Players: 1, 2 online or splitscreen
Online Trophies: No, they can be done splitscreen or online
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 2 hours
Estimated Difficulty: 4/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1, 2 recommended for each level
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No


Arctic Recon takes place on a Russian ship in Siberia. Use a drone to tag bomb locations and let your partner do the heavy work. Be quick, this is a fast paced mission. Escape in time before the boat explodes. Vertigo takes place on the roof of the Oasis Hotel, defeat waves of enemies and make your way to the extraction. Don't worry, you're a soldier, nothing you haven't seen before.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Drone - This piece of weaponry is very vital to the level. Let it get the overhead views and take out most of the enemies.

Flashbangs - These can come in handy, especially on Veteran. Only use them when you get in a hairy situation.

Grenades -These are very effective, especially on the Vertigo level.

Dogs & Suicide Bombers - On Vertigo, these can spell easy death for even the most experienced player. Listen closely for them and for Overlords announcement that they are incoming.


  1. Regular Playthrough: Play through on Regular difficulty and get that trophy along with the mission specific one. Play the level an extra time or two to learn the layout.
  2. Veteran Playthrough: Now, play on Veteran. This may be hard but won't take you long.


Stay Frosty
Complete the 'Arctic Recon' Special Ops mission on any difficulty.

Arctic Recon is based upon destroying a Russian ship in Siberia. One play controls a drone from a helicopter, providing cover support for the partner below. You will have to place four bombs on different parts of the ship, But the partner on the ground doesn't know where. This is where the drone comes in. Other than being great fire support, it tags the locations so your partner knows where to plant. As you move on you will have enemies to kill and a helicopter that drops off troops. Being that you are playing on Regular, you will not have any problems. Once you plant the last bomb you will have to rush though. You will have one minute and thirty seconds to get to the landing zone on the other side of the ship. Just run across the ship, preferably the right side, and let the drone take care of the enemies. Once you partner is on your helicopter, sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

Sub Zero
Complete the 'Arctic Recon' Special Ops mission on Veteran difficulty.

Arctic Recon can be a pain on Veteran. Sometimes, the enemy spawn will stop, other times they may just keep coming. I would say to grab the Barrett .50 cal and an Assault Rifle and stay a good distance back. The person controlling the drone will also have to find cover a lot. You also don't have to worry about a time limit until you plant the last beacon, then you will have one minute thirty seconds to get ot the extraction point.

Written Walkthrough

Beacon 1: After grabbing your guns and the other player taking control of the drone, go along the right side of the boat and take cover. The guy controlling the drone should take cover behind the big ball type thing while taking out enemies. There will be a decent amount of them but eventually will dwindle down to one coming at a time from the left and right side. When it gets to that point, the player should fly the drone close the the marker and tag it, then back off. Cover the ground player while he plants it.

Beacons 2 & 3: A few enemies will come from the right side, it back while the drone takes them out. Then the drone move up to the next position and tag it. The drone controller should also focus on the upper level because that's where the bulk of the enemies come from at this part. The ground player will go to the staircase right before the tagged location and sit at the top of the stairs, but just enough so his head peaks out and he can kill the enemies coming from the steps on the left. Once it is planted, have the drone flyer through the opening and kill any enemies on the other side and tag the location. Then, that player should focus again on the upper level while the ground player runs quickly to plant that beacon.

Beacon 4: Now a helicopter will come and drop off troops. The ground player should still stay where they planted the last beacon, while the drone tries to kill as many enemies as it can while they repel from the helicopter. After the helicopter leaves and some enemies are thinned out, the ground player will move to the top of the steps and wait for a few seconds until the drone eliminates the rest of the enemies. It should be clear enough to run up and plant the last beacon after that. Have the drone tag it and be ready for a speedy get away.

Escaping: Connman92 and I both find escaping along the right side of the boat (the side you didn't travel along while making your way to the back of the ship) is easiest. Run along the right side and stop just before the top of the stairs where the helicopter dropped off troops. Let the drone take them out. Go down the steps and jump over the raining. There may be an enemy or two but if you let the drone lead the way, it will take care of them. When you get back to the area you started at, don't run out there. About a half a dozen enemies will spawn. Si back and try to take them out from a distance, but this part is best left to the drone. When they are dead move up a little bit. Throw a flashbang on the left side just in case there are enemies and have the drone look out for the lone enemy that comes on the right. After he is dead, you will have a straight run to the extraction.

Video Walkthrough

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Complete the 'Arctic Recon' Special Ops mission in under 3:30.

This is actually a lot easier than it may seem and you will most likely get it on your Regular run. The main thing you have to remember, which can eat a lot of time, it making sure that you mark the spots as soon as possible. If you are controlling the drone, take out a few enemies, get close enough to the spot and press and hold to mark the location. As soon as you do that, start flying to the next location (and kill some enemies). Whatever is left should be easily handled by the man on the ground. For the guy playing on the ground, I would recommend the Barrett .50 Cal and an Assault Rifle. Just run to each spot and kill enemies on your way. Hopefully the drone will have taken enough out for you. The main thing you need to keep in mind is to plant the final beacon by either two minutes fifteen second mark or the two minutes thirty seconds mark at the latest. Now to make getting to the extraction quicker, go along the right side and don't really worry about enemies. Just throw a flashbang to stun them. If you make it to the extraction by the three minutes mark you will be fine (it shouldn't take you that long though).

Video Walkthrough

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To Jugger or to Jugger-Naut
Kills all juggernauts after they land on Veteran difficulty in the "Vertigo" Special Ops mission.

Ah the infamous Juggernaut. They can be such a pain in the ass .... but the fact you have to do it on Veteran . First off, I highly recommend doing this trophy in co-op. Next, when killing a Juggernaut one partner should use the PKP Pechang and the other person can use any gun of there choosing. There are a total of four Juggernauts that will come via a helicopter, but you cannot kill them until they land. The main part to stay here in the green crate that is directly in front of you after you turn around at the start of the level.
Written Walkthrough

Juggernaut 1 - He will come after the first wave. He will land right in front the green crate, in the middle of the area. If you start shooting him as he drops out of the helicopter, by the time he reaches the ground he should be close to death.

Juggernaut 2 - He comes after the second wave but is dropped off by the Littlebird. DO NOT shoot at the Littlebird because the resulting explosion may kill him, even if he is a few feet away. Just do the same thing as the first one and you will do fine.

Juggernaut 3 & 4 - The come after the third wave. Go down to the left side of the rooftop and wait for the Juggernaut to land. There will be another green crate you will circle around as you shoot him. Start shooting him as soon as he appears. By the time you kill the third one, the fourth will be on the ground and making his way to you. Use flashbangs on them if they still are alive at the same time. Just follow around the green crate again for this final one and you will get the trophy.

Video Walkthrough

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Complete the "Vertigo" Special Ops Mission on any difficulty.

Vertigo takes place on the roof of the Oasis Hotel, the place where you killed Makarov. You will have to fend off against waves of enemies, such as the standard Makarov henchman, Juggernauts and helicopters. For the helicopters, if playing solo you will have to shoot and guide a laser guided rocket. If playing co-op, one player lases and guides the rocket while the other shoots. You will have to fend off three waves of enemies. After the first and second waves, one Juggernaut will come. After the third wave a pair of Juggernauts will come. A friendly chopper will come and drop of a care package containing a parachute. You will have to jump off the roof and fight your way down the street. Waves of helicopters, enemies, dogs and suicide bombers will come after you. Luckily, the helicopters are Littlebirds and can easily be shot down. The ensuing explosion can take out a few enemies. This level is pretty easy and straight forward on Regular.

Complete the "Vertigo" Special Ops Mission on Veteran difficulty.

This mission can be a pain on Veteran, but overall isn't that bad. It's best to play with a partner, I feel it makes it easier and quicker. The main things are to take out the helicopters that are dropping off the Juggernauts.
Written Walkthrough

Part 1 - Wave 1: From the start, have one player shoot the rocket while the other guides it. When you both turn around, there will be a green crate in front of you. One person take the left side of the crate while the other covers the right. This will be your camping spot. Also, the person who doesn't have the RPG should trade their pistol for the M16 on the ground to the left. For every wave, enemies will drop down from the left and right side as well as come from a door on the right. The person on the left side of the crate covers the left drop point, while the partner on the right covers the door and right drop point. The person on the left will occasionally peek out and take out some people coming from the doorway if no one is coming from their side. Once all enemies are killed, an enemy helicopter will come to drop off a Juggernaut, shoot it down before the Juggernaut can rappel down.

Part 1 - Wave 2: This is the exact same as the first wave. Do what you did before, except when the Juggernaut comes, a LittleBird will land on the roof to drop him off. Shoot down the Littlebird as soon as it lands.

Part 1 - Wave 3: Again, this is the exact same as the previous two waves. This time, two Juggernauts will come. One will be dropped off on the left and the other on the right. Make sure to take them out with the rocket before they can drop down. A friendly helicopter will now come and drop off parachutes, make sure you BOTH grab one before you jump off the roof. Also, each person should grab a PKP Machine Gun (the person with the rocket will trade the rocket for the PKP).

Part 2: Once you land from the parachute, you will be faced with a fair amount of enemies. Take cover right where you landed and get ready for a fight. Nine Littlebirds will drop off enemies at points but do not worry about shooting them down, aim straight for the enemies. Make good use of your grenades and flashbangs as well. Don't be afraid to spam them (or your PKP) for that matter, since a resupply crate is right near you. At some points enemies will stop coming, when that happens just move up a bit then run back to trigger the spawn. Your main threat will be the enemy dogs that come. Take them out quickly. Towards the end of the level, if you forgot to trigger this spawn, enemies (mostly suicide bombers) will come from behind the big white truck. This is the spot you have to look out for. Make sure you cook and throw grenades and flashbangs as you get close. Once everyone is dead, head into the green smoke to complete the mission.

Destroy all helicopters in the "Vertigo" Special Ops Mission.

There are a total of sixteen helicopters you have to take down to get this trophy. It's not difficulty specific, so definitely do this on Regular. Also, I recommend doing it solo. If you play co-op, one player will have to laser guide the missile and the other player has to shoot. If you play solo, you guide and shoot the rocket, making it a lot easier. Also, make sure to use the Ammo Resupply after you parachute down. It will be to the right when you land.

Written Walkthrough

Helicopters 1, 2, 3 & 4 - These come right in the beginning. When you start you will be looking into the sky. Turn right and they will be flying towards you.

Helicopter 5 - After the first wave of enemies, it will come from the right side.

Helicopter 6 - The Littlebird will land right in the middle of the roof after the second wave.

Helicopter 7 - This will come after the third and final wave.

Helicopters 8 & 9 - As soon as you parachute off the roof these two will be coming in for a landing. Shoot and guide the missile while you are still parachuting. When you land, steady your aim and take them out.

Helicopters 10 & 11 - The come right after the previous two. You should be able to get both of the as soon as they come in and land. If one gets away it will circle back around before leaving.

Helicopter 12 - Again, this one comes after the previous two.

Helicopters 13, 14 & 15 - After you progress a little bit they will all fly in at once. Just be quick and go from closest to farthest. If one happens to get away it will circle back around.

Helicopter 16 - Once you get around 60 meters from the extraction you will hear it starting up and it will lift off.

Handle with Care
Complete the "Special Delivery" Special Ops mission on any difficulty.

Special Delivery is based on once again saving a downed teammate. You will be escorted by a chopper who will drop care packages when you throw smoke markers. You will also get a self revive/revives. There aren't any objects but pushing forward to get to the teammate. Enemies will come form buildings, underground and be dropped off by helicopters. Use the Barrett .50 Cal and G36C for the mission. Loads of Juggernauts will come, which is why the Barrett is recommended. Also, use the care packages whenever you can, they will be a big help. Just keep pushing through the waves/hordes of enemies. Find good tactical spots to set up your Sentry Gun and to snipe from. If you have to sit back and let them come to you, do so.

Deliver This
Complete the "Special Delivery" Special Ops mission on Veteran difficulty.

This mission isn't as hard as you think it would be. The Osprey Gunner and your Care Packages do most, if not all of the work. Make sure to take the Barrett .50 Cal and when you get an XM25, trade your M4A1 for it. Also, make sure to always have a Sentry Gun and Self Revive on hand. Just remember, you only get 10 Care Packages. The Sentry Gun, XM25 and Barrett make quick and easy work of the various Juggernauts that come. Also,the Captain/Baseplate will give you locations of a lot of enemies (i.e. on the roof or second floor window).
Written Walkthrough

Part 1: You will be at the start. Grab the Barrett and keep the M4A1. Pick up the Self Revive and call in a Care Package. It will be a Sentry Gun. Set it up while you take cover. Peek out every now and then. As the enemies get thinned out, you can keep moving up.Once you get along the left side of teh building and place your Sentry, call in another Care Package to get the XM25 and trade your M4A1 for it. Sit back and snipe the enemies. Move forward again until you get to a miniature construction zone. Enemies may or may not spawn here, if they do set up the Sentry where you just came from while you sit back a little more. If no enemies spawn there,move up and place the Sentry near the entrance to the big construction zone.

Part 2: Now this is where you will have to stand your ground. Place your Sentry facing the little set of steps that lead to the door. This is a perfect little funnel for them. Make sure you have a Self Revive and extra Sentry in case anything goes wrong. Snipe any enemies coming in and if the group is too big, pull out the XM25 for some badassary. If the enemies thin out, move up into the area to trigger more and fall back. Eventually, after enough times doing this, you will be able to go and secure the important intel without a problem.

Part 3: This is the part where you head to the downed teammate. When you get in the building whilst heading to him a Juggernaut and a few other enemies will come. Make sure to place a Sentry in a good line of site of the opposite doorway to take them out. Throw a Flashbang if you desire so they can be taken down quicker. After they are all dead, go revive the teammate to complete the level.

Discriminating Buyer
Use exactly one of each care package in the "Special Delivery" Special Ops mission.

Special Delivery give you the choice to call in Care Packages. There are three types to get: Machine Gun Turret, XM25 and Self Revive. You will start off with a Selve Revive crate in front of you at the start. The other two you have to use on the D-pad to throw smoke for it to get dropped off. As soon as you get one, use it (except for Self Revive). Now, you don't actually have to use it or get a kill with it. In the case of the turret, you just have to place it. For the XM25 you just have to pull it out (or fire a shot). The Self-Revive, if you don't use it by the end of the level just down yourself with a grenade. Definitely do this on Regular, as on Hardened or Veteran you will need to use all of the care packages you can to beat it.

Use only one self revive care package in the "Special Delivery" Special Ops mission.

At the start of the level you can pick up a Care Package that contains one Self Revive. Doing this on Hardened or Veteran would be WAY too hard. Your best bet is playing on Regular. Play normally, kill enemies and what not. The main point to this is making it to the end of the level without going down, if you are able. If you get downed at one point, let the revive pick you up but DO NOT die or use another revive, as simple as that. There isn't a lot of tips or info to give. You just have to stay alive, and the best way is to use the Barrett due to the Juggernauts. If you happen to make it to the end of the level without using the revive, before you revive the downed teammate cook a grenade and down yourself. Wait for the revive to pick you up, then revive the teammate to end the level.

Complete the "Light 'Em Up" Special Ops mission on any difficulty.

This mission is based upon conducting a Search and Rescue operation. It's based on the mission "Stronghold" in which you assault Makarov's castle. You will actually fly a Littlebird around the starting area. You will use Thermal Goggles and a Thumber to take out enemies until four pieces of intel are dropped. When that happens, you will be dropped off and covered by the Littlebird until you grab all four intel. Watch out for the Chemical enemies that come. The hostage's location will be revealed. You will have to fight your way through enemies, eventually reaching a set of large doors. You will breach them, kill a few more guys and rescue the SAS operative. After that, a load of enemies will come to either kill you, him or both of you. Defend him and take out the enemies. Once everyone is dead, you'll jump over the side, get in the Littlebird, throw a smoke grenade and see a show!

Lights Out
Complete the "Light 'Em Up" Special Ops mission on Veteran difficulty.

It is likely that this level may give you some trouble. There's a fair amount of enemies and some times not a lot of room to work with. Make sure to take it slow and scope out the area when you do this level. The Littlebird's spotlight is a big help in this level because it can stun the enemies.

Written Walkthrough

Part 1: This is when you have to control the Littlebird, put on the thermal goggles and grenade launch the shit out of everyone. There aren't any real tips for this, other than to keep moving. If you stay stationary you will be a very easy target. Once you have killed enough enemies to get all four intel items the Littlebird will drop you off. Now it is random for every person for who drops it and where, so the best advice I can give is move from cover to cover, using the Littlebirds spotlight to see the location of the enemies. Also, watch out of the enemies with Chemicals, they can take you out in one blow. Once you have collected all for, the location of the hostage will be revealed. Go back to the Littlebird and board.

Part 2: As you are flying to the drop point, take out the few enemies you can see. When you're dropped off, peek around the corner and quickly take out the three enemies. Once you enter the building throw a flashbang through the other door, move over there and kill the few enemies. Now before you go down the stretch into the next building, look over to the right and on the ground. Take out the enemies that you can see. Then, look over to the back left. There will be a few enemies there to kill. Killing them now will make it easier for you in a few short moments. Head on over into the other building and take out the enemies who come from around the corner. A few more enemies will come when you exit that build. Move into the next and take out the few guys in front of the doors. When they are dead, breach the door and kill the four bad guys. Only three more will show up until you rescue the hostage.

Part 3: Now you will need to defend the rescued hostage. Loads of enemies will come via smoke cover and into the door. Make sure the hostage does not die. If you hand any flashbangs or grenades, use them. Make sure to use the thermal goggles as well. Once most, if not all bad guys are dead, move out of the building and if there are any enemies below you, kill them. When everyone is dead, jump down and board the Littlebird. Throw a smoke grenade and watch an AC-130 tear shit up.

Deer in the Headlights
Stab five stunned enemies in a row in the "Light 'Em Up" Special Ops mission.

This might seem hard, and if your trying this on Veteran it may be. If you do this on Regular, it's a cake walk. You may be thinking "Oh I have to use a Flashbang AND knife five guys while they are stunned be it? I only have four Flashbangs, this may be tough." WRONG. While you can use Flashbangs to stun them, which is what I recommend, you will notice after the Littlebird drops you off it will follow you. It will shine its spotlight on the enemies. If an enemy looks into the light or gets to much of it they will cover there eyes and wobble around , mimicking a "Flashbanged" motion. Killing them while in this state counts as a stun knife kill. Attempt this as soon as you get dropped off by the Littlebird. Start out slow, flashbang an enemy near you then knife him. Do it to another. Keep using those Flashbangs until you are out. If you happen to see the spotlight stun an enemy, run up and use that knife. Remember, start as soon as you land and do it to five in a row. If you feel you missed it or tried and didn't get it, later in the level a lot of enemies will come. The spotlight will shine right on a few groups ans stun every enemy in the light.

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