Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A.
Estimated Time to 100%: Less than 2 hours using the guide.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (+ possible clean-up).
Collectible Trophies: Yes, World of Illusion , Quackshot , Castle Decor , Masters of Illusion , Pretty Picture , Fortune Hunter and Money Bags .
Missable Trophies: None, missions can be replayed at any time.
Glitched Trophies: None.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse is and old school game with new school visuals, so you'll only use two buttons besides moving, for jumping and for throwing projectiles. The game is pretty simple in a good way so there's no need for tips or strategies. Just sit back, relax and have fun.


  • Beat the game: You will access the levels through doors located inside the Castle, and you will need a specific number of Magic Diamonds to enter them. There is only one difficulty and all levels can be replayed any time you like, so your only focus should be collecting enough Magic Diamonds to access the levels and simply enjoy the game.
  • Clean-up: The number of items for each level can be seen by standing in front of the doors, showing you what you have and don't have. Simply replay any levels where you have something missing. Once you have everything, enjoy your new 100%!.


World of Illusion
Collect all the Magic Playing Cards.

There are a total of 5 Magic Cards, spread across from levels 1-1 to 3-1. Listed below are the locations of each one of them.

1-1 -> When you reach the area with the sign post that keeps changing, proceed as normal through the big door. The first Magic Card is located at the end of it. It's a dead end so once you've collected it you'll go back to the sign post area.

1-2 -> At one point you'll come across a line of green ghosts going up. Jump on them and you'll land on the clouds. The second Magic Card is located there and once you have it you'll be back on the ground. If you fall before getting it don't worry, you can go up as many times as you want.

2-1 -> After climbing your way up you will see the Key to unlock the door you saw in the begining. Don't take it yet!. Instead drop back down to the first red boat-platform and go left until you find the third Magic Card.

2-2 -> After getting out of the magic hat (the place where you can change gravity) look to your right and you'll see red jelly. Jump on the platform, go through the jelly, throw a projectile at the present box and the fourth Magic Card will be inside the chest.

3-1 -> After going into the cave you'll find a giant statue of an egyptian-like Donald Duck with a chest on it. The fifth and final Magic Card is just two jumps to the left.

Collect all of Donald's Chili Peppers.

There are a total of 5 Donald's Chili Peppers, spread across from levels 3-2 to 5-2. Listed below are the locations of each one of them.

3-2 -> After getting swallowed by the water you'll reach an area with 4 platforms lifted by water. Once you reach safe ground you need to go through the higher platforms instead of going through the floor. The first Chili Pepper will be located will be inside a chest at the end.

Be careful because the steps will fall once you land on them, and throw a projectile as soon as you see the chest, otherwise when you reach it you won't be able to open it.

4-1 -> After you get to the open area with all the pink cookies, take the first road you see on your right and you'll be in an area full of green and red jelly. The second Chili Peppers will be inside the last green jelly to the right, on the ground. To reach it, jump on the red jelly above it and move all you can to the right, that way you will drop down and now you will be able to go inside it.

4-2 -> After Shadow Mickey throws the big apple at you, you'll go inside a big cup of tea. Move fast and avoid the sugars and you'll find the third Chili Pepper at the end of it.

5-1 -> At the beginning of the level you'll find the first Knights and you'll have to drop down through a door. Before doing so, let the Knight at the end throw his weapon at you, jump on it and move to the right and you'll find a hidden area with a chest and the fourth Chili Pepper inside.

5-2 -> Almost at the end of the level, you'll reach a wooden platform where you have to jump on two clock parts moving from left to right rather than clockwise as you've seen before. As soon as you do that you'll reach the clockwise-moving clock parts again that require you do go left. Instead, jump on it and go right. Below it it's the fifth and final Chili Pepper.

Masters of Illusions
Defeat Mizrabel and rescue Minnie.

Story-related trophy.

To rescue Minnie you will need to collect 7 Gems. Gems are found at the end of each level, with the exception of two levels which contain 2 Gems, so there's only 5 stages plus the fight with Mizrabel. Each level is divided in 3 parts, the last one being a Boss you will need to defeat in order to get the Gems, and Boss has a different strategy. They're pretty easy and straight-forward though, so you won't have a problem with them. Once you've activated the Rainbow and rescued Minnie from Mizrabel the trophy will be yours.

Castle Decor
Complete a Castle Statue.

Please refer to Masters of Illusion .

Masters of Illusion
Complete all Castle Statues.

There are a total of 10 Castle Statues, spread across from levels 1-1 to 5-2. Listed below are the locations of each one of them.

1-1 -> When you reach the area with the sign post that keeps changing, proceed as normal through the big door. Now, when you leave that area and return to the sign post, go through the road above the one you just got out from, the one on the top North-East. The first Castle Statue is there. Also remember to go through the one below, the one of the top South-East, there are easily missable Magic Diamonds there.

1-2 -> When you first see the red ghost, drop down below it and go left. There you will find a blue ghost, jump on it and it will take you to the second Castle Statue.

2-1 -> After climbing up you'll go inside a magic hat. Simply reach the end of this new area and the third Castle Statue will be there.

2-2 -> Same as the one before, this one is also located at the end of a magic hat.

3-1 -> After dropping down and activating the mechanism by jumping on 3 of it's parts, jump on the following 3 water-lifted things you just actived. Once you reach ground, jump on the platforms but instead of going right go left. When you think you can't go any further a bat will appear. Jump on it and move left to find the fifth Castle Statue.

3-2 -> This one is easy. After dropping down to the water you'll see the big green guy you'll fight later. Continue moving left, pass the falling rocks area and once you have to go up, go a bit down instead and you'll find the sixth Castle Statue.

4-1 -> Almost at the end of the level you'll find some kind of waterfall with pink cookies. Once you pass it and find the red jelly, drop down through them and once you reach the ground continue left. The seventh Castle Statue will be there.

4-2 -> This one is tricky to explain in words. Soon after the level starts you'll find a series of books that move and will push you out of the screen if you stand in front of them. Proceed as normal until you jump on the light and see Shadow Mickey again. Now, stay with me: As soon as you land go up. Now right until you find a chest. When you see it go left and jump on the books you just passed. The eight Castle Statue will be on top of the last book. Be careful when jumping!.

5-1 -> You'll reach area in which stairs will appear out of nowhere and create a road for you. Follow them all the way up but when you reach ground, instead of going right as you're supposed to, wait a second and you'll see the stairs continue going up and left. Follow them and you'll find the ninth Castle Statue.

5-2 -> This one can be found clearly without trying. After escaping from the big rock, proceed as usual and you'll reach an area with dark? water rising and Knights on both sides of the screen throwing weapons at you. The tenth and final Castle Statue is with one of Knights on the left. Simply throw a projectile at it and quickly jump and grab it.

Pretty Picture
Collect 50 Diamonds to unlock your first Painting in the Castle

Please refer to Money Bags .

Fortune Hunter
Find 50% of all Magic Diamonds.

Please refer to Money Bags .

Money Bags
Find all the Magic Diamonds.

There are a total of 800 Magic Diamonds located both inside the Castle and the levels. For the most part they're not hidden like Castle Statues, Magic Playing Cards and Donald's Chilli Peppers, so you shouldn't have a problem finding them all after replaying the levels. Collect them all and this trophy is yours.

If you're still missing some of them always try to jump on enemies the highest you possibly can, most are hidden that way.

Break the illusion of 75 enemies.

This will come naturally and sooner than you expect. As the description says all you need to do is make enemies go away (killing is a strong word for a game starring Mickey Mouse isn't it?). Any method counts for this, jumping on top of their heads or shooting them with projectiles.

Bounce on 7 enemies in a row without touching the ground.

This one is tricky because you'll hardly ever come across 7 enemies in an open space in a row. I got this after I finished the main story by going back replaying the levels so don't worry if you don't find the right place to do it, that's why I'm here.

At the beginning of Toyland Act 2 there's a perfect place to do it. After you encounter the first enemy (one of those little heads in a box) there's a line of 2 soldiers, 1 plane, 1 clown, 2 soldiers and 1 guy in a box. Just be careful when landing and you will have got yourself a new trophy.

Illusion Breaker
Break the illusion of 25 enemies with projectiles.

You will find lots of projectile bags in every level so don't be afraid to use them. They come in all shapes and sizes, from apples to candles. You can get this very early in the game, simply shoot 25 enemies with them and the trophy will be yours.

Tick Tock
Complete a stage in Time Attack.

Very easy, simply replay any Act (doesn't have to be an entire level). You don't have to worry about beating a specific time, just collect the Clock at the start of the stage, finish it and the trophy is yours.


Thanks to PixieOfDarkness for making the banner in such short notice and thanks to everyone for their kind words about my first Trophy Guide.

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