Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: Yes; Smirk Wiper, Veteran Food Eater
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 15-20 hours


King of the Jungle
Complete both Adventure mode and Puzzle mode

This is more time consuming than anything. In order to complete Adventure mode in its entirety, you need to finish every Adventure level (obviously) and bonus Puzzle and Challenge levels. The area will display a yellow check-mark if you've accomplished this. There are 45 Adventure mode levels in total.

Puzzle mode contains 100 puzzles that need to be solved. Around half of these are included in Adventure mode, and any puzzles you complete there don't need to be redone here.

Click the following link for a walkthrough of every puzzle level: Critter Crunch puzzles solved

Challenge Taker
Complete Challenge mode

This trophy works the same as the King of the Jungle trophy, except you need to complete every challenge in Challenge mode instead of puzzles. Challenges completed in Adventure mode do not need to be redone here, so focus on the ones that haven't been finished. Look for the yellow check-marks. There are 55 challenges in total that need to be completed.

Click the spoiler tags below for videos covering every Challenge and how to beat them.

Level 1-5:

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Level 6-11:

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Level 12-17:

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Level 18-22:

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Level 23-32:

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Level 33-35:

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Level 36-42:

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Level 43-51:

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Level 52-55:

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World's Greatest Dad!
Complete 35 Adventure levels while also feeding Smalls to completion

Look for grayed-out images of Smalls when you select an Adventure level. This indicates that he hasn't been fed to completion. Smalls only comes when you pop a chain of at least 8 critters long, and he only hangs around for a few seconds before leaving again, so make sure to get over to him soon. Feed him by holding down the button. When he's full, he'll leave.

Feeding him also causes the critters to drop at a faster rate, so you'll have to be careful. If you're unable to feed him to completion because of this, you'll have to create another 8 critter chain to bring him back. His hunger level will be reduced, however, because you already started feeding him the first time around, so it won't take nearly as long to satisfy him. In the later levels, when you can get some of the better power-ups, hold on to them until Smalls arrives and use them to your advantage.

Last Man Digesting
Survive to level 9 in Survival mode

Survival mode goes by fast. Before you know it, you'll reach level 9 after only a few minutes of playing. You're given plenty of bomb and electrical critters, so reaching level 9 and beyond isn't a problem.

Smart Mouth
Complete a puzzle level with moves remaining

There are several puzzles that can be completed with moves remaining. Considering they increase in difficulty the higher you go, you'll want to get this out of the way early on. Puzzle 10 is the first puzzle, if I remember correctly, that can be finished with moves remaining.

Watch the video below from the 5:16 mark to see how to complete puzzle 10.

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Puzzle me this!
Unlock Puzzle mode

This will probably be one of the first trophies you get. Finish Adventure level 3 to unlock Puzzle mode.

Feats of Constipation
Unlock Challenge mode

Much like Puzzle me this!, you'll unlock this trophy soon after playing Adventure mode. Complete level 6 and Challenge mode will become available.

Feeding Frenzy
Unlock Survival mode

Survival mode won't unlock until you've almost finished Adventure mode. Some sources claim that you need to beat level 42 for Survival mode to unlock, but I got it after beating level 39.

Circle of Life
Complete 10 Food Chains in a single level

A food chain is the result of feeding a fly to a medium critter who has a large critter sitting directly above it. The large critter will then eat the medium critter and, voila! - you've got yourself a food chain. When you reach the halfway mark in Adventure mode the levels start increasing in size, and you'll get plenty of opportunities to get 10 chains.

Beverage and Fries
Complete 6 Combos in a single level

The important thing to remember is that combos aren't the same as chains. A combo is created by popping a line of critters that then causes a line above it to pop as well. This can be done in a variety of ways:
  1. Have 2 flies below a popped critter with a medium critter above the flies.
  2. Have 1 fly below a popped critter followed by 1 medium critter and 1 large critter above.
  3. Have a medium critter already fed a fly below a popped critter with either a large, bomb, or electrical critter above.

The best levels to attempt this on are the largest ones. They're the ones that take up nearly the entire screen, and if you pay attention there will be numerous opportunities to trigger combos.

Note: If you're having problems getting this trophy in Adventure mode, you can also get it on puzzle 53 in Puzzle mode. Watch the video below from the 0:45 mark to see how.

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Crunchicidal Maniac
Pop a chain that is 15 critters long

This might sound hard, but it's not. There are 3 ways in achieving this:
  1. Line up 15 critters of the same color and pop them all.
  2. Pop a group of critters that leads into a combo, popping even more critters.
  3. Use the Wild Card critters. These guys are a blessing, especially in the later levels, and can create a massive combo if you use more than one of them at once.

Overall, your best bet is to play Adventure mode normally and the trophy will come through natural progression.

Wilhelm von Puzzleworth
Complete 25 Puzzle levels

This can be done in either Adventure or Puzzle mode. Any puzzles you complete in Adventure mode will also be completed in Puzzle mode, so you don't have to redo any of them. Look for the yellow check-marks to see which ones you've already finished.

Click the following link for a walkthrough of every puzzle level: Critter Crunch puzzles solved

Smirk Wiper
Win an online Versus match

Simply play and win an online Versus match. You might have to get someone to boost with you though, as I've noticed there isn't much activity online.

Veteran Food Eater
Reach experience level 5 in online Versus mode

Reaching experience level 5 means winning online Versus games. Some sources claim you have to win 12 games to reach level 5, but I got it after only 9 wins. I think it depends on how well you win - scoring lots of points via combos and chains, jewels, etc. If you want to get this out of the way sooner than later, have a friend join you and get them to hold on the D-pad while playing. Doing so drops the playing field; repeat as necessary for the trophy.

Kudos to AgentZero for this time-saving tip.

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