Players: 1-2, you are going to need 2 controllers.
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None.
Platinum Difficulty 1/10
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15-20 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 and cleanup
Collectibles Trophies: Yes MASTER TRACKER
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

For the most part drift often to build up your turbo and use it often. Performing tricks is the best way while jumping from ramps and also ramming other Cars is great. Pretty much the formula during races is to build up the turbo and use it. The difficulty in this game is low so keep that in mind.

Survival mission can be a little tricky because if you miss too many bonus batteries you are screwed. Thankfully you only need to complete at least 1 lap to earn a bronze for that mission. Don't forget to destroy the chase car to earn some more shield power.

Hunter Mission are a battle royal where you need to kill everything that is not you. For the most part they are easy, the London Hunter Mission can be a pain because of the poorly designed map. Look for the Green Lemons and focus on them as they bunch together. Also destroying any red barrels will help. Killing Lemons in groups and in quick succession will increase your score very quickly.


1.Playthrough all of hte C.H.R.O.M.E. missions with at least earning a bronze trophy in each race except for the HUNTER missions. All of the races and missions are a breeze even with Lightning McQueen as your car. The Hunter missions are the only ones that you must focus on earning a gold in and all of the arenas are very simple to corral many of the "Lemons" into scoring big combos. Once you finish the final mission of Clearance 6 you will likely have netted 50% or more of the trophies. Keep an eye out for any blue circling brief cases. There are 20 Spy Cases that must be found.

2.Clean Up- The last remaining trophies will be perform X action for a few minutes or something to that affect. Since all C.H.R.O.M.E. missions have been performed you may now earn and and all trophies in the FREE Play option from the main menu. Use the guide to finish each trophy off. This is the point where a 2nd controller is necessary.


Unlock 49 badges and crests

Drive through 100 breakable objects in a single event

Boxes, pylons, gates, signs, if it's part of the track in CARS 2 then it can be destroyed. As the trophy states the car character must physically drive through 100 objects in a single event. I used a Free Play race to do it but also the airport hunter mission on easy is one of ther better. The set up is: Free Play---> Race--->Difficulty: Easy----> Laps 10 or Free Play--> Hunter--> Airport--> Difficulty: Easy.

You can select any map or any game type to pull it off.

video courtesy of shoe478

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Drive backwards for a total of 60 seconds in a single event

The trophy can be earned at any time. Build up some speed and then press down on the right stick to now have the CAR face shown to you. The CAR must be in motion the entire time for the 60 seconds to count. Do not boost with Turbo nor run into any objects. Remember the controls are bass-ackwards.

Complete 10 air tricks in a single event

During the C.H.R.O.M.E. Tutorial Thunder McQueen will be taught how to boost with Turbo (). There will be ramps along the track so take the time to jump in the air (with ) and press and hold the right stick to the right to perform barrel rolls. Make sure the CAR is right side up before landing. Perform the barrel roll 10 time in mid-air to pull off this trophy.

Use 15 turbos in a single event

During the C.H.R.O.M.E. Tutorial Thunder McQueen will be taught how to boost Turbo using . Keep going in circles and when one of the yellow bars is filled press to use the Turbo. 1 down 15 to go in the event.

Get a perfect Quick Start

At the onset of the a Race or Battle Race is the QTE event to rev up your engine and increase your starting speed. Press like there is no tomorrow. In order to achieve a perfect Quick Start the Turbo bar at the very bottom must be completely filled. When the race starts all 4 yellows bars will be filled.

Hop 20 times in a single event

During any C.H.R.O.M.E. mission press to have your CAR leap from the ground. Repeat 19 more times, the kicker is that if you are doing any normal race in one of the later races this will come naturally as you are leaping to earn TURBO or avoiding any objects or attempting a shortcut.

Earn 30 seconds of bonus time by destroying Lemons in a single Attack mode event

Lemon's are any of the tiny vehicles (yellow, purple, red) you must destroy in order to earn bonus time during any Attack mode event. Run over an item square and fire upon the Lemon's that are in front on you. If you are firing rockets or machine guns aim slightly ahead of the Lemon to hit them.

Destroy 5 explosive trucks in a single Attack Mission

During any Attack Mission you will see larger red trucks with explosive containers on their bed. Hit the vehicles with any weapon to destroy the vehicle and any within its blast radius. IF you do not earn this during the C.H.R.O.M.E. missions then you may set up a Freeplay Attack Event. Set the truck frequency to High and the Difficulty to Easy.

Gain access to the upper level of a skyscraper in Tokyo Arena

The only time to earn the trophy is during the Tokyo Arena event, best time to do this is during Freeplay and the track is only available in the Hunter scenario. At the start of the race head forward and build up your Turbo to the max. Now find any of the 4 steep ramps, using + accelerate up the ramp and jump right as the front of the car reaches the top of the ramp to fly onto the top of the skyscraper. The indicator will pop up stating you have achieved the Capitol View badge.

video courtesy of shoe478

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Get a gold trophy in a single Survivor Mission

The Survivor missions are when Professor Z is following you while you have a shield activated (here comes the but part) BUT you must collect batteries and destroy Lemon Cars in order to earn purple batteries to replenish the bar. A few tips to earn a gold trophy in that event:

1. you must earn 90% or more of the batteries in order to have a chance at the gold trophy for that Survivor Mission;
2. when you see a string of batteries count in your head the first 8, once you see the 9th gun it in order to nearly replenish your shield and get a boost to the next set; and
3. your CAR does not have to be going at breakneck speed but keep in mind the more accurate you are the better.

Keep the bar replenished and cross the finish line in order to earn this trophy.

Knock the Disruptor out of any opponent's grasp 5 times in a single Disruptor Challenge

This will require a 2nd controller and a few minutes. If you have a 2nd controller head to the Multiplayer events from the Main Menu and select Disruptpor. Make sure the 2 vehicles are on opposite teams and use the Oil Rig Arena. Have Controller 2 grab the Disruptor from the center and have Controller 1 move along side Controller 2's car and using the right stick on Controller 1 bump into Controller 2's car to knock the Disruptor from his possession. Have Controller 2 grab the Disruptor again and repeat.

Destroy 3 Lemons with the Satellite Quake weapon in a single Hunter Mission

Set up a Freeplay Hunter Mission on easy and set the only Weapon to the Satellite Quake weapon. It does not need to be at once. Gather a weapon and let loose. The Satellite Quake is a powerful weapon, fire once with to create a destructive line and then again to drop a large explosion.

Collect 3 bonus batteries in a single Survival Mission

As stated above about Survival Missions, you must follow the battery chain and collect all 8 of the single batteries in order to unlock the 9th bonus battery. Perform this feat 3 times in order to complete this trophy.

Hit any opponent 2 times with the Satellite Quake weapon

You will need 2 Controllers to earn this trophy with ease. Set up a Freeplay Arena event, weapons to Satellite Quake, and start the match. Have Controller 2 move to the center of the Arena, Controller 1 should grab a Satellite Quake weapon and use it on Controller 2 twice.

Bash 15 Lemons in Hunter Mode

Hunter Mode is when your Car must destroy a large amount of Lemons in order to earn a bronze, silver, or gold trophy. A bash is performed by using the right stick to the right or left and slamming your car into the side of the Lemon. Do this 15 times before the time runs out. The best ones to hit are the small yellow ones.

Jump over an airplane's wings 3 times in Airport Arena

During your C.H.R.O.M.E. Mission run the 2nd Hunter Mission will have you battling in the Airport Arena. The arena has 2 large planes and 2 boarding ramps in front of the rings. Build up 2 turbo bars and race up the ramps and once at the top hit to leap over the wings. Your CAR must not touch any part of the wing. It will help to use the + combo here.

Drive through 10 fruit stands in Italy Arena

After you unlock the Italy Arena from the C.H.R.O.M.E. missions, head over to Freeplay and select the Italy Arena. Take your car for a spin into 10 of the fruit stands that are found on the left and right side of both levels of the arena. Simply run into them at any speed and repeat 10 times.

Use the island as a shortcut in Casino Tour

During the course of any C.H.R.O.M.E. mission which is Italy (Casino Tour) there will be a small island that you have to jump on and off in order to garner a chance of improving your position. The Survival mission for this track is where I earned it because the batteries will lead you to the short cut. Also, when trying to find the Spy Points for the Casino Tour races you have to jump on the island to find it.

Video courtesy of shoe478

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Drive through 6 hedge sculptures in the Castle Courtyard in Hyde Tour

During any race which takes place in Hyde Park (London, England) or London Arena look for large, green plants which have red flowers which your CAR can run over. Once you hit one put the car into reverse, and repeat. If doing the arena then look around the center for 6-8 plants. Start from the inside and work your way to the walls.

video by shoe478

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Drive through 15 lamp posts in London Arena

Head to Freeplay, Hunter Missions, and select the London Arena. The lamp posts are large black poles with lighting on the top. There are more than 15 in the arena but to ensure you hit the necessary 15 start from the inside of the arena in a circle and work your way around to the outside.

Grab the attention of the Trimaran spotlight 3 times in a single event

Head to Freeplay, select any mission that takes place on the Oil Rig, select "Oil Rig Run", and look for the moving spotlights on the track. The lights will be near a silver cruiser boat that has a harsh facial demeanor. This is the guy we are looking for, let the spotlight land on your car and also the artillery strike should hit you. Repeat 2 more times.

video courtesy by shoe478

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In Disruptor Mode, destroy the opponent's base

Best done with 2 Controllers, the disruptor is a large EMP type device that is in the middle of the arena. But before we get to that part let's do a little setting up. Go to Multiplayer, select Disruptor, and set the score limit to 3. Now select one car for each controller, make sure they are on different teams, and start the match. Take your CAR and grab the disruptor and drive it into the opponent's base. Once the payload is delivered return to the Disruptor's respawn area in the middle and deliver it once again to the enemy base. Repeat until your CAR has one.

Tip 3 tractors in a single Canyon Run, Timberline Sprint event or Radiator Springs Arena

Start a Freeplay Race in Timberline Sprint. The tractors are found in the fence pens and look similar to cows. Look for the ones with their eyes closed and either strike them head on or use the right stick to strike the cow. You will know if you are successful when the Tractor rises up and makes a loud noice. Put your CAR in reverse and repeat until the trophy pops.

Drift on a drift strip for a continuous 6 seconds in a single event

Drifting is a necessary move to learn in this game if you want to win and also build up Turbo. There are a few requirements for this trophy:

1. The car must drift on a blue arrow strip for the 6 seconds;
2. The car must be in a continous drift the entire time; and
3. The car must drift for 6 continous seconds while on the strip.

With that said there are multiple places to do this but I was able to do it in any of the Clearance 6 races, specifically any of the ones in the canyon areas.

Drive through 17 street signs in a single Tokyo race

Head to Freeplay and select any Tokyo Race, not arena. Any of the blue signs that are scattered around the track are fair game. The signs can be lighted, not lighted, the only requirement that it be a destructable sign on the track.

video courtesy of shoe478

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Collide 3 times with a landing aircraft in Runway Tour

Head to Freeplay and start a race in Runway Invasion. Eventually the track will lead you towards a tarmac where large Boeing 747s are landing on the runway. Rest your car in the middle and let the planes come into contact with your car.

video courtesy of shoe478

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String together 5 tricks in a single jump

Start any race in Clearance 6 in the C.H.R.O.M.E. missions and look for a large ramp. Hit the ramp at full speed with Turbo and press , immediately press the right stick to the right to perform quick barrel rolls. Count the rotations and make sure the CAR's tires hit the ground in order for the stunt to count. There should be 5 quick rotations in order for the trophy to pop.

Side bash 100 cars

To side bash a vehicle your CAR must strike the car from the side using the right stick. When you are parallel to another car use the right stick to throw your car into the side of your intended target. This trick can help you earn an edge in any race and also is a nifty tool to use in the arena battles.

Drive through 500 breakables

If it's on the track and is not a car run into it! Crates, signs, bushes, lamp posts, lumber, cones, you name it it can be destroyed. This will come naturally over the course of the game but if you did not complete this by the final C.H.R.O.M.E. mission then head to freeplay and play a few mission. The best ones to rack up breakable numbers in anything on the Oil Rig or Tokyo.

Spend 5 minutes drafting cars

This one is a little trick and will take time and practice. To draft your vehicle you need your front end of the car directly and closely behind a vehicle in front of you and follow it. I personally had to farm this through various races. You will know when you are drafting by two ways, your Turbo bars are filling up and on the bottom right it will say "Drafting". Start a race, let a few cars go past you and pick one to tailgate. I used the race timer to keep track of how much time i had left.

Drive backwards for 15 minutes

Can be done in any Freeplay race, but your CAR must be in motion the entire time in order for it to count. When in the race options screen to set up the race remember to set the # of laps to the highest so you can rack up the 15 minutes in one go. Once the race begins press the right stick down and slowly move forward. Remember the control scheme is reversed: left=right, right=left.

Perform 150 air tricks

Every time you see a ramp press to jump off and use the right stick in any direction to perform a trick mid-air. Moving the right stick tot he right will perform a barrel roll. This is the quickest and by far the easiest one to do with little chance of crashing. Yep that's right you have to actually land the trick in order for it to count. Performing air tricks will fill your turbo bar quickly so focus on performing those air tricks.

Use turbo 250 times

See that bar that is under your CAR? That is the turbo bar and it will make or break a lot of races in this game. Performing certain tasks (drafting, drifting, bashing, destroying, or advancing) will fill the turbo bar. There are 4 bars to fill, a filled turbo bar will be yellow. Use turbo to boost your car forward. Do this 250 times and you will have your trophy a lot of races won.

Get 40 perfect Quick Starts

A Quick Start is done at the start of the race. You need to rev your engine completely full using . Since I did not have a Turbo Controller i had to slam using my middle finger to make it work. You must fill the bar completely in order to make it count as a Quick Start. You can simply restart the race once you earn a Quick Start.

Unlock any 10 badges or crests

You will earn this after your 10th trophy pops.

Unlock any 20 badges or crests

You will earn this after your 20th trophy pops.

Unlock any 30 badges or crests

You will earn this after your 30th trophy pops.

Unlock any 40 badges or crests

You will earn this after your 40th trophy pops.

Get a gold trophy in all of the C.H.R.O.M.E. Hunter Missions

You can only earn this in the C.H.R.O.M.E. Missions and not Freeplay. There are 6 total Hunter missions within the C.H.R.O.M.E. mission structure, one for each Clearance Level. Your CAR must destroy a certain amount of "Lemons" in order to earn the Gold Trophy (typically around 600 points). If you chain the kills together or kill a group at once you will rack up the points quickly. For the most part, the exception being the London Arena, the Hunter Missions are easy. There are 5 waves, ranging from 1 to 2 minutes. Each Wave the time and amount of enemies increases. The little Green Lemons are easy to kill and should help your chain and your point totals. The Purple Lemons are the aggressive and a little harder to kill. While they give 20 points to the Green's 10 its truly not worth hunting them down since you can kill many of the Greens with ease. Also, Professor Z shows up randomly throughout the fight. If you see him lob a missile at him for big points but you have to be quick. There are Yellow and Red Lemons but they are truly difficult to deal with and cause more headaches than points. Stick to the Green Lemons but if you get a chance at another color take it.

Collect and use each type of weapon

Weapons are found in the Arena, Battle Races, or Hunter Missions. There are 10 of them and you will net most of them during your run in the C.H.R.O.M.E. missions. Here are the 10 weapons, if you do not find one then start a Freeplay battle race and select a specific weapon or weapon pack you need. The missing 10th weapon can only be found in a normal Battle Race when you are in last or next to last place. Keep running over the weapon pods and going in reverse until you earn a purple orb object that knocks all the CARS in front of you out.


Machine Gun
Troika Missiles (3 shots)
Missile (1 shot)
Skate Jack
Impact Mine
Drop Mine
Satellite Quake
Satellite Blitz
Leech (only found in a Battle Race when you are in last place)

Destroy 250 Lemons in Attack Mode

Those pesky Lemons can be found during any type of Hunter, Survival, or Arena mission. Since you need to earn a gold in every Hunter Level this will come naturally. If you do not suceed by the end of the C.H.R.O.M.E. missions you can head over to freeplay and finish up there.

Hit the chase car 25 times with any weapon in Survival Mode

During Survival Missions there is a single Lemon that will be in front of you while you are earning batteries. When you get a weapon pod (its either Missile, Troika Missiles, or Machine Gun) aim a few inches in front of the chase Lemon and unleash your payload. It does not need to be 25 times in one race, just cummulative. Also, kiling the chase car refills part of your shield bar.

Deliver the Disruptor 35 times in Disruptor Mode

Best done with 2 Controllers so the AI does not screw with ya. Start a Freeplay Disruptor Event at the Oil Rig and set the Score Limit to 5. Player 1 should deliver the Disruptor, found in the middle of the arena, to the opponent's Base. Each time you do it the enemies' base gets tougher. Player 1 should deliver it 4 times then have Player 2 deliver it 5 times. Now simply restart the mission and repeat until the trophy pops.

Knock the disruptor out of 30 opponents' grasps in Disruptor Mode

As earlier all that is needed is a 2nd controller and a few minutes of your time. Start a Freeplay Disuptor Mode match in Oil Rig. Make sure one Car is on Team 1 and Car 2 is on Team 2. Have Car 2 grab the Disruptor and Car 1 smash into him using the right stick to the left or right. Eventually Car 2 will be destroyed but you can bring him back to grab the Disruptor again. It will take a while to reach 30 but stick with it.

Drive 250 kilometers

Accumulative over time, 250 kilometers is not that far while doing the C.H.R.O.M.E. missions.

Take out 50 opponents in Arena Mode

You need 2 controllers for this one. Create a Freeplay Arena and use the following options: 20 Takedowns to win, Weapons Satellite Quake, and do turn on Friendly Fire. Have each car on a different team. Car 1 should score 19 points and Car 2 should score 20 points. Now restart this match 2 times and you will earn this trophy.

Get a bronze trophy or better in every C.H.R.O.M.E. mission

The C.H.R.O.M.E. Missions are the Clearance 1-6 missions that must be completed in order to advance the story. Using Thunder McQueen it is easy to earn the minimum bronze medal (coming in 3rd in a race or hitting the target kills). If you do not earn at least a bronze trophy in a mission then simply restart. The only hard mission are the British Arena and the some of the Survival missions. Just focus on earning those batteries and it should get easier with practice/memorization. For the British Arena the best bet is to focus on finding 3 of the small cars bunched together to knock out at once.

Spend 20 minutes in the air

Accumulative trophy, everytime you are in the air whether it be through a basic jump or a large stunt while mid-air will contribute to the 20 minutes. Do not worry about farming for this trophy, focus on the basic jump stunts.

Collect 20 Spy Point Pick-ups

Durin the course of your time you will come across lighted blue briefcases, these are the Spy Point Pick-ups that are needed. Follow this video and you will find them. You can use Freeplay to find them.

video courtesy of shoe478

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