Players: 1 - 4, 4 for the Easter Egg
Online Trophies: Yes
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10 - 15 hours
Estimated Difficulty:
Minimum Playthroughs: Multiple
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None


Welcome to Buried! An Old West town in the heart of Africa. Visit the General Store for all of your needs, the Saloon to get good and drunk, The Gunsmith for your weapons, the Candy Store for those of you with a sweet tooth or the Jail to find out neighborhood drunk. Oddly enough, he's the most helpful person in town. Armed with new weapons and a new perks. Find your way around to find off hoards of the undead, outlaw style! Watch out for the creepy mansion down the lane. They say the spirit of a long lost woman haunts it. Oh, don't forget the lovely hedge maze and gazebo, it boasts a little surprise!

[top]Tips & Strategies

Bank - Returns, you can store and withdraw points.

Maze - Constantly cycles through patterns every time you go there. Has a destructible fountain in the middle and the Pack-A-Punch in the back.

Weapon Locker - Located in the General Store, you can store one weapon here.

Ray Gun Mark II - A new Ray Gun variant. It has a three round burst and can go through multiple zombies. You can not have this and the standard Ray Gun at the same time.

The Giant, The Candy and The Booze - The Giant's name is LeeRoy. You can use candy from the Candy Store or booze from the Saloon or the Jail to get him to do specific things for you.

Ghost of a Woman (Mistresses) - They are located in the Mansion. When you travel through they will keep coming until you leave the building and reach the Maze. Then a few will come after and the last will drop a perk. Are easy to kill, but you will get no points doing so and each time they hit you, you lose 2,000 points. Also, the more people in the game, the more of them there are (three people equals the times the amount that spawn for only one person).

Turbine - Parts and benches found in Death from Below.

Trample Steam - All parts (Chicken Wire, Motor, Bellows, Flag) are found in the General Store. Bench locations found in Death from Below.

Head Chopper - All parts (Stand, Motor, Hinge, Saw) are found in the General Store. Bench locations found in Death from Below.

Subsurface Resonator - Parts and benches found in Death from Below.

Benches - One is up the stairs to the left of the initial Mystery Box location. Another is located in the Saloon. One is located in the Court House and the final one is located in the Church. There is no set buildable per bench and it will rotate each game what thing is built where.

Remington New Model Army - New weapon added to the Mystery Box. A very powerful six shot revolver.

Paralyzer - A new Wonder Weapon, it has unlimited ammo, but a recharge period is required. It will slow down zombies, eventually causing death.

Time Bomb - A new Wonder Weapon that is a special grenade. You can place it and when activated, it will take you to the round it was placed and with what you currently had and where you were.

Vulture Aid - A new perk, costing 3,000 points, located in the Church. It lets you see other perks and wall weapons on the map. Zombies killed will also create a green mist and may drop coin bags and ammo.

Chalk Outlines - Located in the Gunsmith. Place the gun on the "?" located at the Jail, near the first Mystery Box spawn, the Saloon balcony, the second floor Court House and the second floor of the Church. Placing it gives you 1,000 points and you will get an extra 1,000 ones all are placed. There is also a chalk and "?" for the 870 CMS right after you leave the starting area.


  1. Step 1: Learn the Map and get Random Trophies - Take a few games to learn the map and the locations of everything. Also, learn the specialities of the map and use them to your advantage. Do any trophies you can during this step.
  2. Step 2: Easter Egg - Now complete the Easter Egg. This may take you a few times and a few hours.
  3. Step 3: Clean Up - Any trophies you don't have now go for. You will know the map well enough to be able to do them easily/have an idea of how to do them.



Mined Games
In Buried, be their pawn.

Ah, what would a new map be without an Easter Egg? Like before, there is a Richtofen and Maxis path, with the prior being easier. When you complete it, all players will get every perk. The perks last for the entire game. Also, this Easter Egg requires four players. In addition, destroy all barricades, open all doors and destroy both fountains, it makes things a lot easier. I highly recommend your group of four play a game and rack up points. Then, each person try to build up 20,000 - 30,000 points and put them in the Bank. Then during Round 1 of the next game, do not kill any zombies. Instead, whithdraw you points and get the Paralyzer, Time Bomb, Vulture Aid and any other weapons and perks you need and get an early start.

Richtofen's Path

Step #1: Gullotine - The Gullotine is located in between the Gunsmith and Saloon and requires four parts:
  • Antenna - Located in the Barn, lying against a post.
  • Satellite - On the railing of the second floor right side balcony of the Saloon.
  • Spool - In the Gunsmith, in the room to the left of the weapons chalk.
  • Stone - Take the mine cart rail that is on the left side balcony of the Saloon. When you follow it you will come to a spot where you can go left or right, go left and jump over the hole and continue straight. It is in the middle of a rubble pile.

Step #2: Charging Orbs -
For this trophy, you will need the Paralyzer. Once obtained from the Mystery Box, you will need to find four orbs and charge them by shooting them. After one is charged, you will hear a ding and the orb will turn white, along with a red haze comign from it.
  • Orb #1 - In between the Saloon and Candy Store.
  • Orb #2 - To the left of the Church, there is an alcove with an orb at the back.
  • Orb #3 - When going for the Stone in Step #1, make the right instead of the left. It's against a rubble pile.
  • Orb #4 - Go through the Mansion. When you leave it, don't go through the Maze, take the path to the opposite side of where you exited the Mansion. It is against the wall, partially covered by ivy.

Step #3: Lantern -
After the orbs are charged, a Purple Lantern will appear somewhere on the map. As soon as you find it, it will start to float away. You will need to use a weapon with explosive damage to knock it down. A Grenade (cooked for three reticule pulsations) or an RPG will kock it down. Once it hits the ground, you have a short time to pick it up before it disappears and you have to find it again. Now, you will need to charge it, Get your entire group and head into the Mansion. Kill as many Mistresses as you can before you reach the exit. Each time one is killed you will hear a ding. By the time you exit, it will be charged enough.

NOTE: I only ever found the lantern near the Court House and Church, but have been told it has other locations.

Step #4: Solve the Code, Melee the Signs and Follow the Wisp - Once you make it through, head back into town and head to the roof on the left side of the Gunsmith and place the Lantern on a symbol. a Code will come up, but to make this easier I have a picture for you to use. The signs for the codes codes will be scattered along the path of the mines. There are a total of five signs in the mines, though you only need to find three. They can be easy to find, or back in a dark crevice. Once you find your three, one person will need to buy the Bowie Knife or Galvaknuckles and melee the three signs you got from the codes in any order. Also, if every person gets the perk Vulture Aid it will make this next park much easier, in addition to having everything destroyed and opened. Once the last sign is meleed, the people with the perk will be able to see a white ball. Players will need to step on the ball to charge it. Not getting it in time will cause the charge to run out and make you have to go back and melee signs again. It is best to have three people have the perk, that way the meleer can do the mine portions and the other two players can split the town in half (don't worry about the grassy courtyard area). Learn the paths of the Wisp and it will eventually go to the final spot (run into it), the Gullotine.

Step #5: Charge the Wisp - With the Wisp at the Gullotine, you will have to kill five zombies that end up getting caught up by the wisp (the zombie will have white/purple blobs on it). A white ball will be located on the Stone you collected and placed earlier. Each time a charged zombie killed, a little white ball will rotate around the big one. Once five are doing so, this step is done.

Step #6: Infinity Mode - If you don't already have the Timb Bomb, get it now. Then, place it directly on the Gullotine. When playing and a round ends, the round indicator on the bottom left of the screen flashes red and white, this is when you active the bomb. Doing so will turn the game black and white and the round indicator will now be an Infinity Symbol. During this 90 second period the zombies will be near invincible and the bodies of the players will be scattered across the map at ten possible locations. You will have to search the bodies until you find a Lever. At the time of the screen, when you search a body you will either see "Nothing was found..." or "A lever was found.." Also, the bodies can move spots after a spot is search with no result and sometimes it will take around ten to fifteen seconds for the bodies to spawn in (if all players go to locations and no bodies are found, run around for a couple secodns and bodies should appear). If you do not find the lever, you will need to play until you get a Max Ammo and redo this process. Once you find the lever, place it on the Gullotine. Here are all the body locations, I recommend splitting them up into two 2 chunk areas and two 3 chunk areas instead of everyone rushing an area:
  • In front of the Jail, to the left of the wagon.
  • In between the first Mystery Box spawn and the General Store.
  • In the little crevice area to the right of the Gunsmith that was originally blocked by a barricade.
  • To the left of the Gunsmith entrance.
  • In the little alley, in the bushes, between the Bank and Barn.
  • Either at the base of the stairs in front of the Saloon, or at the base of the stairs inside leading to the second floor.
  • In between in Candy Store and General Store, near where the barricade was.
  • Near the Fountain in the courtyard.
  • In the crevice to the left of the Church, where the orb was.
  • Next to the Workbench in the Church.

Step #7: Levers -
Now, every player will need to head into the Maze. There are four green gates in the Maze. Each player needs to go to a gat and find a Lever (and which side of the gate it is on). There are Red, Yellow, Green and Blue levers. For your game, the must be pulled in a designated order. If they are pulled in the wrong order, you must jump through the fountain in the middle of the Maze to reset them so you can do it again (make sure to have both fountains destroyed or you'll die when you jump in). I find it best for each player to have their own color. Pick a random order to pull them at first. Once all four are pulled down, any that spark orange were pulled at the correct spot. For example, if Red was pulled first and it sparked, that means it will always need to be pulled first in and order you try. If the other three did not spark, that means they were pulled at the wrong spot. So say if Blue was pulled second, but did not spark, that means it is not the second in the order. It will be either third or fourth. You should get the idea from this, if not check out the video. Once all are pulled in the correct order, the step is complete.

Step #8: Target Range - This is the HARDEST portion of the Easter Egg. There are four shooting range locations, each with a certain amount of targets. Each player will have to hit every target in one go (that means you can't miss one). It is eas to spot the targets location because a lighting bolt zaps the target into play. It doesn't matter how many bullets you use to do so. Also, the PDW is very useful for this You will have to Make a Wish at the Fountain at the town's courtyard to start it off (I'll specify which player does this). You will also need a crawler and to give LeeRoy some Candy near it so he holds it. Doing so will make the crawler never die so you can go on without a problem (I'll specify which player does this). Now let's break down each area.

Saloon - This area has the least amount, only 19 targets. For this portion, the player will want to be station on the staircase that has a portion mission. The left or right side of it will do fine. The only targets you need to worry about are the two times one pops up at the bar. They will move down the length of the bar and you will only see the side of it. It isn't hard, but it's not as easy since it's a side view.

Toggle Spoiler

Candy Shop/General Store/Courthouse - For this area, there are 20 targets. This player will want to stand in betwen the Candy Store and the large rock in the courtyard (facing the Court House/General Store). The only hard ones I found were the three that pop up on the rock at different points, and the two at the General Store since it is a darker area. Also, another player may shoot one of yours (the way the targets line up). this is fine). This player will start the shooting range by making a wish at the fountain. They will also give LeeRoy the Candy near a crawler so he holds it. Then, this player will lure LeeRoy to their spot and get LeeRoy to stand behind him. This will make sure LeeRoy is not in the way.

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Jail/General Store/Bank Area - This area has 22 targets and in my opinion, is the hardest. You will almost be constantly moving when you do this. My only advice is to watch the video over and over to learn the pattern.

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Mansion - This final area has 23 targets and can be fairly hard. You will want to stand inside the Mansion gate, on the left side. You don't want to be in the bushes though. You want to be against the gate but in an open area. Many of these targets will be blocked by curtains, so make sure you pay close attention to the lightning strikes. All targets will spawn on the left side of the Mansion.

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After you all hit all of your targets in a single go, you will be awarded with all of the perks for the map. They will stay even if you go down or die. They will noly disappear once the game ends.


Ectoplasmic Residue
In Buried, acquire a perk for free.

First, you need to free LeeRoy from the Jail. Next, grab the Booze from the Saloon and make your way through the Candy Store. You will be in a large courtyard with a Mansion to your right. Bring LeeRoy towards the barricade in front and get his back to face it. When it is, give him the Booze. He will destroy the barricade and you be able to buy the door to the Mansion. There is a catch, it is filled with Misstresses that will steal your points every time the hit you. Kill any you come across while trying to escape. After you make it out, let the remaining follow you and kill them. When the last is killed, a Random Perk Bottle will be dropped. I highly recommend doing this with Juggernaug and possibly Speed-Cola if you have the points. Also, try to get the Ray Gun, Ray Gun Mark II or a high capacity/strong/reliable weapon to make the endeavor easier.


I'm Your Huckleberry
In Buried, access all areas with the help of your new friend in one game.

So in the Jail you will find LeeRoy. He is the town drunk/special guy. When you free him, you can use Booze to get him to destroy certain blockades around the map. When giving him the booze, you want his back facing the object you want him to run into. After he drinks the booze, he will run the opposite direction and hopefully into the object you want to destroy. The farther you are, the more points you get for the destruction. You will need to get the booze from the Jail and the Saloon before you can buy booze from the cash register in the Saloon. Also, ocne the initial two are found, one will respawn a round in the locations I listed. So lets let's go through a bunch of locations:

  • In the Jail, to the left of the cell.
  • In the Court House on the judge's desk.
  • On the second floor of the Saloon.
  • To the left of the teller areas at the Bank.

  • In the Jail, either in the cell or just to the left of the cell door.
  • In the Saloon, on the bar.
  • Also in the Saloon, on the middle table.
  • The last one, in the Saloon, on the back right table.

  • The first is blocking the entrance to the Jail.
  • To the left of the Jail, in the alley. It's blocking Juggernaug, you can see the red glow behind it.
  • Blocking the Gunsmith entrance.
  • In between the Gunsmith amd Barn.
  • In between the Candy Store and General Store.
  • The Fountain in the courtyard in front of the Mansion.
  • Blocking the Church entrance.
  • Blocking the gate entrance to the Mansion.


Death From Below
In Buried, drop the beat on 10 zombies in one game.

For this trophy, you must build teh Subsurface Resonator and a Turbine. When both are built and the Turbine is used for power, the Resonator will let on waves that go "WHOAP". It will make zombies fly and sometimes even explode. There are four benches in the map, but there are no designated benches for teh buildables. It is random each game. When you do this, I recommend doing this in the alley leading to Juggernaug. It's a funnel basically, and every zombie that comes in will get blown back. All the parts you need are found in the General Store. Let's go through some locations:

  • Bench #1 - Up the stairs to the left of the first Mystery Box spawn.
  • Bench #2 - To the left right after you enter the Saloon.
  • Bench #3 - On the left side of the middle of the Court House.
  • Bench #4 - To the left right after entering the Church.

Subsurface Resonator
  • Bearing - In the back room on the first floor.
  • Circuit - At the top of the stairs.
  • Speaker - On the counter near the Weapons Locker.
  • Stand - Near the back entrance of the store.

  • Fan - In the room on the second floor.
  • Mannequin - In the back room on the first floor.
  • Tail - Near/On the shelves on the first floor.


In Buried, make a candy delivery.

This trophy is fairly simple. Go to the Jail and free LeeRoy from his cell and use the Booze to get him out of the room. Take the alley across from the Jail and make the left. On the right will be the Saloon and to the left of it is the Candy Store. Pay the 750 points to get in. Look around for a bowl of Candy. Once you have it, go to LeeRoy and press He will then eat the candy. Now, depending on the situation and where you are, he may do a little something for you The candy can be found once a round and can be bought at the cash register once the very first is found. Here is a list of all the thing he can do with some candy if given near a specific spot:
  • Give it to him near the weapon chalk and he will place a few.
  • He can change a Power-Up.
  • If both a Subsurface Resonator and Turbine are built, but only the Resonator is placed, he will go get a Turbine.
  • Will attack zombies if around nothing else. Those zombies will respawn.
  • Near a Workbench, he will go find the parts.
  • If given near a crawler, he will pick it up.
  • If given next to the current Mystery Box location, he will hit the box, causing it to never get a Teddy Bear. If the box isn't at the spot, he will go get it and bring it over. If you get a weapon you don't want, the candy will cause him to roll the weapon again.


Awaken the Gazebo
In Buried, Pack-a-Punch a weapon during round 1 with no one using the bank or Weapon Locker.

This is probably the hardest trophy of the bunch. There are a few methods you can use, each requiring you to place each and every Weapon Chalk. Remember, you will need 5,000 points to Pack-A-Punch, 1,250 points to open the door to the Mansion and finally 1,000 points to get a weapon (you can risk the Mystery Box or get the weapon I prefer, the PDW). Depending on how you do this, and with how many other people, you may or may not be able to get hit at least once by a Mistress, since they take 2,000 points a hit. If you do it with multiple people, the others can watch teh zombies while you do what you need and go through the Mansion ALONE. Also, NEVER KNIFE ZOMBIES.

Time Bomb Method

For this trophy, place the 870 CMS Chalk when when you leave the spawn area (chalk and location right next to each other). Then, using your pistol, continually shoot zombies in the leg until you gain 1,900 points. It should only take you a kill or two to do this since you placed the chalk and start with 500 points, bringing you to 1,500 points. Now, you will get to hit the Mystery Box two times, hopefully getting the Time Bomb. You may need to play a few games until this works on. Once you get it, place it. Now, play the game normally and open every door and destroy every barricade. Doing this will make it easier for you when you activate the Timb Bomb and will make sure you didn't accidentally leave a barricade undestroyed or a door unopened. Remember, do not place ANY of the weapons chalk found in the Gunsmith!!!!! Once everything is destroyed and opened, activate the bomb. For this part, kill not a single zombie if you are able. You can kill a few if they are in the way and NO KNIFING. Then, grab chalk and place it at the following locations: Jail, the steps to the left of the Mystery Box, left side of the balcony of the Saloon and finally, he second floor of each the Court House and Church. After this, you will have 6,000 points. You can either risk a go at the Mystery Box for a good weapon, for just buy the PDW from where ever you place it. It has a fifty round magazine and may not even need to be reloaded when going though the Mansion. Now, you are ready to go through the Mansion. Take it slow and know where the Mistresses come from. There won't be many either, It only takes a few shots to kill them. Once you exit and get to the Maze, hold tight and kill any that follow so you get a free Perk and don't get hit from behind. Once all are dead, run through the Maze and finish off this trophy.

Paralyzer Method

Basically, you follow the same steps above in regards to the chalk placement. The difference is you do not need to open any doors or destroy barricades. After placing the 870 CMS. You must hit the Mystery Box one time in hopes of getting the Paralyzer. This gun has a neat little trick. When you jump and shoot it while in the air, you will levitate upwards. With this, you can go over barricades and vault up to ledges and holes in walls to gain easy access to place chalk. The only door you will need to open is the door to the Mansion which costs 1,250 points. You may need a few extra points to get a decent gun when the time comes to go for the trophy. You can either kill a few zombies or use LeeRoy and Booze. Free him from the Jail then hop into the Saloon******** and grab that booze. Find a barricade and destroy it from a distance. You should now be fully ready, just follow the rest of the method from above and you're good to go.


Revisionist Historian
In Buried, rewrite history.

For this trophy, you will need to obtain the Time Bomb from the Mystery Box. This is a new Wonder Weapon for the map. When you place it, a little black circle with the round you placed it will appear. The game will remember the points, perks, locations and weapons of everyone in the game at the time it is placed. When activated, you will go back to the round it was placed and have and be where ever you were when it was placed. Also, any buildables in progress or built, doors opened or blockades destroyed after the bomb's placement will be there when you go back in time. Now when you have it, press and press to throw it. When ever you are ready, press to go back in time!


Mazed and Confused
In Buried, survive an entire round within the maze on round 20 or higher.

So basically, some things are pretty much a given now. Free LeeRoy from [/B] via the Booze and use more booze to get him to destroy barricades that lead to needed areas. As you know, you will have to go through the Mansion and fight the Mistresses in order to reach the Maze. Perk wise, you will need Juggernaug and Speed-Cola. Mule Kick is optional, but I highly recommend it. For players' loadouts, I feel three people (at least two) should get Monkey Bombs while one person gets the Time Bomb. This is best because you can get to the Maze a round early with a few crawlers and lay it down. If you happen to fail/know you will fail the next wave you can activate it and retry. As for guns, every player should get the Ray Gun/Ray Gun Mark II then a gun of their choosing, preferably the HAMR or LSAT. For a third gun if you are able, get one you find to be reliable. I would choose the Paralyzer due to the fact it doesn't require ammo. Finally, the Head Chopper and Trample Steam are the best buildables to take. Try to save as many points as you can too, you will want to do this with at least one Pack-A-Punched weapon. When staking out a spot for the Maze, try to find a long strip (there is always one) and have two players at each end. They will come fast and furiously, and you will be cornered so to speak, but this is the best bet when going for this.

NOTE: I played on Easy and Original and camped at the fountain in the middle of the Maze and DID NOT earn the trophy. Doing it the way I described (actually in the Maze portion) will get you the trophy.


FSIRT Against the Wall
In Buried, purchase LSAT off the wall and Pack-a-Punch it.

This is another trophy that seems simple, but can be hard. First off, the LSAT is a weapon off the wall for Buried. It is located in the starting room. You will be on a walkway. One portion of it has stairs that collapsed. You will notice a short gap and then the other portion of stairs and walkway. You will need to go over and jump with and right when you are on the ledge of the steps, press again. You will only have a few seconds to run and purchase it for 2,000 points. For the most part, only one person will get it a game since it is rather tricky with multiple people trying to get the gun at once. Also, this is basically the only time you can get it (there is another way, but this way is so much simpler in terms of the trophy). Once obtained, it is best to head into town and buy the door to the General Store for 750 points. On the first floor is a white Gun Locker, store it in here until you are ready. This could mean this current game or a future game. To make this trophy easy, you will need to get LeeRoy out of the Jail and destroy the barricades at the jail, the alley next to it leading to Juggernaut and most importantly, the entrance to the Mansion. I recommend buying Juggernaug and Speed-Cola (located in the Court House). Also, other than the LSAT, I would say to have the Ray Gun/Ray Gun Mark II as well. The amount of points you have won't really matter, as when you head to the Mansion and go through, you will most likely get his by the Mistresses, causing you to lose most, if not all, of your points. In that case, play a few rounds in the Maze until you have 5,000 points. Then, head to the Gazebo and down the steps to the Pack-A-Punch.


When the Revolution Comes
In Buried, return to processing.

First off, you will need to get a gun that has some type of explosive damage like the RPG, Ray Gun, Ray Gun Mark II or Monkey Bomb. Once you get one of those, you're ready to rock. You will need to let LeeRoy out of Jail and use the Booze in his cell to get him out of Jail. Next, head over to the Saloon and open the door for 1,250 points. Find the Booze. Head through the Candy Store and buy the 750 point and 1,250 point doors. You will now be in a courtyard in front of a Court House. Church and Mansion. In the middle of this courtyard is a fountain. Make sure you get LeeRoy to this area and have his back face the fountain and when it is, give him the booze. He will then run in the opposite direction in which he is facing and destroy the fountain. Now, when you get another 1,250 points head into the Mansion. Run through and kill all of the Mistresses. After you make it out and kill them all, make your way through the Maze. You need to get to the center, which has another fountain. Destroy it with a weapon I listed earlier. A hole now appears in the ground. Jump in and you will be back at the staring area, thus earning you the trophy.

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