Players: 1-4
Offline Trophies: 15 , 1
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-4 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 of each race track in 3 different modes (16 races per mode)
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None reported

[top]Tips & Strategies

- Stick with 1 driver until you earn the trophy for 12 wins with a single driver
- The powerslide in this game is not like other games. You don't slide around corners as in other games. Only use it to gain the trophy. Otherwise, forget it exists. To powerslide, you will have to let go off the gas () and hit the brake () immediately afterwards and steer left or right
- To perform a front flip, you will have to flick the right stick forward.
- To perform a roll, you hit , or flick the right stick to the left/right.
- All trophies can be done on Easy. There are no difficulty trophies for this game so playing on easy is the best route


1) Start your game on any mode and finish all races in all modes

I personally started on Smash Attack. This will allow you to ease into the game and learn the mechanics of the game. Whichever mode you start in, complete all tracks in that mode and then move onto the next. Below is an outline of what each mode consists of:

Smash Attack
This a battle mode of sorts. You attempt to be the first player to a set number of "smacks", or hits. The default is 300 for the mode. It doesn't go any lower although you can change it to a higher number. In this mode, you use random weapon pick-ups to attack the opposition. You will be awarded a certain number of "smacks" depending on the weapon (melee weapons give more points per hit than faster, ranged weapons). You can also earn double points by doing a roll or front flip while getting a hit.

Gate Relay
Your typical racing mode. Over the course of 8 laps (which is the minumum and least amount of laps you can do), you will have to pass through gates (hence the name). If you miss a gate, you will have to go back to it before continuing on. Nothing difficult about this mode if you play on easy. Chances are you will pass all the other racers atleast once on your way to victory.

Flag Rally
Capture the flag in racing form. There are 4 flags randomly placed around the course (that also run around) that you have to pick up. You can carry all flags at once if you want. Capturing all flags at once will result in 10 points and an auto win (as the default score is 10 points). Use this to speed up completion of these matches.

2) Clean Up

Go back and finish up any of the trophies you missed.


Toon Star
Win all levels in all modes

Once you have emerged victorious in every race, you get to add this trophy to your collection

New Talent
Win any level

Earned after winning your first event. Mode doesn't affect trophy.

Win all levels in Smack Attack mode

After placing first in all events, you will earn this trophy. Playing on easy simplifies this trophy greatly. Your opponents don't attack others with any regularity and spend more time driving around than using their weapons.

Doing rolls and front flips while hitting an opponent will earn you double points. This will help speed up the games.

Win all levels in Gate Relay mode

As with the other two modes, you must come in first across all events to earn this trophy. There are 12 events total.

The default race is 8 laps long. Playing on easy makes this trophy simple as you will lap most, if not all, of the other drivers. While doing the race, you will have to pass through a number of gates throughout the lap. Make sure not to miss any gates. You will have to go back and pass through that gate before continuing on in the race.

Win all levels in Flag Rally mode

As with the other two modes, you must come in first across all events to earn this trophy. There are 12 events total.

To speed up the games, have all 4 flags in your possession at once when going to the drop point for an instant win.

Win 12 different matches with a single character

Within each of the 3 game modes, there are a total of 12 events to play. As long as you stick with one character over these 12 events, you will earn this trophy once you win them all.

Be The Boss
Earn a first place finish in each Desert level in Smack Attack, Gate Relay and Flag Rally modes

This trophy will come naturally as you must place first in all events to earn Toon Star

Earn double smacks by damaging an opponent in Smack Attack while powersliding with the brake

As mentioned above, the powerslide in this game is not very effective. It may take you a couple tries to get this or it may come naturally if you always hold the brake while going around a corner.

The best way to earn this is to get a range weapon (the tommy gun is a good choice) and attempt to shoot while powersliding right next to an opponent.

Flipping Out
Earn 10 boosts in one match by completing forward flips with the right stick

After completing a front flip (done by flicking the right stick forward), you will earn a boost. You can have up to 5 boosts stored at a time. Use your first 5 boosts after you earn them and then immediately do 5 more flips.

This is easiest done on a smack attack or flag rally event so you don't have to worry about the other opponents getting too far ahead of you.

Complete 10 sideways dodges in one match by using the right stick or L1/R1 buttons

A very simple trophy. While driving around on an event, hit your or buttons repeatedly until the trophy pops.

Flatten 3 opponents in one Gate Relay race by dodging into them with the right stick or L1/R1 buttons

While doing your laps over the course of a race, you must flatten 3 opponents. You do this by hitting or when next to another driver.

This trophy can easily be done at the beginning of a race when the other drivers bunch up to drive through the starting gate. Otherwise, flatten anybody you drive next to. Trophy pops after you flatten your third opponent.

No Favorites
Win Smack Attack while getting points from at least 10 different weapons

There are 29 weapons in this game. The best way to do this trophy is to pick up one weapon and, after hitting a single opponent, move on to the next weapon. Below is a list of weapons in the game:

Toggle Spoiler

Win Smack Attack while using only your character's favorite weapon

Each character has a specific weapon that is their favorite. For this trophy, that is the only way that you can earn "smacks" in a round of Smack Attack.

When setting up the game, go into weapons and deselect every weapon type except signature weapon. This will ensure that the only weapon that you will pick up will be your character's signature weapon. Be careful not to set off any of the special traps located in certain levels as this will negate the trophy.

Win Gate Relay having used turbo boost 20 times

Same concept as Flipping Out except you must use your boost 20 times. It is not as hard as it sounds.

Do 5 consecutive flips and use your boosts by hitting the button. Do this 20 times over 8 laps and you will have the trophy upon winning. If you are having trouble obtaining 20 boosts, you can increase the number of laps when setting up the game.

Win Flag Rally with at least two captures of 3 or more flags at a time

Unlike other Flag Rally events, you will not want to capture all 4 flags at once. Instead, capture 3 flags initially and head to the drop point. This will gain you 6 points. You will then want to pick up atleast 3 flags a second time before going to the drop point. Trophy will pop during the scoring screen.

Smart Coyote
In Death Valley, drop the 100 tonne weight on an opponent by shooting the nearby target with your Basic Attack

In the Death Valley map, there is a giant weight at the top of the map. To make it fall, you have to hit one of the targets on either side of the drop area.

Easiest way to do this is to play on Smack Attack and sit right next to the target. Right before an opponent drives into the thin gap that the weight lands in, hit the target. You will know if you hit the opponent as you will gain "smacks" for the attack.

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