Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Online Pass Required: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Get The Scoop! , No Stone Unturned
Missable Trophies: N/A (use the level select)
Glitched Trophies: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Download the free DLC Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! for a really good helicopter called Agent Orange, as well as another easy way for Zombicide
  • Use the boost when you can to speed up the mission and get 5 stars for All Star
  • Kill all enemies in each level, it makes it a lot easier when going back with rescuees
  • Make sure you see the Hidden Objective in each level, find Scoop and his cameraman for Get The Scoop!
  • Don't be afraid to go back to levels for 5 stars. Use the level select if you need to go back to older ones, as you do not need to stay on the same level
  • Watch StOrMtRoOpErMx19's videos if you are stuck on 5 starring a level or need more info on saving Scoop
  • There are scret cameos in the levels. These include: Meat Boy (Meat Boy games), Duke Nukem (Duke Nukem franchise) and Steve (Minecraft). Finding all of these gets you No Stone Unturned


Play The Game On Normal
This should unlock:
  • Mission Accomplished
  • Get The Scoop!
  • Oopsies

Get 5 Stars On Each Level
This should unlock:
  • All Star
  • Unfriendly Fire

This should unlock:
  • Dinner Is Served
  • Zombicide
  • Goat For It!
  • No Stone Unturned
  • Superhero
  • Trigger Happy
  • Pacifist


Mission Accomplished
Complete the game on NORMAL.

Normal is the easiest, and first difficulty that is unlock already at the start of the game. You will get this once you have completed the game. If you need help with a level see All Star for tips.

All Star
Get 5 stars on all the levels.

You get awarded stars upon completing a mission. If you are really stuck on a level, watch StOrMtRoOpErMx19's videos on saving Scoop, the hidden objectives and 5 stars. When going for 5 stars try to:
  • Complete the level as fast as you can
  • Don't take too much damage
  • Save the rescuees, don't kill them
  • Complete the hidden objectives
  • Use Agent Orange or Old Glory for most levels, Raptor, Venom and Green Thunder are also good
  • Kill every gunner in the level
  • Save Scoop Sanderson, he will net you extra points since he counts as a rescuee
  • In a helicopter where the passengers hang out the sides, do not hit anything on the ground or the bottom of the helicopter and protect them from fire

Flight Control

Toggle Spoiler

Operation Alpha Freedom

Toggle Spoiler

Operation Bravo Breakout

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Operation Charlie Takedown

Toggle Spoiler

Complete all "Escape" missions without killing anyone.

There are a few Escape missions throughout the game, just complete them without killing anyone. To be safe, do not shoot your gun at all. Try to use your fastest helicopter. The levels are:

Operation Alpha Freedom
  • A Snowball's Chance

Operation Bravo Breakout
  • Bug Out!
  • Tank You!
  • The Sinking Feeling

Operation Charlie Takedown
  • Urban Escape
  • Desert Showdown
  • Raven's Down

Trigger Happy
Kill 100 enemy soldiers on one level, without restarting the level.

Hide And Seek in Operation Bravo Breakout is a good place to get this. I got it without trying. When you go back and forth to the base, the enemies will sometime respawn, so just keep plowing them down for this trophy.

Complete a level by killing all the rescuees.

You can do this in any level that has rescuees. I did this in Shooting Gallery, found in Flight Control. Just land so they come running and use the turret to shoot them until they die. Kill them all and complete the mission to unlock the trophy. You might want to kill Scoop Sanderson as well, but I am not certain he is needed.

Unfriendly Fire
Kill 10,000 enemies across all the levels.

This will most likely be earned on your way to All Star depending on your skill (if you replay missions for the 5 stars). If you need to grind this, choose the later levels as they have a lot more soldiers to kill than earlier. You can check your progress under the Stats screen from the Main Menu.

Complete Desert Rescue without letting any rescuees die.

This is the last mission in the Operation Bravo Breakout levels. Take out the storage facilities while hauling ass to the wounded soldiers. You will need to leave Scoop until the wounded soldiers have been saved (don't save anyone else either). Once the wounded soldiers are safe, make your way back to the prisoners and break them out. Fire a short burst to bust the walls and make sure you don't shoot any. Use Old Glory or Agent Orange so you can carry more passengers and they can be safe within the helicopter.

Get the Scoop!
Save Scoop on every level he is present.

Scoop Sanderson is a reporter that is found in all levels. You will notice him by the cameraman with a really bright light on the end of the camera. Just land and pick him up and save him in each level and this trophy is yours. Scoop is listed as the hidden objective in the levels, so be sure not to miss him.

Flight Control
  • Training Day - Scoop is about halfway through the level, on a rooftop. He is the only objective other than driving to the end
  • All Aboard - He is past some gunners about halfway through the level on the street
  • Shooting Gallery - Scoop and his cameraman are right at the beginning right outside the base
  • Looking Ahead - You will see him about halfway down the map on the ground

Operation Alpha Freedom
  • Prison Break - Scoop is about halfway between the gas and rescuees in this one
  • Jungle Boogle - You can find Scoop just past the gas in this level
  • Feed A Cold - He is towards the end of the level, on a broken highway. Land and block the rest of the highway so the zombies don't get him
  • Boogie Nights - Just past the gas is where Scoop is in this level
  • Trip Downtown - Past the second group of rescuees, you will see him on the ground with a graffiti mark on the wall
  • Pain In The AA's - Near the last 2 AA Guns, inbetween 2 buildings. It is a tight squeeze so be sure not to smash into the buildings
  • Party's Over - Located at the very end of the level
  • A Snowball's Chance - On a glacier in the middle of the level, when the camera angle shifts a little bit. Be careful because an RPG guy comes out right as you land

Operation Bravo Breakout
  • Bug Out! - Shortly after the beginning, he is a little hard to see. He is just after the first batch of red buildings and just before the second batch
  • Seek And Destroy - Just after the first gas station, by the AA Gun
  • There Is No Place Like AAAhhh ZOMBIES! - At the end of the level, past the last batch of rescuees
  • Tank You! - Right past the first tank you see, on the ground
  • Hide And Seek - Near the base at the beginning of the level
  • The Sinking Feeling - Right after the gas station, before a building
  • J-E-T-S Suck! - To the left of the base, before the buildings start
  • Kitchen Sink - At the very end of the level
  • Desert Rescue - Right after the first field you see, after the trucks come

Operation Charlie Takedown
  • Urban Escape - After the construction yard on the ground
  • Supreme Power - Scoop is past the second gas point in this level
  • Zombie Nation - Between the second and third targets
  • Desert Showdown He is before the gas station in this level
  • Shaken Not Stirred Scoop is near your second target
  • The High Life - Near a water tower, before the first target
  • Hanging Around - Scoop is towards the end of this level, past the last target
  • Raven's Down - You will spot him about halfway through the level on the ground
  • All On The Table - He is near your second target

No Stone Unturned
Find all the secrets.

There are 4 secrets throughout the game. The secrets are (mostly) hidden objectives shown on the mission overviews. They are:

Operation Alpha Freedom
  • A Snowball's Chance - Where's The Beef hidden objective. This is located after Scoop, in the foreground. Shoot the walls to break out a Meat boy looking character for this secret.

Operation Bravo Breakout
  • There Is No Place Like AAAhhh ZOMBIES! - Kill them before they multiply hidden objective. Keep killing the zombies until a breaking news pop-up plays about the zombies thinning out.
  • Desert Rescue - Duke Nukem cameo. He is next to a fire after the second gas station.

Operation Charlie Takedown
  • All On The Table - Find the Blockhead stranded on island hidden objective. When the level starts, go right to find Steve from Minecraft.

Dinner is Served
Kill 1000 chickens.

Chickens are scattered all throughout the game. There are some at the end of the first level (Training Day) but there are more found in Prison Break of Operation Alpha Freedom. You can check your progress in the Stats screen of the Main Menu. If you crash your helicopter repeatedly in Prison Break once you find a good batch just keep repeating that. Once the Stats screen shows 1000 chickens killed this trophy is yours.

Kill 1000 zombies.

Zombies can be found in Operation Alpha Freedom, the Feed A Cold level. My first try I got over 700 zombie kills. When you see them you can kill them, then crash your helicopter and repeat. They are spread throughout the levels of the game. For an easier way, you can download the free DLC called Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! which also unlocks a really good helicopter called Agent Orange. Just like the chickens and goats, you can check the Stats screen in the Main Menu to see your progress.

Goat For It
Kill 100 goats.

Goats can be found at the beginning of Prison Break (outside walls of the base) in Operation Alpha Freedom. They are scattered in different levels, so you may have quite a few of them once you complete the game. You can check your progress in the Stats screen from the Main Menu.

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