Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: 4 ( Objective Oriented, Marksman, Perk Expert, Player Hater)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: n/a
Estimated Time to Platinum: 6-8 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1-2 (If you don't put it on Pro Hunter at the start, you will need two playthroughs, Pro Hunter and Sportsman)
Collectibles Trophies: n/a
Missable Trophies: n/a
Glitches Trophies: n/a

[top]Tips & Strategies

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


1. Start with the Career Mode Trophies. There are 11 of them. The trophies do stack so it is recommended to play the career on Pro Hunter Difficulty. You can change the career difficulty by going the Main Menu, My Career, Manage Progress, Change Difficulty, then select Pro Hunter. For the most part, the career trophies will come as you play. The only two you should try for are the two animal track trophies. They are easy to obtain but can be missed if you are not aiming for them.

2. Work on the Custom Firearm Trophies next. You unlock all the custom parts in the Gun Locker by simply achieving an A+ on all the levels. When you have unlocked all the pieces, go to the Gun Locker, you get there by going from the Main Menu to Career Mode and pressing .. Once you have an A+ for all the levels all the custom parts and colors will be unlocked.

3. Next, work on the Big Trophy Tournament Trophies. There are only 2 trophies that you can get inthe Big Trophy Tournament. For the "Trophy Hunter" trophy you just have to complete all 5 levels for each animal. For the "rare Trophy" you have to hunt the Albino Animal which appears randomly.

4. Work on the Shooting Gallery/ Prairie Dog Course Trophies. There is only one trophy per shooting gallery and the prairie dog course. They both are pretty simple once you get the hang of where and when the animals appear. You have to get gold on all 4 course for each, so 4 for the shooting galleries and 4 for the prairie dog course. They also both must be completed on the same difficulty level.

5. Leave the online for last. There are 4 online trophies that are obtained. Keep in mind, you can get all 4 trophies by youself, so you do not have to play with other members. Just read the trophies required for online and it should be simple enough to complete.


Master of the Hunt
Unlocked all Trophies

As the trophy says, just unlock all the gold, silver and bronze trophies to unlock this one.

Accomplished Hunter
Finished the Career on Pro Hunter difficulty setting

For this trophy, you have to complete the career mode on Pro hunter. Once you finish the last mission is Pro, this trophy will unlock. You are not on Pro when you start though, so you have to change it yourself.

The Good Hunter
Finished the Career on Sportsman difficulty setting

All you have to do is complete the career mode on Sportsman difficulty. You want to focus on getting an A+ on all the levels. Your accuracy plays no part in the score. The best thing is to shoot the Two Big Games and hunt all the small game. Every level also has 2 mini missions in them. Complete the little missions to gain extra points as well as shooting small game when there is no Big Game around. Once you have completed the last mission in the career, the trophy will unlock.

Perk Expert
Used at least 8 different Perks against opponents in an Online Match

You can play online by yourself. Simply go to the Playstation Network Tab on the main menu. You want to host your own match. Next, select the map you want to play on and put the number of players to 4, enable A.I bots, vitals enabled, perks enable and make the private slots 3 so that no one else online can join your map.

Once in the match, collect perks by shooting small game and collect the perks that drop. You want to collect the red perks cause they are the ones you use against an opponent. The green perks will help you. If you can't remember what perks you used and haven't used, write them down as you use them. Once you have used 8 different ones, you will have to wait till the end of the match for the trophy to unlock.

Gun Expert
All your rifles and shotguns in the Gun Locker are made up from unlocked parts

There are 4 guns in the Gun Locker. Two are shotguns and two are rifles. For more details see Gun Collector

Gun Collector
Unlocked all custom gun parts in the game

To unlock all the gun parts, you must get an A+ in all the levels in the Career Mode. The Career Mode isn't that difficult as long as you score enough points. Accuaracy plays no part in the scoring.

These are the parts you can unlock for each gun in the Gun Locker

  • 2 chokes
  • 4 stocks
  • 2 barrels
  • 4 receivers

  • 30 receivers
  • 4 scopes
  • 7 barrels
  • 2 brakes

Downed 10 Big Game Trophies with a Custom Rifle

To start, before you play on Career Mode, go into the Gun Locker by pressing . Customize your rifle by changing the colors and part. Afterward, continue your Career and just shot down the Big Game. The small game will not count.

Shotgun Expert
Downed 50 animals using a Custom Shotgun

This is like Rifleman. Before you start your Career Mode, go into the Gun Locker by pressing . Customize your shotgun by changing the colors and parts. Continue to the Career Mode, but for this trophy you can shoot 50 animals. They can't be Big Game cause you are not allowed to shoot Big Game with the shotgun. So any time you see birds or Small Game, shoot. Once you have shot 50 the trophy will unlock.

Objective Oriented
Completed 3 collected objectives in Online Matches

Objectives are found when Big Game is shot down. When you see a yellow box floating in the air or over the animal just walk up to it to collect it. Complete the objective that is required. Just do this three times for the trophy. You do not have to do three in one match. They will carry over to the next match.

Finished an Online Match with at least 70% Accuracy

The easiest way to do this is to just shoot a few small game with the shotgun and do not miss. Once you have shot a few, then for the rest of the match just walk around to ensure your accuracy is at a stand still of 70% or higher.

Shooting Galleries Expert
Obtain Gold medals for all Courses in the Shooting Galleries

This trophy can be difficult. The main thing you want to remember is to aim at all the big game. Try to get a combo going in the beginning. Try to memorize where they all appear. They will always be in the same spot every time you play the level. If you attempt to shoot the small game, the big game will run away.

Some Hints-

Mirror Lake- Keep an eye out for some target boards. They can be shot multiple times and give out big scores. It is best to use the shot gun cause it is harder to miss. You will only stop in front of them for a few seconds so be fast or you will miss your shot. Start this challenge by shooting as many geese in the beginning. After that, most of the level is all big game, so stay focused on them.

Evergreen Mountain
-As in mirror lake, keep an eye out for the target board, but be aware there is only one in this level. The best tip for this one is stay focused on trying to get the big game only. Try to memorize their locations and path ways they take just in case you do not succeed.

Rimrock Valley & Camino Dorado-
These two levels do not have the target boards. They are also a bit more difficult than the first two levels. The main focus and key points to these two levels is only focus on the big game. That is the only way to ensure you gold.

-During the Camino Dorado you want to focus on the ram and bucks running. In the beginning you want to shoot as many of the geese as you can. Then when you start moving, watch for the ram that runs by the buck in front of you, shoot the ram first then get the buck. Afterward, quickly turn to the right and shoot the ram running to the side the quickly straight ahead to the ram standing there before it runs. In the first tower, try to focus on the big game running straight, and avoid hitting the birds cause you will loose points. Once out of the tower, when you get the the trench, you must shoot all the animals the run in there. At this point you should have more than half the points needed and should be able to pass no problem. Just focus on the big game for win.

You must also get gold in the prairie dog hunts too. See Exterminator for details.

Trophy Hunter
Downed all level 5 Big Trophies in Big Trophy Tournament

For this, go into the Big Game Trophy Tournament. You need to down all 5 Big games all 5 times. Technically it is 6 cause once you beat the 5th level, you have to do it one more time to restart the count. Once you have done the 5 Big Games 6 times each, you will unlock the trophy.

Film Expert
Filmed at least 2 hunts worth more than 100 points

In all the levels there is always at least one opportunity to film one of the big hunts. Yes, the description says to shoot two films with at least 100 points, but you must also have a two star rating. Up in the right hand corner of the film you will see how many stars you have. To get two stars, just match the lines up in the box with the lines on the film. Do this twice to double the star levels. Do that twice and you will unlock the trophy.

Explored gun customization options within the Gun Locker

From Career Mode, press to go to the Gun Locker. From there click to modify one of the guns. Shortly after doing so, the trophy should unlock.

Pro Tracker
Found 10 animal tracks

In just about all the levels where you can film a hunt there will be animal tracks. Usually your partner will mention something when you stumble across some tracks. Look down and press to examine the tracks. One you have examined 10 tracks, this trophy will unlock.

Obtained Gold medals in all Prairie Dog Courses

These are pretty simple once you get the hang of it. There are 4 levels total with three sections each.. For the first three, it is easier to use the shot gun. The last level is to far away for the shot gun so you have to use the rifle. All you have to do is shot the number of prairie dogs the level requires you too with the right vegetable. For example, one level may ask for 3 carrots, 3 onions, 3 corns and 1 radish. The carrot prairie dogs sit in the holes always, the corn casually walk around, the onions always run and the radish always jumps. The carrot, onion and corn are commonly seen, it's the radish you want to focus on cause they only appear every so often and can be quite hard to shoot. Once you complete all that is required, in the time limit, you should get gold. Get gold on all four levels and get the trophy.

Master Caller
Made at least 3 Awesome Duck calls

During the first level you will find the first duck hunt. When you call the ducks, watch the meter at the bottom. Red means to long or to short. You want to make several small calls but not to small. It should look something like this:
___ __ ___ __ __ __
Once you have made 3 awesome calls, this trophy will unlock. You can get all three done within in the same duck hunt.

First Deer
Downed your first buck in Career Mode

You will get this trophy when you shot your first Buck found in the Early Fall of Pennsylvania in the Career Mode.

Player Hater
Used 4 Perks on the same opponent in an Online Match

This is much like Perk Expert. Instead of using 8 different perks though, you want to use just any 4 perks on the SAME opponent in an Online match. To make this easy just do as follows:
  1. Go to the Playstation Network Tab on the main menu
  2. Host own match
  3. Select map
  4. Number of players: 4
  5. A.I Bots enabled
  6. Vitals enabled
  7. Perks enabled
  8. Private Slots: 3

During the match, shoot the small game to gather perks. You want the red perks because those are the ones you can use on an opponent. Just use all 4 on the same opponent and at the end of the match the trophy will unlock.

Found your first animal track

The easiest place to find animal tracks are in the levels with snow, which are Montana and Alaska Early Spring. Once you spot a track, look down and press to examine it. Once you have done so, the trophy will unlock.

Under Cover
Downed at least 3 Big Game Trophies from a blind or stand in Career Mode

This trophy should not be hard to get at all. Through out the Career Mode you will be in a blind more than 3 times. Some are for the ducks and others are for the Big Game. Just hunt three Big Game from the blind to unlock this trophy.

Long Shot
Downed a Big Game Trophy from more than 80 yards

In almost every level there is an opportunity to get a long shot. As long as it is over 80 yards and you hit a Big Game animal, this trophy should be no problem at all.

Custom Firearms
Downed your first animal with a custom modified firearm

You can customize your firearms easily in the Gun Locker. To get to the Gun Locker, just go into Career Mode and hit to access the Gun Locker. Change any of the guns you want with new parts. When you are done, continue into the Career Mode and just shoot down the first Big Game you see. After doing so this trophy should pop up.

Bow Kill
Downed your first animal with a bow

Just about every level allows you to use the bow in it. You don't have to shoot a big game for this trophy. You can shoot a small animal and it will count as long as you are using the bow. Get your first animal with the bow, get the trophy.

Rare Trophy
Downed at least one Albino Trophy in Big Trophy Tournament

This one can take some time. You will run into an Albino Animal during the Big Game Tournament. They only appear randomly so you have to keep your eyes opened for them. Use the calls to locate where the animals are, stalk them and if you don't see an albino just try again. It is a bit difficult, but just have some patience and one will appear. When you see one, shoot it. After you have done this the trophy will appear.

One Shot, One Kill
Downed 5 Big Game Trophies with a single shot

This is pretty simple. As long as your are aiming at the head of the mid body you should be able to shoot the Big Game with one shot. Do it 5 times and this trophy will appear.

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