Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 4-6 hours (depending on skill)
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None Known

Please Note: You cannot access this DLC until you have beaten the previous 13 chapters. (Ch. 1-12: Main Game / Ch. 13: Reverie DLC)

[top]Tips & Strategies

class="vw-list"General Tips for The Forgotten One (Paladin)

•Go into both sections of this DLC with full health and full magic gauges. Chapter 5, Section 2 (Wygol Village) is a good place to fill up on both. Switch the difficulty to Squire and complete the level in about 5 minutes and you’ll be set.

•Make sure you know how to perform these moves: Sprint (double-tap the left stick in the direction you wish to go) & Guillotine (Jump, then press & hold ).

•Use magic wisely. The boss will have one body part in each portion of the fight in which he can receive damage. Don’t waste either magic trying to attack parts of his body that don’t cause damage and therefore will not restore your health (light magic) or cause damage bonus (dark magic).

•It is difficult to collect Neutral Elements to refill your magic while trying to avoid him. Only collect Orbs when you have the Focus meter filled up and there are plenty to gather.

Don't button mash. You will often start a long combo that you can not cancel, and this will prevent you from avoiding his next attack. I found it easiest to get short (3-4 hits) in and then dodge.

•All secondary weapons are useless against The Forgotten One, including the Dark Crystal.

•When enough damage is done to the targeted body part, a cutscene will begin, followed by a unique action Gabriel needs to perform. Once successful, you will reach a checkpoint when Gabriel exposes a new body part to be attacked. Restart from these checkpoints if you take to much damage in the following section. If you fail, he will regain some (not all) of his lost health and you will have to attack the previous body part again.

•The Forgotten One has a variety of moves that can cause massive damage and have a wide reach across the arena. His attacks will come without much time in between for you to take advantage. You will need to recognize what attack he is about to perform by watching him and learning the visual clues. See spoiler for details.

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Both parts of this chapter are basically long platforming sections immediately followed by a grueling boss fight. There is only one other group of enemies in the entire chapter, and you can skip past them until you’re ready to do the trials.

Step 1: If you’re comfortable with the mechanics, I recommend saving yourself a playthrough and starting the DLC on Paladin difficulty. This will be available since you have to have beaten the main game on any difficulty (as well as Reverie) to access Resurrection. Starting on Paladin will earn you Skirmish - Chapter XIV, Gest - Chapter XIV, Crusade - Chapter XIV, and Epic Victory - Chapter XIV.

Step 2: Set the difficulty to Squire and chapter select each section to complete the trials. This will earn you Trials - Chapter XIV.


Skirmish - Chapter XIV
Finish the levels from Chapter XIV in Squire difficulty.

See Epic Victory - Chapter XIV

Gest - Chapter XIV
Finish the levels from Chapter XIV in Warrior difficulty.

See Epic Victory - Chapter XIV

Crusade - Chapter XIV
Finish the levels from Chapter XIV in Knight difficulty.

See Epic Victory - Chapter XIV

Epic Victory - Chapter XIV
Finish the levels from Chapter XIV in Paladin difficulty.

Defeating the chapter on Paladin difficulty will earn you all four difficulty trophies. Below is a summary of the two fights with The Forgotten One.

Chapter 14, Section 1 (Dimensional Prison)

•Everything prior to the boss fight is platforming, while not allowing the boss to see you. If you started the section with full health/magic, you will still have it for the boss fight since there are no other enemies to battle.

•The first part of his body to attack will be his RIGHT THIGH. This is fairly simple. When he’s taken enough damage, a cutscene will begin followed by him jumping in the air. He will begin throwing balls of light at you. You will have a few opportunities to perform a Synchronized Block (Hit right before it reaches you) and throwing it back at him. Once you’re successful Sprint up to him, hit , and perform the QTE actions.

•You’ve now exposed the STOMACH area for attack. This will be a little trickier since you will have to jump to attack him. Once he has received enough damage, a cutscene will trigger and he will try to slam a huge boulder attached to his chain down on you. Dodge until it lands on the ground. Hit to jump on top of it and then follow the QTE. You are now finished with Chapter 14, Section 1.

Chapter 14, Section 2 (The Underworld)

•Again, this section begins with a bit of platforming and hide & seek. When you come to the area with the skeletons (after the lava river), Sprint to the top of the screen and jump up to the ledge. There is no reason to fight them on your Paladin playthrough.

•If you’re a completionist, there is a scroll after the platforming section as soon as the piece of rock Gabriel is standing on begins moving down the lava river. It’s on the wall, hit to grab it.

•This time there are 3 parts to the fight. At the beginning of each fight, I recommend you Sprint and Guillotine to get the Focus meter going.

•Gabriel will expose The Forgotten One’s LEFT FOREARM in a QTE scene to start the fight. The easiest method is to constantly sprint around and try to get to left side and slightly behind him. You will need to jump to cause damage to his forearm. When enough damage is done, there will be a short cutscene and then the boss will throw out a half dozen large builders creating a circle of them around the perimeter. Gabriel must slam only one of these back at him. The boss will charge them one at a time; you will have about 5 seconds to punch it back to him before the boulder explodes. The easiest method is to stay where you are and wait for the one nearest to you to be charged. Run up behind it and use Tremor Punch (Hold , and push ) to knock it into him. Then run up to him, hit and follow the QTE.

•You’ve now exposed his BACKto damage. Using the previous method, try to get behind him and double jump to cause damage. Once enough damage is done, another cutscene and the boss will shoot out 3 spears that will land in a line in front of Gabriel. This is the most difficult of all the unique events in the DLC. You will need to go up to each spear and hit to pick it up. A reticule will appear on screen. You then must aim and as soon as it turns red, hit to fire the spear. The aiming is very sensitive and you don't have much time since he will be coming towards you. You must do this with all 3 spears, each one becoming increasing more difficult. Once you’ve succeeded, run up to him, hit , and follow the QTE.

•The final body part to be exposed will be his HEAD. The Forgotten One will now attack at a much faster rate and will no longer take a break to Growl. The best method is to keep a little distance but still face him directly, wait for him to begin doing the Double Sword Slam, double jump towards him, quickly turn on Shadow Magic, and attack his head. Rinse & repeat until you’ve defeated one of the most difficult bosses I’ve ever encountered. There is no QTE to worry about once his health is down to zero.

Trials - Chapter XIV
Complete all the trials for Chapter XIV.

Set the difficulty to Squire to make the trials easier and faster. You must finish each section after completing the requirements for the trial, otherwise it will not count as being completed.

Chapter 14, Section 1 (Dimensional Prison)
Defeat the Forgotten One after absorbing 100 Neutral Elemental Orbs during the fight against him

This is not difficult at all. Make sure you keep your focus meter full to maximize the amount of orbs that are released. Absorb all of the orbs that you can using and/or . Since you’re on Squire, you don’t have to worry too much about receiving damage from him. If you do not have 100 orbs prior to the first cutscene, fail the QTE purposely. It is easier to collect the orbs during the first part of the fight. Once you have 100 orbs, finish him off. Also, you can use your magic and it will not affect your orb count. However, he does not release orbs (even with a full focus meter) if you’re attacking him with either magic turned on.

Chapter 14, Section 2 (The Underworld)
Finish the level after destroying all the Flaming Skeleton Warriors

Remember those skeletons that you skipped over during the Paladin playthrough? You have to defeat all 16 of them. They will come 4 at a time. It is a good idea to stock up holy water, butterflies, and even a dark crystal. It’s not necessary, but it makes it a lot easier. If you have a dark crystal, you can use it right after the first 4 skeletons spawn. Holy Water is very effective at clearing them away if they surround you. The butterflies will district them, allowing you to do heavy damage. The only thing you want to watch out for is when their swords begin to glow, dodge immediately since they are about to perform an unblockable attack. Remember that once they are destroyed, you have to do a heavy ground attack (hold , then hit repeatedly) on their bones or they will re-form. Once you’ve killed all 16, go on and defeat the boss and finish the chapter.

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