Players: 2 needed for both missions
Online Trophies: No, but they can be done online
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 1 hour
Estimated Difficulty: 3/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 of each mission
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: Not a Scratch, Helipocolypse
Glitched Trophies: None


The second set of Special Ops missions are here. In "Kill Switch", you will be infiltrating a Russian base while your sniper provides overwatch. Be swift, be ruthless, leave no one alive. In "Iron Clad", you will be rolling through the street of Hamburg with a tank. Make your way to the extraction on the beach and kill any Russians in your way. They prepared for this andwill have a few tricks up their sleevs. No gear up, ready your weapons and win this thing, Ooorah!

[top]Tips & Strategies

Partners - For the most part, you and your partner will be seperated so to speak. In 'Iron Clad' one partner will be in a tank the whole time and in 'Kill Switch, one will be an overwatch sniper most of the mission. This emans you won't be able to revive each other. Be extra careful and go slow. Patience will be key in these missions.

Flashbangs - These will be VERY useful since you and your partner will be unable to revive eachother most of the time. Don't hesitate to use them, especially in 'Iron Clad'.

Cover - These missions offer an abundance of cover for you to use. Make sure to use them in tight situations.

HUD - During 'Kill Switch' and EMP will go off, disablign all electronics. Just make sure you can function without it.


  1. Kill Switch: You will play through Kill Switch first and get those trophies, it's the easier mission of the two and can easily be done on Veteran your first go around.
  2. Iron Clad: This mission if the harder of the two, on Veteran. It's pretty easy on Regular but on Veteran, since you can't revive your partner, it may be just a little harder. Play through on Veteran first and see if you can get it done in one go.


Don't Tread on Me
Complete the 'Iron Clad' Special Ops mission on any difficulty.

Completing 'Iron Clad' on any difficulty will get you this trophy. This Spec Ops mission takes you back to the mission "Goalpost", to be more specific, the part when you, Frost, man the gun on top of the tank. Instead of following that route, you are making your way back to the beach for extraction. One partner will be in a tank, while the other is on foot. This means that if someone goes down the mission is over. Also, the tank has it's own health (which starts at 100%). There are only a few things in the level that can damage the tank: grenades, RPGs, helicopters, tanks and suicide bombers.
Also, the tank as an ammo refiller on the back of it for your partner on the ground. Controlling the tank can be odd, since it has only one path it can take, but you can control when you take the path. Here is a quick rundown of the controls:
  • Drive: Push up to move forward or pull it backwards to reverse.
  • Look: in any direction
  • ADS:
  • Shoot MG:
  • Shoot Tankshell:
The mission overall isn't hard. There will be a lot of enemies though. Your best bet is to have the player on foot go forward and place the bombs at the objectives while the tank sits back and covers. The tank is also very useful when it comes to the enemy vehicles .... like the helicoptes and tanks. The tank's shell has no arching what-so-ever so if you put the crosshairs on the tank/heli that is where the shell will go. There will be a few scattered throughout the level and a group of one tank and two helicopters at the end. Once you reach the green smoke on the beach the mission will end.

High Roller
Complete the 'Iron Clad' Special Ops mission on Veteran difficulty.

'Iron Clad' on Veteran isn't hard at all, it just seems to be a little tedious. There will be a lot of enemies so it mainly consists of the on foot partner and the tank sitting back and killing from a distance. One thing I recommend doing is trying to get your tank health to stay at 100% through the whole mission so you can get the other trophy. The ground enemies actually aren't hard, it's the helicopters and the tanks that you really need to worry about.

Written Walkthrough

Part 1: From the start, move up a bit and enemies will start to spawn. There won't be too many but make sure the person on the ground is behind cover while the tank takes out most of the enemies. Once you are able to move up, plant the C4 on the roadblack. There will be people firing at you but the tank should provide enough covering fire.

Part 2: Have the ground partner stay behind the little gray barriers or along the pathway to the left. Suicide Bombers will now be introduced. Do not let them get close to you. The tank will have no problem thinning out the enemies in this area while the on foot partner kills any stragglers. Let the tank stay a little back when the other player plants the C4. A tank and a helicopter will come. Let the tank worry about the heli, as the tank shell will go exactly where you aim and will tank it out in one shot. The ground partner will try to tank out the tank with his RPG. Only have the friendly tank move up to destroy the enemy tank if neccessary.

Part 3: Move up a little after both vehicles are destroyed. Now some enemies will come. Back up a little bit and take them out from a distance. Let the on foot partner use their M4A1's Grenade Launcher to take out enemies, and replenish their ammo via the cache on back of the tank. After most of the enemies are killed another helicopter will come. Have the tank line up a shot and take it out. Now both players should move up to the bus/bus area. The ground partner will run up a bit, then run back to trigger the enemy spawn. The tank will mvoe back a bit, while the other partner stays behind the bus. When you are sure all hostiles are dead, move up and plant the C4 on teh barricade while the tank takes out another helicopter.

Part 4: More enemies will come now :stare:. Hold your ground, possibly back up a bit and take them out. The more safer you feel, the more you should move up. The closest you should move up is to the second bus. Do not advance until you know most, if not all, enemies are dead. Once they are, kill the enemies that come to the barbed wire. Only a few will come at a time but eventually they will dwindle down. Move up a little bit. Green smoke will be deployed by the enemies and more will rush the area. Back up back to the bus area. Another helicopter will come, but it's best left to the tank to handle it. The rest of the enemies are near the barrier. When most are killed, run up, plant the C4 (be careful and look otu for RPG enemies), quickly run away and blow the barrier.

Part 5: Kill the few enemies from the top of the hill. The on foot partner will then run to the bottom of the hill then run back up. A tank and helicopter will spawn, along with a few enemies. Back up and have the tank take out the helicopter first. Then the tank will move up just a big, just until it can see the enemy tank through the barber wire. Shoot at it from there, it may take a few tries but this is the safest way. While the take is doign this the other partner should be focusing on the half dozen or so enemies near the enemy tank. Once everyone is dead you can proceed to the green smoke and finsih the mission.

Video Walkthrough

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Not a Scratch
Finish with your tank at full health in the 'Iron Clad' Special Ops mission.

You can do this on any difficulty, but is easily done on Veteran. Just to play it safe though, play on Regular. This trophy isn't hard, but there are some easy ways that you can get damaged even with being careful. Things liek grenades, RPGs and Suicide Bombers are easily overlooked on the battlefield and can cause damage to you before you even notice them. Hopefully, your ground partner can take care of them while you focus on the main threats, the tanks and helicopters. Tanks aren't too acurate but you don't want to get too close or too visible. They only take one tank shell to kill so you will want to do a more of a hide behind cover and peek out type method. Theere is no cover from the helicopters but they can be taken out quickly with one tank shot. When they first come they will shoot bullets at you, but that doesn't damage you. They may or may not shoot rockets at you. I don't know since I never had one live long enough to possibly fire one. Here is a quick walkthrough of their locations:

Written Walkthrough

  • Helicopter #1 - It comes right after you blow up second roadblock.
  • Tank #1 - It comes along with the helicopter after you blow up the second roadblock.
  • Helicopter #2 - This one comes after you destroy the second roadblock but before you get to the third one.
  • Helicopter #3 - When you get to the beach and the green smoke is deployed, it will come shortly after.
  • Helicopter #4 - It will come after you progress down the hill to the beach.
  • Tank #2 - It comes along with the helicopter on the beach. It comes and sits to the right of the extraction marker.

Video Walkthrough

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Complete the 'Kill Switch' Special Ops mission on any difficulty.

'Kill Switch' is the other Spec Ops mission in Collection 2. It's based upon infiltrating a Russian base and crippling them with an EMP. This mission is a little like the other one though. You and your partner will be seperated for most of the mission, right up until the end. One person will be on the ground, making their wy through buildings and open areas. The other partner will be up on a crane providing sniper cover. The usual thing, taking enemies out from a logn distance without them knowing where you are and taking care of incoming helicopters. The sniper will also be equipped with Hellfires which can be used later in the mission when you defend your partner from swarms of enemies, trucks and helicopters. During the mission, a random Juggernaut or two will be roaming around, but after the crane is taken out the sniper will lose his rifle. After the crane collapses though, the extraction isn't too far from you so you could just make a quick bolt for it.

Destroy 6 helicopters in the 'Kill Switch' Special Ops mission.

In this mission there will be six helicopters, and six helicopters only. If you miss one, you will not get the trophy. You will have to be patient when doing this and not trophy to rush taking them down. This job is best left to the sniper. For the first three, the sniper can easily take them out with his sniper rifle. The last three, the ground partner will be in a building and be unable to see the helicopters. Luckily, the sniper will have control of a Hellfire and will make quick and easy work of them. This trophy is done easily enough that you can get it on any difficulty with ease.

Written Walkthrough

  • Helicopter #1 - Once the ground player enters the first building, this helicopter will come and drop off troops over the courtyard.
  • Helicopter #2 - After a bit of fighting, this helicopter will come and drop off troops on the other side of the wall, to the left of the person on the ground, to the right of the sniper.
  • Helicopter #3 - A short time later, another helicopter will come to almost the same spot that the previous helicopter went.
  • Helcopter #4 - This one (and the next two) that come will all be during the Hellfire sequence. This helicoter comes and goes stationary right away. Put the Hellfire's red designation light on it and blow it away.
  • Helicopters #5 & #6 - These two come at the same time and fly around for a bit when they first come. Focus on taking one out right away, then go immediately to the other.

Video Walkthrough

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Complete the 'Kill Switch' Special Ops mission on Veteran difficulty..

'Kill Switch' is focused on infiltrating a Russian base to plant an EMP. During the mission, one player will be sniping from a crane giving cover fire to a partner on the ground. Since you guys will be so far apart for most of the mission, if the ground player dies, the mission is over. Work slow, let the sniper take out most of the Russians and the helicopters. The sniper will also get a Hellfire at on point to use. There will be a lot of cover to hide you from the swarms of enemies. Foe the sniper, there is an ammo crate up on the crane with you. The walkthrough will be written from the point of the partner on the ground since the sniper can view the whole base. Also, this will be a pretty basic and easy mission for the ground player since the sniper does most of the work.

Written Walkthrough

Part 1: Basically, the ground player will want to sit at the start of the mission until the sniper has killed most of the enemies and says it looks clear. As you progress there may be an enemy or two to kill, but the sniper will have taken most, if not all of them out. The ground player will then go up the stairs and into a building. Immediately go prone and kill the two enemies that enter. Then go to the top of the staircase that leads to the exit. There will be a few enemies that the sniper will have to take out .... and a helicopter.

Part 2: After you exit the building go across the yard and up the stairs. You will be on a roof of another building now. Stay close to the stairs you went up, but keep and eye on the stairs on the other side in case enemies come up. Let the sniper take care of the enemies. The main enemy will be a Juggernaut. The sniper should be able to kill him, but if you need to you will have a larger area to fall back to.

Part 3: After all that is said and done you will have to move towards a warehouse. Be careful, as you make your way to the objective there will be enemies that the sniper can't kill in the warehouse. Take it slow, hide behind cover and use those flashbangs. The sniper will be using s Hellfire to take out the hoardes of reinforcements heading your way.

Part 4: After the EMP is planted it will go off and disable all electronics (mainly the HUD). The crane will be knocked over by an attack helicopter so both players will meet on the ground. The more people the sniper killed with the Hellfire, the less you will have to kill on your way to meet up. As you make your way to the extraction there will be enemies gaurding the path. Team up and take them all out. Once you move up a bit a few more enemies will come and since you're playing on Veteran, two Juggernauts will come instead of just one. Focus your fire on the standard enemies first. After they are dead you will want to lure the Juggernauts into a type of trap. Back towards where you and your partner first met up after the EMP blast there was a few crates lined up next to eachother along with a forklift. Lure the Juggernauts into going in a circle around them. Once you have a clear shot, run to the LZ. IThe Juggernauts were completely avoided.

Video Walkthrough

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