target has been hit and not killed on contact it will then sprint off leaving the area leaving a blood trail. The start of a blood trail will have a small red tear symbol and if you approach this symbol or any of the blood in the trail it will then display the breed of animal it belongs to. This blood trail leads you to the target you shot to where you can claim your trophy!

Be sure to walk over the blood trail path up until the trophy claim.

Gears Of Hunt
Buy all accessories for .223 Varmint rifles.

There are two .233 Varmint rifles in which one is bolt action and the other is a semi-auto both using the same accessories. There are 5 scopes and 2 ammunition types needed in order to have each accessory for these rifles.

Please refer to Optician and Gun Powder for further details and pin point scopes and ammo needed to own.

Three Pelts
Hunt 3 bears in open hunts in one hunt.

Head into the Northwest region with a .30-06 Semi-Auto rifle or bow whichever you prefer but the rifle is better at long distance thus making it difficult for the bear to attack and kill you (once you die you are forcefully exited from the current hunt). Just be sure to carry extra ammo in case you need more rounds. Simply kill any 3 bears in one hunt preferably an open hunt as they are longer and allow you to collect as many trophies as you can bag. You will not need to claim your three trophies for this to unlock.

Family Stays Together
Hunt 2 Elks from the same herd.

Apparently for this trophy you are allowed to kill a Roosevelt Elk (female) while killing another elk at the same time. You do not need to kill two male elk's for this trophy to unlock. Grab any weapon of choice and ammunition and go out hunting in the Northwest region. Go into an open hunt near the double elk positions and take aim at your targets which do not need to be claimed in order to be rewarded the trophy.

One On One
Hunt a Black Bear with the Recurve Bow while it's attacking you.

Once you have purchased the Recurve Bow be sure to also buy the 600-Grain Broadhead arrows as well. By entering an open hunt or regular hunt you will have the chance to hunt down a black bear in the Southeast region. When you are approaching the black bear be sure to have him/her tagged by using your binoculars with and placing the crosshairs over the bear and pressing . From here you can see what stage of alertness the bear is in, you will want to get in close range before setting the bear off in a red alert where it will then rush towards you. There is a great indicator of when an animal is in attack mode and that is the sound of the music, it will change instantly to a faster pace. If you shoot the bear it a vital area it is likely to turn around and run away or you have the option of shooting as many arrows into it as possible making it drop quicker. Once the bear dies the trophy will be yours.

Eagle Eye
Hunt a big game from more than 200 yards with any 2x scope.

Equip your standard 2x rifle scope with any weapon of choice, however the .30-06 rifle is suggested with the .30-06 Partitioned BT round. Head into the Northwest region and enter the open hunt at Allansbridge at the far left side of the map. When you spawn in there you typically see some elk just off to the side so tag one of the elk and run in the opposite direction looking for a hill so you have an advantage point. Once you have your distance of 200 yards put the scope on target and pull the trigger aiming for the lungs. You may want to put several bullets into the target if you do not get a clean shot to ensure the trophy will be brought down to claim, but know that if you take more shots do not be closer than 200 rounds as it will not count. You will not need to claim your trophy for this to pop up.

Hit any big game from more than 250 yards.

Hit is the keyword in the description for this trophy as the animal does not need to be hunted meaning you can hit any animal from 250+ yards out and earn the trophy. You can use any weapon, ammo type, and scope of your preference.

It is suggested that you attempt to earn this trophy in the Northwest region as the animals are large and easily detectable with a wide open environment giving the target no cover to hide behind.

For weapon you may want to use the .30-06 Semi Auto with the Portioned BT rounds just in case you hit the animal where it could be killed you want it to penetrate through to its vitals. It would be wise to use a high powered scope as well such as the 8x or 12x. Be sure to hold in halfway until the reticule appears where you then place it over the animal informing you of where the bullet will hit your target so this should be no problem.

Double Feather
Shoot two birds with one Shotgun shot.

First you need to purchase the 12 Gauge Shotgun where you will be given the 12 gauge birdshot rounds for free. This can be done in any location in the 4 regions, yet one great place to birds fly up in multiple areas in one location is in the Northeast region in the open hunt of Kettletop.

From where you spawn in head slight left and if you open your legend you will be headed towards the water line which is exactly where you want to be. In between the water line and the mountain tops will be a lot of bushes where the group of birds will fly our in pairs 2 sometimes 3 together. Once you set your aim to the target place it in the center of the two and take one shot to kill both targets. This does not have to be done while the birds are in the air as you will sometimes find them nested on ground level so be on the look out during your regular hunts as well.

Hunt any small game with any bow from more than 70 yards.

A great place to earn this trophy is in the Northwest region in the Allansbridge open hunt. Once you spawn in you will run to the left to a water patch like a pond with a stand close by which you can also use your legend by pressing to see the area identified as well.

Pick either bow you would like and choose the 350-Grain Judo Point arrow as its specialty is for small game. Use for your binoculars to find the distance of your target and once they hit 70 yards feel free to shoot at the target. From the blind it should be an easy kill if you are slightly holding your breathe with until the red reticule appears directing you where the arrow will hit the target.

Heart Breaker
Shoot a Grizzly in the heart.

In the Northwest region you encounter grizzly bears and to hit their vitals you need a powerful round, the .30-06 Partitioned BT is the suggested ballistic round to penetrate the thick skin of the bear. Forcefully alert the bear to where it stands on its hind-legs where you will have the best opportunity to get the kill with a heart shot.

You want to aim in the center of the bears chest slightly above the front legs should level as the heart will be directly above the front legs when standing. As you take your first shot DO NOT skip the bullet trajectory scene watch it in case you miss the heart so you will have a rapid response to where you can shoot again for a second attempt.

Alpha Bear
Hunt 10 Bears with the Semi-Auto .30-06 rifle.

You can begin working on this trophy in the Southeast region once you have earned enough credits to unlock the Semi-Auto .06-06 rifle for 30,000 Gear Credits. From then on each kill during regular hunts or open hunts with this weapon will be counted as long as it is a bear (black or grizzly). Once you have completed a hunt you cannot go back and play it so you will need to play open hunts which is suggested you play in the area near the bears to give you the best chance at killing the bears. Northwest is preferably the best region for killing bears as they are found quite often and are very large making them easy to visualize from long distances or tag.


Thanks to EricVoltage (Eric's Electric Banner Shop) for the Guide Banner
Big thanks to Krysta91 for editing any mistakes!

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