Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is based on the Sony Pictures Animation movie, which was originally based on the popular children's story of the same name. It tells the story of a young scientist named Flint Lockwood who is well known in his hometown of ChewandSwallow for his wacky and absurd inventions. He one day creates a food-making machine which makes everyone happy, until things go wrong, transforming the food into gigantic proportions. Now he must try and set things right again, and restore order to his once peaceful town.


Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Trophy Guide
By dajmer79
x6 x14 x5 x1
Players: 1-2 (co-op)
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes: None
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Time to Platinum: 6-8 hours


Platinum Trophy
Unlock all the trophies.

Hmm, I think if you get every other trophy in the game you might be rewarded with this spaghetti and meatball flavored platinum trophy.

Max Food'onaut
Complete 1st Act.

The first Act consists of five short stages. Simply complete them, and the trophy is yours. Consider Act 1 a walkthrough/tutorial of sorts; thus there really isn't much in the way of tips to be offered. If you're simply flying through the stages without worrying about destroying any of the Foodpods, you can complete the entire Act in about 15-20 minutes. You're going to want to destroy those Foodpods though if you want to get any of the related trophies.

Rockin Roller
Clear Bridge for OOS.

OOS (Out Of Sighter) is the over-sized vacuum cleaner/street sweeper you encounter on the first stage of Act 1. When you initially get to the bridge it will be blocked with debris. What you need to do is go to the bottom where you see three floating waffles in the river. Jump on the top-most waffle to get you over to the opposite side (don't forget to hit the Foodpods on the bottom waffle along the way). Now head up and left to the bridge, dodging the falling chili peppers, and melt the Popsicle which is holding up the debris with your Hot Enougher weapon. The OOS is now clear to cross.

Licked It
1st time kill an enemy.

Easy peasy. About 10 seconds into the "Ice Cream Tundra" stage on Act 1, after you melt the Popsicles in front of you, go up and you'll encounter a snowman standing next to a house. Once you get close enough to him, he'll start bopping up and down trying to throw snowballs at you. Attack him with your Hot Enougher weapon until his health meter is depleted, and you're good to go with your first trophy of the game!

For some reason if you missed that snowman, there's another one immediately afterward sitting in a sandbox. He's unavoidable, so you'll end up getting this trophy one way or another.

Party of Two
Play a co-op mission.

I found the co-op missions fun, actually, but if you're in it just for the trophy then all you need is an extra controller (Rock Band peripherals work too). Press to join as player two and - ding! - trophy. You don't even have to finish a level to get it.

1st time get an upgrade.

Weapon upgrades become available based on how many points per level you're getting. If you're gunning for the platinum trophy and killing everything in sight, you'll probably earn a new upgrade after completing every stage, or every other stage at most.

Castle Master
1st time play in the jelly mold.

Story related and cannot be missed. You'll get it the second you start "The Jelly Castle" stage in Act 3. And here I was getting all excited at the thought of a Jell-O wrestling match...

Buck this BBQ
Going to the FLDSMDFR.

Story related and cannot be missed. You'll get the trophy as soon as you start the "Meat-A-Roid Crust" stage in Act 6.

1st time get the Blueprint Piece.

A Blueprint Piece is a jigsaw puzzle piece, and you earn them for destroying every Hydronic Foodpod in each stage (one Blueprint piece per stage). Completing the Blueprint/puzzle will grant you access to a special weapon, which you will need to defeat the final boss with.

Pasta Power
30 times using the spaghetti rope.

The honest way to get this trophy is by playing through the game in its entirety and using all the spaghetti ropes that are made available. The low-down, dirty spam way is to use a spaghetti rope once and then drop back down, using it again. Repeat this process as many times as necessary to get the trophy.

Bread Head
30 times using the bread to climb.

The same strategies with Pasta Power apply here too. Either play through the game and get this trophy the honest way, or spam it by using your Upsucker Plus weapon to pump up a vial of honey and spray it on the bread, making it climbable. Then proceed to make your way up the bread, drop back down, climb it again, drop back down...you get the idea.

Pumped 50 drops.

Yet another spammable trophy! When you're using the Upsucker Plus, you need to constantly fill it up with the black goo for defeating enemies and foodpods, as well as honey and grease you can pump for different tasks. You're going to be doing this a lot throughout the course of the game, but if you want to speed things up simply fill the Upsucker Plus, and then hold down to waste it. Fill it up again, waste it, and repeat as necessary.

Get 20 life points.

Life point power-ups are glowing red orbs. Sometimes they're in plain sight (usually signaling that there's a few enemies up ahead), or sometimes they are dropped from random enemies after you defeat them. You'll encounter tons of these through natural progression of the game, so don't fret about not getting enough.

Note: If your current HP is already at maximum, you won't be able to get these power-ups. If there is an enemy or two nearby, let them hit you and then return to the power-up to get it.

Grub Drubber
Clear 5 levels with full HP at the end.

Granted finishing most of the levels with full HP isn't that hard, but there is an easy method in achieving this. Stock up on life points as you see them to make sure you keep your health at the top. If your HP isn't at the top before the end of a stage, simply let yourself get killed. You'll re-spawn from that last location with full health. You'll still have to deal with whatever obstacles are remaining, but it's much easier than redoing the entire stage again.

Note: They have to be five different stages, so you can't keep replaying the same stage over and over again.

Chick Nixxer
Make 10 roasted chickens fall on ground.

The trophy description for this should actually read "make a roasted chicken fall on the ground 10 times", as it doesn't have to be 10 of them. "Good N Creamy Elementary" (Act 3) is the first stage where you'll encounter these devil chickens. They don't actually die, so what you want to do is pump a vial of honey and spray it on the ground in front of it. Once the chicken walks into it, it'll get stuck and won't be able to reach you. Now switch your weapon ( or ) to the Bigacious Pow and hit it once to make it fall on its back. This counts as one, so keep punching it until it gets out of the honey and stands up again. Back up and lead it through the honey patch again. Repeat this process nine times and you've got yourself a trophy!

Bear Buster
Kill 25 Gummies by heating.

There are three prime stages to fry these little gummy bastards - "Sardine Circle" and "The Stadium" in Act 3, and "Swallow Falls Dock" in Act 5. There are nine Gummies in "The Stadium", a dozen in "Sardine Circle", and a dozen or so more in "Swallow Falls Dock", so you'll have no problem getting this trophy as you progress. Just make sure to equip your Hot Enougher weapon to kill them with.

Sugar Slayer
Kill 25 Marshmallows by cutting.

From what I recall, there is only one stage where you have the Chopper-er weapon at your disposal with Marshmallows around - "Mount Foody" on Act 4. There are only four Marshmallows in this stage, so you're going to have to replay the level almost seven times to get the trophy. The only bonus is that the stage is short, and you can motor through it in about 4 minutes.

Mr. Twister
Kill 10 spaghetti tornado by using pick.

Spaghetti tornadoes make their first appearance in the "Stadium Exterior" stage on Act 2 on a small rooftop. Using the Forkamajigger, press to attack it, but make sure you hold instead of repeatedly pressing it. While holding it, walk backwards and the spaghetti tornado will begin to unravel until there's nothing left of it. Do this to ten different tornadoes and you're set.

Note: At the end of the "Sardine Circle" stage in Act 3, you will face a large spaghetti tornado that goes through several phases before it's defeated. During these phases, it will spit out several mini-tornadoes for you to deal with. There is no need to spam this trophy, as the amount of spaghetti tornadoes you will face up to, and including, this stage will be more than enough.

Tour de Fork!
Finish the game walkthrough.

Story-related and cannot be missed. The trophy will register after you defeat the final boss, during the brief cut-scene.

Ultra Foodnik
Get all upgrades.

So long as you're destroying as many enemies and Foodpods as possible, you will get this trophy through natural progression of the game. I got this trophy prior to clearing Act 4, and had just over 106,000 points in total.

Ultra Food'onaut
Finish Game with Final Ending

Story-related and cannot be missed. After you get the Tour de Fork! trophy, a short chase level will start where you have to outmaneuver falling chili sauce and make it back to your ship. Get there alive, and the trophy's yours.

Dishin' Out
Destroy all the Hydronic Foodpods in the game.

Each stage contains 30 Foodpods that need to be destroyed. They range in food-type (ice-creams, sausages, ravioli, strawberries), but they all share one common factor - emitting blue sparkles, which make them easy to spot. All of the levels are fairly linear, so you won't need to hunt around for them. Just be sure to check every area of whatever stage you're playing, as some are tucked away behind objects; others may be higher up and will require you to stack items with the Forkamajigger to reach.

There are a few that you won't be able to get until you upgrade your Hot Enougher weapon to level 3. The first of this variety can be seen in the very first stage of the game - "Ice Cream Tundra" - near the end of the stage sitting on top of a bus. You need to jump and shoot to get it, but your weapon won't be strong enough to dissolve it in time in the early-goings. Once your weapon is upgraded, return to the stage and you'll get it no problem.

Click the spoiler box below for a listing of every Foodpod and their location, courtesy of fellow site member tubbs08.

Toggle Spoiler

Kill 500 foods (NPC+DOOR+HYDRONIC FOODPOD) in the game.

This trophy is pretty much unavoidable. As long as you're making an effort to destroy everything in sight on each stage, you should get this trophy during the first stage of Act 3. Literally anything in the game that can be destroyed contributes towards the overall total.

1st time get the Hydronic Foodpods.

Much like the Licked It trophy, you'll probably get this trophy very soon after starting playing for the first time. In the first stage, Foodpods are giant scoops of ice-cream. Look for the bright blue sparkle they emit and destroy them. They're not well hidden at all, so it's not hard to locate them.

Chow Hound
100 Hydronic Foodpods destroyed.

If you're keeping track and destroying every Foodpod on every stage, you will get this trophy a third of the way through Act 1, stage 4. If you're ever unsure about how many you've destroyed, you can always check your status from the mission select screen. They're listed at the bottom of screen underneath each stage you highlight. Or, if you're in the middle of a game, pause it and it will display how many foodpods you've destroyed, and how many there are total, on the particular stage you're playing.

Complete 1st mission.

Rightfully so, stage 1 is the easiest stage in the game, and also one of the shortest. Even with destroying every Foodpod and NPC in the stage, I still beat it in under four minutes. Cut that time in half if you're just making a mad dash from one end to the other.

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