Players: 1-2 Splitscreen, 4 online
Multiplayer: Yes
Trophy Difficulty: 4/10
Online Trophies: They can be done solo or in MP
Time to 100%: 1+ hours (all depends how good you are and who you play with for Space Race)
Glitched Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: N/A


Ascension is the 4th zombie map for Black Ops and the 8th zombie map overall. It is the 3rd map to have Tank, Nikolai, Takeo and Richtofen. It takes place at an old Russian launch center in Russia. It is based off the mission "Executive Order" and the multiplayer map "Launch". Probably the biggest map to date, it adds new weapons and perks, but takes away some familiar objects. All in all, it's a great map for slayin' some zombies.
And there's a pretty neat Easter Egg that uses the 8 Steps from the mission "Vorkuta".

[top]Tips & Strategies

Well there is a couple things you need to know for Ascension:

Monkeys - They replace Hellhounds and the Pentagon Thief. If you kill them without losing a perk you will be awarded a random perk and you will also get a Max Ammo. They are also very weird with the Thunder Gun, it will take 2 shots to kill them with it. Also, contrary to popular belief, the color of the monkey's shirt does not mean which perk they will go to. They go to any perk they want.
Lunar Landers - Replace the Teleporter. All 3 must be used in order to gain access to the Pack-A-Punch Room.
Gerstch Device - A black hole bomb that will drag zombies into it and can also be jumped into for a random teleport. It replaces the Monkey Bomb. It looks almost like a bottle cap with black and yellow caution stripes.
Matryshka Dolls (Russian Nesting Dolls) - Basically a cluster bombs, not much to be said about them but they can help out in a dire situation.
PhD Flopper - You take less fall and explosive damage. When you dive to prone from a high place, it creates a mini nuke.
StaminUp - A Marathon/Lightweight combo. It gives you a longer sprint duration and makes you faster.
Sickle - Replaces the Bowie Knife and can decapitate zombies.

Absent from Ascension are: Monkey Bombs, the Bowie Knife, the Teleporter and Double Tap Root Beer.

Recommended Perks: Juggernaut, Speed-Cola, Quick Revive and PhD Flopper. I find StaminUp to be pratically useless because Speed-Cola also makes you a bit quicker.

Recommended loadout: Grenades (already given), Sickle, the Gerstch Device, the Ray Gun and either the Thunder Gun or HK21

Also, opening all doors is a necessity and you need to turn on the power to get all trophies except They Are Going THROUGH

I would also recommend playing with a group of friends, making the trophies much easier and that way everyone is on the same page.


There isn't much of a roadmap to give fore this. Most likely you will get The Eagle Has Landers, They Are Going THROUGH and Chimp on the Barbie through natural play. Save Space Race for last and do it with a group of friends.

Also, even though I gave my recommended perks and weapons, use what you feel comfortable with.

For those what want to know a good order to go in:

1. Chimp on the Barbie
2. They Are going THROUGH
3. The Eagle has Landers
3/4. Space Race


The Eagle Has Landers
In ascension escape on all 3 lunar landers

Lunar Landers replace the Teleporter and the landers bring you right back where you started every time. What you do is go to the computer near them, press to call it then press to use it. After each usage they will require a cool down period.

Lander 1 - Near the StaminUp, there is a door on the right side, open it and follow the trail and it will lead you to a lander

Lander 2 - Right near the PhD Flopper. This will be the prime spot to hold out against zombies

Lander 3 - Open the gate right next to the power and follow it, then go up up the stairs on the right side and follow the alley. The Lander is right next to the sickle.

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NOTE: This can also be done while going for Space Race

They Are Going THROUGH
In ascension kill at least 5 zombies with 1 gersh device

Killing 5 zombies with the Gerstch Device is EASY. Most likely you will kill 10 or more your first try. The Gersh Device can only be gotten out of the Mystery Box, which we all SHOULD know by now costs 950 points to use. You will know when it pops up because it looks like an old soda or beer cap (well at least to me) and has black and yellow caution stripes. I did this trophy right near the PhD Flopper. One way of doing it there is to run on the platform then when a group is there, throw it right in the middle OR in later rounds (15+) you'll have enough zombies to just throw one out there.

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Space Race
In ascension pack-a-punch a weapon before round 8

I'll tell you right now, this isn't as easy as it sounds BUT it's also not that hard. First off, you want to get a group of 4 people and make sure they are in for the plan. Have 1 person go for the trophy at a time. The other 3 will open all gates needed and use the landers. What you have to do is turn on the power, then open all necessary gates that lead you to the landers. Then use each lander, and when you land back in the main room, you'll see a rocket and it will fill 1/3 green every time. Once you use all 3 landers then go back to where you turned the power onto launch the rocket. Once that is done you can go to the launching station, open the gate, then Pack-A-Punch your gun.

(for the 3 gate openers and lunar users)Don't spend any unnecessary points. Carry 2 guns with you too, and get both from the Mystery Box because you'll most likely save points instead of buying guns for 1,000 pts plus and running back for ammo because box guns hold more ammo. Don't buy any perks either, buying a perk is equal to opening about 2 gates.

For the person doing the trophy - Keep your pistol and use the box 1 time, maybe a 2nd time if your desperate but make sure you have 5,000 points on you at all times.

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NOTE: If you haven't gotten The Eagle Has Landers yet, you will get it during the course of going for this trophy, which I HIGHLY recommend. It will save you time rather than going for The Eagle Has Landers then going for this trophy.

Chimp on the Barbie
In ascension kill a space monkey with a fire trap

Space Monkeys are the new special round enemies. They can be tricky little things but they are very manageable. What they will do is once you or your partner(s) buy any perk they will go after the perks that have been bought and try to destroy them and once they do, you will loose that perk. Don't worry, the perk machine will be available to use again. First off, you want to turn the power on and by either Quick Revive or StaminUp.

Now this is where you can brach off and do this trophy anyway you like but here are my easy ways to get it:

Way #1: The Quick Revive solo, splitscreen or MP (just going off on your own) way - After you buy Quick Revive and the monkeys come, let them destroy it. They will then focus all attention onto you. Just run away from the pack of them, looking back too see how far away they are. Once you come to the trap, wait to turn it on until they get close.

Way #2: The StaminUp, works for all types of play way - After you buy StaminUp, you will notice that there is a fire tap near by. Once the monkeys start coming, turn it on while your partners (if you are playing with any) gaurd the perk just in case.

Way #3: Buy any perk then you and your guard their own trap way (MP only) - After someone in the group buys a perk, each person in the group will go "guard" a fire trap that way there is a greater chance for the trophy. Only 1 person has to kill a monkey with the fire trap because once it's accomplished you will all get it.

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NOTE: Everyone in the group will unlock the trophy as long as 1 member kills a monkey with the trap.

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