Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 1 -2 hours
Estimated Difficulty: 2.5/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 + reloading a save
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: N/A
Glitched Trophies: N/A


Comix Zone has now come to the PSN 16 years after its original release back in 1995. Sketch, a rock musician finds himself thrown into him comic during a lightning storm. Sketch must fight his way through his own comic and defeat Mortus, the villain he made.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Pick Ups - Throughout the game you will come across pick up. You use :d: to pick them up. They can rang from health to explosves. is Pick Up 1, is Pick Up 2 and is Pick Up 3.
  • Dynamite - High explosive and heavy damage.

  • Grenade - Gives a decent explosion and causes damage.

  • Iced Tea - Restores part of your health.

  • Knife - Unfortunatley, it's a throwing knife, not a melee knife.

  • Roadkill - This is Sketch's pet rat. He can sniff out objects by ripping the Comic book.

  • Superhero - ???????????????????. Save for a boss fight.

  • Mystery - It can be an explosion or one of the other pick ups.

Enviroment - Use it to your advantage. It can make quick work of enemies and deal a fair amount of damage.

Save Feature - You can save WHENEVER. So I HIGHLY recommend saving before each fight that way if you lose too much health you can reload your save.

Roadkill - This is Sketch's pet rat, He can find hidden objects by ripping the comic book. Make sure you have him at all times. He can be very useful for passing particular areas.

Health - Health plays a key role in the game. If you find and use iced tea it will restore about half of your health. You health will only fully recharge at the start of a new episode, not a new page. If you do happen to die say on page two of an episode it will take you to the start of the page and give you full health.

Points - Unfortunatley there is no way to tell your total point score until the end of the page. Between destroying objects and defeating enemies poitn won't be a problem. There is also something nice about how the game works with point. If you are playing and die and decide to restart the page, you will still keep the points you received before you die. That should make racking up points very easy.


1. Paper Plane: You will start the game and make a paper plane right away. After that you will quit the game. Make sure not to save.

2. Normal Play: During the 1st playthrough you will get almost every trophy. The only exception will be Choice is Good due to you need both endings and you may get Complete the Game if you rescue Alissa. Just make sure you save the game before the fight with Mortus.

3. Reload Save: You will now reload the game and replay the fight with Mortus so you can get the ending you still need. If you saved Alissa before you will need to let her die and vise versa.


Complete The Game
Rescue Alissa and complete the game.

Rescuing Alissa in the "Happy Ending" of the game. Before the fight Mortus will put Alissa in a chamber on the nuke. It will start to fill with liquid. There are three things you have to do in order to save Alissa.
  • Mortus - The first thing that must be done is defeating Mortus.

  • Bats - After Mortus is dead you must defeat his two bats.

  • Rescue - If the chamber is not completely filled with water yet go to the left side of it and Sketch will grab a lever. Press and Alissa will be freed.

For a more deatiled fight with Mortus and how to acheive the other ending view Choice is Good.

Happy Ending

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Choice is Good
Receive both endings.

This game features two different endings, a Happy or Sad Ending. It all depends on how fast you are able to defeat Mortus, his two bats and getting to Alissa. Mortus is an easy boss if you use the rocket thruster. When the fight with Mortus begins there will be a ledge to the right with a lever. When Sketch grabs it and you press it will activate the thrusters and do a great deal of damage to Mortus ... so long as he is near it. To lure him down you just have to jump off the ledge which will cause him to come down with you. As soon as he his down jump back onto the ledge and go near the lever so Sketch can grab it. Once Sketch has a hold of it mash . If you keep doing this Mortus should die after four or five times which is roughly 30 - 45 seconds. Now it's time for his two bats. Three or four punches/kicks a piece will do it. Now this is where the two different endings come into play.

Happy Ending - As said in Complete the Game you have to defeat Mortus, his two Bats and pull the lever next to the chamber before it fills with liquid and drowns Alissa.

Happy Ending

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Sad Ending - This is acheived if the chamber fills with liquid and drowns Alissa. The chamber may fill while you are fighting Mortus. If you happen to defeat Mortus and his Bats and the chamber is not yet filled just wait. Once it is filled to the top and Alissa is hunched over you will know she has drowned.

Sad Ending

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Points III
Score 50,000 points.

Again, this is a trophy that you will naturally come across. 50,000 points is easy to acheive. You cannot pass an area until all enemies or dead (or if certain objects need to be destroyed). Also, when you die you will also keep those points. You will have this trophy by the end of episode 2 or during the first page of episode 3.

3rd Grade
Use a paper airplane.

By pressing and holding Sketch will tear out a little piece of the comic to make a paper place. The bad thing that it takes a part of your health to make one but it can also harm you as it flies. I HIGHLY suggest never using one except for this trophy. What you will do is start a new game and make a paper plane right away. After you have earned the trophy quit the game and DO NOT save. After that is done you will start a new game that you will use for your actual playthrough. Also, Rapid Fire should be turned off or you will not be able to get the trophy. The good thing is that it should automatically be off and the only way for it to be turned on is if you turn it on.

Points II
Score 30,000 points.

you will get this without even trying. In the grand scheme of things 30,000 is about one third of the total points you will get by the end of the game. You should have this by the end of the first page of episode 2.

Accelerate Your Hero
Complete Episode 3.

This is the final episode of the game and where you finally get to fight Mortus face to face. He is not a difficult boss if you use the "easy" way on him but if you go mono-e-mono against if you will be in trouble. Go to Coice is Good for a detailed fight with Mortus and how to get both endings.

Buddha Says
Complete Episode 2.

Episode 2 is a temple scene. Of course it wouldn't be complete without a boss right? You will have to fight teh Kung Fu Master (creative name huh? ). There are 2 main thing you will need:
  • Health - It's crucial to have at least half of your health during this fight. With his shockwaves and exploding nails you will lose health quick.

  • Explosives - Whether it be dynamite, a grenade or even a knife, using one of them can get you out of a nasty situation and send the Master Flying.

At the start of the fight he will throw these power balls into the water which create shockwaves. Jump over them because if they hit you it will take away a fair amount of health. Then he will comes down to the ground and shoot his fingernails at you which can explode. When you dodge them they will be stuck on the wall. One thing I found very helpful was my dynamite but there is another semi-effective move, the jump and kick. Sometimes you will get a good hit and send him flying back, other times you to will collide. If you are able to hit him into his exploding nails on the wall the fight will go much quicker. When he is defeated mini explosions will start happening around him.

Unknown Territory
Finish the first page.

The first page is the easiest of the game. It has the least enemies and tricky spots. It should only take you around 15 minutes to complete. A key to knowing if a page is done will be Alissa saying "Well done Turner!" and then Sketch will have a super hero costume appear on him.

Points I
Score 10,000 points.

10,000 points may seem like a lot, but in lenght of the game and how easy points are obtained it is very easy. You will have this by the end of the first page or going into the second page.

Orange Bull
Use the Iced Tea to restore your health.

Ahh ... nothing like a nice refreshing glass of iced to to restore some health. When used it will restore around half of your health. Do not waste it!!!! The first one will be available at the very start of the game. You won't have to worry about trying to get youself harmed, there will be penty of enemies and objects that will help you do that. You will most likely need to use it by then end of the first page or sometime into the second page.

Use the dynamite.

You will come across dynamite in various parts of the game. You should get this trophy naturally. The very first opprotunity to get this is at the start of the game. Pick it up along with the knife and iced tea. If it is in the 1st slot press , if it's in the 2nd slot press and if it's in the 3rd slot press . Just make sure not to stand close as it can harm you. If you'd rather save it you will find multiple areas to use it like if there is a blockade or on one of the bosses.

Rescue and pick up Roadkill.

Roadkill is Sketch's pet rat who was also put into the comic. This is attainable on the first page of the game. Eventually you will have a choice to go right or down. I would suggest going down as it is easier but you can still get Roadkill if you go right.. That will take you an area with 4 barrel that you need to destroy. Once that is finished you will go into a room where Roadkill will be, along with an enemy. After defeating the enemy start hitting the cage until it breaks. Once Roadkill is freed press :d: to pick him up.

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