Players: 1, 2 co-op
Online Trophies: they can be done solo, split-screen co-op or online
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 2 hours
Estimated Difficulty: 4/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 2, one for each mission
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: Not on My Watch and A Baker's Dozen
Glitched Trophies: N/A


Finally after added the co-op ode Spec Ops in Modern Warfare 2, developer Infinity Ward brings us the first downloadable content for the game mode. Content/Collection Pack 1 brings four new Multiplayer maps along with two new Spec Ops missions, Black Ice and Negotiator. Play alone or with a friend and tackle the new missions. Head to India in the village when you first met back up with the crew from MW2 and try to save as many hostages as you can from Makarov's men. Then head over to the Siberian diamond mine from the mission "Down the Rabbit Holl". Hope on a snowmobile and head into the mine and destroy it. No matter how you play or who you play with, have fun playing the first two of six planned Spec Ops missions.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Cover - These missions can be quite tricky at certain places on Veteran. Utilizing cover will be a big part of your survival. Also, remember that enemies and yourself can shoot through thin metal and walls. Make sure to go behind good cover and use the bullet penetration to your advantage.

Flashbangs - These come in handy during these missions. Save them for the heavily populated areas on Veteran. Using them in tandem with grenades works out very well for you.


  1. Standard Runthrough - Run though the mission a few times on Regular difficulty to learn the levels. If you want to try to ge the two mission specific trophies as well. You will also get the trophies for beating the levels on any difficulty.
  2. Veteran Runthrough - After playing through the levels a few times go ahead and grab a partner to take on Veteran mode. Upon completion you will receive the Veteran trophy for the mission.
  3. Clean Up - This is only for if you missed the two mission specific trophies along the way. Odds are you will have at least one of them by this point.


Shotgun Diplomacy
Complete the Special Ops mission \"Negotiator\" on any difficulty.

Complete "Negotiator" on any difficulty to receive this trophy. This mission is based upon saving as many hostages as you can. There are a total of 35 hostages and you must save a minimum of 17 or else you fail the mission. The main focus of the mission is based on breaching, saving groups of hostages and defusing a bomb while moving at a fast pace. Wait too long and Makarov's men will start to execute hostages. I recommend playing with a partner due to that is makes breaching rooms and saving hostages a lot easier. There can be two tricky parts to the mission. When you head up the hill towards the building where you first met Soap, Price and Nikolai a bunch of enemies will come from the stairs and be dropped off via helicopter. You WILL get flooded with enemies. The best option, on Regular difficulty, is to man the MG that is in front of a car (after the second room you breach and before the big arch). Using the MG will help you quickly eliminate the enemies. I do not recommend doing this on Veteran as you will get gunned down. The next somewhat tricky part is when you breach the area that is in front of the building from "Persona Non Grata". After you breach a bomb timer will start to countdown, on Regular you will be able to defuse it. Breaching the area will cause a few waves of enemies to come. This should be a piece if cake since you can actually take cover in the area.

See Skilled Negotiator for a written and video Veteran walkthrough of the mission.

Not on My Watch
Rescue all the hostages in the Special Ops mission \"Negotiator.\"

This trophy can be a pain. There is a total of 35 hostages you must save. If you don't move fast eneough Makarov's men will start executing the hostages. It is best to do this with a partner and on Regular difficulty. If you play on Veteran it may take you too long to get to the hostages, resulting in their executions. It's best to run through the mission a few times to get a feel of where the hostages are, how many are in that spot and the number of enemies with them. It should be noted that in some area there could be more or less hostages then you get credited for, for saving. Don't worry about that, just make sure none of them get killed. If any do get killed a notification will come up that says HOSTAGE KILLED.

Written Walkthrough

Hostages 1 & 2: Either you or your partner will start the mission of by escaping two gaurds. Take the Desert Eagle off the gaurd's hip and either shoot or knife both of the gaurds.

Hostages 3, 4, 5 & 6: You will plant a charge on a door in order to rescue your partner. This will initiate a slow motion breach sequence. There will be five enemies to kill. Whoever is breaching should take out the enemy on the left first because he grabs a hostage. Then the breacher should look straight towards his partner and kill the enemy behind him. There are also three enemies on the right. You partner will also grab a Desert Eagle. Let him worry about those enemies and only help him once you have killed your two enemies.

Hostages 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12: After the one partner is rescued grab a gun and exit the building. Right when you exit, kill the enemy on your left. Walk out a little more and look left again. Kill the enemy who is pushing the hostage on the porch.

Hostage 13: After you exit the building a few enemies will come from the alley while two will come from the stairs. Do not go towards the steps until all the enemies are dead. If you go to or past the steps before you kill all the enemies odds are you will not make it to this hostage and he will be killed. When all the enemies are dead run up the steps and look at the building on the right, second floor balcony. One of Makarov's men is up their with the hostage. Take him out and continue.

Hostages 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18: When you enter the next building you will have to kill two enemies on the first floor. Kill them and go to the bottom on the steps. Through a flashbang and run up. There are three enemies up there that are rather close to eachother and easy to kill. I highly recommend throwing the flash just as a cautionary measure.

Hostages 19 & 20: After the previous hostages you will have to breach a door. When you breach the door have the partner on the left kill the enemies on the left and middle while the partner who breached on the right side kill the enemy on the right. There is a chance that if the partner on the right kills the enemy in the middle some bullets may go through and kill the hostage behind him.

Hostage 21: After you kill the enemies that breached exit the building. To the right of the archway is an enemy in a garden with a hostage. Quickly kill the enemy to save the hostage.

Hostages 22, 23, 24 & 25: As you are battling up the street up to the stairs on the right DO NOT shoot anywhere near the top of the stairs. If a bullet happens to hit the wall it will go through and possibly hit one of the hostages. From what I've seen the enemies won't kill them and that is a good thing. Since the enemies come in waves at this area you can take your time to kill them all.

Hostage 26: When you do the breaching sequence at the top of the stairs ther will be an enemy holding a hostage to the left. Kill the enemy to save the hostage.

Hostages 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 & 33: After you breach there will be a few hostages around a bomb and the timer will start to countdown. Have one partner through a flashbang towards the steps on the left to stun the three enemies that come. At this time the other partner will be defusing the bomb.

Hostages 34 & 35: After you defuse the bomb and fight off the enemies enter the building and go up the stairs. Initiate the breaching sequence. There will be three enemies gaurding two hostages. The ones that grab the hostages hold them a little tight so make sure to line your shots up perfectly.

Skilled Negotiator
Complete the Special Ops mission \"Negotiator\" on Veteran difficulty.

This mission can be a pain in the ass. The good thing is you don't have to save all of the hostages, you can pass the mission so long as you save 17 or more hostages. Due to the difficulty of the mission I highley suggest not trying for Not on My Watch while playing on Veteran. Also, it makes it a lot easier if you play with a friend and keep your flashbangs for the tougher areas.

Written Walkthrough

Part 1: During this part on partner will escape the hostages holding him while the other waits to be rescued. For the person who is escaping, grab the enemy's gun, knife him and knife the other enemy. Make your way down the path to a building. Plant to the charge to initiate the breaching sequence. Once you can shoot, kill the enemy in front of you then look left and kill the enemy holding the hostage. If your friend has not taken out the other three enemies look to the right and kill them. Make sure you and your friend each grab a gun for the ensuing fights.

Part 2: After you exit the building kill the enemy directly in front of you and look left to kill the other enemy. Now both you can your friend must go down the alley to the left but it will be blocked by enemies. Both of you hide behind the greenish crates at the mouth of the alley. One person throw a flashbang and grenade in the alley and focus on killing those enemies. The other person should watch the stairs for the two enemies that will come down. When they are all dead have on of you run up the stairs and look at the balcony on the other side of the street. Kill the enemy that is watching the hostage. Run towards the building and kill the two enemies climbing the fence. Another two will be on the bottom floor of the building. While the one partner is killing the fence climbers, the other partner should jump up and down and shoot the enemies through the window. When they are dead enter the building and go to the bottom of the staircase. Throw a flashbang up there and go up and kill the three enemies. Breach the door with your partner and kill those enemies. Now at this part two enemies will burst in from two doors. Have one person go prone in the cubby where the hostages were and kill the enemies across from him/her while the other partner stays in the breached room and kills the enemies across from him/her. When they are dead, exit the build and kill the enemy in the garden on the right side of the street, upper level.

Part 3: This part can be tricky due to the swarms of enemies. When you exit the building and head towards the hill the enemies will start to spawn. Do not get on the mounted MG, you will be a quick and easy kill for Makarov's men. Instead, head right back to the building and kill from there. The enemies will never come into the house, they may come close though. This will take a few minutes but it is worth it. Once they are all dead head up the road, take the stairs and prepare to breach.

Part 4: This is another tricky part. Once you breach kill the enemies but do not go and defuse the bomb. On Veteran you will get killed rather quickly due to the amount of enemies. Instead after you breach and back down the steps and once person should take cover behind the wall on the left, the other on the right. Doing this will force the enemies to come to you and funnel them down the steps. Like the part before, this may take a few minutes but it is worth it. Once you know there are only a few enemies left you can head up to the courtyard and kill the rest. Head into the building, go up the stairs and plant a charge on the door. Once it blows kill the three enemies and the mission is over.

Slippery Slope
Complete the \"Black Ice\" Special Ops mission on any difficulty.

Complete "Black Ice" on any difficulty to receive this trophy. It is a pretty straight forward mission and is around ten minutes long at the most. Regular should give you no difficulty at all. The only two things you will need to watch for is your speed on the snowmobile. Even though you are on the easiest difficulty, if you go too slow you can get shot up and killed fairly easily. Also, when you have to escape the mine you there will be enemies trying to escape and they will shoot you, especially at the end. They aren't hard at all, you biggest enemy is actually the clock. You will have around 1 minute and 45 seconds to escape. If you sit there and try to kill all of the escaping enemies you will come close to runnings out of time. Let the explosions in the mine kill the enemies running and only shoot the ones shooting at you. The only area where you really have to engage the enemies is at the end where the half dozen of them are covering the exit.

See Ice in your Veins for a written and video Veteran walkthrough of the mission.

A Baker's Dozen
Run over and kill 13 enemies with the snowmobile in the \"Black Ice\" Special Ops mission.

This trophy is a lot easier then you may think. There is at least fifteen to twenty enemies on the ground to run over BUT if you go slow enough the enemies on the snowmobiles will get off to shoot you and will not get back on their snowmobiles. Also, even the slightest tap killes the enemies. There is no penalt for going back to run over enemies you missed either. So if you come across a few but only hit one, press to reverse and run over the remaining enemies. The only thing that will happen is that Captain Price will say "Don't slow down!" or something along those lines. Finally, this portion is not times so really you could spend fifteen minutes on this section trying to run over every single enemy if you so desire.

Video Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Ice in your Veins
Complete the \"Black Ice\" Special Ops mission on Veteran difficulty.

This mission isn't hard, but isn't easy either. As always standard for playing on Veteran make sure to utlize cover and aim for headshots to take enemies out quicker. Also, playing with a partner makes this a lot easier. A good thing for this is to save your flashbangs for the end of the mission as well.

Written Walkthrough

Part 1: In the beginning of the mission you will be riding a snowmobile with your partner. Whoever is driving needs to take out the enemies in front of him, while the person on the back takes out the enems coming from behind with his dual FMG9s. This part isn't overly difficult as long as you don't slow down and swurve a little as you drive. Once you reach the bottom you ill hop off your snowmobile.

Part 2: This begins the entrance into the mines. You and your friend take cover on the left side when the car pulls up. One of you throw a grenade and try to destroy the car. When those enemies are dead go to the opening leading into the mine. You will notice concrete walls on the left and right. One person climb up each side and take enemies out from there. It provides decent cover, a quick escape route and an easy way to take out the enemies. Once they are dead enter the room and move along the right side and take cover. A few enemies will break through the windows and take cover. Take them out and when you enter where they come from and enemy may or may not be at the bottom of the steps. Now you have two ways you could go, left or right. Either way you go stick with your partner and try to sit back as much as you can. Don't waste any flashbangs or grenades in this area either. Once everyone is dead head into the room and set the timer for the explosion.

Part 3: This is where things can get tricky. You will have 1 minute and 15 seconds to escape. There will be explosions all around you and enemies trying to flee. My advice is to send either you or your partner a little ahead to try and clear the way. Only a few enemies should shoot you while the others run away. When you get to the steps watch your back for any stragglers and trow a flashbang at the top of the steps to try and stun an enemies up there. Now back where you first entered the mines about a half dozen of Makarov's men will be waiting. Throw your flashbangs and grenades to quickly take them out. Advanced towards the helicopter and board. While you fly away a few enemies will shoot at you, but they shouldn't pose a threat.

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