Players: 1
Online Trophies: Nope
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Some does. See "Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits".
Estimated Time to 100%: At least 50 hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 time through Black Tiger, then a lot of play for "Retro Obsessive ".
Collectible Trophies: 1 (kinda... "Art Lover ")
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None encountered

[top]Tips & Strategies

Tips for games in general:
  • Tweak them in the options menu.
  • Train with level select or casual mode first.
  • Use the turbo controls (the trigger buttons).
Tips for Black Tiger:
  • Be defensive. Don't rush anything.
  • Always have the highest armor.
  • Try to go for at least 320000 points without dying to permanently have maximum vitality.
  • Remember to duck often. It's very helpful.
  • Follow the grey direction arrows to find extra supplies and goodies.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There are basically two ways to make this game easier. There is modes and options. Modes being training mode and casual modes. These are much easier versions than the game. You can not use these without locking out trophies. Options are tweaks to the game. There is a difficulty setting to it. You can also tweak how many lives and how occurring they are. These tweaks do not block trophies and I highly suggest using them if you're having difficulty.


This guide has special focus on the free version of the game. There is no focus on the other buyable games.

There are two ways to go around this. The poor mans version or the full collection version. The first one is free, while the other is not, but far more enjoyable.

Free version:
  1. You'll have to play a lot of Black Tiger. You need to master the game, so you can beat it without getting a continue.
  2. After that just play the game 50 hours to finish it off.

Not free version:
  1. If you have a full collection then this will instantly become way more enjoyable. Complete all of the games to get their respective trophies.
  2. Now get the tricky trophies on one of the games (I recommend 1943).
  3. Play the games until you've reached 50 hours.


Art Lover
Unlock a picture in the Gallery.

This will be your first trophy. All you need to do is complete the first level of Black Tiger and you get some art. While not being an easy game it is not that challenging to complete the first level.

Set a new record on the High Score table.

You'll need to get a score of 20000 in Black Tiger to get a record on the High Score tables. This is not that hard actually. Go to the inn in the first level (should be fairly easy to find), and enter it. As soon as you get in go to the left and destroy the wall to get a pickup that gives you many points. Now it's mostly a question about clearing the inn and completing the first level without continuing.

Arcade Master
Clear a game.

Well, if you only have Black Tiger, there really are no other options. The game is not THAT long, but it can be challenging at times. For more information see the "All You Need to Know About Black Tiger" section.

Arcade Legend
Clear a game without using any continues.

Yeah, doing this on Black Tiger is pretty tough. I recommend doing this on another game, if you have one. If you don't I strongly suggest looking at the video below, and in the "All You Need to Know About Black Tiger" section. Remember to the options menu and set the game on easy under the "Game Options" sub-menu. The video is a no-continues run on the easiest difficulty. Especially note the hidden items in the destroyable walls, since they give you tons of points, Zenny Coins or sometimes an extra life.

Retro Rookie
Clock in 2 hours of playing time.

See "Retro Obsessive ".

Retro Gamer
Clock in 10 hours of playing time.

See "Retro Obsessive ".

Retro Obsessive
Clock in 50 hours of playing time.

This actually means you have to be in the active game. You have to be in a game, have it unpaused and running. You don't need to be actively playing, but due to Black Tigers time limit on every stage, you will be greeted with a problem. You can't just leave it on, and as of yet, it is not possible with any of the games, since they are either timed or a automatically scrolling. What I recommend to do is to boot up Black Tiger in two player mode, and just wait for the time limit to run out until you get to the "Game Over" screen, where you try again, so you'll only need to pay attention every once in a while, but you can't just let it run over night. This would be much less painful with the inclusion of the other games.

Skippycue has a tip. It requires you having bought Pirate Ship Higemaru, though.
It goes as follows:
Quote Originally Posted by skippycue View Post
The steps are as follows:
1. Ensure that your controller is in a charging station or plugged in so it doesn't shut off. If the controller shuts off, the game automatically pauses.
2. Go into the game saving options and set Auto-record to No. If you record the game play, the record buffer fills up after about 5 hours and will pause the game prompting you to save your recording.
3. Play through the first 3 levels in arcade mode normally.
4. On the fourth level, simply copy what I do in the video.

There are only 3 safe spots in this video, and I show all of them. If you move off of these safe spots, you will get hit by the skull and crossbones, or by a pirate breaking through a barrel. The trick here is not to be adjacent to any barrel that a pirate can be adjacent to on the other side. If this happens, they will break through the barrel and get you. You also can't stay along the bottom because of the skull and crossbones. I show all of the things to avoid in the video.

This trick only works on the bonus levels because the captains don't jump in barrels, so there is no concern about them moving them.

These trophies pop instantly when you reach the required time, so no need to exit and save. Hope this helps!

Slaying the Blues
Defeat the Blue Tiger (BLACK TIGER).

This gotten for beating the third boss in the game. The two first bosses were simply block-heads, but this is a blue dragon (despite the name) that needs to be defeated. Have a look at the "All You Need to Know About Black Tiger" section.

Whackin' Black
Defeat the Black Dragon (BLACK TIGER).

This is for completing the game. There are 8 stages in total. The game definitely has it's moments (especially boss fights), and it can be quite frustrating at times. You need to upgrade your weaponry to the max, and always have a good set of armor to really succeed. Go check out the "All You Need to Know About Black Tiger" section for more information.

[top]All You Need to Know About Black Tiger

Okay vitality is how much health you can lose (not counting armor) before you lose a life. Vitality can be increased by gaining a ton of points. This is why it's important to gather as many points as possible. Below is a list of when you get a new vitality upgrade. Remember if you get a continue your score resets.

Vitality upgrades unlocks at:

1 Vitality = Start
2 Vitality = 20000 points
3 Vitality = 120000 points
4 Vitality = 220000 points
5 Vitality = 320000 points

There is way too many to list. Here are some to be aware of.

Falling Rock.
Not really an enemy but they do drain you two health if you get him by them. The only real trick is to remember when they come.

They are pretty annoying but not heavy-hitting. Just be cautious.

These can be hard. They use fire whips and if you can't get them in a loop then either jump or duck under the whip.

Skull Coins
These can't be killed and should just be avoided.

There are generally three types of bosses.

Your target is the orange-eyed stone. You may want to defeat the others first.

They fly back an forth while going up and down, spewing fire. These can be rather tricky. I seriously suggest playing this defensively. Trying to not get too close to it.

The worst boss. They are in a small space, are hard to jump over (since you have to use the tiny platform) and their attacks causes fire which is sometimes impossible to avoid. For these guys it's mostly force of patterns that needs to be used. Really make the perform the right moves the right times by having them use the fire move by moving away from them when the fire can't get you properly, then they will near the platform, being an opportunity for you to jump over.

Upgrades comes from saving certain wise men. You can use Zenny coins to upgrade your armor (not permanent) and weapon (permanent) as well as the potions and the keys. Be defensive. Don't buy weapons unless you have it as spare money after buying some good armor. It's not worth it in the long run. Potions aren't that helpful and keys have a pretty high failure rate when it comes to treasure chests. Leaving them totally out of the equation is not a bad idea.

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