Players: 1-2 offline (split-screen) & 2-4 online multiplayer
Online Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 4-12 hours possibly more depending on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All trophies must be earned while playing on the map Shi No Numa.
  • None of these trophies are accumulative through multiple games of Nazi Zombies.
  • You may get a weapon that needs to be switched to with the or which will be shown at the bottom center of the HUD.
  • You can see your kill amount at anytime during the game if you are playing split-screen or online multiplayer by pressing . This information is not given during a solo run.
  • Playing solo can be better for you since most of the trophies are earned individually making it to where you don't have to reach rounds 40+ so choose a path that benefits you on your style of play.
  • Making a crawler is a very important aspect of playing zombies, whether you want to slow down the zombie to go board up the windows to earn more skill points, buy a new gun at the mystery box/wall, open more doors, or even slow down the gameplay to ensure a headshot/melee.
To make a crawler you must throw a grenade next to a zombie(s) which will either kill or make a crawler, doing this into a group of zombies is the best option since you don't have to worry about having the last zombie alive in a death or crawler situation. Sometimes the crawlers are fast and at times cause more problems than standing zombies.
  • Mystery Box gives you random gear such as weapons, secondary throwing gear like the Molotov, or it can give you the teddy beat which will relocate the box. Each time you take your chance with the mystery box is cost you 950 skill points so watch your points.



Allows you to instantly kill an enemy with any weapon or melee.

Double Points

Doubles the points for killing zombies, hell-hounds, and repairing windows.

Max Ammo

Provides you with full ammo for your entire arsenal of weapons.

Kills every enemy on the map at the time and gives each player 400 skill points and if the double points is active 800 skill points is awarded to every player.



Cost 2500 skill points and increases your health.

Speed Cola

Cost 3000 skill points and it increases reload speed and barrier rebuild time.

Quick Revive

Cost 1500 skill points and decrease the amount of time to revive a teammate by 50%. Have no effect while playing solo.

Double Tap

Cost 2000 skill points and increases the fire rate of whichever weapon is being fired with the addition of being capable of firing to rounds at once.


Step One: Since each new zombie map turns into a learning experience begin by going after the quick simple trophies first while learning what weapons are on the ground and where the mystery box is located.
Dead Air
Hammer Time
Weapon of Minor Destruction

Step Two: Learn the layout of the map while looking out for the trap placements.
It's a Trap!
Big Brawler

Step Three: The long haul...By now you should know the layout of the map and the traps placed around the map giving you the best chance to earn the trophies that require you to reach higher rounds of the game.
Fertilizer Man
Big Baller
Soul Survivor


Dead Air
Must have been a wrong number. (Secret Trophy)

From the starting location you will want to earn 1000 score points (start with 500) to vanish one of the two barriers (the one on the staircase is suggested) preventing you from moving onto the next section of the map, do this by killing zombies (shooting grenades, or knifing) and repairing windows (see Hammer Time ).

By this time the next round should have started where you will need another 1000 skill points to open the next passage "Comm Room"(this name of the next area will be above the door). If you went down the staircase this will be to the left and if you chose to open distinguish the top barrier you will have to guide yourself to the mystery box where the Comm Room will be to the left of it.

After opening the double doors with the 1000 score points you may have enough to open the last door costing 750 skill points. This will be located at the opposite end of the pathway going in either direction, left or right. This is a hut named Comm Room where once again the name is on a wooden plank above the doors.

Walking into the Comm Room you will see a weapon on the wall (STG-44) slight to the right and directly on the other side of the wall will be the telephone on a desk so continue to walk through the doorway. Press on this black telephone 3x and you'll here a small voice over ("What, are they going to add a music Easter Egg to every map now" or something like that) followed by the trophy.

Video Demonstration

Toggle Spoiler

If you are playing in a party this will unlock for everybody.

Hammer Time
Repair 200 window boards in a single game. (Map Pack 2 only)

To do this you must wait for the zombies to start pulling off the window boards from their respective entry points. To repair a window you must be standing in front of the window while holding down when prompted on the screen. You do not have to face the window boards in order to repair them so you can turn around and watch for zombies coming to you from behind to ensure your safety.

There are two methods you can go about earning this trophy and they are...

1. Playthrough as you would normally trying to reach the later rounds by avoiding death as you kill off zombies. You will repair windows in-between rounds or when you have 1 zombie left thus making it a crawler or not depends on you for this please view the zombie tip method (see tips and strategies).

2. The faster and sure way to earn this is to do it during the first round. There are 4 windows available for zombies to come through and 4 zombies to kill in the 1st round so keep on the lookout and keep only one alive behind a window. Once you get to the last one repair the window boards as the zombies tears them off. This will take a few minutes, but it is safer and a sure way to earn the trophy.

It's a Trap!
Kill at least one zombie with three different traps in a single round. (Map Pack 2 only)

You must kill at least one enemy with three different traps during one round. It can be the same type of trap just not the exact same one. From the start you can decide on which barrier you would like to remove as it doesn't matter since they both lead you to the exact same area just can not go through the center up top, however the barrier not on the staircase is suggested.

You must unlock a minimum of 2 of the 4 pathways, one will have to be to the fishing hut. You can also get this by opening the other three pathways, fishing hut, Comm Room, storage, and Doctors Quarters. Each of the 4 pathways cost 1k skill points to unlock in which 3 zombies will appear in that specific area you opened.

The suggested path to open is the top barrier that says Warning from the start of the game and unlock the fishing hut or the storage paths when you have accumulated enough skill points (1k for each main door and 750 points for the secondary doors). From here run around in a circle in the storage area making some crawlers if possible then using the electric barrier trap for 1k skill points. Once this has finished run over to the fishing hut main door open that up and wait for a standing enemy which may only be the 3 that spawn when opening the door and use the flogger trap (cost 750 skill points) which is located next to the entrance/exit of the fishing hut pathway. Now that you should have completed 2/3 traps given you have killed at least 1 zombie on each and have some remaining go into the fishing hut and wait until some enemies get close by then use the electric barrier again (1k points).

If you fail to meet the requirements when doing the step above just rinse and repeat during the next round until you get it. Just be careful not to bunch all your enemies up as you don't want to kill them all at once.

Weapon of Minor Destruction
Kill no more than one zombie with a nuke. (Map Pack 2 only)

This can be done during any round, however the earlier rounds are of course the easiest. If you do not get it within the first three rounds you should press and Restart the Level. Be careful when you are knifing your enemies as you could unintentionally collect the nuke and blow every enemy up. Shoot your enemies and if you run out of ammo buy the Gewehr off the wall for 600 skill points or the Arisaka for 200 skill points. Once an enemy drops a Nuke (image in the tips and strategies section) you will want to kill off all, but one enemy by any means. With one enemy left collect the nuke to kill the last enemy and end the round.

The nuke will disappear if you do not collect it quick enough. It will blink slowly at first, but when it begins to rapidly flicker it will vanish soon after not giving you the chance to use it.

If you are playing in a party this will unlock for everybody.

Have all four perks simultaneously active in a game of Nazi Zombies. (Map Pack 2 only)

You will need a total of 17k skill points not including points needed to acquire new weapons or opening both barrier at the starting location.

You will need to open the Comm Room, Doctors Orders, Fishing Hut, & Storage pathways and their secondary doors where a perk will be chosen at random except for the last one. Once you have purchased and drank each of the 4 perks the trophy will pop unless you die as you are drinking the 4th perk so beware.

Quick Revive (1500 points) - Revives your co-op partners quicker.

Double Tap (2000 points) - Rapid fire and reduces recoil (great for headshots)

Jugger-Nog (2500 points) - Grants you the ability to get hit more than twice at once before dying.

Speed Cola (3000 points) - Allows you to reload rapidly. This should be bought as soon as possible since it will really help you get out of corners you're stuck in.

Fertilizer Man
Kill 200 zombies in a single game. (Map Pack 2 only)

All 200 kills has to be done by you so if you are playing split-screen or in an online multiplayer game and the entire team gets a total of 200 kills you will not earn the trophy. When shooting at zombies aim for the head to save ammo and inflict more damage.

Please view Big Baller below if you are having difficulties earning headshots.

Get 150 zombie headshots in a single game. (Map Pack 2 only)

You can do this with any bullet weapon in the game, however not all have deal the same amount of damage and some are harder to look down the sight's so it's recommended to pick the Thompson off the wall across from the mystery box in the main building. Aim down your iron sights to the zombie's head and pull the trigger, if you miss and the zombie doesn't try repeat. You also don't need to aim, just wait patiently for a zombie to get close, but your crosshairs in the center of the zombie head and once again pull the trigger.

Thompson M1A1

The Thompson M1A1 has a maximum of 360 rounds +30 in clip. It is an automatic sub machine gun making it easy to take out enemies as close to medium distances. To get full use out of this weapon you would want to combine it with the Speed Cola perk to make reload speed much faster.

Thompson M1A1 Iron Sights

Please view Big Baller below if you are having difficulties earning headshots.

Big Baller
Earn 75,000 points in a single Nazi Zombies game. (Map Pack 2 only)

You must stay alive into rounds 20+ in order to achieve a score of 75k in a single game. Playing solo is the suggested method as it allows you to kill all enemies and board up the windows yourself, however if you boost it collaborating with your partner so they know not to kill anyone if it isn't necessary you should meet the requirements for this trophy much faster.

A great method has been produced and recorded to use which is the best bet for those having issues making it into the deeper rounds of Shi No Numa. This is not the only method to reach 75k, however it has been useful to many zombie players that have had trouble earning this trophy naturally. Below is a written walkthrough of this method followed by a video showing similar style of gameplay.

Written Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Video demonstration

Toggle Spoiler

Big Brawler
Get 10 consecutive zombie melee kills before Insta-Kill expires. (Map Pack 2 only)

This can be earned anytime after round 2 since you won't have enough enemies. First you need to allow the zombies in through the windows as they won't drop any perks for you if they are not actually in the map yet.

Insta-Kills give you the opportunity to kill every enemy with one hit (melee) or a single bullet. This becomes very handy for the later rounds especially when you want to maximize your skill point earnings.

Once you see the Insta-Kill (Skull with the glow) collect it and begin killing all enemies with your knife melee . You will still need to be wary of the enemies hitting you since they are likely to hit you as you are going in for a melee and this will lead to a quick death if you trying a melee back to back. Instead line up the zombie take it slow and don't get too excited resulting in trapping yourself.


This is somewhat easier to come by during the later rounds as you may have the Jugger-Nog in addition to having more zombies to kill not having to run around looking for one or two stragglers. Use the method in Big Baller to create a great line of enemies, but that would cause them to be together so being hit is more likely.

In the center of the HUD above the directional pads your perks will appear that have a last effect. Once they begin to flash rapidly it is about to deplete so be aware of that.

Soul Survivor
Reach round 15 in Nazi Zombies without getting revived. (Map Pack 2 only)

For this trophy you need to make it to the start of round 15 meaning you need to complete all 14 previous rounds without being downed or revived when playing with a party.

The Speed Cola and Jugger-Nog are vital in the later rounds just so you can hit more often and reload at closer distances if you become ambushed. Stay alert and play with your sound up so you can always hear when there are aggressive fast moving zombies.

Please view Big Baller below if you are having difficulties staying alive until round 15 for a great strategy.


Thanks to The Krisonator for the Big Baller trophy video.
Thanks to Well Herro. for the Dead Air trophy video.

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