The Dukeís daughter Aurora is deadÖ and yet, she lives. Join Aurora across the mysterious kingdom of Lemuria on her quest to return home. Helped by Igniculus the firefly, Finn the Capilli and many more, she must defeat the Queen of the Night who has stolen the sun, the moon and the stars.

Created by Ubisoft Montrťal using the UbiArt Framework, Child of Light is an RPG inspired by fairy tales.


Players: 1-2 (limited local co-op)
Estimated Time to 100%: 8-12 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Explorer and Perfect Sonnet
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: None reported

[top]Tips & Strategies

Igniculus, Aurora's firefly companion, can be controlled by a second player using a separate controller.

Igniculus' Glow ability (hold ) can be used to illuminate dark areas, but Glow also has a number of other, much more important functions. In the overworld, Glow can be used to stun enemies (Initiating against a stunned foe guarantees a Surprise Strike, granting you priority in combat), open certain Coffers, and heal Aurora. It's also just as helpful in combat, where it can be used to slow enemies down, or heal party members.

A map of Confessions can be purchased from the Uplay store for 40 points (which is accessible from the main menu). While it does not provide exact locations, it does help you narrow down which ones you might be missing by marking the number of Confessions in each region of Old Lemuria on your map.

There is no time penalty for swapping party members mid-battle, so if your current strategy isn't working, or you feel like experimenting, try changing your party.

Once you complete the game, you're free to continue playing, so nothing, including requests, is missable.

Elements Explained:
Element: Fire Earth Lightning Water Light
Strong Against: Earth Lightning Water Fire Dark


Step 1 - Play through the game on Normal or Hard:
There is no trophy for playing through on Hard, so pick whichever difficulty you feel will net you the most enjoyment.
Simply playing through Child of Light will earn you:
  • Starcatcher
  • Over the Moon
  • Sunrise
  • Coronation
  • Capilli Catch
  • Sweet Sister
  • Bolmus Bond
  • Kategida Kindred
  • Piscean Promise
  • Tenth Birthday

Along the way you will also, most likely, earn the following as well:
  • Master Oculist
  • Winged Fury
  • Explorer
  • Grassroots
  • Perfectionist
  • Comedy

Step 2 - Clean-up:

Once you've completed your journey, you're free to roam Old Lemuria to your heart's content. Use this opportunity to earn any trophies you missed:
  • Showstopper
  • Perfect Sonnet
  • Tragedy


Recover the stars.

Story-related. Cannot be missed.

In Chapter 2 you will reach the Old Monastery, and inside is a stained-glass window, behind which the Lady of the Forest is trapped. You must free her. To do so, you must solve the puzzle; use Igniculus to shine the Red, Blue and Green lights to break the stained glass. Doing so will trigger a battle with the two guardians. Once you have defeated them, the Lady of the Forest will be freed, and will begin to tell you a story. It is during this story that you will gain the ability to fly, and this trophy.

Over the Moon
Recover the moon.

Story-related. Cannot be missed.

After escaping the Forgotten Tower in Chapter 8, Aurora runs into her step-sister, Cordelia (she later reveals that her true name is Crepusculum), who is in possession of the Moon; you must defeat her in order to recover it and unlock this trophy.

The most important piece of information I can impart is do not, under any circumstances, attempt to Interrupt Crepusculum or the Reapers - Crepusculum's counter-interrupt move is to heal herself and her minions, while the Reapers will respond with solid counter-attack damage - you'll only be hurting yourself by interrupting. The better option is to simply Defend.

The Reaper minions are weak to Light Magic attacks, so Aurora's Light Ray Ability is your best bet. Targeting the Reapers individually is more effective than targeting them all.

Crepusculum is weak to Light physical attacks, so equip a Citrine Oculi to your damage-dealer's weapon slot. My go-to damage-dealer is ”engus because he hits like a truck, and tanks damage better than any other character.

Recover the sun.

Story-related. Cannot be missed.

Norah (or Nox) is in possession of the Sun, and you must defeat her in order to recover it and unlock this trophy. Once inside the Sun Palace, you will first run into Nox in a large open room. She will flood it with a poisonous gas, and leave you to die. On both sides of the room are two switches, which you will need to activate in order to escape the poisonous room. You will slowly lose health, so ignore the enemies and go straight for the switches. If you get low on health, remember that you can use health potions in the overworld.

Once you escape the poison room, you will start making your way up a narrow tunnel. Once you enter it, spikes close in around you, and a spiked platform chases you from below. Ignore all the chests on either side of the tunnel and instead focus on escaping - once you reach the top, you can fly back down and collect each of the chests, without having to worry about taking damage. Once you have collected all the chests, and opened the ones at the top of the tunnel, make you way up once more.

Now for the actual fight. Nox is vulnerable to Lightning, so make sure to equip Oculi accordingly. Finn is your best bet for major damage, with his Lighning Strike ability. Target the tentacles first, and then Nox herself. Avoid Interrupting her, or she will increase her defence.

Once you defeat her, Aurora will recover the Sun, and this trophy will unlock shortly after.

Dethrone the Queen of the Night.

Story-related. Cannot be missed.

You must defeat Umbra in the final battle to unlock this trophy. Umbra is weak to Light attacks, so equip Citrine Oculi to deal Light melee damage, or use Aurora's Starlight or Light Ray abilities.

As always, target the minions first - they're also weak to Light - to help even the odds, and do not interrupt. Once the minions are out of the equation, set to work on Umbra herself. Throughout the battle, she will increase her armour, so magic is always going to be the better option.

Once you defeat Umbra, this trophy will unlock.

Rubella joins Aurora's Party.

At the very beginning of Chapter 3, right after you exit the Old Monastery, fly leftwards until you encounter a floating platform. On it stands Rubella the Jester. Speak to her, and she will join your party, unlocking this trophy. You do not need to complete her quest, Rubella's Plight, for this trophy.

Capilli Catch
Finn joins Aurora's Party.

Story-related. Cannot be missed.

The description for this trophy is a little misleading. When you reach Capilli Village in Chapter 4, you will encounter Finn the Magician, lost in despair. Once you accept his quest, Finn's Plight, he will join your party. To unlock this trophy, however, you must complete Finn's Plight.

Descend down the Well, and head to the left of the screen. You will find yourself at a locked door. You must solve the light puzzle to open it. Once you have, keep heading right until eventually you come to a Fountain of sorts, filled with an off-putting green-coloured liquid. As you approach it, a boss fight will trigger.

Your enemy is three large elemental serpents - the latter descriptor being key to their defeat. For maximum damage, you're going to want to use Finn's magic: the Fire serpent is weak to Water (Monsoon), the Water serpent is weak to Lightning (Lightning Strike), and the Earth Serpent is weak to Fire (Wildfire).

If possible, you're going to want to have a Ruby or a Sapphire equipped to your Amour to resist Fire or Water Damage. The Earth serpent has a tendency to cause Paralysis, so if you'd like to avoid that, swap in Rubella and use her Ailment Protection ability.

Once you have defeated your foes, Finn will be able to restore the waters and save Capilli Village, thus completing the quest, and adding Finn as a permanent member of your party, which unlocks this trophy.

Sweet Sister
Norah joins Aurora's Party.

Story-related. Cannot be missed.

In Chapter 5 you will arrive at the Plains of Rambert. Fly directly left, passing through 4 waterfalls, until you reach the first Windmill (it looks like a tall, thin mountain), which blocks your path.

Fly down until you find yourself standing on a broken bridge, then walk left to reveal a path through the Windmill. Inside is a rotating spiked wheel.

Fly up inside the Windmill, and activate the lever to open a door which will allow you to exit out the left side.

As you exit the Windmill you will encounter Aurora's sister, Norah. Once the two sisters finish talking, Norah will join your party, and this trophy will unlock.

Bolmus Bond
Robert joins Aurora's Party.

Story-related. Cannot be missed.

When you reach the Town of the Bolmus Populi in Chapter 6, continue to the left and enter the very last building. Speak to the Bolmus in there, then exit the building. Upon leaving, you will be greeted by a Young Mouse. After a bargain is struck, he will reveal himself to be Robert, and will join your party. He will then lead you to Magna, the giant.

Once inside Magna, make your way all the way down, past Magna's Heart, until you find the Bolmus Vault. Robert will leave your party, and request that you aid him by cracking the Vault's combination - starting the Request 'Robert's Plight'.

Activate the levers in this order: Right, Left, Right. Activate the three switches with Igniculus, and the Vault will open. Robert will rejoin your Party, completing Robert's Plight, and unlocking this trophy.

Kategida Kindred
”engus joins Aurora's Party.

Story-related. Cannot be missed.

Having been imprisoned in the Forgotten Tower by Umbra in Chapter 8, Aurora is freed by ”engus, before he joins your party. While making your way down the Tower, ”engus leaves your party in order to rescue his kin. You must choose to help him, so go up and talk to him. This will cause ”engus to rejoin your party, and will begin the Request '”engus's Plight.'

The Kategida Warriors are trapped in a labyrinth of sorts. The Statue of Erin indicates where you need to go - you will see a symbol on the face of her shield; simply choose the door with the matching symbol to find your way through.

Once you find the Warriors, a small scene will play out. Leave the room and find ”engus. After another brief scene, he will rejoin your party, the Request will be completed, and this trophy will unlock.

Piscean Promise
Gen joins Aurora's Party.

When you first reach the Piscean Village in Chapter 9, you'll meet Gen, who will ask Aurora to find her parents. Aurora will set out East to find a way to the Cynbel Sea floor. Blocking her way is the Ogre that has been terrorising the village. Once you have defeated the Ogre, you will receive the Request 'Gen's Plight.' To complete it, simply return to the Piscean Village and speak to Gen, after which she will join you party, and this trophy will unlock.

Tristis joins Aurora's Party.

At the end of Chapter 6, Magna the giant will carry Aurora and her party to the Cliffs of Erin, beginning Chapter 7.
Once you arrive, travel upwards and as far left as you can. Once you can go no further left, fly up and among the ruins, until eventually you spot a festive flag banner - that's your clue that the Circus is nearby...

On your left should be a blue coffer. Go past it to find an abandoned circus cart, and a sorrowful jester sitting precariously on the edge of a cliff. That is Tristis. Go over and talk to him, after which he will join your party, completing the Request 'Rubella's Plight' and unlocking this trophy.

Tenth Birthday
Achieve level 10 with Aurora.

Level 10 is something you will most likely achieve by Chapter 3. To level up, you need to collect XP by winning battles. The more battles you engage in, the more XP you collect. Once Aurora reaches Level 10, this trophy will unlock.

Tip: To earn additional XP from battles, equip a Diamond Oculi to your Armour.

Upgrade a skill to its highest level.

Character abilities are graded in terms of power: each character begins with 1-Star abilities (e.g. ☆ Slash), but later has the option to upgrade to 2-Star, and later 3-Star abilities (e.g. ☆☆☆ Defend) by spending Skill Points, which are earned by leveling up.

You will not be able to earn this trophy, however, until you recover the Moon (see Over the Moon for more info), because until you do, the higher-tier upgrades, including all 3-Star abilities, are hidden.

Once you recover the Moon, and the full Skill Trees becomes available, purchase any 3-Star ability to unlock this trophy.

Master Oculist
Craft Oculi.

"Oculi" are like your typical Gems or Runes - they're special stones imbued with various properties which, when equipped, can add various enhancements to your weapon, armour, or accessory. To unlock this trophy, you simply need to craft an Oculi - any Oculi.

To do this, when in game, press (Options on PlayStation 4) to access the Pause menu, navigate to 'Oculi', and then select the 'Craft Oculi' option. As an example, in the graphic below you can see that three Tumbled Sapphires have been placed in the three crafting slots in order to create a Faceted Sapphire.

For this trophy you can either create a new and different Oculi (by combining two or three different Oculi of the same quality), or create an Oculi of greater quality (by combining three Oculi of the same type and quality).

Oculi Explained:
There are four levels of quality: Rough, Tumbled, Faceted, and Brilliant. The higher the quality, the greater the effect when equipped.

To increase the quality of an Oculi, you must combine three of the same type and quality; for example, three Rough Rubies combine to make a single Tumbled Ruby, and three Tumbled Rubies combine to make a single Faceted Ruby

Crafting Guide:
Oculi Recipe
Amethyst Sapphire + Ruby
Citrine Ruby + Emerald
Diamond Sapphire + Ruby + Emerald
Tourmaline Sapphire + Emerald
Onyx Amethyst + Citrine + Tourmaline
Spinel Onyx + Diamond

Oculi Properties:

Oculi Weapon Armour Accessory
Amethyst Increases Physical Damage Reduces Physical Damage Increases Magic Damage when HP drops below a certain %
Citrine Adds Light Damage to Melee Attacks Increases chance of Dodging when Defending Increases chance to bump Creature back on Timeline
Diamond Increased Speed in battle Earn additional XP from battle Increases Casting Speed
Emerald Adds Lightning Damage to Melee Attacks Earth Resistance Increases Max MP
Onyx Increased Spell Power Reduces Physical and Magic Damage when HP Low Increases chance of Dodging while Casting when HP drops below certain %
Ruby Adds Fire Damage to Melee attacks Fire Resistance Increases max HP
Sapphire Adds Water Damage to Melee attacks Water Resistance Chance of Evading while Casting
Spinel Increases Attack Power Speed Up when Interrupted Begin a Turn ahead on the Timeline
Tourmaline Chance for Paralysis on Hit Reduces Magic Damage Increases Magic

Scene Stealer
Execute 3 Surprise Strikes.

To initiate a surprise attack, you must either approach an enemy from behind and initiate combat, or initiate against an opponent that has been stunned by Igniculus' Glow ability (). Doing so will give you priority in the opening turn. Simply initiate three surprise attacks to unlock this trophy. You will most likely earn this trophy naturally.

Interrupt 3 foes at the same time.

Child of Light features an Active Time Battle (ATB) system, with combat consisting of two phases: Waiting, and Casting.
To perform an Interruption, you must successfully target an enemy with an ability while they are also in the Casting phase, BEFORE they are able to Cast.

In order to Interrupt three foes at the same time:
  1. You must be using an ability which targets all three foes at once;
  2. You must have priority (be Casting first);
  3. And all three foes must be bunched together on the battle timeline, and they must be in the Casting phase.

Earning this trophy will require a roughly 50/50 split of luck, and familiarity and competency with the battle system.

  • If your foes are not aligned on the battle timeline, use Igniculus to slow down the leaders, effectively 'herding' them together.
  • If you're too far ahead of your enemies on the timeline, choose to Defend. Doing so will end your current turn, but grant you a speed bonus for the next.
  • Remember that multi-target attacks take longer to perform, so take the ability's casting time into consideration when you plan your attack.
  • If you're having trouble, return to an area with low-level enemies. That way you'll be able to simply wait out turns until your foes line up.
  • Attempting this trophy at a later stage of the game is inadvisable, as a number of enemies will perform counter-attacks if Interrupted.
  • Fighting three of the same enemy ensures that they will have the same speed in combat. Mixed enemies are less predictable.

Once you successfully Interrupt three foes simultaneously, this trophy will unlock. You will most likely earn this trophy naturally.

By sheer coincidence, I actually got this on my first try. In Chapter 6, Robert joins your party and leads you to Magna. As you make your way inside, head straight down until you eventually find your way to Magna's heart. Travel right until you encounter one of the Giant Spiders. Use Igniculus' Glow to stun it, then initiate combat.

My party was Aurora and Finn, and Finn had immediate priority. I chose the Party option, and swapped Finn out for Robert, then used his Rain Arrows ability. By the time Robert was ready to Cast, all three enemy Spiders were also within the Casting phase, and were subsequently Interrupted by Rain Arrows.

Winged Fury
Devastate 5 foes.

"Devastate" is Child of Light's version of an Overkill. To Devastate a foe, perform a powerful attack against, or score a critical hit on, an enemy with low health. Do this five times to unlock this trophy. You will most likely earn this trophy naturally.

Tip: When an enemy is on low health, their posture will change.

Find and open 30 coffers.

"Coffers" is a general term referring to any and all Chests, regardless of what type. You might think it's time to break out the collectible guide, but let me assure you that you will get this trophy through natural play and exploration - there are 70 Coffers in the first area alone!

Once you have opened 30 Coffers, this trophy will unlock.

Perfect Sonnet
Collect all Confessions.

Throughout the world of Old Lemuria are 16 Confession pages, gently floating in the breeze. You must find all 16 to unlock this trophy.

Tip: There is a map ('Confessional') available in the Uplay Store (accessible from the main menu) which marks the number of Confessions scattered in each region of Old Lemuria. It costs 40 Uplay points. While it does not provide exact locations, it does help you narrow down which ones you might be missing.
Courtesy of System H.

Confession Locations:
Note: Confessions are listed in the order in which they can be found.

Confession #1 - Mahthildis Forest - Old Monastery (Chapter 3).
Once you have freed the Lady of the Forest, exit the Old Monastery through the roof. The first Confession will be floating just above the exit.

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Confession #5 - Mahthildis Forest - Left of the Altar (Chapter 3).
Return to the Altar (where you first entered Old Lemuria), then head left until you reach the entrance to the Tree of Thorns. Fly upwards until you see the Confession floating near the wall of foliage on the right.

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Confession #8 - Mahthildis Forest - Right of Capilli Village Outer (Chapter 4).
From the Capilli Village outskirts, travel right. Just after you pass the little shrine, you'll see some thorns above you. Follow the thorns up (you'll pass a chest) until you reach this Confession, which is floating next to an outstretched branch.

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Confession #3 - Mahthildis Forest - Capilli Village Well (Chapter 4).
You'll need to go down the Capilli Village Well to complete Finn's Plight, so while you're there, pick up this Confession as well. When you first enter the Well, make your way left until you reach the door which can only be opened by solving the light puzzle. Solve the puzzle and go through the door to find yourself in a large cavern. Follow the roof rightwards until you see Wish flowers and a Spider. This Confession will be floating just beneath the Spider.

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Confession #6 - On the road to The Plains of Rambert (Chapter 4).
Once you have completed Finn's Plight and return to Capilli Village, your next port of call is the Plains of Rambert. To get there, you travel left from the village. Once you reach the exit to the Plains of Rambert, turn around and go back the way you came. Ride the first draught you encounter upwards (as you ride the wind, you'll see a Magic Defense Stardust on your left). This Confession floats just to the right of the wind tunnel exit.

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Confession #7 - The Plains of Rambert (Chapter 5).
As you progress through The Plains of Rambert, you fill find Aurora's sister, Norah (see Sweet Sister for more info). This Confession can be found floating a little to the left of where you find Norah.

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Confession #2 - The Plains of Rambert (Chapter 5).
After locating the previous Confession, fly straight down until you reach a creek, then follow it left to find an entrance at the base of the next Windmill. Use Igniculus to bypass the spikes, then fly left until you find yourself in a small clearing. Below you is a door - go through it. You will find yourself in an old Mine, full of traps and treasure. Avoiding the hazards, head down and to the right while solving the puzzles, until you find yourself in a room full of un-mined gold, and a collection of Coffers. A Confession is floating in the middle of this room.

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Confession #9 - Town of Bolmus Populi - Inside Magna (Chapter 6).
During Chapter 6 you find yourself on a quest to save Magna's Heart. After Robert joins your party, he leads you to Magna, and you go inside the giant. As you make your way down, you find his Heart, and a series of platforms made of rock and bone leading towards it. Directly below those platforms is a shaft leading downwards, and as soon as you can go left, do so. You will find this Confession floating above the lava.

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Confession #15 - On the way to the Cliffs of Erin (Chapter 7).
After Magna has given you a lift up, travel leftwards. When you can go no further left, fly up to the island above you. Fly up once more, sticking to the left-hand side. You will see 2 waterfalls right next to each other, and to the right of them, this Confession.

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Confession #10- Cliffs of Erin - Temple of the Moon (Chapter 8).
Once you have reached the Temple of the Moon, and said your goodbyes, fly straight up to meet Norah at the Mirror. Floating above the Mirror is this Confession.

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Confession #14 - Other Side of the Mirror (Chapter 8).
Having traveled through the mirror, fly up to find this Confession.

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Confession #4 - Forgotten Tower (Chapter 8).
After ”engus frees you and joins your party, exit the cage, then travel left and up (there's only one way to go) until you reach the dead tree. This Confession is floating atop the tree.

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Confession #11 - Flooded Lands - Piscean Village (Chapter 9).
When you arrive in the Flooded Lands, fly to the right until you find the Piscean Village. Fly up until you run into headwinds, then fly right until you find this Confession, floating in the air currents.

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Confession #13 - Cynbel Sea (Chapter 9).
Ride the elevator down into the Cynbel Sea. Below the elevator is some sort of crystal generator. From the elevator platform, travel to the right until you reach one of the conductor crystals, and then follow it down and left to the generator. From the generator, head left until you reach a dark cavern. On the floor of the cavern is an Angler Fish statue. To the left of it are some coral platforms, and then three waterfalls - this confessions is floating in between those three waterfalls.

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Confession #16 - Cynbel Sea - On the way to the Sun Palace (Chapter 9).
As you make your way to the Sun Palace, you will encounter a surprise boss - a giant eel will rise from the ocean floor! After you defeat it, you will find this confession floating above where the eel emerged from, in between the two waterfalls.

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Confession #12 - Palace of the Sun (Chapter 9).
As you make your way through the Palace of the Sun, you will encounter Norah. She will flood the room with poisonous gas, and leave you trapped. This Confession can be found floating in the poisoned room, about half-way up.

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Finish 3 Lemurian Requests.

As you explore Old Lemuria you will encounter a number of NPCs who offer quests, referred to as 'Requests'. They are indicated by a glowing yellow exclamation mark above their head. Speaking to them will start their Request, which you are then free to pursue at your leisure. There are a number of Requests available, but you need only complete three to unlock this trophy. If you miss one, you will be able to complete it once you finish the game.

Request Log:
Rubella's Plight:
Unlocked in Chapter 3. At the very beginning of the chapter, right after you exit the Old Monastery, you will encounter Rubella the Jester. Speaking to her will start this Request (and she will join your party), but you will be unable to complete it until Chapter 7. See Tragedy for more info.

Finn's Plight:
Unlocked in Chapter 4. See Capilli Catch for more info.

Pastoral Panic:
Unlocked in Chapter 4. This Request becomes available after completing Finn's Plight.
Speaking to Finn's Grandfather will start this Request. You need to defeat all the dark creatures which have encroached upon his home. Fast Travel to the Altar in the Mahthildis Forest, then head right until you reach a house overrun by foliage with a Pink Blossom Tree in front of it. Defeat the creatures around the house until Finn's Grandfather appears and "thanks" you.

Achilles's Odyssey:
Unlocked in Chapter 4. This Request becomes available after completing Finn's Plight.
Using the Sign Post in the center of town, travel to the outskirts of Capilli Village. To the right of the screen is a young woman blowing smoke rings. Speaking to her (she is the Capilli Mint Hunter or 'Huntress') will start this Request, but you will be unable to complete it until you reach The Plains of Rambert in Chapter 5.

As you make your way through The Plains, you will pass through several Windmills. Eventually you will reach one with a spiked half-wheel, which you must rotate using a lever in order to pass through. Rotate the half-wheel so that the spikes are parallel with the floor, then pull the other lever to exit the Windmill to the right.

Return to the lower entrance of the Windmill, but instead of passing through it, head down past the 3 spikes, then right into a clearing, containing an archer enemy, a Stardust item, and Achilles the flying pig. Use Igniculus to illuminate him, revealing the Mark, and confirming the pig's identity. Capture the pig, then return him to the Huntress in Capilli Village to complete this Request.

Free Trade:
Unlocked in Chapter 6.
In the Town of the Bolmus Populi there sits a mouse, named Adolphus, in a tower. Speak to him to receive the Request 'Free Trade,' which requires you to turn an Apple into Gold - through trade.

Take the Apple to Capilli Village, and enter the building marked with a Pipe. Give the Apple to the bearded Capilli inside. He will reward you with a Shovel.

Take the Shovel to the Old Monastery. Exit through the roof, then fly down to the ground level. Travel left (past the fountain) until you find the Grave Digger; give him the Shovel. He gives you a Lantern.

Fast travel to the Town of the Bolmus Populi, then exit to the right. Fly down to the base of the mountain (which is a giant called Magna - neat!), and enter the pitch-black tunnel. At the bottom is a Miner struggling to mine in the dark. Give him the Lantern. He will give you Gold.

Once more return to the Town of the Bolmus Populi, and speak to Adolphus to complete this Request.

Bolmus Inferno:
Unlocked in Chapter 6.
When you first enter the Town of the Bolmus Populi, you pass through a market. At the edge of the market sits a tower (atop which Adolphus sits), and past that is a house; enter it, and speak to the Bolmus inside. He's having issues with some unwanted guests in his basement - Fire Reapers!

Equip Sapphires (water damage) in your weapon slots and Rubies (fire resistance) in your Armour slots for this fight - you'll need them.
Target the Fire Reapers first, because they do the most damage, and they can resurrect other enemies.

Once you defeat all the Fire Reapers (some are hiding inside chests), return to the Bolmus to complete this Request.

Robert's Plight:
Unlocked in Chapter 6. See Bolmus Bond for more info.

”engus's Plight:
Unlocked in Chapter 8. See Kategida Kindred for more info.

Cynbel's Secret:
Unlocked in Chapter 9.
When you enter the Flooded Lands, you need to travel to the right in order to reach the Piscean Village. On the way, you will have to pass a classical Statue surrounded by large emeralds and some flags. Reading the inscription on the statue will begin the Request 'Cynbel's Secret.'

Ride the elevator down into the Cynbel Sea. Below the elevator is some sort of crystal generator. From the elevator platform, travel to the right until you reach one of the conductor crystals, and then follow it down and across to the generator. From the generator, head left until you reach a dark cavern. You'll see a large Emerald crystal. Use Igniculus' Glow ability on the crystal to reveal an arrow. Follow the arrow to find the next crystal, and repeat the process. Eventually you will reach a fountain. In the background are two columns. Align with the left one, and then fly up to find a secret tunnel! At the top is a chest - open it to receive six Tumbled Onyx, and to complete this Request.

Gen's Plight:
Unlocked in Chapter 9. See Piscean Promise for more info.

The Lost Lights:
Unlocked in Chapter 9.
From the Flooded Plains, ride the elevator down into the Cynbel Sea, then travel to the top right most corner of the map to find an Old Elemental. Speak to him to receive this Request. In order to return home, he summons six other Elementals, but they are scattered throughout Lemuria - "two in the forest, two in the plains, and two in the sea." All six are located next to those little shrines that you will have noticed are scattered throughout the world.
  1. Start with the one's closest to you: from where you are, drop down to the floor, then travel left to find the orange elemental.
  2. Right of the Piscean Village: fly along the water until you find this turquoise elemental.
  3. Left of the Old Monastery: exit through the roof and fly left. As soon as you can, fly down to find the green elemental (directly below where you first met Rubella).
  4. Right of the Capilli Village - Outer: fly rightwards from the Capilli village (towards the tree of thorns) to find the red elemental.
  5. Right of the Town of the Bolmus Populi: exit the town and fly down to the base of Magna, then head right to find the pink elemental.
  6. Below the Temple of the Moon: fast-travel to the Temple of the Moon, but instead of entering it, fly down to the Cliffs of Erin. Fly to the far right to find an island with the purple elemental.

Return to the Old Elemental and speak with it in order to complete this Request.


Thanks to ERICVOLTAGE for the banner. Check out his shop here.

Thanks to PS4Trophies for his Confessions Video Guide. Check out his channel here.

Thanks to GamesRadar for their Confession Location images.

Thanks to Necro for providing screenshots.

Thanks to System H for the tip about the Uplay Confessions map.

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