Players: 1, 2 Split-screen, 2 - 4 online
Online Trophies: Yes, Time Travel will tell
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 3+ hours depending on skill, the box and the Easter Egg
Estimated Difficulty: 6/10
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: N/A
Glitched Trophies: N/A


Shangri-La is the new zombie map from the latest DLC Annihilation from Treyarch. It is the 6th map for Black Ops and the 10th map overall. Tank, Richtofen, Takeo and Nikolai return as playable characters. The setting is the mysterious land of Shangri-La (who could've guessed). Along with it come new weapons, zombies, traps and an Easter Egg.

[top]Tips and Strategies


Spikemores - Claymores with bamboo spikes.

Bowie Knife - Returning.

Monkey Bombs - Returning.

31-79 JGb215 (a.k.a. Shrink Ray)- A gun that shrinks the zombies and allows you to run over them.

Traps/Utilities - Mine Cart, Geysers, Reservoir, Water Slide, Mud Pit and Bamboo Blockade.

Monkey Zombies - 1 hit kill and will try and steal your power ups.

Napalm Zombies - Not round specific and on fire.

Shrieker Zombies - Not round specific and will shriek causing your screen to shake.

Pack A Punch Machine - There will be 4 statues on the map with spinning heads. Stand on the stone near it to get the head to stop moving. Once all 4 are on a stand still you can access the PaP Machine.

Not Included

Absent from the Previous Map - MP40, Sickle, Zipline, Scavenger, Flopper and VR11.


Recommended Perks - Juggernaut, Speed-Cola, PhD Flopper and either StaminUp or Deadshot Daqauri as the 4th Perk

Recommended Loadouts - Ray Gun, Semtex, Spikemores and either the HK21, Shrink Ray, RPK or Galil. Shrink Ray, Semtex, Spikemores and either the HK21, RPK or Galil.

You can have all 7 perks at once.

Open ALL doors.

Know when/how to utilize the new traps and utilities.

Play with an organized boosting group or with friends.



There is really no straight roadmap to give for this. It all depends on the box, when the special zombies spawn, getting power ups and if you have 4 people in your group. Here is a suggested roadmap:

1. Get the monkeys to steal something and kill them to get it back (can it VERY early).

2. Get the Shrink Ray out of the box and use it on all the zombies.

3. Get the Napalm and Shrieker Zombie trophies.

4. Do the Easter Egg.


Time Travel Will Tell
In Shangri-la, acquire the focusing stone.

This, by far, has to be the longest, most tricky and hardest Easter Egg of them all. With it's many step, the reward can only be obtained by 1 person. Some parts may be tricky (like the one step which can glitch, and will be explained). I will do my best to help you get this trophy.
Here are some things to know for the Easter Egg:
1. The Eclipse MUST be activated to do the each step.
2. You MUST turn on the Power.
3. There MUST be 4 players
4. There are buttons you must press in order to enter Eclipse Mode.
5. If you complete the step, the Eclipse will end. If certain steps are done wrong the Eclipse will end.
6. When in Eclipse Mode, above Quick Revive there will be a cylinder that pops out above it. This tells you how much time you have before the Eclipse. The closer it gets to going back inside the wall, the less time you have.
7. Make sure you have a crawler(s) while doing these steps.
8. Have all doors open.
9. If you don't complete a step during the Eclipse you will have to start the step over the next time you activate the Eclipse.

Step 6 and 7 are both done together in the same Eclipse. The only reason they are seperated is because some people regard them as 2 different steps.

Step 1: All you have to do for this step is to activate the Eclipse. In Spawn you will notice Quick Revive is in an area where the walla seem to be blown apart. Near each corner you will notice a button with a skull on it. Everyone has to press on it at the same time for the Eclipse to turn on. I prefer the "1, 2, 3, GO!" method but do whatever you want, as long as you all hit th button at the same time.

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Step 2: Open the door that leads to the MPL area (the door will cost 750 points). Go behind the MPL and look for a button (should be facing a 1000 point door) with a skull on it. When you find it press and you will start to hear dialogue. 12 plates will appear on the ground in the Mine Cart/MPL area. Now someone has to go buy the other door out of spawn (750 points) and go across the Mud Room. There will be 3 plates after you cross it and then cross the bridge to find the other 9 plates.

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Step 3: One you have 1 person in each on the plate areas (and 2 people have the crawler(s) in spawn) start matching the plates. The object of this is step to match 1 plate from each side. Someone will take lead. Step on 1 plate and tell the person on the other side what symbol it was. Then step off and let the other person find it on the other side. Once you both have the same symbol, step and the plates and they will disappear. Do that 11 more times. If you mess up all the plates will reappear. Here are the symbols (outside of the parenthesis will be the logical name, inside parenthesis will be another name you can call it):
2 Intersecting Arcs (Smile and Frown Intersecting)
And Uppercase "T" with a Line Through it, which Looks Like a Nail
Half Circle (Uppercase "D")
3 Dots (Dotted Triangle)
Circle with Dot Inside (Boob)
Circle with a Line in the Middle (Split Circle)
Crescent Moon
Female Symbol (Cross on top of a Circle)
3 Short Line Intersected by a Long Line
Asterisk (Snowflake)

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Step 4: Now everyone gets to use the Water Slide!!!!!!!!!!!!! From spawn go into the Mud Room but make a left and you will see the Water Slide. Send thee 1st 3 people down and have them not move once they land. Now the 4th person will go down but will be holding the whole way down. That will automatically pull a lever on the way down the slide. Once the 4th Player falls of the Water Slide and hits the the area where the other 3 players are it will complete the step.

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Step 5: You need the Shrink Ray for this step (and a Ray gun wouldn't hurt, but any explosive would do). Send the person with the Shrink Ray and the explosive (Ray Gun, Sextem or M72 LAW would be best) back to the Water Slide. Look right in the middle of the 2 water falls and a diamond ball will be there. Now use the explosive to knock it down. Once it's on the ground shoot it with the Shrink Ray and knife it into the Water Slide. Once it gets to the bottom it will shoot up a geyser and land on a Golden Rod. You will notice there is 3 diamond balls, each in its own Golden Rod. Step Complete!!!!!!!!

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Step 6: You will need a Napalm Zombie for this.For this step go to the MPL/Mine Cart area and go into the tunnel (the door costs 1000 points). On the right side you will see a wheel and a lever (notice the level is in the down position).. Turn the wheel 4 times and gas will start to be released. Now there will be about 7 gas leaks starting from that area and leading into the Power Room. Do not wait for the Eclipse to end because it won't unless you let it run out. Start Step 7 immediatley after turning the valves.

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Step 7: You will need a Napalm Zombie for this. You will have to lead the Napalm through the tunnels until you reach the Power Room. There are only 4 leaks that must be ignited. All 7 will not ignite.Starting at the valve and lever bait the Napalm so it walks past the gas leaks. Once it gets into the Power room have someone go to the valve and level. If the lever is now in the up position press to pull it down, thus completing the step. Do not kill the Napalm Zombie yet.

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Step 8: You will need a Napalm Zombie or multiple crawlers ... and Spikemores. First off, go buy Spikemores for 1,000 points (you will get 2). Now if you go one the bridge and take the tunnel that lead to the bottom of the waterfall you will notice 4 holes on the left side. You need to plug them. I recommend placing 2 Spikemores in front of each hole just to have some backup. For this part I highly recommend using a Napalm Zombie because the Spikemores won't kill him, but if you decide to use crawlers I'd say to get around 8+. Now lure the Napalm (or crawlers) through the tunnel and let them set of the Spikemores. Once they have all exploded go make sure there is a spike/piece of bamboo in every hole. If there is go to the pool of water below the water fall. You will see the big rock and on one side there will be a brick wall. Once brick will be sticking out and will say "Don't Press " when you get close to it. Press on it and the step is complete.

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Step 9: Remember the symbols and 12 plates in one of the earlier steps? Well they are back. This time the plates are on the wall and they are scattered across the map. Aou have to go up to them and knife it (it may take a few tries). A successful knife will illuminate the symbol
Locations of plates:
After all 12 have been knifed and have a symbol go over to the Mine Cart. You will notice a little structure made out of sticks. Throw a grenade or Monkey Bomb to blow it up. Once it's gone the step is over.

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Step 10: This step is pretty easy. Just go in the Mud Room and you will notice dials in each corner of the room. To complete this step you have to have the code 16, 4, 3 and 1 (one number on each dial). You will see shaped on them. The "C" stands for 10, the line stands for 5 and a dot stands for 1. Get the numbers needed to be on the top position on the dial. After that the step is done.

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Step 11: You will need the Fractalizer (upgraded Shrink Ray) for this step. First have someone go into the Mine Cart area via the spawn. Once they get through the bamboo trap have them look up to see a Golen Rod holding a Diamond Ball. You may notice something hanging off of it. Now here comes the gongs. There are 8 around the map but only 4 are the correct one. You will have to knife them. If you knife it and the Orb glows red it is an incorrect gong. If you knife a gong and nothing happens to the Orb it is a correct. Once you find the 4 correct gongs you will have to hit them all in a row (order doesn't matter). You will then notice a bright orange/yellow glowing Treyarch symbol around the Orbs.Now have everyone go to the Mine Cart area (again via spawn through the bamboo trap). Then once everyone is through look up and the Golden Rod and Orb. Have the person with the upgraded Shrink Ray shoot the Orb. Dynamite will fall and hopefully 1 of you 4 catch it. That is it for this step.

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Step 12: This Step Can Glitch. you will need the upgraded Shrink Ray. Now you have to re-hit the 4 correct gongs (again in any order) to get the Treyarch symbol to go over each Orb. Once that has done have the person with the upgraded Shrink Ray shoot one of the Orbs that is over the Mud Room. The shot will start going from Orb to Orb and eventually 3 reddish shots will come off an Orb and hit the meteor thus shrinking it.

If it Glitches: Sometimes the shots won't come out of an Orb and it will send you back to the present. There is a quick fix for this. Go into Eclipse Mode and hit the 4 correct gongs in any order. Once the Treyarch symbol shows shoot one of the Mud Room Orbs with the upgraded Shrink Ray, letting it send you back to the present. Now everyone has to go to the Quick Revive area and be at one of the Skull Buttons. The person with the upgraded Shrink Ray will shoot one of the Mud Room Orbs and then immediately after you will activate Eclipse Mode. This will allow the red shots to come off an Orb and hit the meteor and shrink it. Do the "1, 2, 3, GO" count. On "3" shoot the gun and on "GO" enter Eclipse Mode.

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Step 13: Finally the last step! Activate the Pack A Punch by standing on the on the raised stones (you will see a spinning body in front of each).
Stone 1 - In front of Quick Revive.
Stone 2 - Heading from the Mine Cart area to the power Room. It's in the dirt tunnel and in a crevice.
Stone 3 - After you cross the bridge.
Stone 4 - In the power Room.
Once everyone is standing on a stone the body will stop spinning. Go up the stairs. You will notice the Pack A Punch will be gone and you are able to walk right up to a stone wall. The person with the Dynamite will have to go up to the wall and press . The Eclipse will end as soon as the wall explodes. To go up an get the stone you only have to activate Pack A Punch again. Eclipse Mode is not needed to obtain the meteor. Go up to it and press to grab it. The person that takes it will earn a handsome reward ...... all 7 perks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Blinded by the Fright
In Shangri-la kill a shrieker zombie whiles blinded by it.

The Shrieker Zombie is another new zombie for the map. Like the Napalm Zombie, it only spawns every few rounds and is not round specific (and also only one of each can spawn at a time). When the Shrieker spawns you will here .... shrieking. He is white/light blue, very fast and has a towel tied around his head. When he shrieks a soundwave can be seen which will shake your screen. He is easier to kill then the Napalm. When you kill him is head will explode thus exploding the heads of zombies around him. I suggest either using the Ray Gun or Shrink Ray for this. It is easiest to do solo (my opinion) because that way it will only go for you and not your friends. Once you know it has spawned wait for it to run to you. Once it Shrieks start shooting it. Using the Ray Gun will only take a few shot and using the Shrink Ray will take one shot (you will be able to run over it once shrunk).

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*Only the person that kills the Shrieker will get the trophy.

Zomb Disposal
In Shangri-la dispose of a napalm zombie without it harming any players.

The Napalm Zombie is a new zombie type for the map. It only spawns once every few rounds and is not round specific (meaning the next round can start if it's the last zombie left). It is on fire and has a bright orange glow to it. When it spawns it will sound like a little explosion or crackling. He isn't too hard to kill but he will take some bullets before he goes down. You will get the trophy so long as the fire from the explosion doesn't hit you. You can still get it even if your screen shakes do to the explosion. If the explosion hits you and you get a hit marker on your screen you will have to wait for the next Napalm Zombie to spawn. Also anything the Napalm Zombie does to you (or and team member) before the explosion doesn't effect the trophy.

2+ Players: Get a crawler before the round ends. At least 1 person should have the Ray Gun (any guns will suffice, the Ray Gun only gets it done quicker). Everyone should buy Spikemores (1,000 points and in the power room) and they should all be placed on the bridge. Next, everyone should buy Semtexes (located on the way to the power room and cost 250 points). Now, lead the Napalm Zombie to the bridge (make sure it is on the other side of the bridge and you are on the opposite side). Finally, unload on him. Throw your Semtexes, shoot your guns and watch the Spikemores explode. With everyone shooting at it, it won't take long to kill it.

1 Player: You will, for the most part, want to get this trophy as soon as a Napalm Zombie spawns. The only perk you will want to buy is Quick Revive (500 points) (because when you go down it gives you the upgraded M1911 which has explosive rounds and is dual wield). You will also need a crawler. You can take him to the bridge if you'd like but any area of the map will be fine. Cook a Grenade and down yourself. Now the Napalm Zombie should be walking around. Use the Mustang & Sally that you get and just keep shooting the Zombie until it explodes.

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Monkey See, Monkey Don't
In Shangri-la get something from the monkeys.

When you start the a game on Shangri-La you will notice monkeys perched on walls around the map. When a a zombie drops a power up you will start to hear the monkeys screech. Then they will run to get the power up and when they do get it, it turns red and starts shuffling through the different types of drops (it is possible to receive the random perk bottle). These guys can sometimes be a little frustrating to kill (unless you have an explosive weapon). What I recommend doing (the amount of people in the game doesn't matter) is right when Round 1 starts let the zombies in and only shoot them in the head. Once one of them drops a power up get close to it (not to close because you don't want to take it). When the monkey takes it you should be close enough to knife it.

*NOTE: You will only receive points for killing a monkey if it is either attacking you or if it has a power up.

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Small Consolation
In Shangri-la use the 31-79 jgb215 on each type of zombie.

The 31-79 JGb215, also known as the Shrink Ray, is the new Wonder Weapon for the map. Shooting a zombie will shrink it but will leave it's head large for it's body size. After that you can run into them to kill them. After it's been Pack A Punched the zombies will stay shrunk for longer. There are 4 zombies you have to do it to: Napalm, Shrieker, Regular and Monkey. This can be tedious because it relies more on being lucky enough to have a Shrieker or Napalm Zombie come to you or to have a friend hold it for you until you are able to shoot it. There will never be more than 1 Napalm or Shrieker at a time and they come every few rounds.

Regular: This is the normal zombie that is abundant in the game. This one shouldn't be a problem.

Monkey: People usually tend to miss this one. The Monkey either has to have the Power Up or be attacking you for it to count. The ones that just sit on ledges and aren't doing anything won't count.

Shrieker: This one can be tricky. This zombie has a white/blue appearance and has a towel tied around its head. It runs VERY fast and when it gets close it will shriek giving off a sound wave and also blinding you.

Napalm: When it spawns you will here something resembling to a fire explosion or crackling. It's bright orange in appearance and walks slow. Just be careful not to get close to it or else it will run to you and explode.

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*Only the person that uses the 31-79 JGb215 on each zombie will get the trophy.

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