Players: 1 - 2 offline, 2 - 4 online
Online Trophies: Online or Offline, Your Choice
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No Cheats
Estimated Time to 100%: 10 - 15 hours, Depending on Skill and Luck
Estimated Difficulty: 5/10
Minimum Playthroughs: Multiple Required
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: Will All Come in Due Time
Glitched Trophies: No


Welcome to Alcatraz. This prison holds the country's most notorious criminals. Located on an island off Golden Gate Bridge, no one has ever escaped .... until now. The zombies have broke loose and set four inmates on a quest to escape and find the Weasel amongst themselves. Fight for your lives as Albert Arlington, Salvatore DeLuca, Billy Handsome and Finn O'Leary. With a new map brings new challenges, perks, guns and other .... fun things for you. Do you have what it takes to escape the hell hole called Alcatraz and make it to safety? Or will the prison that has sheltered these cold blooded bastards be your demise. Only the strong can survive .... or can they?

[top]Tips & Strategies

Afterlife - Every round you will be awarded one use of it. You enter it after getting downed or by using on the the optional switches. From this, you can open normally unopenable doors and activate things required for the Easter Egg. The shock you have is used to open doors. It can also be used on zombies, while it does not kill them, it will teleport them to another location on the map.

Brutus - This tough bastard will come every now and then. He takes and deals a lot of damage. He can also lock the Mystery Box, perks, workbenches and plane.

Electric Cherry - The new perk that sends out an electric shock when you reload or run out of bullets and are forced to reload.

Mystery Box - It still works like usual, but it's appearance is new. It comes out of a bath of fire and has spikes ... almost like it is out of hell.

Blundergat/Acid Gat - This is basically the new Wonder Weapon and resembles a Blunderbuss. It can be retrieved from the Mystery Box or by doing the main Easter Egg. When you find all acid parts, you can convert it to a new, more powerful weapon on the workbench.

Icarus (Plane) - This is how you "escape" Alcatraz. The parts locations are found in No One Escapes Alive.

Uzi/Thompson - New wall weapons. The Uzi can be found in multiple spots, while the Thompson is noly found at the Docks.

Death Machine/AK-47/LSAT - All new Mystery Box weapons.


Step 1: Learn the Map - Take some time and learn the map. It can get confusing. Learn the layout and the basics. Do this until you feel comfortable.

Step 2: Easter Egg - Play and do the Easter Egg. You should get a good amount of trophies just from this.

Step 3: Clean Up - Any trophies you did not get from learning the map or the Easter Egg should be gotten now. You know what to do and you know the map well so it shouldn't be a problem.


No One Escapes Alive
In Mob of the Dead, execute the escape plan.

This is PART of the Easter Egg for the map. We will consider this the first half of the Easter Egg. It is really simple, consisting of escaping Alcatraz and getting to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Step #1: The Warden's Key - Above the door to the Warden's Office is a blocked off cell area. Enter the Afterlife and jump up through the hole. Shock the machine to the left and go to the right through another down, down the stairs and shock the voltage meter. The key will be hanging from a string underneath the machine you shocked.

Step #2: The Roof - Go to the Cafeteria and find the door to the Infirmary. While in there, you will come across a sign for the roof. Enter Afterlife and find the hole in the area that you can go through. Take it to the roof and shock the voltage meter to open up the roof.

Step #3: Plane Parts - Now you need to find the parts to build the plane, Icarus. The Uniform is located in the laundry/shower looking room. There will be a door that requires the Warden's Key to open. Enter the Afterlife and shock the voltage meters as well as the washing machine. Then heal yourself and wait for the washing machine to finish so you can grab the uniform. Next is the Rigging. Head into the Citadel and to the bottom of the spiral staircase/walkway. Open the little cage with the Warden's Key. Run back to the top and enter Afterlife. Head back down and take notice of the numbers. Go back to the cage you unlocked and input the numbers by shocking the individual panels, from left to right. Revive yourself and go back down to the bottom, throw the door and down the stairs. Enter the passageway on the left and follow it until the end. Open the door and grab the part. Now we grab the Engine. It is located in the room with the machines/computer things in between the Citadel and Docks. Enter the Afterlife and go through the now visible hole in the wall. Shock all of the machines/computers in there. Head back up to the Warden's Office. The once electrified door is open. You can use the key to open the door and grab the part. We could fly without Propane Tanks, right? They are located on the Docks. Use the key to open the door near the Thompson. Enter Afterlife and shock the voltage meter. One person go through the gate and grab the part, then shock the voltage meter again to escape. Now we need the Oxygen Tanks. This can be found in the Infirmary right next to the Hellhound head. Use the key to open and grab. Put the last part on the plane!

Step #4: The Escape - Board the plane and fly to the Golden Gate Bridge! You can return by using the Electric Chairs.

No One Escapes Alive Video Trophy Guide

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Feed the Beast
In Mob of the Dead, obtain Hell's Retriever.

This trophy is actually pretty fun. Around the map are three Red Hellhound Heads on walls in various parts of the map. All you need to do is kill a zombie in the general area of the marked location and a Hellhound Head will pop out of the wall. When a zombie is killed it will suck it in and eat it. The head can only eat one at a time and will only go after another when it has fully swallowed the one it is working on. You need to have it eat somewhere around ten zombies. Once it has done so, it will go away and the marked spot will glow red. After you have done all three you will need to head to the Citadel, better known as the Catacombs or Basement to most players. In the locations with the dead, white tarp covered bodies in a small, noticeable brick wall. There will be three glowing Hellhound Head (due to completing all three locations) and a hole in the wall. Go in and grab the Hell's Retriever with . And I got to say, this thing is bad ass! Without further adue, here are the locations for the heads:

Hellhound Head #1 - After opening the door to the Cafeteria, immediately to the left in a door with a sign above it saying Infirmary. Follow it up until you get to a room that has a wooden case with a bright green, acid colored object in it. This room is also right before Deadshot Daiquiri and on the way to the roof.

Hellhound Head #2 - This one is on the catwalk level right under Electric Cherry, but directly opposite of it.

Hellhound Head #3 - This is the only one located outside. On the docks is a Workbench with a door to the left. The marker for this Hellhound is to the left of the door.

Feed the Beast Video Trophy Guide

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Making the Rounds
In Mob of the Dead, complete the cycle 3 times.

For this trophy, you have to build Icarus (the plane) and escape from Alcatraz to the Golden Gate Bridge three times in one game. After each trip to the bridge you will need to use the Electric Chair to get back to Alcatraz and rebuild the plane. The parts locations can be found in No One Escapes Alive, but this trophy will come naturally when doing Pop Goes the Weasel.

Making the Rounds Video Trophy Guide

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Acid Drip
In Mob of the Dead, convert a weapon using a kit.

The Blundergat us a new Wonder Weapon for this map. It is obtained via the Mystery Box or by finding the 5 Skulls in the Easter Egg. If you get it this way, it will spawn in the Warden's Office, on his desk. Now of course, it doesn't stop there. Once you have the weapon, you can find three parts around the map and build them on the Workbench in the Cafeteria. Once the Acid Gat Kit is build, you can put the Blundergat on it and make it become the Acid Gat. This IS NOT upgrading the weapon, simply switching it to a new version of it. You can still upgrade the gun like normal. Each part can be found in a few locations. but all of the locations are within a bigger one (like one of the multiple rooms of the Infirmary):

Acid Bottle - This part can be found in the Infirmary. It's glowing lime green and is hard to miss.

Case - This part is in the Cell Block, but since this location is larger it is more spread out. The first spot is on a desk/chair right outside the spawn area. The next location is around the Afterlife box that is located near the Cafeteria. Finally, it can be found under the stairs on the way up to the B23R.

Motor - It is found in the Warden's Office. It's large and bulky, making it near impossible to miss.

Acid Drip Video Trophy Guide

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Full Lockdown
In Mob of the Dead, Brutus completes his patrol.

This trophy can be a real pain. First, get four players to make this easier. Make sure every player has Juggernaut and most of you have an Afterlife on standby. Once Brutus spawns, kill every other zombie and leave him until the end. Basically, you will have to lure him to the things that need to be locked by him. He will most likely follow you, but if you stay around the object long enough he may venture to it. If not, when you get downed he should go right to the object and lock it. Juggernaut should make you last longer against him so you will not go down, but that is also the point of having four players and After lifes. Here is what he needs to lock down and what is required:

Perks - Juggernaut, Electric Cherry, Speed-Cola, Double Tap and Deadshit Daiquiri need to be TURNED ON in order for Brutus to lock it.

Mystery Box - Where it is when Brutus comes needs to be locked, not every location.

Plane/Icarus - One part of the plane has to be built on the roof. Simply having the pad on the roof will not work.

Workbenches - All Workbenches must be locked. The Acid Gat must be built on one while the Zombie Shield needs to be on another.

I actually found a very easy way to do this, although I'm not sure how full proof this is, it did work for me. First off, have every perk activated and the Zobmie Shield and Acid Gat Kit built. Have the plane fully built as well. In addition, have every door opened (ones you buy and ones you open in Afterlife). Have one player at the Docks. Every other player should be on the Roof. Play until a Brutus spawns. The players on the Roof should hold out until Brutus comes to them. When he gets to the top of the steps, board Icarus. He should hit in while you (and possibly others if playing with three or four) are on/taking off. The last player is strictly there to make sure Brutus stays on Alcatraz. Since the group on the Roof and the person on the Docks are so far apart, he should lock most of the things, if not everything, on route to the player(s). If the person on the Docks dies, Brutus MAY still go around once the player(s) leave(s) on Icarus.

Full Lockdown Video Trophy Guide

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A Burst of Flavor
In Mob of the Dead, kill 10 zombies at once with a new beverage.

This trophy is easiest done in the early rounds of the game and requires you to buy the new perk, Electric Cherry. This perk is what some consider useful, but others call annoying. When you reload, it sends out a shock that will electrocute nearby zombies. If you wait until your magazine is empty and the reload animation starts on its on, a bigger, stronger shock comes out that can effect more zombies. Electric Cherry is easily found in this map. From the spawn area, head out the door you can buy in the room with what seem to be bookshelves. Head up the ramp to the left, and from there up the steps. Once you open the 2,000 point door, the perk will be located on the left. You will need to enter Afterlife to shock the voltage meter and turn it on. Once that is done, you can buy it for 2,000 points. Now you will need to head outside via the Gondola (which you have to shock to be able to use). Once outside, you will notice that it seems tightly packed, but with practice it is very easy to run a train, especially in the early rounds. Out here will be the easiest place to do this. When you are ready, don't kill any zombies. Run around and corral a large group of them. When you are sure you have more than ten, fire your current weapon (not at the zombies) until you have only a round or two left. Then, corner yourself and fire the last shot. Odds are you will go down but the shock should be powerful enough to go through and kill every zombie around you.

A Burst of Flavor Video Trophy Guide

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Paranormal Progress
In Mob of the Dead, open a door without spending points.

This trophy will actually come naturally while doing the Easter Egg. Basically, you have to enter the Afterlife and shock a voltage meter that is connected to a door. The one you have to do is opening the door to the Warden's Office. Above the door is a catwalk with a visible entrance if in the Afterlife. Jump up and go to the right. You will see another hole in the wall. Go through it and down the steps. At the end is a voltage meter on the left. Simply shock it to open the door and get the trophy.

Paranormal Progress Video Trophy Guide

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GG Bridge
In Mob of the Dead, survive an entire round on the bridge on round 15 or higher.

I would do this trophy while going for No One Escapes Alive and Pop Goes the Weasel since you will need to make multiple trips to the bridge anyway. I would highly recommend Juggernaut and Electric Cherry while doing this. Cherry will damage zombies so you won't have to use as many bullets while Jug will help for the various Brutus' that will come into play. As for guns, I'd make sure to use strong, high capacity ones. Also, make sure they are both get upgraded before or during the pursuit of this trophy as the extra damage and ammo will make a significant difference. For guns, I would recommend the Thompson, Death Machine, Galil, LSAT and/or Ray Gun. Also make sure you have an Afterlife in case you happen to get downed. Other than that, run a train (run around, getting zombies to follow you then turn and shoot).

GG Bridge Video Trophy Guide

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Trapped in Time
In Mob of the Dead, use and upgrade all traps before round 10.

This trophy is actually a lot simpler than you may think. It can also be a bit misleading as only one trap is upgradable. The main thing for this trophy is learning the map and saving points. I happened to get this done around Round 6 with ease. You do not have to kill a zombie with the trap either, just merely activate it.

Acid Trap - This cool trap showers a very effective and devastating acid on anything that walks under the shower heads. The quickest what to get this is to buy the door next to the M14. Follow the stairs up and then drop off. Buy the door under the Cafeteria sign. You will now be able to use the trap for 1,000 points.

Fan Blades Trap - Anything that walks into this beauty will be chopped to bits .... unless you crawl under the fans. In the starting room, buy the other door that is in the room with what appear to be bookshelves. Head up the ramp to the second level and buy the door on the right. Follow it until you can hop down to ground level. You will be able to see the Warden's Office. You will have to enter the Afterlife by either downing yourself or using a switch. There is a catwalk about the Office. While in Afterlife, jump up through the hole in the bars. Shock the weird machine to the left, then proceed right through a hole in the wall. Follow it down and shock the voltage meter on the left. The trap can now be used for 1,000 points.

Sniper Trap (RPG Trap when upgraded) - This bad boy provides sniper cover for you and RPG fire when upgraded. This is located on the docks, at the water's edge and is only accessible via the Gandola. You will need the Warden's Key which you got by shocking the machine on the left while activating the Fan Blades Trap. To the left of the Thompson is a door where you can use the key. Whether you are playing solo or with friends, have someone activate the trap for 1,000 points. This will cause a little wooden board to move, revealing a voltage meter. Enter the Afterlife via the switch that is in the area of the door you just opened. Head back to the trap and shock the meter before the board covers it up.

Trapped in Time Video Trophy Guide

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Pop Goes the Weasel
In Mob of the Dead, break the cycle.

This is the FINAL portion of the Easter Egg. This part is all about finding the Weasel.

Steps #1 - 4: Making the Plane - See No One Escapes Alive.

Step #5: Hell's Retriever - See Feed the Beast.

Step #6: Doing Two More Flights - See Making the Rounds.

Step #7: Blue Skulls - There are Five Skulls you need to find and hit with the Hell's Retriever. The first is on the Docks near the Sniper trap, sitting on one of the pillars keeping the dock up. You can see if in the Afterlife. When you see it, shock it so someone knows the location and can throw the axe. The next one is near Juggernaut. Go to the front right corner (the corner to the right of the entrance to the Citadel). You will see a lamp post. The skull is on top of it. It make take a few tries to hit and you could also try as you ride the Gondola. The next on is right near spawn. From spawn, go to the doorway you opened in the room with the bookshelves. There will be the stairs to the left and jail cells in front of you. This skull is on top of the toilet in the far right stall. The fourth one needs to be obtained via the Warden's Office. Go in the room with the perk and look through the boarded up window. There is a telephone poll. Aim and throw right towards the top of it. The final skull is on the roof, to the left of where you build the plane. It's on the corner of the roof closest to you, right outside of the playable map.

Step #8: The Blundergat - Right outside the Warden's Office is some jail cells. Take the little hallway on the right, a cell on the left has a colorful poster in it. Throw the tomahawk at it. Head into the office and near the perk. The Blundergat has spawned on the desk. Someone must take it in order to proceed.

Step #9: Spoons - Now you can go after some spoons. Enter Afterlife via the switch across from the Warden's Office. There is a new hole you can go in. Right when you enter it there will be a crack in the ground. To the right of the crack is the spoon. Shock it and it will disappear. Next, go to the Cafeteria, in the back there will be a cart blocking the way. In the area it is blocking, there is a cart to the left. Throw the tomahawk at it to get it.

Step #10: Prisoner Numbers - If you have not traveled to the bridge three separate times this step cannot be done. If you have, head back to the big spiral staircase/walkway where you input numbers before. If all is well and good they should be continuously switching/rolling. One person enter the Afterlife and input the prisoner's numbers. They are 872, 101, 386 and 481. If done right, the numbers will switch after each correct input. When all are done correctly, you will hear a voice and your screen will turn black and white.

Step #11: Dropping them Beats - Headphones will now be dropped in the way of Power-Ups. The must be grabbed in order on the way back to the roof. You must listen to the current grabbed headphone before the next drops. The first is on the spiral staircase/walkway where you are at the end of Step #10. The next is a room at the bottom of the Citadel via the first floor of the Cell Blocks. The next one is one the ground level off the Cell Blocks. The fourth one is in the Infirmary and the final one is at the top of the stairs leading to the roof.

Step #12: Returning to the Bridge - First off, make sure you have the Propane Tanks on the plane. If it is all set up to go, every player enter the Afterlife via the switch in the Infirmary. Head back up and press the button to board the plane. If all goes right the plane will take off without you and you will be in infinite Afterlife. When you arrive at the bridge, revive yourself at the Electric Chair.

Step #13: The Finale - Albert Arlington is the Weasel. The game will end when the other three players have killed him or when he has killed the other three players. Both ways unlock the trophy.

Pop Goes the Weasel Video Trophy Guide

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[top]Easter Eggs

Golden Spork - You actually obtain this halfway while doing the Easter Egg but here is a quick walkthrough anyway:
  1. Step #1: Complete No One Escapes Alive.
  2. Step #2: Complete Feed the Beast.
  3. Step #3: Complete Acid Drip.
  4. Step #4: Complete Step #9 of Pop Goes the WEasel.
  5. Step #5: Go to the Infirmary and look at the tub filled with blood across from the Mystery Box and press .
  6. Step #6: Head into the Citadel and find the showers. Keep killing zombies with the Acid Gat until you hear the Demonic Announcer.
  7. Step #7: Go back up to the tub and press again, the spoon will now appear.

Upgraded Hell's Retriever
The badass cousin
  1. Step #1: Complete Feed the Beast.
  2. Step #2: Use only the Hell's Retriever for one round on the Golden Gate Bridge. After the round, head back to the prison. Do not shoot a single bullet!!!
  3. Step #3: Go to the Hellhound Head in the Cell Block. There is a fire pit underneath the head, throw your Hell's Retriever into it. Complete the round.
  4. Step #4: Go back to where you grab the weapon and the Hell's Redeemer will be there, and it's blue

Jump Scare - Yo

"Rusty Cage" by Johnny Cash - Yo

"Where Are We Going" by Kevin Sherwood - Yo

"Samantha's Lullaby" by Kevin Sherwood - Yo

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