Players: 1 - 2
Online Trophies: 0
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15+
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 + clean up + Shooting Gallery + Maneater
Collectible Trophies: 1 Collector
Missable Trophies: 1 Just Like a Pro

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • or - Dodge
  • - Killer Instinct
  • Collect ammo and health packs whenever you find them.
  • Keep moving when surrounded.


Step One: Story Mode
You will want to begin by playing through the story mode. While playing, you will want to try to pick up the 39 Deer antlers on your way. You can go back to the levels though if you miss one or so. You may also want to try and go for the trophy Just Like a Pro.

The trophies you should obtain or try to obtain during the story run are
  • Survived!
  • Just Like a Pro
  • Scratchless
  • Stealth Approach
  • They Call Me Long Barrel
  • Eagle Eye
  • Who Needs Glasses?
  • Dodge This
  • Primary Target: Alpha
  • Collector
  • In Father's Memory
  • Brave or Crazy?
  • Always Fresh
  • Two Birds, One Stone
  • Newton's Apple
  • Hunter's Quality
  • Gunsmith
  • Bullet-man
  • Ambulance-man
  • Heavy Breather
  • Flawless Victory
  • Unlocker
  • Adrenaline Junkie
  • Hair Away from Death
If you don't most of these trophies during your run, it's okay because there is mission select. The only one you can not get during mission select is Just Like a Pro, so be sure you read the description for that trophy.

Step Two: Clean up
After you have completed the story, you can go back to any of the levels you want to replay them. Now you can get the collectibles you missed or some of the random trophies for hunting certain animals with certain guns and such. When you are in the mission select screen, in the corner it will tell you how many skulls you have out of how many total.

Step Three: Shooting Gallery
Now you will want to work on the shooting gallery that is separated into two different categories. There is the Reflex category and there is the Arcade Plus.

Arcade Plus: In this one, you will need to shoot the animals between gates. You need to get a certain amount of points to open the next gate. You will also be given the choice to either take the easy path or the hard path which contains a lot more predators in it.

The trophies you should obtain in the Arcade Plus Shooting Galleries are
  • Combo Wizard
  • Dare-devil
Reflex: In this one, you will be given animals in order in the top left side of the screen. You must now shoot that animals in order that they appear. You need to get a certain amount of points to continue on. Be careful because you can die in this and you will have to start over again.

The trophies you should obtain in the Reflex Shooting Galleries are
  • Reflex Master
  • Overtime
  • Run Piggie, Run!
And you will get
  • Gallery Addict
once all the galleries have been passed.

Step Four: Maneater
There are a total of seven Maneater levels. You will need to get through several waves of enemies coming at you. Sometimes you will also get small side missions you must do to complete the round such as protect the civilian, fix the radios and such. After you complete all the levels you will get
  • Eater of Maneaters.

Through out each level though, you should also work on getting
  • Steel Hunter
  • Locked and Loaded
  • Untouchable
  • Sub Zero
  • Booom!
  • Got Your Back
  • Repeating Fun
  • Double Fun
  • Semi-Automatic Fun
  • Adrenaline Junkie
  • Abyss
  • Hair Away from Death


Platinum Trophy
Unlock all other trophies.

Complete the Story Mode.

The story isn't that long at all and for the most part is pretty simple. All you have to do is just go through the story till you reach the end and the trophy will pop. There are a total of 14 Chapters in the game and should take you less then 10 hours to complete it. The chapters are
  1. Take the Shot
  2. Sandstorm
  3. Dry River
  4. Respect Your Prey
  5. Keep Moving
  6. Up and Out
  7. West Face
  8. High Jungle
  9. Just Run
  10. Out Cold
  11. This is My Hunt
  12. Stay Alive
  13. Showdown
  14. Make a Stand

Just Like a Pro
Complete the Story Mode without dying once or restarting checkpoints.

This can be done easily. Basically, you can't die or restart any check points. If you happen to die though, make sure you quit via XMB menu. Then when you load the game up, just reload your last check point.

If you accidentally hit continue though, do a second playthrough, but make it a speed run. Only kill what you need to, and just run through the levels.

Helpful Tips:
  • Reload
  • and Roll
  • Use the or to roll out of the way of danger. If an animal is coming from the front at you, roll/dodge out of the way. This is great to use when you are surrounded by packs of enemies.
  • Killer Instinct: If there is an animal about to jump on you from behind, a button will appear on the screen that you need to hit to avoid the attack. Sometimes though, only an *!* will appear, so roll out of the way in that case.
  • Auto aim will come in great use. This will help you quickly get rid of attacking animals.
  • Make sure to pick up all ammo and health packs that you find lying around. You don't want to get stuck with no ammo or low health when you reach a pack of animals.

Pass any Story Mode level except the Take the Shot level without taking damage.

I found the easiest level to do this on would be the *Respect Your Prey*. Most of this level consist of running through the level chasing after a single moose. The only time an animal comes to attack you is after you shoot the moose. When you go to claim the moose a pack of 10 wolves comes out. You will want to dodge and roll out of the way when they come at you and try to use killer instinct when indicated too.

If you do happen to get hit by one of the wolves, hit and restart the checkpoint. This will have you placed right before you shoot the moose.

Stealth Approach
Pass any Story Mode level using only the crossbow.

You have to wait until you have at least reach the level *Just Run*. This is because this is the level that you obtain the crossbow as well as the easiest.

You want to first run through the whole level, not shooting a single animal. Try to be careful and dodge out of the way if there are animals attacking you. Soon you will approach the ruins where the animals will not longer come or be chasing you. As you are walking through the ruins, you will come to what appears to be a dead end. Don't jump down yet, but instead look over to the right and get the crossbow on the wall. You will need to press to pick it up.

Once you have picked up the crossbow, continue through the ruins until you come to the area where the monkeys come. Shoot at least one of the monkeys with the crossbow and continue to sprint through the rest of the level.

They Call Me Long Barrel
Hunt an animal from beyond 200 meters with a scope in any Story Mode level.

A great place to get this trophy is in the level *Respect Your Prey*. Right after you get done killing the two deer with your brother, move forward. Soon you will see a big deer run in front of you and jump over the fence. Back up against the rocks behind you, there is even a little gap that you can get into for my distance. Whip out your gun with the scope and just watch the deer. Soon it will run down towards the woods. Be sure to press and hold to hold your breath and wait for him to just get into the forest and take your shot.

If you don't get it the first time, just restart the checkpoint or level and keep trying.

Eagle Eye
Hunt a bird or bat using a crossbow in any Story Mode level.

There is only one level that comes to mind when attempting to do this. This level would be *Staying Alive*. After you have saved your brother from the courtyard, keep going down the trail until you approach a cave. Get your crossbow ready and walk inside. When you are inside, a bunch of bats will come flying out. When you see a few of them together, take aim and fire. Don't worry if you miss, just restart the checkpoint and try again.

Who Needs Glasses?
Hunt an animal from at least 100 meters, without using the scope in any Story Mode level.

You can get this trophy in the same area as They Call Me Long Barrel. This would be in the level *Respect Your Prey*. Again, after you kill the two deer with your brother, continue forward until you see the deer jump the fence. This one is a bit more trickier since you can not use the scope. Stand right up on the fence and wait for the deer to run. Once he is almost to the forest, start shooting at him. You can use your scope to see but make sure before you shoot the scope is down.

This is gonna take a few times, so if you keep missing, just restart the check point or the level and keep trying.

Dodge This
Dodge an animal attack 30 times in Story Mode.

You will most likely get this normally as you play through the story. Just remember to press or when an animal is coming at you.

Primary Target: Alpha
While holding breath hunt 5 Alpha males in Marksman Opportunity situations in Story Mode.

You will see over time as you are playing through the story, that occasionally a small cut scene will activate saying *Marksman Target*. These are also known as the Alphas of the pack. These are the animals you want to kill holding your breath.

When you run into this, hold down to hold your breath and shoot the Alpha in one of the vitals showing for a one hit kill.

Do this 5 times.

Pick up all Collectibles in Story Mode.

To be honest, most of these aren't really hidden to well. As you going through the story, you should come across most of them with no problem. Search every where, behind rocks, in tall grass, any where. Don't worry if you happen to miss one, there is mission select. It won't tell you which one you are missing, but it will tell you how many you are missing per mission. There are 3 per mission, except for Sand Storm, so there are 39 total.

In Father's Memory
Hunt 10 different hidden Big Game trophy animals in Story Mode.

There are a few different hidden animals in some of the levels. You want to shot at least 10 of them for the trophy. You can shot on in one level and restart a checkpoint and do it again.

The level *It's My Hunt* would be the easiest level to get this one. You can replay the level several times to keep get multiple kills. To get to the area where the hidden big game animals are, you will want to walk from the start until you come to a spot where you can choose directions. Go to the right and head up the hill till you reach the end. Look over the rocks to see multiple wilder beast. Shoot and kill as many as you can. Complete the level and then redo it until the trophy pops.

Brave or Crazy?
Use only a pistol to hunt a hippopotamus in the Keep Moving Story Mode level.

This is not as hard as it seems, but takes a bit of time. Thankfully the pistol has unlimited ammo, so as you get to the area where the hippo is, take out the pistol and shoot away. Be sure to dodge him when he comes charging at you by rolling out of the way with or . Eventually the Hippo will leave the one area and you will need to go through the little cave to refind him. He will come charging at you in slow motion so shoot shoot shoot.

Always Fresh
Donít empty the whole stamina bar during one Story Mode level.

Stamina is lowered when you are running/sprinting and dodging/rolling. You just have to keep your eye on the yellow bar in the bottom corner. When you see it getitng low, stop running/sprinting and/or dodging/rolling.

Two Birds, One Stone
Hunt two predators with one shotgun shot in any Story Mode level.

This can be easily obtained while you are being attacked by a pack of Hyenas or Wolves. Most of the time they will group together of at least 2 maybe 3 at times. When you see this, get out the shotgun and shoot. You want to try to aim a bit in the middle so that it does it hit both of the animals.

Newton's Apple
Hunt a predator while it is in a tree in any Story Mode level.

After the level *Keep Moving* you will start to see Cheetahs in the trees. Carefully pass under the trees as the will attack you and keep your gun pointed at the trees. When you see a Cheetah go into the tree or moving in the tree, aim and shoot. If you get it, the trophy will pop.

Hunter's Quality
Shoot 50 animals using Killer Instinct in Story Mode.

Killer Instinct will activate when there is an enemy behind you about to attack. Usually it will show when an animal is behind you and you need to be quick in pressing it. This will then have you facing the animal in slow motion, giving you the chance to shoot the animal and kill it. Try to aim for the vitals so it can be a one shot kill. This can be easily obtained over the normal story mood especially when you run into packs of animals.

Find special ammunition for all firearms in Story Mode.

There are 4 different weapons you will need to find special ammo for. Each case is weapon specific and will double the damage the weapon usually does. You can tell the difference between a regular weapon case and a special ammo case because the special ammo is found in small little black boxes. These boxes can be found all over the levels. You will know when you have special ammo in your guns because when you look at your gun in the bottom corner, the ammo will be gold.

Pick up 500 rounds of any ammunition in Story Mode.

There are numerous ammo packs around each level. You will more than likely get this before the story ends. Any time you even fire one round, reload and go collect an ammo pack. It's really quite simple.

Pick up 50 health packs in Story Mode.

There are numerous health packs found all over each level. In order to pick it up though, you can't have full health. This will come naturally as you play and you more than likely have it by the end of the story. Any time you take even a slight bit of damage, pick up a health kit.

Heavy Breather
Shoot 25 predators while holding your breath in Story Mode.

You should be able to get this trophy normally as you play through the story. You hold your breath by holding down . Just pull out your rifle to lock, to hold breath and shoot. Do this 25 times to any predators for the trophy.

Deer, birds and such do not count for this trophy.

Gallery Addict
Pass all Reflex and Arcade Plus Shooting Gallery levels in single player.

Very simple, pass both all Arcade Plus galleries and Reflex Plus galleries. There are a total of 5 each and each one only takes about 5-10 minutes or so.

Hunter of Hunters
Shoot all predators that you encounter in any Shooting Gallery level in single player.

The easiest gallery for this would be the African Plains. There are only a total of 5 Cheetahs when you take the easy path each time. You have to be quick though, as the Cheetahs move fast. Complete the map a few times if you need to memorize where the Cheetahs come from, so this way you are ready to aim and shoot when you see them.

There are two before you reach the first checkpoint.
One before you reach the second checkpoint.
Two shortly after the second checkpoint.

Now We're Even
During a co-op Shooting Gallery, score within 3500 points of your teammate.

This can be done with a friend (split screen) or just two controllers. Start by playing with controller one and getting points, then switch controllers when you hit the checkpoint. Keep rotating the controllers until you reach the end. Just watch the points and make sure there is at least 3500 points in between. If one of the *controllers* gets to far ahead, just slow it down a bit.

Reflex Master
Win any Reflex Shooting Gallery hunting all animals in order in single player.

This isn't as hard as it seems. It can be a bit tricky however. At the beginning of each *round* you will see at the top of the screen an order list of animals. When you see the animals, shoot them in the order they appear at the top of the screen. As you progress through the level, more animals will be added to the list.

If you mess up or die, you will have to start from the very beginning. So this can take some practice.

Combo Wizard
In Single Player Arcade Plus, keep the 2x Damage Hunter Award from the first checkpoint to the end.

This can be a bit irritating at first, but with some practice, it becomes easier. To get the 2x Damage, you have to hit 10 shots in a row. They can be just hits, or they can be kill shots, they just have to hit the animal. If you happen to miss, it makes the damage bonus go away. You can watch your progress by watching the blue circle on your crosshairs. When the circle is whole, you will have the 2x damage multiplier. It has to stay full the ENTIRE time. you will need to get the 2x damage multiplier BEFORE you pass the first gate and keep the ENTIRE time through the whole gallery. You can NOT miss a single shot once you have passed the first checkpoint. There are several levels you can do this on, but one of the easiest is *Bear Meadow*. There are plenty of chance in the beginning to get the multiplier and as long as you take the easy path each time, this shouldn't be a problem.

The bears in the level (3 if you take all easy paths) are the only things that will cause some trouble, but they aren't too bad.

Get at least 10000 points in Free Shooting phases of any Reflex Plus gallery in single player.

After you have completed the reflex round, you will have some time left over to shoot any other animals within the level except female deer. This is easiest done during the early rounds of the level because you only have 2 animals to shoot. So quickly take out the animals in the top corner then shoot away at the others. You should be able to get this with no problem.

Flawless Victory
Finish any Shooting Gallery level without losing any health in single player.

This can be done in either Arcade or Reflex.

I would recommend doing it in the Arcade gallery and choosing a level that doesn't have too many predators. As long as you take the easy path, the predators will be cut down drastically.

Make sure you reach the required points to pass the checkpoints, because if you fail to do so, some health will be taken away, not allowing you to get the trophy.

This may take some practice, just keep replaying the levels you are close on, and after some time you will be able to memorize where the danger is coming from and you'll be able to be ready for it.

Take all the dangerous paths in all Arcade Plus levels in single player.

As you are playing through the Arcade galleries, occasionally it will ask you to take either the easy path or the dangerous path. Each time it ask, choose dangerous. During this path, you will encounter several predators that will attack you. You need to survive to the end of the level. You must do this on all 5 galleries. This may take a few tries per level but with some practice you will soon memorize which predator is where and you can take them down before they get you. If you die, you will have to redo the whole level over.

Run Piggie, Run!
Shoot 75 warthogs in Reflex Plus galleries in single player.

After you take out the assigned animals, you will enter the free shooting. Here you can shoot several warthogs if they appear for you. There are two levels in which they appear, being *Burning Savannah* and *Red Dusk*. During these galleries, you will also need to shoot warthogs to pass. This is cumulative, so you can redo a level several times.

Steel Hunter
Complete 10 rounds in Maneater in single player.

Pretty simple, just complete all 10 rounds of any Maneater level to get this trophy.

See Eater of Maneaters for tips and strategies.

Locked and Loaded
In Maneater single player, collect 25 special ammunition boxes (repeated play needed).

Each and every level in Maneaters has special ammo crates somewhere within the level for every gun. Each crate also regenerates after each round. So collecting these crates shouldn't be to much of a task as long as you look and keep collecting when you can. This should come almost naturally as you play through all 7 levels, being there is 10 rounds per level.

Pass round 1 to 5 of any Maneater level in single player without receiving a single hit.

This is not as easy as it may sound. Trying to not get hit one time is quite hard. You will need to get through 5 rounds without getting hit though.

  • Dodging and rolling. Try not to stand in one spot, this generally will not work and will get you hurt. Dodge and roll around as much as possible.
  • Use Killer Instinct when ever it pops up. Most of the time the predators will come from behind, so this will help a lot.
  • Don't run out of ammo, as this can break it for you. At the end of each round, go around and stock up on ammo. Special ammo too as this is a one hit killer.
I did this on the level *Breakthrough*. Stay back in the corner you can see where the enemies are coming from and you are also able to break the ice on the ground to give you some help.

Eater of Maneaters
Pass all first seven Maneater levels in single player.

This will take some time. There are 7 levels and 10 rounds per level you must complete. Once you have completed all 70 rounds, the trophy is yours. After some practice, this shouldn't be to difficult.

  • Pay attention to the objectives. Some of them are REQUIRED. If you do not complete the required objective in time, you will fail the round and the level and have to start over. A good way to know if it is required is to see if it has a time. If there is a time limit, you MUST do it.
  • Ammo is great to have. Try to be wise when you are shooting and be sure to travel the area and pick up any ammo you find. There is special ammo that regenerates after each round. The special ammo is good for when the big hordes come in.
  • Health. Be sure to pick up health when you see you are running low. You don't want to die when you are on level 9 or 10. There are health packs lying around all over the map and it will regenerate after each round.
  • Dodging is your best friend here. You want to keep dodging when you can to avoid dying. This with using Killer Instinct will help. Remember to press when prompt to or dodge when you see *!*.
  • Auto aim will help too. Be sure to use this as much as possible.

Sub Zero
Freeze 20 animals by shooting away ice floes in Breakthrough Maneater level in single player.

This actually quite easy. Just head into a corner and shoot the ice where there are cracks. There is also some dude up in the mountains that shoots as well and usually breaks the ice. The ice does form back up at the end of each level, so you will need to keep shooting it. You may need to replay the level 2 or 3 times, or if you are lucky you will get it the first time you play. You have 10 rounds to make 20 animals fall into the water.

In Maneater single player, blow up 10 TNT crates.

To make it simple, keep replaying the *Overwatch* map. This map starts you off with one TNT crate at the beginning. Pick up the crate by pressing and carry it over to where it needs to be placed. Press to drop it and run away. When you are far enough away, turn around and shoot it. Sometimes, it will detonate by itself. Once the crate has been detonated, allow yourself to be killed and redo the level. Do this 10 times for the trophy.

Got Your Back
In Maneater single player, protect an injured friend so that no predator attacks them.

During the levels, you will occasionally be asked to protect the civilian. There will be a person lying on the ground that you will need to protect until the time runs out. Most of the time, the animals will go straight for the person, so be sure to shoot at them first, making them come after you. Use the rifle as it is faster and will make shooting and loading a lot easier and faster.

You don't want to be standing right next to the person, but instead a bit back so you can see on coming predators.

Protect him until the time runs out and the trophy will pop.

Repeating Fun
Finish one Maneater level in single player only using the repeating crossbow.

I found the best level to do this is the *Breakthrough* level. Before the level starts, select the repeating crossbow. Run to the corner across from the one hill and sit there. Break the ice around you so that some of the animals fall into it to help you. Aim right and you can most likely one hit kill each predator. Be sure to dodge and roll out of the way of on coming attacks. As long as you are careful and collect ammo when you are running low, this is not as hard as it may appear

Double Fun
Hunt 25 elite animals with the double barrel shotgun in single player Maneater levels.

At the start, choose the double barrel shotgun in the gun selection. As you are playing through the Maneater levels, you will hear the game same *Elite animal incoming*. Take out the elite animal with the shotgun. This is cumulative, so you will get this over some time.

Semi-Automatic Fun
Shoot 3 animals in 5 seconds with the semi-auto rifle in single player Maneater.

The best thing to do is wait for a group of animals to come. Most times they come in packs 3-5. With the semi auto rifle, quickly shoot the animals. This may take some practice, but it isn't to hard.

Hunt 20 animals by opening the trapdoor in the Trap Door Maneater level in single player.

There are a total of 6 buttons to press to open the trap door. I found it best to run around the arena and wait for the animals to be behind you. Once they are following you, run across the trap door and quickly get on one of the buttons. Some of the animals should still be standing on the door and will fall when the door is opened. This is cumulative, so keep redoing the levels if you need too.

Unlock all unlockable content.

All the unlockable content can be unlocked when you collect all of the deer antlers in story mode. There are 3 antlers per level in Story mode.

See Collector for Deer Antler locations.

Adrenaline Junkie
Hunt 5 predators in less than 5 seconds in single player.

I would recommend going for this trophy on the level *Breakthrough*. Before the level starts, make sure you choose the Semi-Automatic Rifle for your weapon. As you are playing the level, several groups of predators will come out. Keep count of the number of predators within each group. Once you spot a group of at least 5, lock onto them and take each one down quickly.

You can get this pretty easy when the horde is coming down from the mountain or when the mission *Protect the Civilian* is happening.

It will make it a lot easier too if you have some special ammo as it is a one hit killer. You can find the special ammo around the level in black boxes.

Hair Away from Death
With less than 5% health, hunt an attacking predator that is less than 2 meters away in single player.

This trophy is completely luck based. You have to guestamate how far an attacking enemy is from you and kinda guess how much health you have. You just have to keep trying and hope that you are the right health and distance away. There are several spots you can do this in, so you don't need to worry to much.

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