Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 25 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2


Basically, every trophy is easy except for Arena Master and You Are Insane as long as you have a few spare friends.


  1. Beat the game with any character. Then go back and pick up the spare trophies. You can get any of them at any time (provided the level needed is unlocked).
  2. Next, go online and do Arena Master. This takes a while.
  3. Then take on "Insane Mode."

Not much of a road map, but you don't really need one for this game due to the fact that you can pretty much get any trophy in whatever order you want and go backwards whenever you want.


Kay Eye Ess Ess
Collect all 4 princesses' kisses in a multiplayer game.

Complete each level where you get a Princesses Kiss with two or more players, and make sure you win the brawl. This must be done on the same character, so keep that in mind. You can just use a second controller to drag the other guy through each level with you and then just punch him out at the end of the level for the kiss.

Complete the game using any character.

Pretty straightforward. Complete the game using any character. You will get this trophy while going for 100% by other means.

The Traitor
Defeat any boss by playing as one of his own minions.

Next to home castle is the Kings Arena. Beat the arena and use the character you unlock to beat the Barbarian Boss. Real easy, although you may have to level up a bit to beat the area.

Deer Trainer
Navigate the Abandoned Mill without hitting any obstacles.

Once you beat the Barbarian Boss, take the forest path, and you will end up at the Abandoned Mill. You'll be riding a deer and avoiding obstacles. Just move back close to the black guys mouth, and look ahead for logs. they give you enough time to react, and the way I did it was I always jumped when I saw a log, regardless of whether I would have hit it. Eventually you will get to door ways, where only 1 of 3 doors will be open (top, middle, bottom). These are very easy to see coming, because the other deer always go through the right door, and you can see the light on the floor coming through the door, but it's easier just to follow the other deer.

Conscientious Objector
Complete the Home Castle through the Barbarian Boss areas without attacking any foes.

Turn on a second controller and put your main character on controller 1. Start "Home Castle" and don't ever touch the 2nd controller unless you're moving him to catch up. Quite simple, just keep reviving Player 2 when he dies, but try to keep the barbarians off him. Its a good idea to have Player 1 be at least level 8-9, makes it much easier. Then just make it until you BEAT the Barbarian Boss. Easy silver, takes around 15 minutes.

Maximum Firepower
Using a catapult, fling a knight with maximum power.

On the level "Flowery Field," there is a catapult that you get in to launch onto a castle. Simply hit when the bar is full for the trophy. It may take a few tries to get the timing perfect, but if you screw up, just restart the level and try again.

Animal Handler
Collect all the animal orbs.

Here's the guide I used to find all of the animals. There are a few tricky ones, but you can always go back and get ones you may have missed. I suggest going for this after you complete the first play through.

Rooster Teeth

Arena Master
Win 40 Arena Ranked Matches.

This one is more or less a grind. Make sure you use a decently levelled up character (the higher the better) and just win 40 RANKED matches online. Make sure they're RANKED, otherwise it won't count. The plus side is that these are fun, and as long as you focus and are comfortable with the character you are using, they are pretty easy to win.

**Aquamentus says that level does not matter in arena mode, so you needn't worry.

You Are Insane
Complete Insane mode and become the ultimate Castle Crasher.

By far the hardest trophy in the game. Insane mode is unlocked after you complete the game on normal difficulty. While the game recommends you be at least around level 60, even on lvl 99 you may have problems, so get as high as you possibly can when going for this one. If problems persist, try playing with more people, ALSO at a high level. This trophy will truly put your skills to the test.

Melee Is Best
Defeat any boss without using any magic.

I got this the first time I ever played the Barbarian Boss, but going back at any time with an even higher level character should make this even more of a cake walk. Just don't use magic. Try to melee him in the air, and stay "on" him, so you are in front of him, but behind his spike board so you don't get smashed by it.

Treasure Hunter
Find and dig up 10 buried items.

Once you get the shovel, look around the levels for little "x"s on the ground and dig them up. There is also an animal that will help you find them if you can't find 10 by yourself.

In a 4 player game, resuscitate each of your fallen comrades at least once.

If you have 4 controllers, just turn them all on, start a level (I used Barbarian War) and then let the others die. Revive them all, and you got a bronze. If you don't have 4 controllers, invite some friends over or play online and do it.

Social Networker
Reach 20 hits in a single Volleyball rally.

This is pretty much impossible without two human players, possibly more. At the very lest have a competent friend play on the other team in volleyball. Then just keep a rally going for 20 hits. Very simple, if you have the means, may take a few tries to get it down though. Playing online can also do the trick.

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