Players: 1 for Singleplayer, 1 - 8 for Zombies, 6 - 18 for Mutiplayer
Online Trophies: Yes, three of them
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheat codes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 40+ hours, 10 - 12 for Singleplayer, around 20 hours for Multiplayer, at least 10 hours for Zombies
Estimated Difficulty: 6/10, 7/10 if you're not good at Multiplayer and if you're unlucky with Zombies
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 Singleplayer runs plus lots of cleanup, lots of Multiplayer and Zombies matches
Collectible Trophies: Yes, High IQ
Missable Trophies: Yes, but you are able to replay to get them
Glitched Trophies: No


Blac Ops II is the sequel to the 2010 game Black Ops by Treyarch. This time around, Nicaraguen terrorist Raul Menendez has risen to power. China has control over all rare Earth elements. Menendez wants to watch the world burn ... so he ignites a cyber war between China and the US. Frank Woods from Black Ops makes a return, having survived the previous game. He narrates the 1980's portion of the game to David Mason, son of Alex Mason. Woods will tell stories of the 1980's and how he, Mason and Hudson witnessed Menedez' rise to power. In 2025, David Mason will lead his group of SEALs to find and take down Menendez and Cordis Die before it's too late. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye .... some things you never saw coming.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Campaign Customization - You can now customize your loadout in Blakc Ops II. Pick your weapons, attachments, grenades and perk which you think will suit you best in your quest of victory.

Campaign Scoring - At the end of each mission, you will get a score. The points per will always be the same, but how many of each you do will vary. The more you do, the more your score increases.

Campaign Challenges - There are ten challenges a level. What is required will vary. You will gain points towards the campaign score but you will also unlock weapons, perks and equipment as you complete the challenges.

Campaign Perks - In the customization, you are allowed to have a perk equipped. These can help a whole lot while in battle. The best of these is the Access Perk, which gives you access to locked off spots of the level and gives you little goodies.

Strike Force Missions - These are option, more tactical approach mission. Completing, failing or simply not doing them can change the outcome of your playthrough.

Enemy Machines - Since it is mostly in the future, the enemies will ahve things like sentry turrets, ASDs, CLAWs, quads, drones etc. These can be deadly if you happen to cross their path. It's best to take them out at soon as you find one. Snipers work best and if you have EMPs use them to disable the machines.

Friendly Machines - Sometimes they are given to you, sometimes you find them with the Access Perk. Either way, they are a big help when playing. Simply spot a target/area for it to fire on and sit back.

Cloaking - During the game, you may come across a cloak camo and even some enemies use it as well. Even when in use, your gun will always be visible making it easy to pick them out and in turn, easy to see you. So no matter if it is active or not, you or the enemies are easily seen.

Special/Secondary Grenades - You get to pick your equipment this go around. All grenades, even the EMP, whill stun an enemy. Only the EMPs work on machines though. EMPs are best for the Strike Force missions, while Concussions and Flashbangs are best for normal missions.


  1. Playthrough 1: Normal Runthrough - This can be a Veteran or any other difficulty run. Basically, just play through earning all story based trophies as well as some choice based and the 10,000 for each level. You will also come across some intel and complete challenges during this run.
  2. Playthrough 2: Veteran/Second Run - If you did not do Veteran your first go around, do it now. If you did, this is a second run. You'll get any choice based/level specific trophies you missed. You may also come across missed intel and a few challenges. This run is needed because there are two trophies that coincide with one choice, so you'll have to replay to ge the one you didn't get.
  3. Clean Up - Any challenges oy itnel you missed you will grab now. Byt this time though, you won't have much left.
  4. Multiplayer - Now you will do the grind to get to Level 55 and Prestige. This will take close to a 20 hours play time, so you may just want to get it out of the way.
  5. Zombies - This will require a lot of matches, most likely. It's bets to play a few introductory games of TranZit and set aside a specifc trophy or trophies to go for each match.


Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked.

No Man Left Behind
Rescue Woods.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

During the mission Pyrrhic Victory, you will head to Angola with Hudson and meet up with Joseph Savimbi. After helping his troops defeat the MPLA he will give you the location of Woods. You will find him in a cargo container on a boat. After going through the jungle, and meeting Menendez for teh first time, you will eventually have to escape. After holding off the enemies, Savimbi will show up in a Russian helicopter and save you. Once Woods is loaded up the trophy will unlock.

Gathering Storm
Investigate the jungle facility.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

This is for the level Celerium. You will have to infiltrate a jungle facility in Myanmar to gain information on Menendez and his plot. After making your way to the temple doors, you will enter an underground facility. After fighting your way through it you will find a scientist who tells you of Celerium and how Menendez plans to use it. He gives you a sample, but is killed. You will hold off the enemy and their machines. Eventually, you will mvoe up and come across Briggs. After meeting up with him the trophy will unlock.

Shifting Sands
Gather intel on Raul Menendez from Mullah Rahmaan.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

In the mission Old Wounds, Mason and Woods will head to Afghanistan to assisst the Mujahideen and Chinese in holding off the Russian forces. After doing various objectives in fending off the Russians, Mason will proclaim to make a final stand. Eventually, he will hop on a tank and Kravchenko will hop out. After a quick fight, he will be subdued. After a few questions, Woods (or Mason) will shoot Kravchenko in the head. The Mujahideen will reveal to have been working for Menendez and capture Woods, Mason and Hudson. They will get dumped in the desert and you will be awarded the trophy.

Driven by Rage
Take down Menendez and his operation.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

This is the mission Time and Fate. At the start, you will see Menendez in his sister Josefina's room. You will gain control of Menendez. Noriega will call his troops to capture Menendez. After he is captured, Noriega will free him and Menendez will escape to go back to his sister. After fighting off enough of Noriega's men, he will reach his sister and a grenade will be seen and explode. You will go back to fifteen minutes prior and control Mason. You, Woods and Hudson will go to capture Menendez. After making your way through the area and tailing Menendez, you and Woods will attack a cocaine lab then come across Hudson and Menendez. Woods will throw a grenade and it will go into Josefina's roof, killing her and presumabley Menendez. You will then be awarded the trophy.

Gather information on Raul Menendez' suspected terrorist plot.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

This level is called Fallen Angel. Harper, Mason and Salazar will head to Pakistan to infiltrate Menendez's compund called Anthem. The group will fight their way through the flooded city streets and evade enemy drones. The group will split up, with Salazar setting up positions for the CLAWs and Mason and Harper searching for Menendez. The pair will track him and listen to his conversation, until he reveals he has known of teh infiltration. Haper and Mason being their escape and eventually come across an escape vehicle. With the help of a friendly controlled drone, they escape the area while the drone kills everything it can. Harper may or may not get burned depending on the player's reaction time. The vehicle will be ditched and you will run into SDC Chairman Tian Zhao. The level will end and the trophy will pop.

What Happens in Colossus...
Find the Karma weapon.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

The mission, Karma. Harper, Mason and Salazar must infiltrate Colossus, an area where the 1% live. The goal is to locate "Karma". Harper scouts while Salazar and Mason head to a control room to use the database. After using a mechanical spider and some fighting, it is revealed that "Karma" is actually a young woman. As soon as Harper finds her and Mason meets up, Menendez' mercenary DeFalco barges in, kills a hostage and takes "Karma". Mason, Harper and Salazar go after DeFalco and try to take back "Karma". After pushing through dozens of Menendez' men, Mason finally reaches DeFalco, but it's too late. He already boarded and escape helicopter and took "Karma" with him. The level will end and the trophy will pop.

False Profit
Capture Manuel Noriega and bring him to justice.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

This is the level Suffer With Me. Mason and Woods will infiltrate with the SEALs into Panama while Hudson gives advice over the comms. The goal is to go in, capture Noriega and get out. Mason and Woods will fight their way to a motel where Noriega is held up. Once you get their, you will break in and capture him. You will then have to escort him to a military checkpoint and along the way Hudson will retask and say he is part of a hostage exchange. While escorting Noriega, he will try to escape but is easily caught again. Eventually, you will make it to the overlook point and have to shoot the other target, who Hudson says is Raul Menendez. After shooting him, Noriega and Woods will move down. Noriega looks suspicious and Woods reveals the bag of Menendez' head which reveals him to actually be Mason. Menendez shows up and shoots out Woods' legs/kneecaps and the screen goes black. Woods wakes up in a room with Menendez, David Mason, a dead Alex Mason and a tied up Hudson, who was already captured by Menendez and told him what to say over the comms due to the threat to David. Menendez says one more must die, and Hudson sacrifices himself. Menendez shoots out both of Hudson's knees and slits his throat with Josefina's necklace. Woods crawls over to David and David mourns his father and the mission ends.

Deep Cover
Capture Menendez.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

This trohpy is earned for completing Achilles' Veil. You will play as Farid in the beginning and go with Menendez to a Cordis Die gathering/rally. When you arrive, U.S. forces will attack. Menendez tells you to meet him at the Citadel. you will fight through the enemy forces until you reach Menendez. He will shoot down a chopper containign Harper and Menendez will tell you to kill him. You will either have to kill Harper or Menendez. Based on which you choose is how the second half on the mission plays out as Mason. If you kill Harper, Mason will insert there and meet up with Farid and see Harper's lifeless body. If Harper attempts to kill Menendez, Mason will enter via a VTOL. After either entrance is when the mission goes back to normal, or where the storylines will eb the same no matter the choice. Mason will fight through the Cordis Die troops and eventually make his way to a VTOL where Menendez is sitting. He will be arrested and the level will end.

Sinking Star
Interrogate Menendez.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

This trophy is for the level Odysseus. Mason will go to interrogate Menendez and when he turns back, Menendez will have Salazar in a headlock and will knock you out. When he comes to, Mason will have to fight his way through the Obama and to the control room. When teh camera feed is reestablished, Mason will see Menendez near Admiral Briggs' position. You will switch to playing as Menendez for a few minutes. Menendez will capture and hold Briggs' hostage. It is then revealed that Salazar is Menendez' undercover man during a quick cutscene. It can go a number of ways though, depending on choices that you have made. You will also get the choice to wound or kill Briggs. After, you switch back to Mason and go to the area where Briggs is. Then, you make your way to the flight deck and fight off the Cordis Die followers. Eventually, you get on a helicopter to evacuate the ship. Depending on choices and successfulness in Strike Force mission, the reinforcements will come to the rescue and save the Obama or it will be lost.

Late for the Prom
Escort the president to the secure location in downtown L.A.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

During the main portion of the level you will be gaurding P.O.T.U.S. a.k.a. the President of the United States. You will use SAMs and a high powered sniper rifle to protect the President from Cordis Die and enemy drones. After some early fighting, you will have to drive the lead car for a bit. After, you fight your way down the streets along with help from quads as you atatck enemy controlled CLAWs on your way to try and save the French President. At one point, the jet pilot who is covering you, Anderson, gets shot down. You will make your way to her and take her jet. You will fly through the streets of Los Angeles protecting the President from drones, vehicles and RPGs. Eventually, your jet will be damaged enough and you will have to eject. You'll land on the street below, right next to the convoy. The level ends and the trophy pops.

Death from Above
Stop Menendez once and for all.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

This is earned by completing the final level, Judgement Day. You start of by using an object that looks like a minature jet that helps your soar down to the ground level from a high distance. You will start right out front of the main building, having to work your way there. It won't be easy though, enemy CLAWs and turrets along with Cordis Die troops will be dug in, ready to die for their cause. After fighting through you will enter the building and make a push into a large conference looking room, with the control room at the top. After you clear the room and the scene ends, you will begin the final push towards Menendez. You will come to a room where the floor will explode. Mason will catch himself, but drop down and kill two enemies, stab Menendez and pin him down. You are now faced with either killing him or capturing him. After you choose, all the choices you have made (at least the major ones) will come into play during the ending cutscene. All your careful thought and possible connections you made will pay off. Everyone's ending will be different, even if it's slightly. After you choose Menendez' fate, the trophy will unlock.

Old Fashioned
Complete"Pyrrhic Victory", "Old Wounds", "Time and Fate" and "Suffer with Me" in Veteran.

Pyrrhic Victory, Old Wounds, Time and Fate and Suffer With Me are all of the 1980's missions. The first three you play as Mason, the third you play partially as Menendez and in the final mission you play as good 'ol Woods. These missions are easy on Veteran, with an exception of Old Wounds, an area or two can get a little tricky.

Old Wounds: The area when the APCs come to the destroyed village can be tricky. Move along the left side of the area, picking off enemies that are on roofs first. When you get close to the rocket location, kill the enemies before you get up there. The next tricky area is right after this area, when all the helicopters, tanks and APCs come while you're on horseback. As soon as the tanks and APCs come into view, shoot them. Watch for helicopters that are dropping off tropps and shoot it down right away. You will need to keep moving as well, if you stay still it makes you an easy target and a quick kill.

Pyrrhic Victory Veteran Walkthrough

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Old Wounds Veteran Walkthrough

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Time and Fate Veteran Walkthrough

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Suffer With Me Veteran Walkthrough

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Complete all future levels in Veteran.

For this trophy, you must complete every mission of the 2025 portion of the game on Veteran difficulty. The Strike Force missions do not count. You will play as David Mason for the entirty of this portion, except for maybe a five minute part as Menendez and a half of a mission as CIA undercover Operative Farid. The main thing to watch out for are enemy machines, they are powerful and don't come down quick. They will kill you quick and without warning. Also, enemies with the cloak camo can be easily overlooked since only their gun is visible. Your best friend will be friendly machines and the Storm PSR. Basically, sit in cover and let the machines do the work while you use a deadly sniper from cover. Also, the bulk of the deciding choices you make in the game will take place during these missions. Also note that your missions may vary from the ones I include due to player choices.

Karma: For some reason I found this whole level to be a little frustrating. I don't know if it was just how I played or the weapons I used, but some areas got tricky for me. Just take your time and go slow, don't rush. There are enemy snipers at some points as well as ASDs to look out for. Also, DeFalco walks along the upper level at one point. If you can kill him from there, you can basically cut out at least half of the outdoors area.

Achilles' Veil: Not a hard level, but the quads can be a pain in the ass. Make sure you take them out first, or else odds are they will take you out before you even realize what's going on.

Celerium Veteran Walkthrough

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Fallen Angel Veteran Walkthrough

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Karma Veteran Walkthrough

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Achilles' Veil Veteran Walkthrough

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Odysseus Veteran Walkthrough

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Cordis Die Veteran Walkthrough

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Judgement Day Veteran Walkthrough

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Giant Accomplishment
Complete all challenges in Black Ops II.

There are a total of 160 challenges to complete in Black Ops II, with probably only a quater of them being completed after a playthrough. It will requrie a lot of grinding and replaying as well. You can view a level's challenge completeness by pressing , then on a level and finally to shift over to teh challenges area. Below will be a written guide on how to get 133 of the challenges. The other 27 consist of the eleven intel challenges, but the guide for that will be in High IQ and not included in this part of the guide. The other sixteen challenges are 100% Survivability (playing a level without dying) and completing the five Strike Force missions in Tactical Overview. The campaign level video walkthroughs can be found in Old Fashioned and Futurist. The Strike Force video walkthroughs can be found in their specific trophy. During the game, when a challenge is complete a notification will pop on the top left corner notifying you. Also, the Access Perk is needed for a fair amount of challenges.

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Mission Complete
Complete all challenges in a level.

Black Ops II has a total of 160 challenges and ten per level. Odd are you won't, sratch that, you definately will not get this through normal play and will have to go for this one. None of the challenges are overly hard so it's basically just picking a level you feel may be easiest to do or just waiting to complete all of them for the gold trophy.

See Giant Accomplishment for a list of challenges and a written guide to earn them.

Just Gettin' Started
Complete 1 challenge in any level.

Challenges are new to Black Ops II. Each mission has ten challenges which add up to 160 total. Some are easy while others are tricky/difficult. You cannot miss this torphy, and will most likely get this during Pyrrhic Victory.

See Giant Accomplishment for a full list of challenges and how to complete them.

Singapore Sling
Successfully neutralize the SDC freighter in Keppel Terminal.

Another Strike Force mission, and again you have ten minutes to complete this level successfully. You don't really have to worry about enemy CLAWs, just teh soldiers and ASDs. There are three points: A, B and C which you must plant a device at each of them. After you plant it, you must defend it until it's full. Use your troops to clear out areas quickly and to defend positions once you plant the device. Once you plant all three, you will be told to press . You then have to guide a missle to hit the freighter on the side on the area. After you do that the trophy will unlock.

Singapore Sling Video Trophy Guide

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Desert Storm
Successfully escort the VIPs to safety.

This strike force mission is called I.E.D. You must use drones, ASDs and a HOAM to escort high value individuals to a meeting in Afghanistan. You will be running through the same area as in the mission Old Wounds. Again, you must complete teh mission in order to get the trophy. So long as one vehicle reaches the designated point, you're good. The trick is to try and get ahead if you can. Many enemies will have RPGs and be on horseback, if you can get ahead of the convoy and take them out quick they won't pose a problem. Helicopters aren't bad either if you use the drones. Tanks pose the main threat. It's best to go into "Tactical View"mode and order the tank to be destroyed. It will be killed much quicker than you doing it yourself. Once you reach the safe zone you get the trophy.

Desert Storm Video Trophy Guide

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Successfully defend FOB Spectre from incursion.

Firstly, you must successfully complete the mission in order to unlock this trophy. You will have ten minutes to defend three points from being attacked and destroyed. The best option is to put one soldier unit at C, the other at B and the CLAW at A. The sentry guns are already placed at good points. The main threat are the CLAWs and ASDs. The ASDs are easily taken out no matter what, but the CLAWs are best killed with the sentry gun. You will get soldier reinforcements during the level, but no extra CLAWs or sentries. This is a fairly easy mission though, so it shouldn't prove too difficult.

Defender Video Trophy Guide

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Black Ops II Master
Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.

Ah the standard trophy, but only a this time I recommend playing on Veteran so you unlock Old Fashioned and Futurist, the Veteran Video Walkthroughs can be found there as well. Here are some tips that can help you in your playing:

Cover: Just as in any game, use it. It can be the difference between life and death.

Dive to Prone: Nothing much to say for this one, but it can get you out of a sticky situation.

Custimization: Use the guns you want to, it will most likely make it easier for you, but also use what you think would be ebst for the level. The Storm PSR can also shoot through walls, so you may wanna give that a go.

Ammo Crates: Each mission has a few of them, so don't be afraid to waste all of your ammo, you got to do what you got to do.

Access Perk: Even though you have a variety to choose from, you this one. It can gain you access to things that may help while you play.

Friendly Machines: These can be a big help, so whenever you get them use them. You can sit back while they do the dirty work.

Also, you do not have to do the Strike Force missions, only the main story missions count.

Art of War
Successfully assassinate SDC Chairman Tian Zhao.

This is Strike Force mission Dispatch. The goal of this is to shoot down Zhao's aircraft and confirm his death. You mjst find and kill him before time runs out in order to complete the level. It is pretty straight forward but there will be a lot of enemies, a lot of ASDs and a few sentries. It's best to just take the time you need and not rush. Also, use a soldier with a machine gun. I went around the left side, but there were a lot of ASDs but barely any soldiers. Use the rocket on groups of soldiers and/or ASDs. After enough killing, you will thin the enemy out enough to make it to Zhao's aircraft. You will plant a hacking device and will need to gaurd it as it hacks the hatch. you won't have an overwhelming group of enemies but you have to keep an eye on those who sneek by. Once the hack is complete and you move towards the hatch, it will open. Zhao will stumble and you will shoot him. you will then I.D. him and the final Strike Force mission will end.

Art of War Video Trophy Guide

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Blind Date
Successfully rescue HVI.

This is the Strike Force level called Second Chance. This is only if you did not save/capture Chloe a.k.a "Karma" in the level Karma due to not catching up to DeFalco in time. In this mission, you will insert into Socrata, Yemen to rescue "Karma". you will only have soldiers to use, while the enemy has soldiers, quads and ASDs. You will have five locations to search, but "Karma" is always in the first building on the right side. It's best to go straight for her. there should be much resistance on this side. When you head to the extraction, you will face some foes but nothing to overwhelming. Once you board the helicopter the trophy will pop.

Blind Date Video Trophy Guide

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Family Reunion
There are two futures.

This trophy is earned during Suffer With Me. Hudson will tell Mason and Woods that Noriega is part of a hostage exchange, in which Menendez is the other hostage. When arriving to the vantage point, Noriega will kill his man and Woods will pull out his sniper. Once the target is available, Hudson will order Woods to take a headshot. In order to get this trophy, you must shoot the target anywhere but the head. After the first shot, the target will go down and will require another shot or two to stop moving. I won't spoil anything about it other than doing this makes for a big surprise in the end!

Family Reunion Video Trophy Guide

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Hey Good Looking
Plastic surgery avoided.

This is obtained in the level Fallen Angel. Mason and Harper will be making their escape with aid of a friendly drone covering them and destroying enemy vehicles. Eventually, the drone will crash into an enemy helicopter and after a bit of driving, the fuel pipes will start to explode and fall down. You will have to cut left to avoid and large object and will see the fallen pipe, along with Harper saying to evade it. By going through, Harper's right side of his face will burn BUT in order to get this trophy you need to cut all the way to the right and drive under the flames. If you do it correctly, Harper will say you missed it by a nut hair and you will get the trophy.

Hey Good Looking Video Trophy Guide

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A dual between rivals.

This is another trophy where your choices come in to play, this time in Odysseus. For this trophy, there are a few things you must do. Firstly, during Karma you MUST let DeFalco escape with Chloe. Next, you CANNOT do the Strike Force mission Second Chance. By doing this, Chloe will not be aboard the Obama during Odysseus. Next, during Achilles' Veil, you must have Farid kill Harper. This will allow Farid to be on the Obama during the mission. Once Menendez takes Briggs hostage and Salazar kills the two soldiers, DeFalco will walk up. Farid will shoot him, then DeFalco will shoot Farid, unlocking the trophy.

Showdown Video Trophy Guide

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Dirty Business
Listen and think before you shoot.

This trophy is actually odd. The requirements for this trophy must be done in Old Wounds. When Kravchenko and Mason get in a struggle, woods will come voer and knock him out. The game will go to Woods interrogating Kravchenko about his presence in Afghanistan and what he knows about Menendez. During this time, Mason will begin to see the numbers. Reznov's voice will be heard saying "Kravchenko .... must die." Mason will cock his pistol and start to aim at Kravchenko's head. You will ahve to rapidly press to resist the urge to shoot. you will have to do this three time before Woods ultimately shoots Kravchenko himself. The trophy will not unlock until the mission Suffer With Me. Woods and Mason will have to escort Noriega to a specified military zone. At one point, Noriega will try and escape and kill a soldier, while knocking another over a ledge and fallen on a pile of Wood himself. Woods will help Noriega up and pin him on the wall. The trophy will then unlock.

Dirty Business Video Trophy Guide

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Ship Shape
Reinforcements on the way.

This trophy is earned in Odysseus. Towards the end of the mission, reinforcements will arrive to help at the U.S.S. Obama. There are a few things you must do in order to obtain this trophy. Firstly, you must complete all five Strike Force levels: FOB Spectre, Shipwreck, I.E.D., Dispatch and Second Chance successfully. Completing each of these levels successfully will result in military aid in the level, but doing all five will allow the max. Next is a portion where you control Menendez. You will come across Admiral Briggs and you will have to shoot him. Salazar asks Menendez to put one in his leg. Doing so will allow Briggs to live. After Menendez and Salazar leave the area, Briggs will turn on the Obama's defenses, effectively completing the second requirement for the trophy.

Ship Shape Video Trophy Guide

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Dead or Alive
Jailor or executioner.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

This choice trophy is earned during the final level Judgement Day. Mason will enter a room and the floor will explode. Mason will then fall and grab a hold of a pipe. He then drops down, grab a gun and kills two Cordis Die members Mason stabs Menendez twice and pins him on the ground. He puts his gun to Menendez'. Menendez tells Mason to martyr him for the Cordis Die cause. You then have the choice of either killing or capturing Menendez. This decision arguably has the biggest effect on the outcome of the story, so make your choice count. After you make your choice the trophy will make that delightful ping.

Dead or Alive Video Trophy Guide

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Ultimate Sacrifice
Only one can live.

This is done in the beginning of the mission Achilles' Veil while you play as Farid. After you meet up with Menendez agai he will be holding a rocket. You will hear Harper on the comms and see a helicopter hover close by. Menendez will shoot it down and Cordis die will pull out a survivor, who happens to be Harper. Menendez gives you a gun and tells you to kill Harper. After Harper tells you to do it and that to "Do your job!" (Haper told him to do whatever it takes to stay undercover). You will then have a decision to make: kill Harper or kill Menendez. You will need to choose to kill Menendez for this trophy. After selecting to do so, Menendez will block you and shoot you. You will fall to the ground and Menendez will shoot you in the head, unlocking the trophy.

Ultimate Sacrifice Video Trophy Guide

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Good Karma
Crack the celerium worm.

This trophy is also in the level Odysseus. There are two ways to obtain this trophy, but it does not matter which way you do it. During the level Karma, DeFalco will catch and try to escape with "Karma" a.k.a. Chloe. If you are fast enough and can kill DeFalco before he boards the helicopter Chloe will be on the Obama during Odysseus. If DeFalco escapes with Chloe, you have a chance to redeem ourself immediately in the Strike Force mission Second Chance. During the mission, you will rescue Chloe if you successfully beat the mission. That will also cause her to be on the Obama as well. Another thing you need to do to get this trophy is to have Farid kill Harper during Achilles's Veil. Also, while on the Obama and playing as Menendez, DO NOT kill Admiral Briggs. You have to wound him. Also, you must have completed all available Strike Force missions with success. Finally, while on the Obama, after Menendez and Salazar leave (after a scene that can go many ways), Mason will arrive and Chloe will get the systems back to normal, thus awarding you the trophy.

Good Karma Video Trophy Guide

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High IQ
Collect all intel.

Intel returns in Black Ops II and is part of the Campaign Challenges. Only main path story levels have intel, meaning Striek Force mission will not have them. Each of the campaign levels have three, for a total of 33. Also, the intel will not save until you have completed the level. You cannot just find the missing ones you need then quit. Here is a list of all the locations of the intel:

Pyrrhic Victory

Intel #1 - After you hop off the truck with Savimbi, head to the tree on the right. A truck will be on its side and a hole will be beside it. The intel is in it.

Intel #2 - Once you land on the boat, go up the ladder on the left side. There is some gray sheet metal siding, the intel is in the corner behind it.

Intel #3 - When you and your team are falling back, you will come to a destroyed foundation of a building that has a refill crate. In front of it is a tree with a tree stand, go to the tree in front of this one and climb that tree stand to get the intel.


Intel #1 - When you have to access the drone on the landing pad, look directly behind the tail. There is a room behind it and the intel is on the table to the left.

Intel #2 - When you first enter the underground facility, you will get thrown back by an explosion. There is a window of a room on your left. Follow the wall around to the dorway and grab the intel off the desk in front of the window.

Intel #3 - When you get ambushed by Cordis Die, they will blow off a door. During the escape you will have to enter the doorway and you will come into another room. Directly across from you is the intel, sitting on a desk.

Old Wounds

Intel #1 - Once you meet up with Hudson and Mullah, you will shortly have to leave. In the room you are in, to the right on a crate, this intel will be.

Intel #2 - After you blow the entrance to the destroyed area you will get back on your horse. Turn to the right a little bit, and head between the rock with the flag in front and the little rock on the right. After getting passed, turn to the left a little to see another flag. The intel is at the flag's base.

Intel #3 - When you get to the ammo cache area, on the right side will be a little cave. On the right side of the mouth of the cave are two rocks. The intel is resting on them.

Time and Fate

Intel #1 - When you enter the barn as Menendez, there will be a wagon at the end on the right. On the back hatch is the intel.

Intel #2 - When you climb the bell tower and get on the second ladder, it will be right beind it. Jump off and grab it.

Intel #3 - In the cocaine bunker, before you get to the part where they burn the papers, there will be a door on the left. Enter it and the itnel is on the bench.

Fallen Angel

Intel #1 - After you activate the CLAW, turn to the right a bit and you can see the intel glowing on the shelf.

Intel #2 - After you and Harper bust open the gate, enter the first room on the right to find the intel.

Intel #3 - After you escape teh spotter drones, you will enter a collapsed building and some rubble will fall. Right where it falls is where the itnel is.


Intel #1 - After Salazar throws his flashbang, head to the server room, but don't enter. To the right is a desk, the intel is on it.

Intel #2 - When ni the mall, go to the bottom floor. Look for the store call d'HO on the right side. The intel is at the checkout counter.

Intel #3 - When you get outside, travel along the right side. You will come to some type of checkout counter (there is no merchandise near it). The intel is on the counter.

Suffer With Me

Intel #1 - When you enter the skylight you will fight through an office area. Before going down the steps, look to the left and go to the middle shelf stand. The intel is on one of the shelves.

Intel #2 - When you get to the area where the globe gets destroyed, continue using the path on the left. You will come to a building with red spray paitn on it. Enter it and find the intel on the left.

Intel #3 - When you are escorting Noriega, you will come across a left turn inside a building. Don't make the left liek Mason does, go straight to find the intel.

Achilles' Veil

Intel #1 - After Menedez' rally gets crashed and you hold off the Americans, go along the right side. Before exiting the really area, there will be a door leading to a cylindrical room. Head up the stairs and it's on the first floor.

Intel #2 - After you gain control of Mason, you will go down an alley. You will turn left and be faced with a long-ish stretch of street. The first doorway/shop on the left is enterable. Go in and grab the intel.

Intel #3 - When you get to the big open deserty canyon area, there will be a lone building on the right. Climb the ladder to the roof and grab the intel next to the drum like object in the corner.


Intel #1 - When you get to the control deck (at least that is what it seems), there is a piece of intel on the very end of the control panel.

Intel #2 - After you get to the area where Menedez did all his jazz, you will get their with Mason. Head down the steps and you will ge tto a big room. There will be steps you have to go down which will take you out of the room. To the right of those steps is another set of steps. Head up them to a little overwatch room to grab the intel.

Intel #3 - When you get to the flight deck, on the opposite side of the deck, down a ways, will be the extraction. If you say on your side you will come across a VTOL. The intel will be sitting right on the inside of it.

Cordis Die

Intel #1 - After you get off the highway and get down to the lower level, you will see a sign that reads "Freeway Evac Route" on the right. Directly across from that is a car with a dead body. The intel is next to the car.

Intel #2 - When you have to destroy the CLAWs, there will be a bus in the middle of the street. To the left of it will be a store/office that has a lot of blue in it. The itnel lies on one of the desks.

Intel #3 - Eventually, you will come to the plaza. Head up the left side into the building. After heading up the stairs, the intel will be laying on the wall to the right.

Judgement Day

Intel #1 - Before entering the big building, you will notice two smaller buildings in the "front yard". Go into the one on the far right. Get to the top floor and the intel is on the desk to the right.

Intel #2 - When you get to the big control room where all the drones come and attack you, you will need to head up the middle of the room. Once you get to the third row of desks, look for the intel on the desk on the left. It is right under a computer screen.

Intel #3 - After you get to the circular room (the room that looks like the place where you got the Celerium), go to the right. Don't go up the stairs, there is a set of stairs underneath it that lead to a lower level. Once you go down, the intel will be behind the steps.

High IQ Video Trophy Guide

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Back in Time
Use a future weapon in the past.

I recommend doing this after the game, that way you have every futuristic weapon at your disposal. Then, pick either Pyrrhic Victory, Old Wounds, Time and Fate or Suffer With Me to play. Before starting the level, press to customize your class. Then, pick any gun type but make sure the gun you choose is one you saw in the 2025 segments of the game. Finally, you can start the level. Make sure you kill someone with the gun and keep it on you the whole level because at this time, I don't know if not using it or getting rid of it negates the trophy. Once you have beat the level the trophy will pop.

Back in Time Video Trophy Guide

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Man of the People
Stop the brutality inflicted by the PDF.

It's funny, usually Cal of Duty games have mission specific trophies that require you to do and complete a specific task whilst playing. In Black Ops II, this is the only non choice based, level specific trophy in the game. It is earned during the level Time and Fate. During one portion of the level, you will control Raul Menedez yourself. Noriega's men will capture you, but he will set you free. You will then choke him a bit and make a run for his sister, Josefina. While making the run, you will come across the Panamanian Defense Force , or PDF, on your rage filled journey. Some of the soldiers will be beating civilians. You have to kill the PDF soldiers doing this, and it is ok if the civilian dies, so long as the brutality is stopped. He are the locations of the brutalities:

Brutality #1: The first is easily located and it at the bottom on the hill after you beat up Noriega.

Brutality #2: Under the hut/building on the left at the bottom of the kill. Towards the back a PDF soldier will be stomping a man.

Brutality #3: At the bottom of the hill, if you go straight you will go into a building. Head up the stairs and into the first room. A PDF soldier will be forcing himself on a woman.

Brutality #4: You will come across a group of PDF soldiers and a group of civilians will be on their knees about to be killed. This part isn't missable.

Brutality #5: After #4 you will head up a hill and through some gates. A PDF soldier will be beating a defenseless man.

Brutality #6: You will enter a barn and about halfway into it a PDF soldier will be kneeling over a man. The trophy should unlock here.

Brutality #7: At the end of the barn a PDF soldier will be hitting a woman. If the trophy does not unlock at #6 it will definately unlock here.

Man of the People Video Trophy Guide

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Gun Nut
Complete a level with customized loadout.

In Black Ops II, you are able to modify the loadout given to you ... or change it all together. Most likely you will mess around and get this early, but if you really want to get it done right away, do it on Pyrrhic Victory. On the FN FAL, equip the only available camo and start the mission. Once you complete the mission, the trophy will unlock.

Ten K
Minimum score 10K in every mission.

Treyarch has implemented another to feature to call of duty this outing, scoring you at the end of every mission. They score you in a variety of areas whilst you play the game. The second you se scoring though, you may think it will be hard or just not too easy. Actually, this is pretty easy. Even if you play on Recruit, so long as you complete a few level challenges you will get the 10,000 points no problem. It should also be noted that this encompasses the eleven campaign levels plus the five Strike Force missions. If you ever want to check your scores, from the campaign menue press and it will show your record. Here is a quick breakdown of how you are scored from greatest points to least:

Difficulty: 5,000 X difficulty level (1 = Recruit, 2 = Regular, 3 = Hardened, 4 = Veteran)
Challenges: 2,000 points per challenge, if all doen in one level you get 20,000
Stunned Enemies: 250 points per enemy you stun
Explosive Kills:
150 points per kill with explosives
Enemy Machines Killed: 150 points per enemy machine you destroy (ASD, Quads, CLAWs, Sentry Turrets, Drones)
Melee Kills:
100 points per melee kill
Headshot Kills: 50 points are awarded for headshots
Standard Kills: 10 points for the standard kill

Welcome to the Club
Reach Sergeant (Level 10) in multiplayer Public Match.

This will be earned while reaching Level 55 so you can Prestige for Welcome to the Penthouse. This will come fairly quick, no matter if you're an avid and experienced Call of Duty play or just a casual player or even a n00b. Play some matches of your favorite game type and soon enough you will be Level 10.

Welcome to the Penthouse
Prestige once in multiplayer Public Match.

You will need to reach Level 55 in order to Prestige. To find the Prestige option when the time comes, from the Multiplayer Menu go to Barracks and scroll through the choices until you find Prestige. Play some game modes, toy around with guns, equipment, perks and scorestreaks. Have fun and play with friends and complete challenges. Try to focus on spending about twenty hours the Multiplayer to get to the point you need to Prestige. This of course does not take in to effect how good the player is, what mdoes they play or if they have Double XP active. That could cause the time to drop or raise simply a few hours, to as much as several. With all the enw things in the Multiplayer this go around, you should have a fun time.

Big Leagues
Win 5 multiplayer League Play games after being placed in a division.

The way the description is, you may have a few thoughts in your head. My first one is that it'd be like a sports team in a sense. I'd be placed in a small division with others and then have to win my games. The way this actually works is to select League Play from the Multiplayer menu. Then you can pick which type of league you'd want to join. You will then have to play five qualifying matches and depending on how you do you will be placed in the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Division and a sub-division within the division. You will then have to win five games after being placed in your division. The game modes vary, consisting of most of the available game types in standard multiplayer. When you win or lose, you will climb or go downt he leaderboards and rankings your your division. Also, you will only get points towards your multiplayer ranking by winning. Win five and the trophy is yours.

Trained Up
Win 10 multiplayer games while playing in Combat Training playlists.

Combat Training is a little different this go around compared to the previous game. This time it is in Multiplayer, and when the game isn't full it replaces the empty spaces with Bots until someone joins to fill its place. You just have to win ten games in order to obtain the trophy. To get to Cambat Training go to Multiplayer > Public Match > Find Match > Combat Training > Objective. Objective is basically a mish mash of all game mdoes the game has to offer. Odds are you won't be playing the same mode more than twice in a row, so it will spice things up while you go for your wins.

Party Animal
Win 10 multiplayer games while playing in Party Games playlists.

Party Games consist of a few fun game types. In Gun Game, you have to get twenty kills. After each kill, you will get a new gun. Sticks and Stones makes you use only the Crossbow and Throwing Axe. Gun Game gives you a pistol and one bullet. Whenever you knife an enemy or make a kill shot, you will get another bullet. Sharpshooter gives everyone a specific weapon for a certain amount of time. From the main menu, go to Public Match > Find Game > Party Games > One of the Choices. You have to place in the top three to be considered a winner, you don't have to come in first place.

Tower of Babble
In TranZit, obey the voices.

This Easter Egg can only be done while playing TranZit. Unfortunately, you get nothing for completing it. Good news, it's not long and it's not hard ..... but it's luck based. You will need four players to do this as well. Also, once you complete one path it cannot be done agagin. You will only be able to do the other path. Once you have done both paths, you can never do them again. That means no helping others. There first few steps will always be the same, but once you turn on the power you can either follow Dr. Maxis' Path or Richtofen's Path.

Step 1: Build the Turbine/Aquire EMP Grenades - In the starting room, grab the Mannequin, Airplane Tail and Fan. Build them on the Workbench to creat the Turbine. Make sure everyone grabs one. You will then have to aquire the EMP Grenades from the Mystery Box. If you choose Maxis' Path, you only need one person to obtain them. If you do Richtofen's Path, all four players need them.

Step 2: Building the Obelisk/Pylon - First, you will need to grab the Meteor. It is located in the hole in the wall at the Bus Depot. Next, another part is needed, the Wooden Board. It is either located in the area right near the power room, where Tombstone and a Workbench are located. The other possible spawn is in the tunnel between the Bus Depot and the Diner on the left hand sidewalk. You will also need the Radio. One location is at the Diner stop. In the auto shop, near the car that is being worked on is a cabinet. If you jump up you can grab it. Finally, you need the Electrical Box. One location is at the Farm. In the house, it will be to the left of the refigerator. It may also be found in the downstairs portion of Nacht der Untoten. Now, you will need to get on the bus and travel in between the Farm to the Farm with Power Room. There will be a cornfield on the left. Once you see the opening in it, hop off the bus. Follow the maze until you get to the fence. Build the table here. The table will be saved to your online profile, meaning anytime you play online it will be there.

Step 3: Turn on the Power - You will have to go to the fourth bus stop, the second Farm but this time it has the Power Room. Open the little shed and drop down. Find the Hand, Switch and Control Panel. Bring them over to the Workbench and build them. Once the power is on, "Him" will be unleashed. This is where the path you choose can split up.

Maxis' Path

Step 4: Turn off the Power - After Maxis' has his little speech, turn the power off.

Step 5: Power the Obelisk/Pylon - You will need to get on the bus and drive between the Farm and the Farm with Power Room. On the left side you will see an opening in the cornfield. All plauers hop off the bus and follow the maze until you come up on the Obelisk/Pylon. Eventually, a thunderstorm cloud will come overhead and "Him" will spawn. When he does, two players place their Turbines, one on the left side and one on the right side of the Obelisk/Pylon. When "Him" gets within the wavelengths that the Turbines produce (Maxis will notify you when he's close enough), the player with the EMP Grenades should throw them at "Him". He will summer sault and go back up into the clouds.

Step 6: More Power - Keep the two Turbines at the Obelisk/Pylon. One player go to the Bus Dept and place their Turbine at the light post right where the tail end of the bus is when it's parked. The other player will go to the Diner. Place the Turbine near the light post that is located right next to the shed that can only be opened with a Turbine. Maxis will have enough power and you will have completed this path.

Richtofen's Path

Step 4: The Power - For this path, keep the power on. Exit the area and Richtofen will begin talking to the character Samuel.

Step 5: Building the Jet Engine Gun - First, you must find the Cables. They are located in the Power Plant portion of the Farm with Power Room. Next is the Jet Engine, which is located in the tunnel connecting the Bus Depot and Diner. The Handle is located in Nacht der Untoten. It is located in the cornfield between the Farm with Power Room and the Town. The Handle will be in one of a few places in the building. The final part if the Gage. While travelling in the bus from the Farm with Power Room to the Town, you will come across a Cabin on the right side of the bus' path. Go in and grab the part. Now, go to the Town. In the building across from the bank (on the other side of where the bus parks) is a bar. Go in and build all the parts on the Workbench. One person take the Jet Engine Gun.

Step 6: Powering the Obelisk/Pylon - Take the Jet Engine Gun over to the Obelisk/Pylon and shoot it at the Radio and Meteor combo. Eventually, a fire will start. It will be some power, but not enough. You will have to sit around the Obelisk/Pylon killing all the zombies until Richtofen says that there is too much power.

Step 7: Lowering the Power - There is too much power, so you must lower it. Like I said earlier, if you choose this path ALL players must have the EMP Grenades. This will take a while and a lot of luck, especially since it is all four who need it. All four players will have to find a seperate light post that is emitting a Green Light. When each player is at a seperate light, at the same time all players should throw an EMP Grenade at the base of the light post. It will then start poofing out a purple cloud. Richtofen will then have enough power.

Tower of Babble (Both Paths) Video Trophy Guide

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Don't Fire Until You See
In TranZit, have all doors opened without being set on fire.

This will be a little tricky. For this trophy, you cannot step on the Lava or have a zombie that is set on fire explode near you. Those two things will cause you to catch fire. You will only need a good amount o points, some grenades and the Turbine. I find it easier to go location by location and getting enough points to open the doors in that area then move on. Playing solo may be a little harder, but if you play co-op you and your partner could take turns. One could sit in the bis and only get out when there is no Lava around, while the other person opens the doors. In the Bus Depot you must build the Turbine at the Workbench. It consists of the Mannequin, Fan and Airplane Tail.

Bus Depot: There are two white doors that must be opened with the Turbine and one other door for 750 points.

Diner Get off the right door on the bus. Open the door to the diner which costs 750 points. Exit the other way out of the diner and open the door to the auto shop for 750 points. There is a shack to the left you must open with the Turbine.

Farm: Right when you hop of you must open a gate for 750 points. In front of the big rig there are two doors that need to be opened with the Turbine, but opening one will open the other. There is a house to the right, open the front door for 750 points.

Farm with Power Room: There is a door to a little shack, it is the only door in this part, and costs 750 points. After you open that door and drop down, turn around. There is a door with a lightning bolt on it. Set the Turbine in front of it and leave it for a few seconds, then pick it up. Go to the opposite side of this area and you will see a garage door looking thing. Place the Turbine in front of it to open it.

Town: Get off the bus and open the door to the bank for 1,000 points. Once inside, throw a Grenade at the bank vault door, it will blow open. Enter the vault and throw a Grenade at the second vault door and it too will blow open. On the other side of the street front where the bus dropped you off is a door to open for 750 points. To the right of the bank there are a set of steps. At the top is a door to open for 750 points. Walk off the ledge directly in front of you and turn right. Place the Turbine in front of the door.

Don't Fire Until You See Video Trophy Guide

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The Light Of Their Eyes
In Green Run, pacify at least 10 zombies with 1 EMP.

This is done on TranZit. You will need to get the EMP Grenades from the Mystery Box. Once you get them from it, you will need to round up a group of ten+ zombies (just to be safe). I recommend doing this at the Diner stop. They will not kill the zombies, it will only stun them for a few seconds. When the group is big enough, throw the grenade right in the middle of them. Once you get to around Round 5 there will be enough zombies that spawn at once to do this. This trophy has a bit of a delay though, so wait at least thirty seconds before you try again.

The Light Of Their Eyes Video Trophy Guide

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Undead Man's Party Bus
In TranZit, complete all additions to the bus in 1 game.

The Bus has three equippable items that can make it a little safer for you. The Ladder is attached to the back right of the Bus (if looking at it from the front. The Bumper/Plow is attached to the front. The Internal Ladder/Roof Hatch is attached in the inside of the Bus, near the driver. The parts can spawn in three of four locations: Bus Depot, Diner, Farm and Town. Since there are three parts and four locations, one will obviously be vacant. The parts are hidden in rooms blocked by a very white door. When you approach the door, instead of saying how much it costs it will say you need a source of power to open it. This is where the Turbine comes in, it is the only thing that can open those doors. In the Bus Depot, the part may be in the room next to the Workbench. At the Diner, the part may be in the shed to the left of the building where the Mystery Box spawns. At the Farm, a part may be in the shed in front of the big rig, in between the barn and house. Finally, in the Town, if you look in the direction the front of the Bus is pointing and go that way, you will see the door on the right near the rubble barricade. This room also happens to be right under Juggernaut.

Undead Man's Party Bus Video Trophy Guide

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Dance On My Grave
In Green Run, aquire your Tombstone.

Firstly, we are going to treat Green Run as being TranZit. Green Run is just the name of the map. In order to aquire your tombstone, you must buy the Tombstone Perk. It costs 2,000 points and if you buy it, when you die it will leave a tombstone as a Power-Up that only the player who had it can pick up. When you pick it up, it will give you back all weapons and perks you had when you died. Tombstone is located at the second farm area. The only way to get to it is by opening the little shed and going into the labs. Find all the parts to build the power switch and turn it on. Let the electricity machine do its job, and the big garage door in the power room will open after. If you head up the stairs and jump across the gap to the other platform, Tombstone will be sitting along the railing. The best way to go about this is to play with at least one other person or a group. Turn on the power and whoever needs to buy the perk, do so. Then, leave one zombie or one crawler and either let it down the players with Tombstone or just cook a grenade at let it explode in your hands. Then, do not get revived, bleed out. The tombstone will appear where you died. Have the remainign player(s) kill the final zombie or crawler and you will respawn. Quickly grab your tombstone and the trophy will pop.

Tombstone Picture

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Dance On My Grave Video Trophy Guide

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Standard Equipment Map Vary
In TranZit, aquire 4 different equippable items in 1 game.

TranZit has five buildable objects, but the easiest are the four I will list. An object is found at every stop, every stop has a Workbench and there are various parts you need to build the object. Once the object has been built, you must pick it up, and to be on the safe side make sure you use it at least once (simply place it on the ground).

Turbine: Located at the Bus Depot, it requires the mannequin, fan and airplane tail.

Zombie Shield: At the Diner bus stop, look for a car door and dolly (furniture mover).

Machine Gun Turret: While at the Farm, look for the lawn mower, machine gun and ammo box.

Electric Trap: When you get to the Farm that also contains the Power Room, look for a car battery, a sculpture and a headlight.

The lever to turn on the power does not count as an object. Also, the Jet Cannon is another object which is built at the Workbench in the Town. At this time, I do not know the location of the parts. I will add it when I do.

Standard Equipment May Vary Video Trophy Guide

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You Have No Power Over Me
In TranZit, defeat "him" without being attacked by "him".

"Him" is the boos of TranZit so to speak. The easiest and quickest way to kill him is by using the EMP Grenade. Your first objective will be to get these from the Mystery Box. Once you get them from the box, your quest can begin. You will have to go to the fourth location of the map, the Farm with a Bunker. Go into the little shed and enter the power room. Build the power switch and turn it out. The big machine in the middle of the room will activate. You will see "Him" at the top, and then the machine will turn off. "Him" will only spawn between rounds. What you need to do is leave one zombie at the end of a round. When the Lightnight Cloud appears overhead, kill the final zombie. "Him" will spawn via a lightning bolt that reaches the ground. When it does spawn, throw both of your EMP Grenades and when they explode, "Him" will do a summer-salt and go back up to the cloud. Also, I have been told that you are allowed to get hit, you just can't die from it.

"Him" Picture

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You Have No Power Over Me Video Trophy Guide

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I Don't Think They Exist
In TranZit, kill one of the denizens of the forest while it is latched on to you.

Denizens of the Forest are one of the two new zombie types in Black Ops II. They do not actually come from the forest. During your play in TranZit, you will notice there are a bunch of area that are foggy and/or dusty. You will also notice that you find it only on the paths to main locations on the map. If you enter one of these area on foot or fall of the bus in an area like this, a Denizen will come after you. You can tell because you will hear a loud shriek. Denizens are about the size of a baby or small child, have a large head and a tail. They are also very skinny things. They will fly through the air and latch on your head and scratch your face. There are only two ways to get them off: either melee about five times and they will die or have a friend shoot them off. For this trophy, you must knife the Denizen until it unlatches from your face and dies. Wait until the end of a round and get a slow zombie or a crawler. Then, just walk out a little bit into the fog and get on to latch on to you. I had to do it a few times until the trophy unlocked, but it will unlock within the first few attempts. Also, just to add to your knowledge, Denizens do not award points and will not drop Power-Ups.

Denizen of the Forest Picture

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I Don't Think They Exist Video Trophy Guide

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Fuel Efficient
In TranZit, use an alternative mode of transportation.

The main mode of transportation is the bus, but there is one more thing you could do. First, you will need to build the Turbine. Once you get outside, there will be a Street Light right behind the left side of the bus. Place the Turbine there. The light will now start to emit a green light/halo. Now, go into the fog to the left and let a Denizen latch on to you. Walk/Run over to the Street Light and the Denizen will off directly underneath and create a portal. Hop in and you will be transported to another part of the map. You could also just wait until you have the power turned on, that way many more Street Lights will be available.

Fuel Efficient Video Trophy Guide

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Happy Hour
In TranZit, buy 2 different perks before turning on the power.

Yes you can actually buy perks without turning on the power. You can build objects in TranZit, one of them being the Turbine. There is a Workbench in the starting room (the Bus Depot). In the room you start in, there are three parts you need to find and put together. The Mannequin is located in the middle of the room. The Fan is located on a chair near the Workbench. Finally, the Airplane Tail is located right next to the small circular room, on the floor. When they are all put together and you use the object, it will act as a source of power, meaning you won't need the power to be turned on to buy perks. However, if you want the perk to remain active, you must keep the Turbine in front of the perk. Now you could do this one of two ways. You could play solo, and buy Quick Revive for 500 points. Then, get on the bus and go to the next area. You will have to go into the Diner, and in there you will find Speed-Cola and it will cost you 3,000 points. Alternately, you could play with a group and buy those same two perks.

Happy Hour Video Trophy Guide

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[top]Choices & Endings Guide

This guide will detail specific choices in the game and how those choices play out and effect the overall ending of the story.

Choices Guide

There are choices that you make in the campaign, some major and some minor. This portion of the guide will detail what the choices are, how they effect the story and which trophies are directly effect by the choice that is made.

Old Wounds: Shoot Kravchenko or Resist (affects Dirty Business)
During the level you will capture Kravchenko (who we all thought was dead) and Woods will interrogate him. During this scene, numbers will start flashing in Mason's head. He will cock and load his M1911 and begin to hold it at Kravchenko's head. To resist, repeatidly tap . If you successfully resist, you will learn about a mole in the CIA and will be mentioned when Woods and Mason capture Noriega in Suffer With Me. If you don't resist and shoot Kravchenko, nothing of a mole will be mentioned.

Fallen Angel: Drive Through the Fire or Avoid It (affects Hey Good Looking)
As you are evading and escaping with the SOC-T, a pipeline will burst and begin spewing fire. Harper will tell you to dodge it. If you dodge it, Harper will go through the remainder of his in game time looking completely normal. If you drive into it, the right side of his face will be severely burned.

Karma/Dispatch: Rescue or Ignore Chloe (affects Showdown , Ship Shape, and Good Karma)
During this level, Chloe will be taken by DeFalco. If she is taken by him and you do not rescue her in Dispatch, she will be absent on Odysseus and will not be able to help reboot the defenses or stop Menendez' cyber attack later in the game. If you save her in Karma, this means DeFalco will be killed and not be present in later missions. If you save her is Dispatch, DeFalco will live to later in the game. If Chloe is saved, but Harper is on the Obama in Odysseus, she will be killed. She will not be able to fend off the attacks. If Farid is on the boat with her, she can fend off the attacks.

Suffer With Me: Shoot Mason in the Head or Somewhere Else (affects Family Reunion)
If you shoot Mason in the head, he will be killed and depending on choices, David and Woods can visit his grave at the end. If you shoot Mason two times anywhere but in the head, he will visit Woods at the Vault. Depending on choices, Alex and David could have a possible family reunion in the Vault.

Achilles' Veil: Kill Harper or Menendez (affects Showdown , Ship Shape, Good Karma, and Ultimate Sacrifice)
If you kill Harper, Farid will remain in the undercover status. If Chloe survived but DeFalco was killed, Salazar will kill Farid. If Chloe survived and DeFalco lived, Farid will shoot DeFalco before being killed by Salazar. If you neglected to rescue Chloe, Farid and DeFalco will die in a shootout. If you try to kill Menendez, Harper will live. He will be present in later missions. If Chloe survived, he will not be able to protect Chloe and she will be killed.

Odysseus: Kill or Wound Briggs (affects Ship Shape and Good Karma)
When you play as Menendez, you have the choice of killing or wounding Briggs. Killing him will not allow him to reactivate the defenses with Chloe if she survived. If he lives, there is a chance that the defenses can be activated and the Obama could be saved.

Cordis Die: Snipe or Rappel (affects only a challenge in the level)
Early on in the mission, you have the choice to snipe or rappel. Niether choice has a major effect on the story, just how you play out the next few minutes.

Judgement Day: Kill or Capture Menendez (affects Dead or Alive, but will be obtained no matter the choice.)
At the end of the level, David can kill or caputre Menendez. If you kill him, Cordis Die will uprise (that's the only thing that happens due to his death). If you capture him and Chloe lives, Menendez will be put in jail and his cyber attack will be prevented thanks to Chloe. He will then witness Chloe on Jimmy Kimmel and will bash his head into the TV. If you capture him but Chloe did not survive, during the cyber attack Menendez will be freed from his cell. He will sneak into the Vault and talk to Woods. Menendez will slit Woods throat and lay him in bed. A year later, Menendez will dig up his sister's, Josefina's, grave. He will douse himself in gasoline and ready a match/lighter. Cordis Die may uprise as well.

Endings Guide

This portion will deatil all of the possible endings (or most of them), no matter how closely they are related or how far apart they are. Personally, I found four decisions that effect the endings the most: whether you save or kill Alex Mason, your choice of killing Harper or trying to kill Mendendez while playing as Farid, if you rescue Chloe in Karma or Dispatch or don't rescue her at all/she dies on the Obama and whether you capture or kill Menendez. It basically makes sixteen combinations. I will try to detail all sixteen as much as possible.

Save Alex Mason, Save Chloe, Kill Harper, Kill Menendez - Alex Mason will show up at the Vault, revealing to Woods that he survived the events in Panama. As Alex and Woods catch up, David goes to visit Woods as well. Woods reintroduces the two and they have a brief chat. A post death tape of Menendez goes viral. Cordis Die begins to uprise.

Save Alex Mason, Save Chloe, Kill Harper, Capture Menendez - Menendez is thrown in jail. Alex appears at the Vault, revealing to Woods that he survived the events in Panama. David goes to visit Woods, and Woods reintroduces the two for a quick reunion. Due to Chloe surviving, she is able to stop a cyber attack by Menendez. Chloe then goes on Jimmy Kimmel for "saving the world" and being the only celbrity that has actually done something noteworthy. Menendez sees this on the tv in his jail cell, and bashes his head into the tv.

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