Players: 1, 2 Splitscreen, 2 - 4 Online

Online Trophies: All can be done Solo or Online
Estimated Time to 100%: 8 - 12 hours
Estimated Difficulty: 6/10
Collectibles Trophies: N/A
Minimum Playthroughs: N/A
Missable Trophies: All will come over time
Glitched Trophies: N/A


The fourth and final map pack for Black Ops has finally hit PS3, Rezurrection. Bringing back the four classic maps from World at War, all with a twist, and the new map Moon. Taking place on a Moon base you will have new enemies and obstacles to face. Richtofen is also up to something very devious .... an old aquaitence of his is waiting. Could this spell the end for zombies ... or just for our four guys? You will have to wait and see .... that is if you can survive.

[top]Tips & Strategies


Claymore - Standard Claymore returns.

Gersh Device - Returns from Ascension.

No Man's Land - This is the new starting area of the game. Zombies will start to spawn and will be easy one knife kills. When the buzzer goes off the zombies will get stronger and start to run as well as Hellhounds spawning. Each time the buzzer goes off the zombies get stronger. There is a teleporter up on the silver receiving area. All players must be on it for it to take you to the Moon. Once you are there Round 1 will begin.

Crawlers/Nova Zombies - Returning from Kino der Toten/"FIVE".

Hellhounds - Return from Kino der Toten but are only present in No Man's Land.

Mule Kick - This new perk is sort of a dark green color and located near the AK-74u. It allows you to have three guns at once. If you go down you will lose a gun. It costs 4,000 points and will definatley help you out on this map. As a treat, Treyarch has added it to all of the zombie maps on Black Ops.

Wave/Zap Gun - This is the new and fun wonder weapon for the map. When first obtained it is dual wield and shoots zaps similar to the Wunderwaffe but only effects one zombie. When you press :l: on the D-pad it puts the guns together. When shot at a zombie it will puff up and explode.

QED - The Quantem Entanglement Device is another new wonder weapon. It has MANY uses.
  • It can explode like the Astronaut Zombie, a grenade, an explosion similar to the Matryshka Dolls or a Scavenger shot.
  • Can spawn a random weapon that will shoot in a circle.
  • Can spawn a Pack A Punched or normal version of a gun in Power Up form.
  • Can down or revive an ally.
  • Can teleport players.
  • It can drop a Bonus Points Power Up. It can either give points to the player who picks it up, give points to everyone or put all points back to zero.
  • Can spawn more zombies.
  • Can give everyone a Pack A Punched version of their current weapon or give them the normal form of their Pack A Punched Weapon.

Gravity - Until the Power is turned on you will be in Zero-G. Jumps will be high and longer. Zombie bodies will float away once killed. When the Power is turned on any inside area will be put back to normal unless it is breached. Grenades, Gershes and QEDs will be thrown farther when in the outdoor enviroment. You also don't have to worry about taking falling damage.

Phasing Zombies - They look exactly like the Nova Zombies. They can disappear and move. When they do this green sparks can be seen. It has the same strength and health as the Nova Zombie.

Sound - Since you are in space guns and Power Ups will sound a lot different. They will sound muzzled/surpressed in any area until the power is turned on. Once it is on you will be able to hear them in the inside areas.

Excavaters - There are three of them. Ones for the Biodome, Tunnel 11 and Tunnel 6. Once the power is turned on they can breach any of those areas thus decompressing it. Don't worry there is a way to stop them.

Pack A Punch - It is located in No Man's Land inside of the gated area. There is a teleporter right near the Biodome and 74u area that all players must get on in order to get to No Man's Land. Be sure to upgrade quick.

Hacker - A little brown device found in the labs on the way to the Biodome. It has many uses that will be explained later. Only one person can have it at a time. You can't have this and the P.E.S. at the same time.

P.E.S - It is located at various areas around the map. It will be in a cubby with a Space Suit. You must wear it in order to go outside. You can't have this and the Hacker at the same time.

Gravity Lifts - They are located in the Biodome and will launch you to different pads. You need Juggernaut and/or PhD Flopper in order to survive if you miss your target/fall off. If the Biodome becomes decompressed you will take no fall damage.

Astronaut Zombie - He will spawn and have a red name of a person on the Friends List of the Host. He can be challenging to kill. If he grabs you he will damage and teleport you. If you have any perks you will lose one and it will shuffle the remaining perk icons. It is best to kill him when he is near a group of other zombies that way the explosion will kill them too.

Power Switch - It is located in the underground section on the way to the Labs. It is to the left on a big box type object that is in front of a ...... Pyramid?

Mystery Box - It returns and this time with four more spawn locations.
  • In the Receiving Area on Moon (also known as the spawn area).
  • In the Power Room near steps that lead down to a window.
  • In the Biodome near a pad, Gravity Lift and in front of PhD Flopper.
  • Outside in the 74u/Mule Kick area against the big rock.

Not Included

Absent from the Previous Map - Spikemores, Monkey Bombs, Shrink Ray, Monkey Zombies, Napalm Zombies, Shrieker Zombies, Mud Pit, Waterfall/Water, Spike Traps.


Perks- Juggernaut, Mule Kick, Speed-Cola and PhD Flopper, but if you are playing solo I'd substitute Quick Revive for Speed-Cola.

Weapons - Ray Gun with Wave Gun, HK, Galil, RPK or the AUG as back-ups (possibly the AK-74u too), Claymores, Semtex and either the QED or Gersh Device.


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  1. Learning the Map: You will learn the basic layout of the map. Along with that will come the weapon and perk locations as well as the spawns and the new zombies. You will also learn spots that you like and the weapons that best fit you in the map.
    Trophies you should earn:
    Perks in Spaaaace, One Small Hack for Man
  2. Now You're Ready: Now you will start doing stuff that requires a basic knowedge of the map as well as some skill. Racking up points will be key for this. You will need enough to upgrade and hit the Mystery box until you get the Wave Gun.
    You will be doing the following trophies:
    Fully Armed and Operational
    Crygenic Slumber
  3. You'll Need Some Luck: It' time to ahve luck on your side and play the waiting game. You will need to get the Excavaters to active and hack them and well as letting them breach. The order is random so this may take a while.
    Trophies you should get:
    One Giant Leap, Ground Control


Cryogenic Slumber Party
In Moon, complete Richtofen's grand scheme.

Rictofen's Grand Scheme is the new Easter Egg for Moon. The PS3 did not get the Bing Bang Theory Acheivement which requires you to do the full Easter Egg. Cryogenic Slumber only requires you to do the first five steps which are very easy. The only thing needed for this section of the Easter Egg is the Wave Gun (when both Zap Guns are put together). For the remainder of the Easter Egg you can go down to the Easter Eggs section of the trophy guide.

Step 1: Outside of the Spawn Area on the side of the Olympia you will notice four computers. You have to play a game identical to Simon Says. Color codes will come up and you have to press each computer in order using . From left to right it goes red, green, blue and yellow. So if red, yellow, yellow and green show up use the first computer, the fourth computer twice and then the third one once. The color order can be random so I can not give you the order. Once you have completed it a color will start blinking really fast and you will hear a rapid beeping. If you fail it will sound like a buzzer. If you do happen happen to fail you can do it again.

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Step 2: For this step you will need to go to the Labs and find the Hacker. You will need to have the power turned on or you will sufficate while doing this. Once you have the Hacker go to the top of the steps that lead to the second floor. If you look to your far left there will be four panels on the wall. Go over to one of them and press to hack it. Now four buttons will now have a green light above them. They are scattered across the three floors of the Lab. Once you have found all four and hacked them you will need to search the Labs for a wire. Its location is random. Press to pick it up when you find it.

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Step 3: Now this step is the most luck based/tricky step of the Easter Egg. You need to let Excavator Pi, also referred to as the Tunnel 6 Excavator breach. This could happen early on or late in the game. One person will need the hacker and will either have to go to the Spawn Area or the whole team will need to get on the teleporter and go to No Man's Land so you get teleported back to the spawn. Once there you will need to find the Control Panel that has a blinking green light and hack it. The Excavator will need to retract and then go into the tunnel near the M16. You will notice a little ball has appeared there.

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Step 4: You will have to follow the ball as it makes its way to the Pyramid in the power room. If it comes to a door you will need to open it to let it get by. To get the ball going (pun intended) you need to knife it. As you follow it it will fall on the floor before it exits Tunnel 6. Just knife it again. Then it will stop on the pillar to the left in the first room of the tunnel. Knife it to get it moving. It will now go outsite and go onto the satillite dish to the left above spawn. This is where the Wave Gun comes into play. First off, to turn the Zap Guns into the Wave Gun press :l: on the D-pad. Now aim at the very tip of the attena and shoot. The ball will be knocked off and waiting at the door near the M14. It will now go into Tunnel 11 and go immediatley to the right and stop in between two upright pipes. Again, knife it. It will now go into the second room of Tunnel 11. There will be a part of the ceiling that is missing tiles. You will also notice a window where zombies spawn right underneath. Look at the top right corner of the window up until the ceiling meets the blown off part. The ball has gone into that little pocket. Either use your grenades or the Semtexes that are available right there. You have to get it in that spot snug enough for it to blow the ball out. Now before it exits the tunnel it will stop on top of a single blue barrel to the right of the door. This is the last time you need to knife it. It will now go into the power room and go into the hole on the Pyramid dial.

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Step 5: This is another easy step. You will notice a tube has now lifted from the ground to the front right of the Pyramid. You need to kill 25 zombies near it which will fill it will zombie souls. They must be killed within close proximity of the tube. Nukes, Gersh Devices, Ray Guns and he Wave Gun are best for this. Once the tube is filled you need to use a lever to the right of the Pyramid. Press to pull it. The Pyramid will now open thus revealing Samantha Maxis and giving everyone Death Machines for 90 seconds. This may be the end of the Easter Egg trophy ... but the full Easter Egg is far from over.

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One Small Hack for a Man...
In Moon, hack something

The Hacker is a new equipment on Moon which will replace your P.E.S. if taken. It is a small brown object located on any of the desks in the Lab. Unfortunatley only one is available at a time meaning only one person can have it. You MUST turn on the power before you attempt this trophy or you will sufficate. To hack an item you must press on the D-pad and press on what you want to hack. Here is a list of hackable items:
  • Allys - You can give them 500 points of the points you have. If Double Points is active they will get 1,000 and will only cost you 500.
  • Doors - It will only cost 200 points to open any door but it takes a long time to do so.
  • Excavators - In the Spawn Room there are three control panels, one for each excavator. If an excavator activates/breachs just go to the Spawn Area and look for the panel with the green light.
  • Easter Egg - It is needed for certain steps of Rictofen's Grand Scheme.
  • Mystery Box - If there is an emtpy Mystery Box location you can hack it and the box will appear for one use. Also, if you don't like the weapon you got you can hack it causing the box to re-roll the gun. After that if you still don't like/need the gun you can hack it to give it to a teammate and your 950 points will be refunded.
  • Pack A Punch - You can hack it to make the gates around it close you in and it keeps zombies out. It is a risky thing to do.
  • Perks - If you buy any perk you can go back to the machine and hack it. You will be refunded your points.
  • Power Ups - Hacking any power up will turn it into a Max Ammo and hacking a Max Ammo will turn it into a Fire Sale. Make sure you have points saved up, it will cost you a pretty penny.
  • Weapons Off the Wall - Hacking wall weapons will keep the initial cost of the weapon the same but will switch the price of the Pack A Punch ammo and the regular ammo. This comes in handy.
  • Windows - Any zombie spawn window that has any boards missing can be hacked.

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One Giant Leap
In Moon, become trapped in the Receiving Area and free yourself through resurrection in co-op.

The trophy description may seem weird but it is easy to accomplish. The Receiving Area is the Spawn Area/where you are teleported after No Man's Land. The Resurrection is dying then respawning at the start of the next round. You must be playing with at least one other person, be it split-screen or online. In order to get trapped in the Receiving Area the Excavators must breach Tunnels 6 and 11 thus blocking off that part of the map. The first step is to turn on the power. Once it is on you will just have to wait until one tunnel gets breached and the second one is 60 seconds from breaching the final tunnel. The order in which the the Excavators activate is completely random along with what round they will activate. It may take until Round 25 or it could happen by Round 8. You will need to have one designated person that is anywhere but the Receiving Area. Once the second tunnel is 60 secodns from breaching the players going for the trophy can either run back to the area or the whole team could get on the teleporter which halts everything on the Moon until you get back. When you teleport back to the Receiving Area from No Man's Land the designated player can run back to his/her original spot. Once the players getting the trophy are in the area and become trapped the designated player will need to get a crawler. Now it's time to figure out how to get yourself killed so you can get the trophy. If you don't have PhD Flopper you can use Semtexes located in Tunnel 11. The two easier ways are either jumping off the cliffs or running into one of the Excavators. Once all trapped players are dead the crawler can be killed which will cause the dead players to respawn and be awarded the trophy.

NOTE: I played and two people got trapped in the area while two others were in the Biodome. Once my friend and I died our one friend in the Biodome died on accident from the Gravity Lifts. Once our last remaining player killed the crawler we all respawned and even my friend who died in the Biodome got the trophy.

Also, as brought aware to me by TENZA, he died and only Tunnel 11 was breached and when he respawned he received the trophy.

Perks in Spaaaaace!
In Moon, purchase every perk in one game.

The trophy description may seem misleading so I will clarify something right from the start. You can not have all eight perks at once. One way to do it is to buy four perks then get downed and buy the next four, which will cost you 18,500 points. You could also buy three perks you want and go around buying perks and using the Hacker to give the perk back which will also give you your points back. This way you can have a few of the perks you like, and depending on if you use Mule Kick or not you will only need to have 4,000 points saved up.

  • Deadshot - It is located in the top portion of the Labs that connect the Biodome and the Mule Kick/AK-74u area. It is black and costs 1,500 points.
  • Double Tap - It is located in the bottom portion of the Labs. It is brown/dark orange and costs 2,000 points.
  • Juggernaut - It is located in No Man's Land near the teleporter. It is completely random whether the perk that spawns will be Juggernaut or Speed-Cola at the very start of the game. They will then trade off with every trip to No Man's Land. If it is Juggernaut it will be red and cost 2,500 points.
  • Mule Kick - It is located to the left of the upper portion of the Labs. It is dark green in color and is behind a big rock and to the left. It will cost 4,000 points.
  • PhD Flopper - It is located in the Biodome and is against the backside of a big rock. To the left will be a landing pad and a Mystery Box location. To the right is a Gravity Lift. PhD Flopper is purple and costs 2,000 points.
  • Quick Revive - It is located in the Receiving Area/Spawn Room on the Moon. It is light blue and costs 1,500 points.
  • Speed-Cola - It is located in No Man's Land near the teleporter. It is completely random whether it will be Speed-Cola or Juggernaut that spawns at the start of the game. After that they will trade off every time you go to No Man's Land. If it is Speed-Cola it will be green and cost 3,000 points.
  • Stamin-Up - It is located in Tunnel 11. It will be in the second room on the left side. It is orange and costs 2,000 points.

**You must buy all of the perks, doing the full Easter Egg that awards you the eight perks WILL NOT get you the trophy**

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Fully Armed and Operational
In Moon, acquire 3 pack-a-punched weapons at the same time.

You must purchase Mule Kick in order to get this trophy. There are many ways to go about this but I will give the one I find the cheapest and easiest. First off, play with friend(s) that will open doors for you. This will save you a lot of points. Next, start the game off in No Man's Land and see if Juggernaut spawns. If it does start running a big cirlce and get all the zombies in it using your pistol and grenades to get the points necessary. If Speed-Cola spawns just start the game over. Once in the Spawn Area save up enough to buy both the M14 and Olympia. Once you get to the third floor of the Labs go left out to the AK-74U/Mule Kick area. Run around the big rock or stand your ground until you have the points required for Mule Kick. Next, save up for the AK-74u and only use that gun especially since ammo is right there. The first gun you will Pack a Punch is the Olympia, then the M14 and finally the 74u. There are many other ways to go about this but I find it easy and the most cost efficient. Here is a breakdown of the points you will spend if you play with friends.
  • 2,500 for Juggernaut.
  • 500 each for the Olympia and M14.
  • 4,000 for Mule Kick.
  • 1,200 for the AK-74u.
  • 15,000 for the three Pack A Punches you need to do.
  • And doors you may need to buy varies. If you are playing solo use the Hacker to open each for for only 200 points. Also, if playing solo Quick REvive is a must.

So without having to open up any doors you are looking at spending 23,700 points plus any ammo you need to buy for your guns.

Ground Control
In Moon, prevent each excavator from breaching the base in one game.

For this trophy you must stop the Tunnel 6, Tunnel 11 and Biodome Excavators from breaching one time in a game. The power must be turned on and one person will need the Hacker which is located in the Labs. Unfortunatley the order of the Excavators activating is completely random. There are three control panels in the spawn area, one for every Excavator. If an Excavator activates the control panel that ahs the green blinking light is the one you must hack. Here is a list of things that wont change whether you play with one, two, three or four people:
  1. One person will need the Hacker.
  2. The person with the Hacker will run in the Biodome.
  3. Try to get the power on by Round 3.
  4. Listen for a lady's voice at the beginning of every round. If you hear her speak that means an Excavator has activated. She will tell you which one it is. You will have a few minutes before it reaches 60 seconds to decompression. Once at teh 60 second mark hustle to get to the spawn and hack the panel.
  5. If two different Excavators don't activate by Round 12 start over.
  6. In the early rounds you will ahve enugh time to make it back to the spawn.
  7. In the later rounds it is best to use the teleporter.

Solo - You will run in the Biodome the whole time. If an Excavator activates you will get on the teleporter to take you to No Man's land which will then take you back to spawn. You will have a few seconds to hack the control panel before zombies start to spawn again. If Tunnels 6 or 11 breach for a second time you can let them. The only one you must stop from breachign every time is the Biodome.

Online/Split-Screen - The person with the Hacker will run the Biodome while everyone else goes out to the AK-74u area. In the early rounds one person can go back to the spawn with the hacking person and give them cover while they hack the panel. In the later round everyone in the 74u area will get on the teleporter then the person with the Hacker will come last so they don't sufficate. The perk of playing with more then one person is that you can let any Excavator breach if it activates for the second time. If the Biodome breaches for the second time that means at the start of every round the person who will do the hacking must wait by the Hacker. If an Excavator you need activates everyone will get on the teleporter. Then the person who will hack will grad it and run out into the 74u area to get to the teleporter.

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[top]Easter Eggs

Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold - It activates when you do what is required for One Giant Leap.

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Coming Home - Activated by pressing on the three Teddy Bears with the P.E.S. Helmets on.

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Re-Damed - Press on one of the computers near the door that leads to the Biodome.

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Richtofen's Grand Scheme: The Rest of the Easter Egg - This part contains the rest of the Easter Egg after you complete Cryogenic Slumber. You will need QEDs and Gersh Devices from this point on.

Step 6: You will now have to go to No Man's Land. Once down there go to the right side of the platform and look over the side and at the wall. There will be a rack that have two plates on them. Throw a grenade to knock them off. Then throw a Gersh Device which will move the plates to the teleporter. Once they are on you can teleport back to the Moon. The plates should now be right near Quick Revive. Throw a QED at them and they will move into holders to the left of the door that takes you to the M14.

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Step 7: Remember that wire you found before? Use to put it in between the computer and plate holders. Then whoever is Richtofen must look in between the two plates and press which will put the Golden Rod there. Now Richtofen must go to the computer and repeatedly press until the voiceover of Dr. Maxis is heard. Once it is done Richtofen must then look in between the plates and press to retrieve the Vril Generator.

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Step 8: Now go back to the Pyramid. Four tubes will now be at each corner of the Pyramid. It will take around 25 zombie souls to fill each tube. As you fill them up and the tubes become completely filled Samantha will scream and shake the scream which will make it a little harder to concentrate on certain zombies. Once you are sure all the tubes are filled have Richtofen go to the dial on the front of the Pyramid. Press on the bottom slot and the Vril Generator will now be there. Richtofen and Samatha will now switch souls. Samatha now vocies Richtofen's body and Richtofen is the Demonic Announcer (with his own fun spin on announcing). In addition, the Richtofen/Samantha hybrid will now have all eight perks. If you can not get the Vril Generator to go in it means not all of the tubes are filled.

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Step 9: Now you must go back to the computers and play the Simon Says game again. This time you will have to play three games, one for each of the rockets. It is basically the same thing as in Step 1, just harder this go around.

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Step 10: You will now need to go back to the Pyramid. You will now need to throw a QED at the ball that you moved to the center of the dial before. Once that it done it will be to the right of the Simon Says computors. Finally, use a Gersh Device on the ball. Dr. Maxis will then start a countdown and the three rockets will take off. Eventually they will head to Earth and explode. Now a few things will happen. All four players will have all eight perk which will last for the remainder of the game. You will keep them even if you get downed or die. Zombies' eyes will now glow blue. When going down to No Man's Land it will be more of a redish-orange color.

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