Grubbins On Ice is the first, and so far the only, DLC for the game, Costume Quest. Like the first game, you must use trick-or-treating to defeat enemies as they try to steal candy. Set a few months after the first game, Wren, Reynold and Everett must now rescue Lucy, who has been kidnapped by Axaria.


Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-2 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

- You must go to New game and select the DLC. If you played and beat the first game, everything (aside from your leftover candy) will carry over.


- Play. Most of the quests are the same as the original game so there is nothing new in the format.
- Once you beat this game, play Stacking.


Jeepers Peepers
Acquire the Eyeball Costume.

The Eyeball costume is one of the three new costumes in Grubbins on Ice. After talking to the recruiter, head to the fenced in area just south of him. The path to the right leads to the rickety bridge while the other path will lead to the Eyeball plans.

Follow the bridge until you get to a bridge part you can break. Break it and jump down. You can also continue on the bridge, past the zipline. Go into the cave, collecting candy and then head into the next cave. The chest contains the track suit. If you go into the town, head south and look for a gap in the fence. Jump down and in the chest, the red crepe paper is waiting for you. Once you have the Pirate Costume (See below), go to the rickety bridge again and keep following it until you find a zipline. Use the zipline and follow it into the cave. In the next cave, there are three chests. The middle one contains the wire mesh which will complete the eyeball Costume. The trophy will pop up soon after.

Playin' Hooky
Use the Pirate hook on 5 unqiue ziplines.

Before you can even use the ziplines, you must first find the pieces to the Pirate costume. Head into the well hidden Secret Cave just beside the recruiter and talk to the Grubbin. He will give you the Pirate costume pattern. Head across the green river to the village. Go to the area near the green pool and talk to the Grubbin with a beret. The chest behind him contains the newspaper. At the bottom left of the village is another grubbin with a beret. Talk to him and he will move. In the chest is the eye patch. Use the ramp and talk to the last grubbin and he will give you the hook to complete the pirate costume. Use it on the zipline to your right. That’s 1.

The other ziplines are part of other quests. There is a zipline to get the last piece of the Eyeball costume, a zipline to finish the Grubbin Lovin', another to get to the cave holding the Tome of the Trowbogs and finally to get the the yeti. By doing those quests, you will get the trophy as you're sliding down the zipline for the Case of the Missing Yeti quest. There are 2 more ziplines after the Case of the Missing Yeti, so in case you don't have the Eyeball costume yet, you can still get this trophy before you finish the game.

Birdbrain Beatdown
Defeat Araxia in battle.

Araxia is a giant Crestwailer who has taken to Lucy. Before going through to the last gate, change your costumes. Make sure you have the Vampire on one of the kids. Whoever has the vampire costume should have the Six-Winged Bat battle stamp. It will allow your party to recover some HP after each turn. Have another kid as use a costume that has a defensive special attack, preferably one that will help the whole party. They should have the Headless banshee stamp just in case they get knocked out. The last kid should have a lot of firepower so use any of the costumes that will damage Araxia a lot. Use any stamp that will allow you do deal more damage, preferably the disembodied Six-Fingered or the Jaw of Wolf.

Araxia is a tougher than Big Bones but not by a whole lot. Even though Big Bones is in the battle, you can't physically hurt him so you will need to concentrate your attack on Araxia. Attack him enough times and he will fly up. Do NOT use your special attacks on him when he is floating. They will do no damage what so ever. Save it and just knock him back to Big Bones using your basic attack. When he's back on the ground, unleash your special attacks. He will do this twice before you get to the final part. The Vampire's special attack and stamp should allow you to stay alive enough to keep attacking Araxia. Use the defensive special attack when you need it but attack Araxia as much as you can. With enough attacks, he will fly up again. Just knock him back to Big Bones a final time and watch the cutscene.

If you've been doing all the quests, this trophy will pop up after the Revolutionary Hero trophy. Congratulations!

Short Stack
Find the mysterious visitor in the cliffs of Repugia.

You will need the Eyeball costume for this. Once you have it, head to the bottom right corner of the Trowbog section of the level. There are two fenced in areas that can only be accessable by the robot costume. Head to the second part and switch to the eyeball costume. Use the eyeball’s Survey ability to find the cave under you. Jump down between the cactus trees and you will find Charlie Blackmore from Double Fine’s game, Stacking. The trophy should pop up as soon as you enter the cave.

Revolutionary Hero
Complete all quests in Repugia.

The quests are much like the first game. You will need to finish most of the quests to continue. Once you defeat Araxia and save Lucy, this trophy will pop up during the cut scene. Below is the list of quests.

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