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Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 8-10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • While this game can be played with a standard Dual Shock controller, it is not recommended. It might work fine for Story Mode, but you'll have a hell of a time once it comes to the Shooting Galleries. The best, and highly recommended, setup is a Move and Nav controller, and a Sharpshooter. The Sharpshooter is deadly accurate and makes completing the Galleries a lot easier.
  • To make the annoying Keep Them Off trophy a little easier, try to melee kill at least one or two wolves per level. You'll always be fighting wolves in packs, so use any gun and kill all but one. Run after the lone wolf and keep melee attacking until it dies.
  • In the Trek and Survival galleries, remember that any perk you shoot will replace whatever perk you currently have (unless it is active). If you like the perk you have and are holding on to it for a specific area, then don't shoot any other perk. Either that, or activate your current perk before shooting another one, so it gets added to your queue.
  • Remember to use your rifle for big-game animals (wolves, cougars, bears, moose) and the shotgun for small-game (birds, rabbits, foxes). You will be penalized points if you use either gun for the wrong animal type in any gallery mode.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There is one minor glitch where sometimes the screen will flash white and any and all in-game audio will be muted. I'm not sure of the cause of this, but it does not affect trophies, as I earned a shooting gallery trophy while this glitch was happening. The only way to fix it is to restart the game.


  1. Story Mode - First off, set the difficulty to hard. Story mode is not that hard at all, and completing the game will earn you all three difficulty-related trophies, as they stack. The other reason for starting with story mode is that several of the shooting gallery stages are initially locked, and will only unlock after you pick up the specific collectibles throughout the story. Don't worry about any of the weapon and kill-specific trophies, as you are given more than enough animals to shoot when they become available. The exception here is the shotgun, as you'll probably have to play through 2 levels to reach the required kill amount.
  2. Clean-up - The only trophies you might need to go back for afterward are Keep Them Off and Latch Master. If this is the case, load up the first level where you have to dig up the four items while fending off wolves. Simply disregard the items and focus on the wolves.
  3. Shooting Gallery - Now that story mode is complete, the only trophies you should have left are the shooting gallery ones. To make things easier, and to get accustomed to how things work, start with the Quick Draw events. They're relatively simple, and go by fast. Afterward, complete the Trek gallery, leaving the Survival gallery for last as it takes the longest to complete. Of course, you can do them in any order you please, but this was the best option, in my opinion. Don't forget to set up a Challenge gallery for whichever shooting gallery and course you're most comfortable with.


Master of Survival
Unlocked all Trophies

Unlock all other trophies and you can add this nice, shiny to your collection.

The True Adventurer
Finished Story Mode on the Hard difficulty setting

Set the story difficulty to hard and complete the game. The campaign itself is relatively short and can be completed in roughly 4-5 hours. While your character can take a substantial amount of damage before dying, don't forget to evade ( + left analog stick) when necessary, especially against charging bears.

Completing the game on hard will earn you the following trophies: The True Adventurer, The Pro Adventurer, and A Good Explorer.

How to beat Chatchka (final level)

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Pro Challenger
Won 15 challenges in Shooting Galleries

Challenges have to be created. Play any of the 3 shooting gallery events and upon completion, at the stats screen, press to submit a challenge. From here you can choose which field you want to set a challenge for (overall time, accuracy, etc.). Press and then choose to submit the challenge at the bottom. Now the challenge is saved and can be played by selecting the Challenge category underneath Quick Draw. Simply beat the challenge you selected and that will be one successful challenge under your belt.

My advice: Choose one of the first few Trek galleries to create a challenge for. Here, Perks are enabled, so only a shoot a few (not all) during the round and then make that your challenge. Now when you start that challenge, simply shoot every Perk you see for an easy win. Also note that you can replay the same challenge over and over again, and it will still count towards the trophy.

Gold All The Way
Obtained gold medals in all of the Quick Draw Shooting Galleries

These are the easiest of the 3 galleries to complete. In order to get a gold medal, you have to fill up the slots at the top of the screen in under the time allotted; don't worry about the time limit, as it's actually quite generous. You fill them by making consecutive kills, reloading, shooting animals with the appropriate weapon, maintaining minimum damage, etc. Once you fill the second-last slot, which grants you unlimited ammo, you'll have no problems whatsoever getting that last slot. Be advised that even once you reach a gold medal, the round will still play out. Keep shooting and you can actually upgrade your gold medal to a platinum medal.

Latch Master
Hunted four animals in latching situations in Story Mode

A latching situation is when an animal (usually a wolf, as I haven't seen any other animal do it) lunges at you and grabs on to your leg. From here, you simply have to shoot it until it dies, which usually takes about 4 or 5 shots. When it comes to latching, I noticed that it only seems to be the white and grey wolves that do it. When you see one crouch down in a pouncing position, that's your cue to let it latch on to you. Considering how many wolves you encounter throughout the campaign, you'll probably get this trophy pretty soon (I got it at about the halfway point).

Shooting Galleries Expert
Obtained gold medals in all of the Survival Shooting Galleries

Easily the hardest of the 3 galleries. As the name of the gallery implies, your goal is to survive as long as possible. Luckily there are Perks scattered throughout, so make the most of what's available. One important thing to note is that the Perks all spawn in the same spot from the shooting the same animal, so keep this in mind and plan accordingly as it usually takes anywhere from 3-4 laps before you can reach the gold medal time requirement. The medal times are all the same for every Survival event, and they are as follows:

Bronze - 3 minutes
Silver - 5 minutes
Gold - 7 minutes
Platinum - 9 minutes

The recommended Perks to have for all Survival events are Health and Slow-Mo. The Health Perk helps a lot for when you get swarmed or forget to reload and get repeatedly attacked. Slow-Mo works wonders for group attacks and, especially, bear encounters.

Tip: If you find yourself nearing the gold medal, have very little health remaining, and have a Slow-Mo Perk available, use it. It will slow down the environment, obviously, but not the clock which will continue counting at its regular pace.

Hunting For Gold
Obtained gold medals in all of the Trek Shooting Galleries

The Trek galleries are all about overall score, so make your shots count to keep your multiplier going. Perks are plentiful in these events, but the main one you want to watch for is the 2x score Perk. Activate several of these in one round and you'll notice your score go through the roof. As with Survival, there are medal requirements, except this time based on overall score. If you focus on what I mentioned, however, especially with getting 2x Perks, you should have no problems at all getting platinum medals in every event.

Tip: If you have a 2x Perk currently active and see a Slow-Mo Perk available, grab it and throw it in your queue as a back-up just in case you run into trouble.

The Pro Adventurer
Finished Story Mode on the Medium difficulty setting

Refer to The True Adventurer and save yourself an extra playthrough.

Hunted 20 targets while hanging in Story Mode

Much of this game involves scaling cliffsides and other obstacles to reach your destination. Throughout the game you'll get attacked by birds and, later on, bats while scaling. Here you need to shoot them all in order to progress. You can either try and pick them off as they're circling about, or play it safe and line your crosshair up right beside your character and shoot them as they swoop in to attack you. I got this trophy during the second level, so don't worry about it as it will come naturally.

Focus Master
Hunted 20 animals using Focus Shot in Story Mode

Focus Shot is a great ability and can very quickly get you out of a jam. To use it, aim at an animal or group of animals and press . Time will slow to a crawl and the animals vital spots will be highlighted in red. Fire at them for a quick kill. The green bars around your targeting reticule represent Focus Shots, and will refill over time and with each successful kill.

Tip: Bears deal out massive damage if you let them hit you, and using Focus Shots against them is highly recommended. Don't waste them while the bear is running after you though; simply fire off regular shots whenever you get the chance and evade their attacks when they are near. Eventually the bear will retreat and stand upright on its hind legs. Now is the time to use your Focus Shot. Aim at the heart to take it down.

Pro Hunter
Finish three hunts in Story Mode

This trophy will come naturally, and quickly, throughout the campaign. During the first few missions you will be tasked with hunting specific animals. Use a Focus Shot to take down the specified animal, and after completing 3 of these hunts the trophy will pop.

Latch Proficient
Hunted three animals in latching situations in Story Mode

Refer to Latch Master.

Hunted 30 animals in a row without dying in Story Mode

Even playing the game on hard difficulty, your character can withstand a lot of damage, making this a rather easy . Make your shots count, evade when necessary, and don't be afraid to use Focus Shots. Any bird kills you achieve while hanging also contributes towards this trophy. Also note that every time you light a fire which triggers an autosave, your health will also be completely restored.

Down Bear, Down!
Hunted three bears in Story Mode

This trophy will unlock through natural progression of the game. Bears deal out massive damage if you let them hit you, and using Focus Shots against them is highly recommended. Don't waste them while the bear is running after you though; simply fire off regular shots whenever you get the chance and evade their attacks when they are near. Eventually the bear will retreat and stand upright on its hind legs. Now is the time to use your Focus Shot. Aim at the heart to take it down.

Cat Dominator
Hunted four cougars in Story Mode

This trophy will unlock through natural progression of the game. If I remember right, there are only 4 cougars in the entire campaign, and the last one doesn't appear until near the end of the game. As long as you don't rush them, cougars will generally slowly circle you, giving you ample time to fire off a few shots. When they finally lunge at you, evade to safety. To speed things up, trigger a Focus Shot while they are circling for a one-shot kill.

Practiced Challenger
Won 10 challenges in Shooting Galleries

Refer to Pro Challenger.

Hunt 10 With Semi Auto Rifle
Hunted 10 animals with the semi auto rifle in Story Mode

Your third weapon, and will unlock throughout the campaign. It's actually the best, and most accurate, gun in the game, and you'll probably find yourself using it regularly. Getting those 10 kills with it will come real quick.

Getting Down
Landed the plane without hitting any obstacles

This takes place right at the beginning of the game, and should be your first trophy. When guiding your plane through the mountains, simply stick to the path ahead of you. There are no surprise turns or anything to cause alarm, so just focus on keeping your plane relatively straight. When making any adjustments, do so in minor increments. If you start steering too hard with the left analog stick, you'll be fighting just as hard to get your plane back under control. Once you pass through the narrow underpass, you're done, and the trophy will unlock immediately afterward. If you did hit anything, pause the game and reload the checkpoint to try again.

Latch Them Down
Hunted five animals in latching situations in Shooting Galleries

Similar to Latch Master, except this time you need to fight off animals in any of the shooting gallery arenas. The cougars and white wolves are the animals who will latch on to you, but there's only a 50/50 chance of it happening. You obviously have to let them get close enough to you, at which point they'll either damage you and run off, or latch on to you. If they latch on, make sure you're fast with the trigger finger in shooting them off you otherwise it won't count. Despite the 50/50 odds, don't fret over this trophy. It's guaranteed you'll get it as you make your way through all the shooting galleries.

The Story’s Taking Shape
Gathered 15 collectable elements in Story Mode

The great thing with the collectibles in this game is that they are all out in the open. They also emit a bright blue hue, so they're nearly impossible to miss against the snowy backdrop. The fact that the campaign follows a strict linear path is another bonus, so you don't have to wander around wondering if there are any hidden, because there aren't. To give you an idea how easy they are to find, I never had to replay any level for missing ones. Hell, half the time I wasn't even looking for them and still found them all.

While there are way more than 15 collectibles in the game, I suggest you keep gathering them after you get this trophy (which will be early on), as some of those collectibles are map pieces which unlock the extra stages in the shooting gallery.

Hunt 30 With Bolt
Hunted 30 animals with the bolt-action rifle in Story Mode

Your second weapon, and will unlock early on in the campaign when you start the hunting missions. It's a decent gun, and is miles better than the handgun, so reaching 30 kills will come effortlessly.

Hunt 20 With Shotgun
Hunted 20 animals with the shotgun in Story Mode

Your fourth and final gun, and will become available in the latter part of the game. You'll have to play 2 levels in order to reach 30 kills though, as there aren't enough animals available to kill when you first get it. I personally found the shotgun to be rather weak, and switched back to the auto-rifle after I got this trophy.

Hunt 20 With Handgun
Hunted 20 animals with the handgun in Story Mode

At the start of the game, after the plane crash, this is the only weapon you'll have in your arsenal, other than the useless flare gun. Getting 20 kills with the handgun takes no effort at all, and after you reach the required amount and start unlocking other guns, the handgun becomes pretty much obsolete.

Novice Challenger
Won five challenges in Shooting Galleries

Refer to Pro Challenger.

Getting The Hang Of It
Hunted two animals in latching situations in Story Mode

Refer to Latch Master.

Focus Novice
Hunted 10 animals using Focus Shot in Story Mode

Refer to Focus Master.

Keep Them Off
Successfully repelled 10 animals using melee attacks in Story Mode

Melee attacks are near pointless in this game, as you're always putting yourself in harms way when doing so. As I mentioned in the Roadmap section, try and get at least one or two melee kills per level so you can get this trophy out of the way. If after beating the game you still didn't get the trophy, replay the first level and farm the required amount of melee kills.

A Good Explorer
Finished the Story Mode on Easy difficulty setting

Refer to The True Adventurer and save yourself an extra playthrough.

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