Online Trophies:none
Estimated Time to 100%:6-8 hours
Minimum Playthroughs:n/a, many hunts, approx 100 kills
Collectible Trophies:none
Missable Trophies:none
Glitched Trophies:none

[top]Tips & Strategies

Always approach your kill to confirm and collect your gems and score points.
When running put away your weapon or you will run out of breath quickly.
Always press when aiming to steady your hand.
Don't waste your time killing any unlicensed dinosaurs.
When hunting the TRex and Ceratosaurus always stand on a height, that way they won't harm you.
Buying the Sniper Rifle and X-Ray Visor will turn you into an unstoppable killing machine.
Be aware that purchasing certain equipment will apply a penalty to score points.
Equipment can be exchanged for a full refund at any time.
Dinosaurs are less perceptive when drinking.


This roadmap aims to provide the quickest and easiest way to unlock all equipment, licenses and areas.
You will require a total of 2070 gems and 30,000 score points to unlock Geared Up.
All other trophies, with the exception of Tyrannicide which has a step of its own, can be earned by following this roadmap.

Step 1- Farming the Stegosaurus
The Stegosaurus is the only dinosaur available from the beginning, you will earn between 4-7 gems and about 150 score points per kill.
When you have enough gems purchase the Radar (20 gems) and the X-Ray Visor (50 gems).
You can also purchase the Ankylosaurus license (10 gems), but they are more difficult to kill and the rewards are no greater than the Stegosaurus.
As soon as you have amassed enough score points (500) for The Great Forest and gems (50) for the Parasaurolophus license move onto step 2.

Step 2- Farming the Parasaurolophus
This is the most time consuming and tedious step.
The Parasaurolophus has very sensitive sight and hearing and will evacuate quickly if he sees or hears you approach.
Purchasing Cover Scent (75 gems) and Camouflage (100 gems) will help.
You will earn approx 20 gems and between 200-250 score points per kill.
As soon as you can afford the Ceratosaurus license (100 gems), the Decoy (150 gems) and Delpheus Hills Dusk move onto step 3.

Step 3- Farming the Ceratosaurus
So long as you have the Decoy the Ceratosaurus is very easy to farm.
As soon as you enter the hunt find a rock to stand on, it doesn't have to be very tall, so long as its off the ground it will do.
Sound the Decoy and any Ceratosaurus in the area will come running towards you but wont attack as you are on a height.
Pick them off for between 25-35 gems but only about 100-200 score points as they will be at such close range.
Move this to the The Great Forest Dusk as soon as you have 5000 points as the Ceratosaurus is more plentiful here.
As soon as you amass enough gems for the Triceratops (250) and Sniper Rifle (500) and score points (12000) for Basmachee Rocks move onto step 4.

Step 4- Farming the Triceratops
Before entering Basmachee Rocks sell back any equipment that provides a penalty except the Decoy and X-Ray Visor.
As soon as you enter the hunt sound your Decoy to locate a Triceratops to hunt and kill.
Each kill will net approx 45-55 gems and 500-700 kill points, this area is full of Triceratops so you should get 4-5 per hunt.
As soon as you amass enough gems (500) for the TRex and score points (30000) for Basmachee Rocks Dusk move onto step 5.

Step 5
Before entering Basmachee Rocks Dusk buy all upgrades to achieve Geared Up & Full House.
As soon as this is done move to Step 6.

Step 6-Farming the TRex

The TRex can be farmed in the same way as the Ceratosaurus, just stand on a rock and sound the Decoy.
There is usually only one TRex per hunt so once you have located and killed one evacuate and start again.
They can also be quite difficult to locate so you may have to move around a little.
You will need a total of 17 TRex kills.
This is best done during Basmachee Rocks Dusk.


Geared up
Start hunt with all equipment, all licenses and with a sniper rifle

This can't be achieved until you have access to Basmachee Rocks Dusk.
All six dinosaur licenses cost 815 gems, all equipment will cost 755 gems and the Sniper Rifle costs 500 gems.
If you have followed the roadmap you will have well in excess of the required total by the end of step 4.
If you have purchased the Crossbow sell it back as you don't need it for the trophy.

Travel marathon distance of 26 miles and 385 yards (42'195 m)

This will happen naturally, you will cover this distance easily while playing.

Full House
During the same hunt confirm 6 licensed dinosaurs of different kind

Basmachee Rocks Dusk is the only area that is populated by all six required dinosaurs.
You will need to hunt and collect one each of Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Ceratosaurus, Triceratops & TRex.
So long as you have Radar, X-Ray Visor, Double Ammo, Decoy & Sniper Rifle this is very easy.
Make sure you stand on a height when hunting the Ceratosaurus & TRex to avoid getting eaten, with the other 4 just pick them off from a distance.

Fill Trophy Room with 17 Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs

Head to Basmachee Rocks Dusk to unlock what will be your last trophy if you have followed the roadmap.
There is usually only one TRex per map.
Locate him with your Decoy, stand on a rock and wait for him to approach you.
When you have successfully hunted, confirmed and collected your quarry press to evacute.
Repeat this process 17 times before heading to the trophy room to display your kills and earn your trophy.
This will also unlock Private Museum if you haven't already.

Sniper Rifle Mastery
Hunt 10 dinosaurs with only one shot using sniper rifle

You will achieve this during step 4 of the roadmap.
The Sniper Rifle combined with the X-Ray Visor makes a one shot kill very easy.
You will achieve ten very quickly.

Rifle mastery
Hunt a dinosaur using only one shot with the rifle from at least 120 yards (110m)

This is very easy once you obtain the X-Ray Visor.
Purchase the Radar and your Gadget will tell you the distance to each dinosaur.
When you have clear sight of one at the required distance shoot him in the heart with your rifle to achieve this trophy.
The Stegosaurus is probably easiest as he is nice and slow.

Pistol Mastery
Hunt 3 Ceratosaurus dinosaurs using the pistol

Achieve this during Step 3 of the roadmap.
Purchase the Revolver for 200 gems, lure a Ceratosaurus towards you with the Decoy and shoot him in the heart.
Be sure to stand on a slight elevation when he is coming towards you or he will attack and kill you.
So long as you are elevated he will stand at the spot you used the Decoy and wait for you to kill him.
Repeat this process three times to achieve this trophy.

Hunt a Pteranodon with the crossbow

You can achieve this at any time but I recommend waiting until Basmachee Rocks as it is the most open of all the maps.
Firstly you will need to purchase the Crossbow for 150 gems from the weapons menu.
Simply look up and shoot a Pteranodon with the Crossbow to achieve this trophy.
It may take a go or two as the aiming system is quite awkward.
It will unlock immediately, you won't have to confirm the kill.
The Crossbow can be sold back for a full refund if you want to reinvest the 150 gems.

Hunt 25 dinosaurs using only one shot

A one shot kill should always be your aim.
Purchasing the X-Ray Visor makes this very easy as all dinosaurs (except TRex) will die with one shot to the heart.
Farming the Ceratosaurus during step 3 will provide an opportunity to achieve this if you haven't already.
Either way this is pretty easy and should unlock naturally.

Big Game Hunter
Score more than 500 points for confirmed kill

You will achieve this when completing Step 4 of the roadmap.
Be sure to unequip all upgrades that provide a score penalty except the Decoy & X-Ray Visor.
Each Triceratops kill will yield between 500-700 score points.

Private Museum
Completely fill Trophy Room with dinosaurs

This can be earned as soon as you hunt and collect 17 licensed dinosaurs.
Head to the trophy room and press on your Gadget to display your kill.
You can cycle through your available kills with & .
If you have the patience this will be achieved at the same time as Tyrannicide.

First encounter
Confirm your first kill

This will be the first trophy you earn.
As the trophy image suggests most likely a Stegosaurus.

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