Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 Career 1 Quick Hunt
Collectible Trophies: Yes
First Five Flags
25 Flags
Gold Rush
Missable Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

  1. Don't rush through a level. The time hardly ever expires. So don't be to lenient on using your hunters sense.
  2. Try to rotate guns and shots between levels. This way you get the 20 kills with each type of gun as well as the gold medals for lung, spine, and heart shots.
  3. Do not restart a hunt. Just finish out the hunt so that it auto-saves, then go back into the level. Or, select return back to the hunt selection.
  4. You can restart from a check point if you need to. This will have you start at the last auto save spot, which is usually after the last kill and tag you made.
  5. The bonuses in the objective are not needed. These are only for extra points. So you don't need to go out of your way to accomplish them.


Step One: Career Mode
There are 12 levels in the career mode. Most levels have two different animals you need to hunt. Each animal has 1-2 different maps with different objectives. The levels unlock when you beat other levels. The levels are:
  • Beginning - Whitetail Deer
  • Level - 1 - Springbok & Rocky Mountain Bighorn
  • Level 2 - Mountain Goat
  • Level 3 - Proghorn Antelope
  • Level 4 - Kudu
  • Level 5 - Desert Mule Deer
  • Level 6 - Barren Ground Caribou & Black Wildebeest
  • Level 7 - Rocky Mountain Elk
  • Level 8 - Zebra & Alaska-Yukon Moose
  • Level 9 - White Rhino
  • Level 10 - Grizzly Bear
  • Level 11 - Cape Buffalo & Leopard
  • Level 12 - Lion & Elephant
During the career mode, you also want to work on unlocking all your guns and the gun parts.
You should also get just about every trophy during career mode EXCEPT for anything that requires something from the Quick Hunt. There is nothing missable as you can go back to any level and hunt as many times as you need to.

Step Two: Quick Hunt
There are only three trophies you need from the Quick Hunt. Choose Quick Hunt from the Main Menu.
To unlock each stage in Quick Hunt, you need to first unlock them during your career mode.

Step Three: Clean Up
If need be, you can return to any level and redo the hunt. So if you missed any medals during the main career mode, don't worry, just go back to levels and keep working towards them.


Grand Master Hunter
Unlock all Trophies in the game

First of Many
Hunt the First Trophy

Story Related, Can't Miss.

This will be the first trophy you get in the game. When you enter the first area, head to the green marker provided for you. Follow the directions on how to get situated into the spot. Take the shot and go claim your trophy.

First Five Flags
Collect the first 5 Flags from the vehicle hunts

Story Related, Can't Miss.

You will get to drive your first vehicle during Level 2 with the mountain goats. There is a total of 10 flags you need to collect before you can hunt the goats. As soon as you collect 5, you will get the trophy. You must HIT into the Flag to get it, you can not just drive past it.

25 Flags
Collect 25 Flags from the vehicle hunts

Story Related, Can't be Missed.

As you play through each level, you will come across 3 vehicle hunts by the time you reach level 5. During the vehicle hunts, you need to collect all 10 flags before you are able to start to hunt. The flags are located mainly on the trail, but some are a bit off. By hitting you can access the map to see where each flag is and how close you are to them.

Far, Far Away...
Hunt 5 Trophies from at least 200 yards away

First and foremost, make sure you have a gun with a good scope on it. The .300 Rifle is a good one with the 20x scope. A good level to do this on is Level 8 with the Zebra. This is one of the only levels with an opened area with almost nothing it to block your way. When you find the Zebra herd, press to get the radar out and mark the trophy. Get far away and take out the gun. Make sure the distance reads 200 feet or more. Make sure the shot is a one shot kill. You can get at least 4 zebras here. At the end of the level, go to the menu so that it saves and then go back into the level again. DO NOT RESTART the hunt other wise what ever you hunted will not count.

Hunt 15 Trophies from a Shooting Rest

This should come naturally as you play through each level. In each level there are several shooting rest. When you activate hunters sense with you can spot where each shooting rest is located. Go up to the shooting rest and hit to get situated into the spot. Shoot your target from the shooting spot 25 times.

Optimal Shot
Shoot a Trophy from optimal distance

This trophy came randomly to me. An optimal distance, from what I assume, is a good distance away. When you go into the Strategic Hunt mode using , using to mark the animal and then go over to the shooting spots on the map and hit again to mark one. When you mark the shooting spot, it will show you whether it's a bronze, silver or gold. Select the spot where it's gold and head over there to shot the animal.

Gold Rush
Obtain all the Gold medals

This can be a bit of a grind, but a lot of this does come naturally. If you sit there and plan it out a bit, it won't be that hard.

Here is a list of the medals
  • Prone
    • 9 - silver
    • 15 - Gold

  • One shot
    • 10 - silver
    • 20 - Gold

  • Lungs
    • 8 - silver
    • 17 - Gold

  • Hunter Sense
    • 12 - silver
    • 25 - Gold

  • 10X Scope
    • 10 - silver
    • 20 - Gold

  • 2X Scope
    • 10 - silver
    • 20 - Gold

  • 20X Scope
    • 10 - silver
    • 20 - Gold

  • 6X Scope
    • 10 - silver
    • 20 - Gold

  • Blood Stains
    • 6 - silver
    • 12 - Gold

  • Spine
    • 8 - silver
    • 17 - Gold

  • Hold Breath
    • 20 - silver
    • 32 - Gold

  • Explorer.
    • 3000 yards - silver
    • 6000 yards - Gold

  • 4X Scope
    • 10 - silver
    • 20 - Gold

  • Backpedal
    • 300 yards - silver
    • 600 yards - Gold

  • Drive
    • 1500 yards - silver
    • 3500 yards - Gold

  • Animal Tracks
    • 15 - silver
    • 25 - Gold

  • Mark
    • 10 - silver
    • 20 - Gold

  • Heart
    • 8 - silver
    • 17 - Gold

  • Gatherer
    • 9 - silver
    • 18 - Gold

Know Your Target
Mark 20 big game animals

After you have unlocked the Big Game Hunts, this trophy should come naturally. The Big Game animals are the animals that will require you to use a stronger more powerful weapon to take them down. Make sure to use the rangefinder, or Strategic view to make the animal on your map.

Fearless Hunter
Hunt 3 attacking animals in a single mission

As you progress through the levels, you will hit levels that have animals that will attack and charge at you. You need to shoot and kill these animals WHILE they are charging you. It's best to go for this during the White Rhino or Elephant levels as they are bigger targets for you to shoot at.

Hunt 8 attacking animals

Again, as you progress through the levels, you will hit levels that have attacking animals in them. This should come naturally as you progress through the attacking animal levels. Keep shooting, even if they are charging you, keep shooting and try to aim for the head.

Shiny New Firearm
Unlock your first firearm

To unlock new fire arms, you need to build up enough Game Points. You build up these points by getting experience from the objectives. You should be able to get this by your third objective.

Hunting Expertise
Finish the first hunting mission

Story Related, Can't Miss.
As you complete the objective, the trophy will pop.
You will need to clear the objective to pass. The objective was to hunt two white tail deer. The first deer is when you are given the tutorial on how to shoot and get into position. The second deer is where it teaches you how to use the Tactical Hunt skill.

Skill Shot
Hunt a big game animal from at least 70 yards away

This isn't that hard. Each time you are working on an objective and you get close enough, it will prompt you to press to do a strategic hunt. This allows you to put a marker on the animal as well as a spot to shoot the animal from. When doing this, it will tell you how far away you will be from the animal. If you also use when in the prone state, it will show you the distance between you and the animal that you marked.

Activate 20 Hilltop Spotting locations

Again, this trophy should come naturally as you play through the levels. In each level, if you press to enter the Hunters sense mode you will spot the Hilltop Spotting areas even from afar. They are blue lights shining from the ground. Go up to the spot and hit when prompt to to activate the spot.

Move on Hands and Knees
Activate 15 Shooting Rests

To activate the shooting rest, you simply just need to approach one and hit when prompt to. Shooting rest are found all over each map, so this will come naturally as you are playing through the levels.

Hunter Vision
Mark 10 Trophies in Strategic View

To enter into Strategic view, press when prompt to. From this map, you can move the cursor over the Trophy. The trophy can be located by the giant light coming up from the map. You can usually notice the big picture of the animal on the map as well.

Shooting Proficiency
Earn 180 GP in one hunt

This should come naturally as you progress through the career mode. As you advance up, you will get higher level hunts that reward you with more GP. You won't have to go out of the way and work for this trophy.

Quick Hunt Rookie
Claim an animal on 5 Quick Hunt levels

See Quick Hunt Pro

Quick Hunt Pro
Claim an animal on all Quick Hunt levels

There are a total of 10 Quick Hunt levels in which will only unlock when you complete them during career mode. A fast way to get this is to go into the level, hunt and tag your animal then turn on Hunter Sense to make the time go faster. Do this to each level and the trophy will pop.

Step on the Gas
Hunt 4 animals in the vehicle hunts

Story Related, Can't be Missed.

This trophy will pop on the fourth vehicle hunt. This is because after you find all the flags, it will announce that you can now go and find the Trophy animal. There is only one *Trophy* animal per vehicle hunt. The animals you shoot after the trophy shot do not count. So once you have gotten to the fourth vehicle hunt and shoot the *trophy* animal, the trophy will pop.

Skillful Hunter
Hunt 10 small game animals

Small game animals are the animals you see in the levels. They don't appear on your hunter sense, but they really are not that hard to see. The usually appear in the same spot and will continuously respawn in the spot.

Quick Hunt Expert
Claim more than 20 animals in Quick Hunt

This is really simple if you have a good aim and all. Just go through each quick hunt level and hunt and tag every animal that you can. This should pop by the 4th or 5th quick hunt if planned out right.

20 Rifle Hunts
Hunt 20 animals with rifles

There are 2 rifle guns in the game. One is your starter gun and the other one you will need to have enough GP to unlock it. The 2 rifles are the Classic .223 Bolt Action which is your Starting weapon and the Sharpshooter .270 Bolt Action costing 200GP.

During career mode, you need to hunt 75 animals. As long as you rotate your weapons, you should get this with no problem.

20 Semi-Auto Hunts
Hunt 20 animals with Semi-Auto firearms

There are 2 Semi-Auto Action guns in the game. To unlock these 2 guns you will need to have enough GP to unlock them. The 2 guns are the Elite .243 Semi-Auto Action costing 200GP and the Trailblazer .300 Semi-Auto Action costing 350GP.

During the career mode, you will need to hunt 75 animals. As long as you switch out your weapons when you can, this should be no problem.

20 Lever Action Hunts
Hunt 20 animals with Lever Action firearms

There are two Lever Action guns in the game. To unlock them, you need to have enough GP to buy them. The guns are the Frontiersman .350 Lever Action costing 500GP and the Mammoth .450 Lever Action costing 750GP.

During the career mode, you will need to hunt 75 animals total, so try to switch out your guns when you are able to.

Big Five
Hunt one Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Lion and White Rhino

Story Related, Can't Miss.

This will come naturally as you progress through the career mode. Theses are normal hunts that you need to do. The trophy will pop once you have tagged the last animal in the *Big Five*

Gun Master
Unlock all the gun parts

There are several parts to each gun. Each part has a few varieties you will need to unlock using GP. Each gun has its own stock, barrel, muzzle break and scope. To unlock each one, you will need any wheres from 30 to 100 GP. So, I would unlock each gun first then as you gain GP, start to unlock the gun parts one at a time and one gun at a time.

Complete Semi-Auto Collection
Unlock all the Semi-Auto firearms

See Complete Rifle Collection for a list of all guns

Complete Lever Action Collection
Unlock all the Lever Action firearms

See Complete Rifle Collection for a list of all guns

Pursuing the Hunt
Find 50 animal tracks

This pretty simple. The tracks don't have to be from different animals or anything. The easiest way to do this is when you shoot an animal and the rest of the heard runs, go over to where you shot and DON'T claim the trophy yet. Walk around the area and press to investigate all the tracks when prompt too. Each time you do this, you should easily get 10 tracks if not more. Just keep doing this and the trophy will pop.

High Score
Earn 25,000 XP from a single Trophy

You will most likely get this during Level 8 with the Alaska-Yukon Moose on the second map. This map requires you to shoot two moose and two Alaskan Brown Bears. The bears are worth something like 33,000 points, so as soon as you kill one, you should get the trophy. Careful though, the bears are fast and vicious.

Complete Rifle Collection
Unlock all the Rifles

To unlock all the guns, you will need a good amount of GP. GP is awarded at the end of each objective.
  • Classic .223 Bolt Action

  • Elite .243 Semi-Auto Action

  • Sharpshooter .270 Bolt Action - 200GP

  • Trailblazer .300 Semi-Auto Action - 350 GP

  • Frontiersman .350 Lever Action - 500GP

  • Mammoth .450 Lever Action - 750GP

Master Hunter
Reach the highest level possible

This should be easily obtained during your career mode. Elephants can get you a good amount of xp. By the end of you career mode, you should have way more then enough xp to get this trophy.

Experience is Piling Up
Reach 500,000 XP

See Master Hunter

All Flags
Gather all the Flags from the vehicle hunts

Can't Miss.

During each vehicle level, you need to collect flags for the trophy in the level to appear on the map. There are 10 flags in each vehicle level. Once you have collected the last flag in the last vehicle level, the trophy will pop.

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