Players: 1 (Story Mode) 1-4 (Galleries)
Online Trophies: 0
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: Approx 50-60 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1.5 (See "Gallery Lover" Trophy for further info)
Collectible Trophies: A Lot!
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None Found

Note to Mobile Users
If you have any troubles viewing the embedded videos in this guide, head down to the very bottom of this page, where you will find a list of the links for all of the videos in this guide.

[top]Tips and Strategies

Where to begin?! First tip: breathe deeply and stay calm...some trophies are really frustrating.

Probably the best tip to give is USE YOUR REGULAR PS3 CONTROLLER FOR THE STORY MODE!!!! Yeah the gun is cool and all, but honestly, for story mode, it sucks. Basically players are as good as fall-down-DRUNK trying to navigate with this. This game is "Move Controller" compatible. If you have a Move Controller, tuck it back in your desk for the duration of story mode. There are a couple exceptions to this: There will be a couple scenes where you are completely stationary, no walking is required, and you have to defend yourself against predators. For these scenes and these scenes only is switching to that nifty top shot elite gun recommended. One of them is a level titled "Off Road Escape", and the other is just a short part in a desert level where you run up in a tree to escape a pride of lions.

For gallery mode you WILL NEED your fancy shmancy gun. If you bought just the disc at a second-hand gaming store and don't have the gun,it is strongly recommended either getting the gun or getting a Move Controller. The Top Shot Elite Gun may be very helpful if you don't have the Cabela's gun, as the design of both guns allows you to rest the butt of the gun on your shoulder for increased accuracy. It may seem inconsequential but it DOES make a difference. The absolute hardest trophy in this game is "I Will Survive". If you can earn that trophy with only a Dualshock controller you are a god.

Be aware of the fact that there are no menu screens where you can track your collectibles progress. The only way you will know if you missed a collectible is when you find your next collectible, at which time you will get a brief notification of 3/7 experience items or 3/4 journal pages etc. At the end of the entire level you will get an overview of all your collectible progress as well as some useless other information. It is strongly recommended that you follow the included exhaustive collectibles guide below to a "T", otherwise you will have to redo entire levels. Note that if you miss one collectible in any given level, you CAN redo the level, but you must redo the level in its entirety for the collectible to save. You cannot, for example, go back for one missed collectible, obtain it, walk to the next checkpoint then quit the level. Your collectibles ONLY save when you complete the entire level. Also, this is very important, make sure you check your collectible progress at the end of every level. And that means CHECK EVERY ONE AT THE END OF EVVVVVVVVERY LEVEL. AND...if you ever do not fully complete a level, MAKE SURE you write down the name of that level!!! The reason for this is there is nowhere in the entire game that you have the option to view your collectible progress per level except at the end of the level. So, say for example, you didn't take this advice, and missed one collectible, and didn't know you missed it because you didn't check the screen at the end of the level. Off you go on your merry way, falsely believing you have every collectible so get to the end of the game, beat the last boss...and don't get your trophy. At this point you realize you must have missed one. "hmmmm, I wonder which level I missed it in?" That is exactly where the colossal problem kicks in: you have no way to find out which level its in. You must now play through every single level completely to the end until you get to the level you missed it in. THIS CANNOT BE STRESSED ENOUGH! Bring a pen and paper to your gaming area and write that shizz down!!

From the main menu screen you are given the option to toggle between different "Hunter Sense" styles. "Classic" and "Red Lens". Now you may have bought this game new, and perhaps being a COD fan you were impressed by the ACOG scope with the red lens. Unfortunately, you should now take that fancy ACOG scope and put it in a meat grinder. It is used in conjunction with the red lens hunter sense style, which is utterly useless. Always use classic style hunter sense. Try red lens for yourself and you will see how useless it is.


Play through the entire story mode with the dualshock controller as mentioned above (with exceptions also mentioned above). It is strongly recommended that you obtain all your collectibles in your first playthrough. Included in this guide is a very descriptive and exhaustive collectibles guide, so using that along the way in conjunction with Hunter Sense, they should not be difficult to find. One level you will have to do a few times for collectibles is "Off Road Escape". Every other level you shouldn't have to redo for collectibles. Then once you complete story mode, hard mode will become unlocked. Hard mode is not necessary to fully complete in order to obtain the platinum trophy, however you will need to earn 35000 xp in hard mode to unlock the gallery levels, which are needed to obtain the platinum. Have no fear, there is a hard mode shortcut to farming that 35000 xp; refer to the trophy "Gallery Lover" for an explanation of how to farm the required xp.

Once you have completed story mode and unlocked all necessary gallery levels, you need to ask yourself "what are you waiting for? Go hit up those freakin' galleries!" Of course, you can complete the game in any order you want, but this is just a recommendation. Another recommendation is leaving the trophy "I Will Survive" until you have all other trophies. The reason being on a scale of 1-10, the frustration level of this trophy is about a 32.

There are no missables, and even if you start a new game on hard mode, you will still have your collectibles progress saved on normal mode as long as you don't start a NEW GAME on normal mode.

Basically you want to:
1. Complete story mode on normal difficulty obtaining all collectibles except for level 6 (Off Road Escape) ensuring you have unlocked all possible gallery levels related to normal mode xp requirements
2. Level select level 6 to obtain the last few collectibles. This may take a few plays but keep at er'
3. Start hard mode and farm the required xp to unlock the last few gallery levels (refer to "gallery lover" for explanation of farming)
4. Complete all classic gallery levels
5. Complete gallery trek levels, obtaining the "pathfinder" trophy
6. Put on your game face and complete shooting gallery 1 (Night Fangs) for the trophy "I Will Survive"
7. When that lovely platinum trophy finally pops, reward yourself with a hearty snack of cookies and milk (unless you are lactose intolerant or have any type of allergies to ingredients in which case, eat a steak!)


The majority of your focus is going to be on three trophies, which are "Collector's Edition", "I Will Survive", and "Hair Away From Death"
A lot of work went into the awesome, superb, fantastic, super-cool, mega-sweet, exhaustive collectibles guide found below. There is a complete written walkthrough as well as links to the author's YouTube uploads of a complete video walkthrough series. Both are 100% complete for all collectibles. So go out there and find em! Be forewarned though, it was about 24+ hours of upload time so there was no time to edit out spoilers, cutscenes or basically edit really much for anything. They are all complete level walkthroughs, the majority of which are sped up to 2x speed. Enjoy!

Platinum Trophy
Get all trophies

You know the deal, snag up all the other trophies to unlock the really blingin' one!

What Does Indy hate?
Hunt 50 snakes in Story Mode.

This trophy can be obtained in a few different levels. Simply equip your pistol to save ammo, use your hunters sense, and shoot the slithery buggers.

Grizzly Defeat
Kill the Grizzly Bear boss without dying during the fight in Story Mode.

Really easy trophy. The bear will stand up on two hind legs exposing its heart which you can see with x-ray vision. Shoot its heart as much as you can with your rifle, then when he runs at you just move aside and he shouldn't hit you. Wait for him to go back and stand on his two hind legs again and repeat. Perhaps try not bothering with the collectibles, just focus on this trophy then redo the level to get the collectibles. Its not long so this will only take an extra 5 minutes.

If you die, you must choose "Restart Level" rather than "Load Last Checkpoint" for the purposes of this trophy.

Rhino Defeat
Kill the Rhino boss without dying during the fight in Story Mode.

This boss is not hard either. A little harder than the grizzly but still a breeze. The rifle and the crossbow are quite powerful so your best bet is using those. Utilize the ammo and health kits laying around, always stay on the move and you shouldn't have any trouble. As with all bosses, your best bet is to do one playthough for this trophy and a second playthrough to obtain the collectibles.

If you die, you must choose "Restart Level" rather than "Load Last Checkpoint" for the purposes of this trophy.

Kaftar Defeat
Kill the Kaftar boss without dying during the fight in Story Mode.

For a little ankle biter this bugger is pretty tough! Still he is not such a formidable foe. The best strategy is using your high powered assault rifle and the shotgun as both don't require much accuracy against such a docile enemy. Always stay on the move, dodge him when you can, utilize the ammo and health packs laying around. Your biggest threat is actually the fire blazing all around the room. Find a spot you feel comfortable, memorize where the fire is in your immediate surroundings and navigate that area while spamming bullets into the l'il nipper. As with all bosses its probably best to do one playthrough to kill the boss without dying and another to obtain the collectibles.

If you die, you must choose "Restart Level" rather than "Load Last Checkpoint" for the purposes of this trophy.

I Like Spicy Wings
Hunt 50 birds in Story Mode.

Self explanatory. Do this in areas with no predators for obvious reasons, and be careful not to use up all your shotgun ammo; try to kill a few with your pistol. Birds are everywhere in this game and you likely will get this trophy without intending to. If you don't get it at the end of the story mode you can go to any random level and easily force this trophy.

Steady Hand, Great Scope
Hunt an animal with the Rifle that is at least 50 yards away while using the Scope in Story Mode.

There are many places you can get this trophy. Generally the leopards are a good target. They hide in grass, on rock ledges and in trees, and they will not attack you until you come close. If you get attacked by a leopard, kill him and walk with hunter sense on as there's bound to be more up ahead. You will see him before he sees you with hunter sense. When you stealthily spot one, back up as far as you can, equip your rifle (must be the one with the scope) and pick him off. If he starts coming after you, stay calm and try to kill him before he can shorten the gap on you. There are opportunities for this trophy in many levels, one of the early opportunities being in "Full Moon" right after the first cut scene.

Bow In Front of Me
Hunt 20 animals with the Crossbow in Story Mode.

Self explanatory. Go get em' Robin Hood!

Adventure Over
Complete the Story Mode.

You do not need to obtain all collectibles for the story to be considered "over". Just finish all levels. You will get this trophy after finishing the story on the default normal difficulty. Again: you do not have to complete hard mode to get this trophy (you do need 35000 xp in hard mode for the purposes of a different trophy but you do not need to complete hard mode for this trophy).

Collector's Edition
Collect all Experience Items and shoot down all Marksman Targets in Story Mode.


Level 1: Rite of Passage

Toggle Spoiler

Don't like reading? Check out this YouTube video walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Level 2: Full Moon

Toggle Spoiler

Don't like my writing? Check out this YouTube video walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Level 3: Grizzly Hunt

Toggle Spoiler

Don't like my writing? Check out this YouTube video walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Level 4: River Delta

Toggle Spoiler

Don't like my writing? Check out this YouTube video walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Level 5: Grasslands

Toggle Spoiler

Don't like my writing? Check out this YouTube video walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Level 6: Off Road Escape

Toggle Spoiler

Video Walkthrough of Collectibles

Toggle Spoiler

Level 7: Rhino Hunt

Toggle Spoiler

Don't like my writing? Check out this YouTube video walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Level 8: Wildfire

Toggle Spoiler

Don't like my writing? Check out this YouTube video walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Level 9: Outpost

Toggle Spoiler

Don't like my writing? Check out this YouTube video walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Level 10: Caverns

Toggle Spoiler

Don't like my writing? Check out this YouTube video walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Level 11: Kaftar Hunt

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Don't like my writing? Check out this YouTube video walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

I See You
Hunt 30 animals while using Hunter Sense in Story Mode.

Self explanatory. This is another reason you should use classic hunter sense. Try hunting animals using red lens and you'll see how useless it is. Simply, just kill animals with hunter sense activated.

Hair Away From Death
Narrowly escape death 20 times.

This trophy was a little bit tricky because "narrowly escaping death" could mean a couple things. It could be just falling below a certain percentage of health and managing to not die, could mean a quicktime "arrows-across-the-screen" event, the slow motion parts where for example a leopard jumps over you and exposes its heart, or lastly, when an animal bites your hand. It is the last situation in the list that is in fact what constitutes "narrowly escaping death" To make things more complicated, reaching a checkpoint after making partway progress towards this trophy and quitting to the main menu does not work. The video below explains it, but just for those that may be using a phone to view this guide and consequently cannot watch movies it will be explained in text. The best level to do this is in Level 2: Full Moon. What you must do is allow the wolves to attack you until you have no health left. Then when they attack you at that point they will not kill you but will instead bite onto your hand and you must spam bullets into the l'il nipper to get him off. That is narrowly escaping death. This must be done 20 times, and you must complete the level for your progress to count and redo the level as many times as needed IN FULL. It is suggested that in full moon you attain this by provoking the first 4 or 5 wolves to bite your hand and then finish the level without attempting it again. The reason for this is that sometimes the wolves don't do what they're supposed to and will sometimes outright kill you instead of biting your hand so if you die in such an unfortunate manner, you are very close to the start of the level and will thus save time. Note that the wolves being referred to in this case are all the wolves you encounter BEFORE being knocked down into the dilapidated building. Another reason it is suggested you only provoke the first 4 or 5 is because there is an abundance of health packs in that area so after you are done with your provoking, you can slap a bunch of bandaids on and make all the booboo's go away. The video below basically reiterates what you just read but you may want to watch it for a fuller explanation and to see what "narrowly escaping death" looks like. You can gamble for all 20 in one run if you'd prefer but the video explains how and why this did not work for the author.

Tutorial/Walkthough YouTube link in the spoiler below for this trophy

Toggle Spoiler

Hidden Pages
Collect all Journal Pages in Story Mode.

The majority of the journal pages are extremely easy to find. To make things simpler, refer to the huge spoilers for the trophy "Collector's Edition" It will contain all collectibles so you, the reader, will have one complete guide in one set of spoilers to guide you through all collectibles. For your convenience it is a linear walkthrough created in the order everything appears in the levels, properly organized according to level, containing a few dumb sarcastic one liners which the author simply had to include to brighten up the monotony and frustration of looking for collectibles. Much effort was put into making it as clear as possible as could be to find hidden objects in a setting optimized for camoflaging things, and in a setting with few notable landmarks to aid in describing the collectible locations. It should work for you though. Probably people will still have problems finding them all. This being the author's first trophy guide, he is committing to visit the comments section to clarify any questions or make necessary edits. The author's site name (AGENT_P6) is the same as his PSN ID and all mail on either PSN or is welcome.

I Will Survive
Survive Survival Shooting Gallery 1 (Night Fangs) for more than 7 minutes.

Wow, this one is ridiculous. As mentioned in the tips & strategies section, this is an area you will definitely need your top shot elite gun, and if you don't have one, go get one. If you can get this trophy using the dualshock controller, you are a god. The best advice for you is:

1. Always use your rifle
2. Disregard "marksman mode" power ups
3. Disregard "double points" power ups
4. Treat the following power ups like gold:
-"Rack Em'"-(unlimited ammo, no reload for a short duration) you will need this because the wolves will attack you quickly, and reload time is too long
-"Health Pack"-you WILL take damage and you will need a bandaid...lots of bandaids
-"Slow Motion"-when you have three wolves about to bite you, slow down time to land headshots and heartshots, or just to get the one closest to you out of the way

Be aware that power ups overwrite old power ups. If you are saving a first aid kit and shoot a wolf that has a "rack em'", you will lose your unactivated first aid kit and have the "rack em'" overwrite it. Also, with the exception of first aid kits, ACTIVATED power ups will be overwritten if you ACTIVATE a new power up. For example, you cannot activate "double points" and then activate a "slo-mo" and expect to have double points in slow motion. It is one or the other, so use your power ups wisely, prioritize them, and don't overwrite wanted power ups with unwanted power ups unless the animal with the unwanted power up is attacking you and you have no choice but to kill him.

Be aware that the wolves become tougher as time goes by. You will start off wasting them with one shot each. Near the end it will take three shots each unless you make a headshot or heartshot. It is around the 6 minute mark that you will NEED EVERY POWER UP you can get. At around 6:10, just before a screen shift, you will have a brief second to shoot a wolf for a "rack em" power up. This particular one is exceptionally pivotal. If you miss it, you will likely die, throw your controller, wipe the sweat off your palms (you WILL get nervous sweats), wait for your heart rate to slow down, and try again.

Another tip: at the second "scene" you will see three deer run from left to right, chased by two wolves. If you kill all three you will trigger the "opportunity kill"; a bear that eats up some precious time and also prevents the spawning of a few wolves. Try to get all three deer and activate this, it will help a bit. If you miss, don't stress over it, it just helps a little bit

VERY IMPORTANT!!! You CANNOT get this trophy with 2 players. This had been personally attempted, a time of approximately 7:45 was achieved and no trophy. Sorry, it really sucks but you're going to have to just grind solo on this one.

MOST IMPORTANT!!! Don't give up!! You will have to try many times and it will seriously frustrate you. But the author got it legit, with just one player, and AGENT_P6 is a good gamer but not a beast by any means, so if AGENT could obtain this crazy silver trophy you can too.

Lastly, throw some Rep+ to bodigard for providing this helpful walkthrough in the spoiler below! Note that what follows originates from another site, however bodigard IS the original author and authorizes it to be posted in this trophy guide:

Toggle Spoiler

Gallery Lover
Obtain a Bronze or better on all of the Shooting Gallery Classic levels.

First and foremost, you must unlock all classic gallery levels. To do this you will need to finish the story mode on normal difficulty then obtain 35000 xp on hard difficulty story mode. Have no fear, there is a great way to farm this! Start a new game on hard mode once you have completed the story mode on normal difficulty. (Don't worry about missing collectibles if applicable. Your new save on hard mode does NOT overwrite your progress in normal mode). You will need to complete the first two levels, then you will face the grizzly bear boss. His kill is worth 5000xp for a heartshot as the final, killing shot. Kill him, continue to the next level, as soon as it loads, quit to the main menu and reload the grizzly boss level. The xp will carry over. The grizzly bear boss level is very short and very quick so this farming will be brief.

Now for the essentials of how to obtain the gallery lover trophy:

This trophy "Gallery Lover" is easy once you get the hang of boosting your multiplier. The top shot elite gun is now your best friend. If you don't have one, go get one. A Move controller will do, and the Official Playstation Move gun released parallel in time to Killzone 3 will probably be as helpful as the Cabela's gun. For this trophy you will need to learn how to not kill your combo chain. You increase your combo chain by shooting the right animal with the right gun. Below is a list of Do's and Don'ts. The Do's are all things that will increase your combo chain, the Don'ts are all things that will break your combo chain. Because the required bronze medal in all galleries are all based solely on points earned, the combo chain is key to getting what you need


-Shoot all predators, regardless of gender (Predators are defined as animals that will attack you)
-Shoot all male PREY animals. (males usually have horns and females usually do not. Female rams have straight horns while the males have curled ones.)
-Shoot all birds with only the shotgun
-Shoot all animals anywhere on the body. Even if you get a frowned upon "headshot" you will not lose your combo multiplier. You will not get as many points but you will keep your multiplier
-In a pinch, you may shoot predators with the shotgun and not lose your multiplier, however you will get minimal points. So shotgun for predators IS ok, but not helpful. Use your rifle for predators as much as possible.


-Shoot female prey animals (predators and birds are ok to shoot regardless of gender)
-Miss a single shot
-Even bother trying to shoot experience items (antlers, beehives, etc.) They are hard to hit and you will lose your multiplier if you miss, which is easy to do.

Some general tips:

Marksman mode will highlight male animals and leave females not highlighted. This can be helpful in areas with large animal traffic and its hard to differentiate between the sexes with so much cluster.

Double Points indeed doubles your points but impairs your vision, making it harder to determine sex. Use these with caution.

If you have a feeling you are about to do a scene change, don't try to get that last kill. Sometimes you will pull the trigger with your crosshairs on an animal, but just as you do, a scene change occurs, moving your crosshairs away from the target and the combo chain is lost due to a missed shot.

Reload tactically, and keep in mind that sometimes you THINK you switched to the proper gun but you actually didn't and end up shooting a bird with a rifle. Would you want to eat a 5 pound bird that's been shot with a high caliber rifle? Certainly not! Indeed you wouldn't be able to because the bullet would disintegrate the fowl in a cyclone of feathers. You will lose your multiplier.

When shooting big animals, pause as much as possible between bullets. Don't just go trigger happy because sometimes you will land a headshot and keep shooting just because you've gone mad, and will lose your multiplier. Even a grizzly bear can go down with one shot whereas if you don't land a headshot, it could take up to 10 shots approximately.

Birds are great for your building your multiplier, and medium-large animals (prey) are great for "using" your multiplier. The bird kills will get you a high multiplier due to the sheer volume of them but low actual points. Conversely, the other prey animals will get you lots of points but won't do much for your multiplier. Put your multiplier to use by prioritizing larger animals once you have a good multiplier chain built up.

Also, distance of target affects the number of points for the kill. Farther animals are worth more points as it takes more skill to shoot a smaller target. Although this is useful when it comes to deer, ram and other land animals, it is best to not try for longshots against birds. The reason boiling down to poor game design; for some reason, no matter how centered your crosshairs are on a distant bird, many times you will not kill him and lose your multiplier. Whether this is realistic or not is neither here nor there, as the game does award extra points for killing distant birds so its odd designing to make the kill so elusive despite utmost accuracy. Long story short, try to get the longshot kill when possible except with birds.

In this game there are "opportunity kills". These are not available until you complete an objective that unlocks the spawning of this specific animal. For example, you may have to shoot 5 horns, or shoot the hidden leopard. Once you do so you will unlock the opportunity kill. You will know it when it happens. The narrator shouts out "this is your chance", the color of the screen slightly changes, and the animal usually has a trophy symbol hovering over it. You must be quick in making this kill as they usually don't stay on the screen for long. These animals are worth a lot of points. Generally if you make an opportunity kill you have a significantly higher chance of obtaining the required bronze medal or higher. The description of how to unlock the opportunity kill is always listed in the tips at the bottom of the screen while the gallery level is loading. That said, be aware that the author obtained the required bronze medals with only about 3 or 4 opportunity kills, not because of awesome skill by any means; simply because the opportunity kills are too much of a gamble. Basically, completing the prerequisite objectives are a bit too tricky, cause combo chain loss often, and generally distract you from the multitude of points available via just plain kills and building the combo chain. The choice is yours now that you have all the information about it.

Lastly, occasionally a uniquely colored animal will appear. Kill this special animal for extra points

Successfully play through all possible path combinations in both Trek Shooting Galleries.

The trek galleries are tricky. You must play through each trek level 6 times for a total of 12 trek playthroughs to obtain this trophy. Each trek level has 4 parts, each part being basically the length of a classic gallery level. So do the math and you basically have to do 48 classic gallery levels to obtain this trophy. Some sub-levels are easy, some are hard, all are annoying. Some sublevels overlap each other, i.e. you could take a right, then a left and end up in "Safari Drive" and the next playthrough take two lefts and still end up in "Safari Drive". Regardless, the specific wording of the trophy is correct: you MUST take EVERY POSSIBLE path combination in both trek shooting galleries.

Basically you need to take the following combinations for each trek gallery:

1. Left, Left, Middle
2. Left, Middle, Middle
3. Left, Right, Middle
4. Right, Left, Middle
5. Right, Middle, Middle
6. Right, Right, Middle

You do NOT need to obtain the bronze, silver, or gold medal awarded for points in order to obtain this trophy. You CAN die and reload from the last checkpoint. You CAN fall short of a sub level's point requirement and reload from the last checkpoint. You CAN take a break from this every once in a while to sip on a beverage and enjoy some salted peanuts. You can NOT blink for the entirety of the trek.

Included is a link to a youtube video that is a simple representation of the layout of the map and all 6 routes you need to take for each trek gallery. It is in the spoiler below.

Check out this YouTube video for a representational layout of the map

Toggle Spoiler

Combo Wizard
Get a 50 animal combo in any Shooting Gallery level.

This is not overly tricky, and in fact you will need to be able to routinely pull off a 50 hit combo in the trek galleries in order to pass the levels. Refer to the "DO's" and DONTs" list for the trophy "Gallery Lover" for the essentials of how to NOT lose your multiplier.

Bonus Lover
Obtain and use every Power-Up type in any Shooting Gallery level.

Very easy trophy. In your in-game pause menu, there will be an option at the bottom of the screen to press for power ups. It will list all power ups and what they look like. You must use every power up in a single playthrough of a single shooting gallery level.

Lucky Number
Kill 7 Birds with one Shotgun shot.

This trophy CAN be obtained in the galleries. In the classic gallery level #13 you will have a good cluster of birds to shoot at. It is right before the rhino. You should be able to get it here.

Disarm 30 traps in Story Mode (bear traps or land mines).

In the level "Full Moon" you will encounter a whole bunch of bear traps. Shoot all of them with your pistol to save ammo. There are no predators in this area so go wild. If you don't get the required 30, just carry on with the game, as there are levels with tons of landmines where you can finish off the required 30.

List of YouTube video links for mobile viewers and those otherwise experiencing problems viewing embedded videos in this guide

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