Costume Quest follows twins, Wren and Reynold, as they are about to go trick-or-treating in their new town of Auburn Pines. The twins don't get along, fighting the first time the player meets them. While they are out, one of the twins gets kidnapped by a candy-hording Grubbin, confusing her for actually candy. The game follows the other twin as they try to get back their brother or sister before their curfew.


Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 4-6 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (Portals to other levels allow free roam after boss battle)
Collectible Trophies: Master of Disguise, All Decked Out, They’ll be Worth a Lot Someday
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

- Explore the levels as much as you can while completing the quests. It makes finding costume pieces and candy a lot easier
- Find as much candy so you can to buy battle stamps. The stamps vary in ability and become helpful in the tougher boss battles.
- Play around with the costumes. Not only will it help with the Master of Disguise Trophy, you will also find some areas can only be accessed by a costume’s unique ability.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

- If you want to have more experience, you can go back to the mall to defeat some of the Trowbogs on the second and third floors. This will help if you want to play the Grubbins on Ice DLC.


- Play to finish the game, finishing side quests as you go.
- Load your save again to clean up any of the unfinished quests or to find costumes, if you need to
- Play the DLC. =)


Battle Buds
Defeat a monster in combat with a friend by your side.

After beating Travis in the race, Everett (Knight Boy) will join your party. With him on the team, you get the ability to switch costumes. Go to the same street where Everett was getting harassed and head for the first house on the right. Defeat the Grubbin inside to get this trophy.

Binary Bouncer
Use the Robot Costume to Boost off of 15 different ramps.

Wren or Reynold has to have to Robot costume on to get this trophy. You will get this during the first level, after you get past Mrs. Putterpam. Use the Robot's boost ability on every ramp on this level and you should get this trophy.

Do the Monster Bash
Get the jump on 10 different monsters by pail bashing them to initiate combat.

This trophy is best done during the second level, since the enemies are walking around the mall. Just be patient and wait for the Trowbogs to turn their back against you before bashing them with your pail. Do this 10 times and you should get the trophy.

Dressed to Quest
Acquire 5 Costumes.

You’ll get this during the second level. By the time you get to Autumn Haven Mall, you should have 3 costumes unlocked: The Robot, The Knight and The Statue of Liberty. You will get at least 2 more during this level, if not 3. Once you have access to 5 costumes, the trophy will unlock.

See Master of Disguise below for all of the costumes and locations.

The Last Gourdian
Acquire the Pumpkin Costume

The Pumpkin Costume is a unique costume. It’s given to Wren or Reynold by Dorian (as the scarecrow). The pieces of the costume are spread out through the 3 levels so you will get this trophy sometime during the third level. Once you acquire all the pieces, the trophy will pop up.

See Master of Disguise below for all of the costumes and locations.

Defeat BoJonn in battle.

Bojonn is the boss of Auburn Pines. He’s not tough compared to the final boss, but he does present his own troubles. His attacks are pretty straight forward but he uses his megaphone to summon a Grubbin shaman that will heal him. For this battle, any of combination of the three costumes you have will suffice. Equip either Pumpkin Guts stamp or the Fang of Wolf stamp to whoever wears the Robot costume and the Disembodied Hand stamp to the other player to make things easier. Focus your attack mainly on Bojonn, switching to the Megaphone periodically. With enough attacks, he will go down and you will get the trophy after the cut scene.

Dozer Dodger
Defeat Metxel in battle.

Metxel is the boss of Autumn Haven Mall. There are 3 stages to his battle. First, you have to defeat at least one of the two Trowbogs. Once one is about to be defeated, he will come in with his candy dozer and fight you. Metxel has 1000 hp in the last 2 stages, so use someone with a lot of fire power. Use battle stamps accordingly and have someone with a guard ability for his individual attacks. Otherwise, hack away his HP and once he’s defeated, the trophy is yours.

Sweet Justice
Beat the game.

To get to the final boss, you must first fight Dorsilla. Though she isn’t hard, she does take one of your party members hostage. Having someone with the Moldy Pumpkin Guts battle stamp will help with this nuisance since you can still attack Dorsilla while inflicting damage to the cage. Also, it’s best to have someone with the Rotten Egg battle stamp. When she starts to twirl her wand in the air, use the ability to knock her concentration, stopping her from a moderately powerful attack. She will then multiply herself. Concentrate your attack on one of her and eventually she will fall.

Before talking to Dorsilla again, apply the battle stamp you just got to either Everett or Lucy. Whoever has the Headless Banshee stamp will be the Unicorn. The unicorn’s ability to will be very helpful against Big Bones. The other two members should use costumes that have another attack as their special, like the Vampire or the Robot. Also have the Disembodied Six-Fingered and the Bowl of Bloodshot Eyeballs battle stamps to on maximize the damage you do.

Talk to Dorsilla again and you have the option to skip her dialogue by pressing . Once the battle with Big Bones starts, just hack away at his HP. Stagger when you use your Special attacks to help lower his HP faster. Use the Unicorn’s My Pretty Panacea when one of your other members gets below 100 HP, otherwise just keep attacking and defending. When Big Bones goes down, your trophy will pop up.

Master of Disguise
Use every Costume Ability in battle.

There are 11 costumes to collect. Some are given to you but a majority of them you have to find the blueprint and the corresponding pieces. Just use them in battle once, including the special attack to get the trophy. If you think you’re missing one costume and you’ve beaten the game, just head back to the final boss area and talk to Dorsilla. This will start the final boss battle again, giving you a chance to use every costume’s ability. Once you’ve used the ability, the trophy should pop up.

Note on the Grubbin Costume: this costume doesn’t count towards the Master of Disguise trophy since you can’t fight in it. You have to find the parts for it to continue so its included in the guide.

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All Decked Out
Collect all Creepy Treat Cards.

Creepy Treat Cards are gained through battle and trading. There are 54 cards in total. You will get most of them through battling. There are kids in every level that will trade you for a specific card for another card. The 3rd time you bob for apples on any of the levels, the prize will be a creepy card. The last and final card will appear once you reach level 10. The trophy will pop up soon after.

They'll be Worth a Lot Someday
Collect all Battle Stamps.

There are 24 battle stamps in total. Most of them can be bought from Sadie’s Stamp Shop. She can be found in the park at Auburn Pines, her dad’s shop in the mall and in the far right end of the town in the village. Some stamps are also earned through the boss battles. Once you have all 24, which will be near the end of the game, the trophy will pop up.

Complete all Quests in the game.

The quests are unlocked by talking to various people in the levels or are given to you automatically. It is suggested that you do the quests as you get them. Most of them are straight forward so they are easily doable while finishing the game. After you beat the final boss, this trophy will pop up after the Sweet Justice trophy. Below is the list of all the quests in every level.

Auburn Pines

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Autumn Haven Mall

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Fall Valley

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