Players: 1 - 2 offline/splitscreen, 2 - 4 online
Online Trophies: Yes
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No Cheats
Estimated Time to 100%: 5 - 8+ hours (depending on skill)
Estimated Difficulty: 6/10 Due to Diner Turned
Minimum Playthroughs: Multiple Matches
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No


Welcome to Die Rise. Shanghai is in ruins ... zombies roam the large towers of the once vibrant city. Our fellows have stumbled upon here, discovering what the zombies have done to a once great city. Fight off the undead in the new enviroment with new weapons and buildables. Take on the undead and see if you have what it takes to survive ..... and there's something else. Maxis and Richtofen ... they need you, but for what?

[top]Tips & Strategies

Sliquifier - New buildable/Wonder Weapon. Shoots out an devastating and slippery purple goo.

Trample Steam - A new buildable that can vault zombies, along with yourself, to their deaths or across the map.

Minions and Perk Bottles - Minions act like Nova Crawlers and Phasing Zombies. They come on specific rounds, much like Hellhounds. They are easy to take out and killing them all without missing a shot awards you will a Random Perk Bottle.

Who's Who - The new perk, which spawns you as a ghost when you go down allowing you to revive yourself.

Mystery Box - As always it's back and appears in a variety of locations ... sometimes even flipped upside down.

PhD Flopper - It appears in the level, but can only be aquired by completing the Easter Egg.

Elevators - The contain perks, the Pack-a-Punch and symbols needed for the Easter Egg. They are also the main mode of transportation between floors.

Power Switch - Located in Building #2, behind a large double door that costs 750 points.

Absent from Green Run/TranZit - The Avogadro, Lava, The Bus, Buildables: Riot Shield, Machine Gun, Electric Trap and Fan, Denizens and Tombstone

Now, I need to talk buildings for the guide's sake, so I don't keep going into long descriptions as to what you need to find or do at each building. Also, the way you see me name the buildings here is how they will be named in the guide. Here we go:

Building #1: Part 1 - This part of #1 is where you spawn and can ride the elevators up and down. It is where the perks and most weapons are located for this building.

Building #1: Part 2 - Building #1 is actually split in half. The top half has fallen off to the side, giving it the appearence of a third building. When in this building it will be completely obvious as to where you are. The few floors that is has are upside down.

Building #2 - This one contains the remaining perks, Pack-a-Punch, weapons, the roof and the power room. You will have to jump to it to reach it. You will know you are here because it is the most maze like and has a dragon billboard on the roof.


  1. Step 1: Learn Die Rise - Basically, play a few matches and learn the layout of the map. Figure out shaft and weapon locations along with where the box spawns.
  2. Step 2: Non-Easter Egg Die Rise Trophies - These trophies are fairly easy, so just play through some matches and focus one one or two at a time, its best to focus solely on the Easter Egg.
  3. Step 3: Easter Egg - Now, do an Easter Egg run. It can get tricky and may take a few matches.
  4. Step 4: Learn and Play Diner Turned - Learn how the mode is played then focus on a trophy at a time to make it easier.


High Maintenance
In Die Rise, be the architect of their instruction.

This is the Easter Egg for the new zombies map Die Rise. You will need to grab four players and be ready to hunker down and get to it. Like before, there are the Richtofen and Maxis paths and you could do whichever you choose. As usual, you will need the Power turned on. Are you ready?

Step 1: Building the NavCard Table - First, you will need to build the NavCard Table. The location to build this is on the roof of Building #2, underneath the collapsed catwalk near the dragon. It consists of 4 parts:
  • Board - Underneath the catwalk, where the table is assembled.
  • Meteorite - On the roof of Building #2 there is a Mystery Box spawn in a room to the right of the top of the catwalk near the dragon. It is sitting on a white, plastic chair.
  • NavCard Reader - Near teh Meteorite, but in the little area outside the room in a corner near a window with boards.
  • Radio - On the roof of Building #2, to the right of the staircase in some rubble near where you build the table.

Step 2: Four Golden Rings! -
Basically, there are four golden rings on the tops of four elevators, which is why you need four players. When all the players stand on them at the same time they go drom a dull gold to a bright gold. Two rings are located in Building #1: Part 1 near the Bench to build the Trample Steam. There are to elevator shafts: one to the right of the table and one in the room behind the table. The other two rings are in Building #2. The one ring is on the elevator that takes you to the Bowie Knife while the other is on the elevator next to the Remington 870. All you have to make sure is that the elevator doesn't slam you into the top and kill you.

Step 3: Four More Golden Rings! - There are another four you must step on, in order. Now the order changes every game and it's all trial and error. When you step on one it lights up, if you go in the wrong order the lit up ones go dull. Once you find them all it should only take a few minutes to get the order. Here are the locations:
  • Ring #1 - In the spawn area, to the right after opening up the 750 point door (if opening from the spawn side). If comign from the opposite way, it is to the left of the door.
  • Ring #2 - Right after jumping to Building #2 there will be large double doors to the left that takes you out to a small open area, and the AK-74u is on the wall in the little area below. The symbol is near a blue tarp on the ground.
  • Ring #3 - At the to of the catwalk near the dragon, instead of hopping over to the starting building, hop off a few feet at the opening in the railing. It will be immediately when you hop off.
  • Ring #4 - In the cafeteria in Building #1: Part 1, near the SVU-AS sniper rifle.

Step 4: Some Balls -
Grab a sniper rifle out of the Mystery Box or the SVU-AS. Head to the roof of Building #2 and do to the top of the catwalk. There will be a dragon straight ahead and to the right. In each of their mouths' there will be one ball. Snipe the ball out of each mouth and the will appear under the golden lions paws' at the spawn in Building #1: Part 1.

Richtofen's Path

Step 5: Some Slippery Balls - Someone will have to build the Sliquifier (the part locations can be found in the guide). Once that is done, start shooting the balls under the lions paws' until the balls start spinning. It could happen quick or it could take a few magazines. Real easy step, eh?

Step 6: Flinging Zombies! - Now you will need to build the Trample Steam (locations found in the guide) and each player will need to grab one. There are also four zombie symbols as well. Each play will have to claim a symbol and place their Trample Steam on it, facing the radio tower near the dragon. One symbol is located right next to the golden ring in Building #1: Part 1. The other three are found on the roof of Building #2. Once on each side of the staircase near the catwalk/table location and the other room on the upper walking under some rubble near the golden ring that was up there. They will throw the zombies into the tower. Once enough zombies have been killed, Richtofen will notify you.

Step 7: Mahjong Tiles - There are eight tiles spread across the map. Four are symbols that are colored, symbolizing North South East and West. There are also four tiles that have colored dots on them, one has one dot, another has two, another has three and the final has four. Those dot tiles represent the order in which the directions go. So say there is a green North tile, and a green three dot tile, that means North is third. The directions symbolize the beams of the radio tower. The beam closest to Building #1: Part 1 (also facing it) is the North beam. The West beam in the one right next to the dragon (you can get the other two beam directions from this ) Also, the color coordinatedness of the tiles switch up every game as well as the locations and this can only be attempted once per round. If you mess up, you have to wait until the following round. This is all I can really say for this, so it will take A LOT of searching to do.

Step 8: Galvaknuckles - Now, you will need to buy the Galvaknuckles from Building #1: Part 2. If you jump from Building #2 to Building #1: Part 1 there will be a jump off point to the right. Jump off them jump down again and turn around. Go down the upside down elevator shaft and on one of the little sub-levels is a room with the knuckles, costing 6,000 points. After they are bought, melee the beams of the tower in the order specified by the Mahjogn Tiles. If you do it correctly the Easter Egg is done and the trophy will pop!

High Maitenance (Richtofen's Side) Video Trophy Guide

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In Die Rise, fling 10 zombies in one game.

The Trample Steam is a new buildable for the map. After you build it and lay it down, it will fling zombies and players who step on it in the direction you were facing when you placed it. You can use it to bridge gaps between buildings, fling things around the room our fling zombies into the abyss beyond the buildings. All parts are found either in the spawn area where you start of through the 750 point door in the spawn. The Work Bench to build this on is located in Building #1: Part 1. I would recommend playing with four people so you can each grab a part and craft it to the bench, otherwise you will have to make a trip or two. In order to get to the bench, you must turn on the power and ride an elevator to the roof. Once there, head over to the dragon and run up the ramp in front of it. Then, jump across to Building #1: Part 1 and put your part(s) on the table. If you didn't play with four people then some one will have to ride the elevator next to the bench up two floors and get off to get the remaining parts. Once those parts have ben retrieved you can use the same elevator to get back to the floor with the bench. Honestly, I think the room where you build it is a great spot to do this. First, I'd buy the couch for 750 points. If you are played solo put it down here. There are two windows, an elevator shaft and a rubble pile where zombies come from. While that part is covered you can focus on the zombies in the bench area. If you are playing with multiple people these are the best places (in order) to put the Trample Steam: where the couch is and after you clear it, near the bench there is a shaft and window .... line it up so it covers both spots, the spot where you landed after jumping to this location from Building #2 and finally the ledge where you jump off to get to Building #1: Part 2. This buildable comes in handy against Minions as well. Without further adue, here are the part locations:

Bellow: This resembles the thing you would use to blow air into the fireplace. It can be found in spawn on a pile of rubble halfway up the staircase on the left OR through the 750 point door, on a pile of rubble to the left.

Chicken Wire Frame: Either to the left of the golden lion to the left in spawn OR through the 750 point door, lying on the wall to the left.

Flag Pole: It is found and the bottom of the right side staircase, leaning against a chair OR through the 750 point door, along the rail near the elevator to the right.

Motor: Either on the desk in the spawn OR through the 750 point door, to the left near a doorway with a destroyed staircase.

Vertigoner Video Trophy Guide

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Mad Without Power
In Die Rise, reach round 10 before turning on the power.

This is actually a lot easier than it sounds and I highly recommend doing this three or four people. Now, you can't turn on the power. This means no perks, no Pack-a-Punch and more importantly no way to get anywhere else. What you want to do is head over to Building #2. There will find the AK-74u for 1,200 points and the 870 CMS for 1,500 points. Those are the only two guns you will need (really the only two guns around until you turn on the power). You can also build the Sliquifier if you want. What you will want to do is camp out on the ledge/area near where you buy the 74u. Also, within this area, stay behind where it is on the wall. Zombies will come from the doorway, jump from across the gap on the left and jump down from the roof on the other side. All you will need to do is watch out for falling off the ledge. The Sliquifier comes in handy here. You could just shoot it on the ground near the doorway and zombies will slide on it and fall off the building. This tactic is good for Minions as well. They can only come from straight ahead and will be easily taken out by your group. The other good thing about this spot is tht other than knows the only spots zombies can come from, they don't come in large groups. Usually groups of four or five at the max. Once you reach round ten the trophy will pop and you can go about your normal business.

Mad Without Power Video Trophy Guide

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In Die Rise, use Pack-a-Punch and all perk machines in one game.

In order to buy everything, you will need 20,000 points. Before you do this, you should know that Quick Revive is the only perk that has a constant spawn. The other perks will spawn randomly in different elevator shafts. I highly suggest doing this seperate from other trophies, seeing as you need to focus your points solely to this. First off, I recommend using wall guns as much as you can. They aren't too expensive and the ammo is cheap to buy if you need some. Granted the Mystery Box gives better, stronger guns for only 950 points but you are out of luck if you run out of ammo and will have to use the box again (unless a Max Ammo drops). Also, as you should know by now you will need to turn on the power via the Power Switch before actually buying the perks. Head into the elevator in the spawn area and ride it down until it crashes. Follow the path until you get to a point where you must jump a gap to reach Building #2. Then, follow the hall until you reach a door valued at 750 points. Once opened, go straight ahead to the switch. My method is pretty simple and gives you the best perks for you to keep in the end. First off, like I said before, buy wall weapons of your choice (it doesn't matter which). When you have enough points buy Quick Revive and down yourself, then buy Who's Who and down yourself. You will be able to get I'm My Own Best Friend out of the way. Then, buy Juggernaug followed by the remaining perks. Now the only thing left is Pack-a-Punch. Save up enough points, use it and the trophy will ping!

Perk/Machine Cost Location Description
Double Tap Root Beer 2,000 points In Building #2. Increases the rate of fire on your weapons.
Juggernog 2,500 points In Building #2. Allows you to take more damage.
Mule Kick 4,000 points In Building #2. You will be able to carry a third weapon.
Pack-A-Punch 5,000 points In Building #2. Upgrades weapons to do more damage and carry more ammunition.
Quick Revive 500 points Solo, 1,500 points in Co-op In Building #1. If solo, you will be automatically revived. In co-op, it allows for quicker revives.
Speed Cola 3,000 points In Building #1. You will be able to reload your gun faster.
Who's Who 2,000 points In Building #1. Spawns you as a ghost so you can go about business normally and revive yourself.

Shafted Video Trophy Guide

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Slippery When Undead
In Die Rise, kill 5 zombies with a single shot from the Sliquifier.

The Sliquifier is the new buildable and Wonder Weapon for the map. It shoots a purple goo. If not on the floor the zombies and players can slide on it. When shot directly at a zombie it will explode and cause any zombie caught in the explosion to explode, causing a chain reaction. Luckily, all parts are found in Building #2 and the Work Bench is found at the bottom on the staircase that is blocked by a couch. Once built, only one player will be able to grab it. After that, after a certain amount of time passes it can be bought from the Mystery Box. Also, it can't be upgraded either. In order to obtain this trophy one will find it best to run what veteran zombie slayers call a "train". This is basically just running around and getting a large group of zombies, that way you can conserve ammo and such. I highly recommend doing this on the roof near the dragon on Building #2. If playing alone, just run around in a circle until you have a little over five, just to be on the safe side. If playing with at least one other person, the player with the weapon should take guard of the window that is near the large ramp and next to the large fan thingies. Let the other player run the train and when you see enough zombies, let it rip. So here you have it .... that parts locations:

Water Bottle/Gas Canister: On one of the sewing tables in the power room OR in the cage to the right of the bench,

Handbrake: It is either on one of the sewing tables in the power room OR near the refridgerator near the bench.

Manniquin Foot: To the left of the stairs leading to the bench, on the couch across from the TV.

Wires and Discs: Either on the small wooden table as soon as you reach Building #2 or on the barrel to the left at the bottom of the steps.

Slippery When Undead Video Trophy Guide

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Facing the Dragon
In Die Rise, face the dragon head-on before reaching round 2.

This is very easy and you will only need you (or a partner) to get 750 points during Round 1. Once a player does, leave every other remaining zombie and head to the elevator shaft. Ride it down and follow the path. You will jump across to Building #2. Enter the doorway a few steps to your right when you land, and open the large double door costing 750 points and turn on the power. The two elevator shafts in the room will now start running. When the top of one is in the opening, hop on and ride it until you get to the top. Once there you can see the dragon. Follow the path and go to the very top of the ramp. Get the dragon's face in your screen and shoot it a few times for safe measures. Wait several seconds and the trophy will pop.

Facing the Dragon Video Trophy Guide

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I'm My Own Best Friend
In Die Rise, revive yourself.

This new perk is kinda cool .... but boring at the same time. Basically, when you get downed you will spawn as a ghost. You are able to buy weapons and perks but you can do something rather life saving ..... you can revive your downed human form. Who's Who looks like something you'd find on a beach. It has a large orb on top and one of those circular life guard things around it. This perk is found in an elevator shaft in Building #1: either through the double doors at the spawn OR when you jump from Building #2's roof over to Building #1. From the spawn area, head down the elevator shaft, follow the path, jump to Building #1 and turn on the power. Ride an elevator up to the roof and follow the path that leads to the dragon. Take the ramp up and jump off the ledge. It will either be in the shaft in front of you near the Work Bench or to the left, blocked by a 750 point bloackade. No matter what, clear the blockade. Next, buy the B23R off the wall. It's fairly good in early rounds and you will be hunkering down in this spot until you can buy the perk. When you finally buy the perk, use a grenade to blow a zombie into a crawler. Once it is the only zombie left, take it to the room with the B23R. Then, either let it down you or run away once you lure it there and kill yourself with a grenade. If all goes right and you stayed in the room, your ghost should spawn in the room that you cleared when you got to the building. Then, head over and revive yourself like nothing every happened. If it happens to not be in this area, ride the elevator that is right near the Work Bench. Take this down two floors, hop off and follow the hall to the right which will lead to the remaining shaft.

I'm My Own Best Friend Video Trophy Guide

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In Diner Turned, get a kill with each primary weapon in a Public Match.

Diner Turned is a new game mode for zombies. It pits four players against eachother. The first player to grab The Cure turns into a human and must fend off against the attacking three zombies. It is a six minute game where if you hit the human, you take over as him and he becomes a zombie. Zombies are allowed to sprint and have Zombie Vision, which allows you to see the human no matter where he is and appears as a red figure. The human's guns work in a way similar to Gun Game. Every kill you get switches your weapon further up the tier. Perks are dropped as well and are able to be picked up by zombies, the human or both. Now this can get fairly challenging due to going against three others that can bum rush you, the switch time between guns and the fact that zombies can run. If you want to do this legit, there are a few camping spots to use that will give you a fair shot. You could camp outside near the Diner, there are only two narrow ways to get to the large open area. Another good spot is on the other side of the map near the Semi-Truck. The will basically come from one direction and you will have a good view. If you are having a hard time getting this legit you could always boost. You can three other players would play together. Once player would start searching for a match while the others try to join him and hopefully you all get paired together. Alternately, you could wait until spots open up in the lobby and invite/join when one opens. Here is a breakdown of the weapons, which will go in order of how they come with each kill:

Executioner: This is the semi-auto shotgun pistol. When an enemy gets close just unload the magazine into him.

M1216: It's an automatic shotgun .... no skill here. Just point and keep the finger on the trigger.

M27: This assault rifle makes this kill so easy. If you can get a kill with this than you're gonna be in for some trouble.

Chicom CQB: This is a four round burst sub-machine gun. It's not all that easy to get a kill with, but it's still easily do able. Don't aim down the sights when you do this. Aiming fron the hip makes this kill a lot easier.

KAP-40: This automatic pistol packs a punch. A good gun makes for a quick kill.

M1911: This. Gun. Sucks. It is hard as hell to get a kill with this. It has a small magazine and does little damage. For this, you will need to aim down the sights as well as aim for the chest and head. Even then it may take two magazines. Start shooting as soon as you get an enemy in your sights for the best odds.

Polyarmory Video Trophy Guide

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Monkey See, Monkey Doom
In Diner Turned, retrieve a chained Cymbal Monkey in a Public Match.

The Monkey Bomb is a power-up in Turned. After killing a certain amount of zombies it may or may not drop. When you throw it, it will make a duplicate you, while you become a static image .... basically near invisible. This trophy can be a bit hard, though. First, a zombie will have to drop it. Then, you will have to pick it up, throw it and have it explode plus kill a zombie along with it. The hard part will be actually killing a zombie with it. While you become near invisible, the other players will begin to realize that they are unable to kill the duplicate image. For this reason, try to keep in constant motion while doing this. Once the bomb goes off and kills a zombie, the Chained Monkey Cymbal will drop. It has a white-ish glow to it. All you need to do is simply pick it up.

Monkey See, Monkey Doom Video Trophy Guide

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I See Live People
In Diner Turned, kill the human while its decoy is in play in a Public Match.

This one In order to obtain this trophy, the human must get and successfully throw a Monkey Bomb. When that happens, he will become invisible while the monkey makes a duplicate image on the human. This will be hard to do mainly because you can't see the guy. Your best bet would to bum rush the player right as he is readying the bomb and attack him. Also, you could just go insane and atack the area that he is in. At least an opprotunity or two will come up in a game to do this, but it will take some time and patience. If you happen to get a boosting group for Polyarmory, or are just going for it naturally, this will most likely be gotten along the away.

I See Live People Video Trophy Guide

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