Players: 1 (with some online play)
Online Trophies: 2
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15 hrs (to 100%)
Minimum Playthroughs: N/A
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

- Don't worry about online play until you are very confident in single player; you can learn the ropes and take your time over everything here.

- The trade screen on single player is very fast. You need to press quickly to accept any CPU offered trades VERY quickly, or they will trade with each other. Try to have in mind what you do and don't want all the time.

- The two best trophies to go for from the beginning are Metropolis and Overachiever because they help you learn the mechanics of the game while obtaining them.

- All trophies should be gone for in individual games - this is because the more trophies you try to obtain together, the higher your chances of losing the game overall, and most trophies require you to win, as well as accomplishing another task. The only exception to this is when going for Fortune's Fool, you will be very close to, if not already obtained Capitalist.

Thanks for reading - I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do and find my trophy guide helpful. It's the first one I've ever written, so any advice or comments would be appreciated. Also feel free to PM me with any issues! - other than that it only remains to wish you Good Luck with your Trophy Hunting

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There are no cheats or glitches in this game and only one trick that might count as an exploit when going for the Revolutionary trophy:

If you are obtaining a good amount of resources thus stopping yourself from getting the trophy, simply trade with the CPU players at high rates of 5-1 or higher. This counts as them gaining resources.


As stated under general tips, the best way to go for the 100% on this game is to play individual games when going for each trophy. Try to go for too many trophies at once and you may find you get none.

If you are not familiar with the board game - go for Metropolis and Overachiever first. They are not too difficult and will help you learn the game.

Aside from this, the best advice I can give you is to see what the board comes up like in each game, or reload until you get a good board for your goal: for instance if you are going for road builder, you are going to need a lot of wood and clay at the start, as well as being close to the edge of the map so you don't get cut off. When going for Five Card Stud and The Last Crusade get lots of Ore, Grain and Sheep at the start.


Miracle Worker
Earn 12 victory points in a single match

Definately the most difficult trophy in the game to achieve. It also takes a fair amount of luck! At first glance this may appear impossible. There is ONLY ONE WAY to obtain 12 victory points before winning:

You need to have the second longest road, and 9 Victory points already. This is where luck comes into it... You need the player with the longest road to have left a gap in his road, in which you can build a settlement, meaning that there will need to be a gap of at least 4 roads between his settlements.

In building up into the center of this players road, you will obtain one VP for the additional settlement, as well as two more for stealing the longest road card, bringing your total to 12VPs.

The Last Crusade
Win a match with at least 10 soldier cards.

There are 14 soldier cards in the game; you need to get 10 and still win the match. You should definately be aiming to get a development card every turn for this one. You may find it difficult to get all your soldiers down in time, because you can only lay one development card per turn, so lay them as soon as you can.

Obviously its beneficial to put all your starting settlements on good numbers for stone, wheat and sheep, as these are the three resources needed for development cards. Remember that you will most likely get some of the Victory Point development cards during this process, so make sure not to have too many before you get all the soldiers, or you may accidentally reach 10 and end the game...

King of the Hill
Win a match with more victory points than your opponents combined

This can be tricky, but you can tell if you are on the right track from early on. Resources mean VPs, so having your numbers rolled frequently at the start of the game is very important. If you get unlucky with some dice rolls, you may need to quit and begin again.

As a guide, you start with 2 points, and they have 6 combined. By the time they have 8 combined, you need to be on at least 7/8 yourself; hence the need for good early rolling.

Sneak attacking by obtaining the longest road/largest army cards near the end of the game can also be an effective way to reach 10 quickly. Winning with 11 or 12 VPs DOES count towards this trophy - I obtained it by getting 11 VPs against a combined total of 10...

Fortune's Fool
"Go Bust" 10 or more times in a single match

This is another one that is based a lot on luck, though the saving grace of this trophy is that it does not require you to win the game. You "go bust" when both a seven is rolled AND you have more than eight resource cards in your hand. The difficulty with this trophy is that getting 10 sevens rolled before one of the other players wins can be quite tricky, especially seeing as how some of the times that a seven is rolled, you won't have 8 cards.

Make sure to have a wide spread of numbers from the off - preferably with 5,6,8 and 9 if possible. It's worth doing some building to stop them winning. Try to cut them off from brick, as it's necessary to build settlements, and there is only 3 of it. I would also advise surrounding resources so that you get more with each dice roll.

Win a match where you have collected fewer resources than everyone else

This can be a little tricky because getting a lot of victory points usually goes hand in hand with getting a lot of cards. Try to get the largest army and longest road cards, as these don't entitle you to more resources in the future. Aside from that, it's hoping that the enemy get their numbers rolled more than you but don't capitalize on their advantage...

Another thing you can do is use robbers or soldiers to blockade your own stuff, meaning that you do not collect those resources; also if it is solely surrounded by you, then you do not steal a resource either.

Great Tip: Trading with your opponents counts as them collecting resources, so trade with them at stupid numbers - 5 or 10 for 1 to jack up their resource count.

Online Champion
Defeat three human opponents in a single online match

This counts for any type of online match, as long as ALL of your opponents are human players. It still counts if they leave during the game and are replaced by AI. The best way to do this is probably to start a game yourself; that way you can ensure that the match only begins when 4 human players are present. Also, you can tweak the settings to your liking as well!

Note that this can be done in conjunction with the Sprinter trophy, see below.

Win a "Quick Match" online

It's important to note that this is NOT 'Online Quick Match' but just a standard online match with the 'Quick Match' settings enabled (where you start with a settlement and a city, rather than two settlements) This only needs to be done with one of your opponents as a human player, however you can get both this trophy AND Online Champion, if you do it with three human players and win.

Road Builder
Win a match where you have built 15 roads

This isn't too hard, just make sure that you are near plenty of lumber and brick from the start, and be careful not to lock yourself in a loop so that you have nowhere to go. Obviously you should obtain the longest road card here to help towards the victory.

Win a match where you have built cities

This is a pretty easy trophy to get, I think I got it without even being aware that it was a trophy. The only thing you might need to watch out for is that 4 cities gives you 8 victory points. If you have 3 VPs outside of having structures (i.e. if you have longest road/largest army/any VP cards) you might accidentally win before you can build your 4th city.

Win a match where you have collected over 100 resources

This isn't very hard either, and you'll probably get it while going for other trophies. The only tips for this one are decent tips throughout - build cities on good numbers; surround good numbers etc.

You could also use the monopoly card here. If you are lucky enough to pick it up, then hold it until you are sure a tonne of resources are out of one type, and then use it. This counts as collecting resources, and you can pretty easily get above 10 resources with this if you are careful!

Earn 11 victory points in a single match

Again, this is easy, and you will most likely do it by accident just by playing the game. I got it in my first game. You simply need to be on 9 VPs, and then obtain either the longest road or largest army, each of which is worth 2 VPs.

Five Card Stud
Win a match with all 5 victory point cards in your possession

There are 25 development cards in total, and only 5 VP cards - this makes this the most difficult bronze trophy. Similarly to the Last Crusade trophy - try to get all the best wheat, sheep and stone, and more importantly, DO NOT trade it with your opponents. If they pick up one of the VP cards, you cannot get the trophy and have to start over...

Also - remember not to activate more than 2 soldiers when going for this trophy. You won't get the trophy until you have the 5 VP cards, and you already start with 2 VPs, leaving you only 3 others to play with. If you get the largest army, this really limits your building process.

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