Welcome to Sith_Apokalypsis' Trophy Guide for Cross Edge. Cross Edge is one of the better RPG's yet to be released for the PS3 and has gotten a lot of press from reviewers on how it is not that great of a game. I have been a hardcore RPG fan since my youth in the late 80's when I started to learn how to read, and can easily tell the difference between a horrible RPG and something astounding and unique. Cross Edge is a unique RPG experience that uses multiple game companies crossing over their characters into an adventure.


Cross Edge Trophy Guide
by sithapokalypsis

Players: 1
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes: N/A
Cheats Effect Trophies: N/A
Time to Platinum: 80-100 hours*

*You will spend most of your time getting the item trophies


Crossover Conquest
Earn this trophy by unlocking all other Cross Edge trophies.

Earn every other trophy in Cross Edge for this to unlock.

The Entitled
Unlock any trophy.

Pretty much self explanatory, after you unlock your first trophy, be it killing enemy units or surviving battles, you will get this trophy.

The Bully
Defeat 100 enemies.

Slaughter everything you see to unlock this trophy.

The Newbie
Survive 35 battles.

A lot of people ask about these survival trophies like, "If I run away, will I bugger this up?" and the answer to that is no. Surviving a battle is completing a battle. Complete 35 battles to unlock this trophy.

The Badass
Exceed 10,000 points of total damage.

Exceed 10,000 points of total damage.[/COLOR]
You will come across this trophy by the time you find or synthesize some good weapons and unlock skills to branch combo with.

The Juggler
Exceed a 50 hit combo.

Combos in this game are done quite easily, whenever you link more than one attack (which usually have multiple hits itself) you will combo. York has his Quick Shot skill, once his HIT is high enough to not miss, you can get this easily by spamming Quick Shot, each shot is 5 hits. If you have 30 AP you will get a 30 hit combo, use characters who have multiple hits with their skills like Raze, Felicia, etc. to rack up high combos.

The Skywalker
Reach 300 AGI.

These trophies are easier to get than you think. Rack up a whole bunch of PP and do not spend any of them until near the end of the game, rack up about 2,000 or so PP (You can buy 12,500 PP on the PSN for $1.99 if you want to annihilate the game). Then go into the formation screen (save first) and give AGI to Felicia until she hits 300 and accept. Reload your last save and move to the next trophy. (See next trophies for progression)

The Meat Shield
Reach 300 VIT.

With your 2,000 PP give all of it to Raizen, he is the easiest to level up VIT.

The Juicer
Reach 300 STR.

Zelos will be the one to level up STR up the easiest with your PP.

The Know-It-All
Reach 300 INT.

Any of the singing girls, or casters will do. Use Aurica (because she rocks) to get this trophy easily. Give her all 2,000 PP to her INT for this.

The Gambler
Reach 300 LCK.

This might seem to be hard, since a lot of character use LCK for AVD and HIT. But the easiest one to get this for is Prinny. Dump your 2,000 onto him and unlock.

The Stalker
Unlock all character profiles.

Character profiles are unlocked after you meet/beat/gain party members. You will need to see the True End to unlock this trophy.

The Patron
Unlock the art gallery.

The art gallery is slowly unlocked by completing the in game titles. They are usually with the title "Secret Album", and are unlocked by killing enemies, or doing the chef titles.

The God of Death
Defeat 3000 enemy units.

Simple, slaughter 3000 enemy units throughout the game (carries into new game +)

The Highlander
Survive 900 battles.

Simple, survive 900 battles (carries into new game +)

The World Champ
Exceed 1,000,000 points of total damage.

For this trophy and the next I want you to use the following characters. York, Raze, Felicia. You will be able to get this no problem if you head back to the beginning of the game and kill weak monsters. Try to get a Fanatic Rave combo off twice, and finish it up with your last party member who has AoE to rack up the damage.

The Aggressor
Exceed a 400-hit combo.

This can be done by getting off the Fanatic Rave combo twice that I mentioned in the last trophy using York, Raze and Felicia. You will need these skills on them.

York - Quick Shot, Null Form, Cloud Form
Raze - Critical Edge, Flash Edge, Twin Caliburn, Dive Calibur
Felicia - Delta Kick, Nail Splitter, Bed of Nails, Hellcat

Execute this combo in this order with ----> leading to the next character.

York - Quick Shot ----> Felicia - Delta Kick -----> Raze - Flash Edge, Critical Edge -----> Felicia - Nailsplitter ------> Raze - Flash Edge ------> Felicia - Nailsplitter, Bed of Nails -------> Raze - Dive Calibur -------> Felicia - Bed of Nails -------> York - Null Form, Cloud Form

This will get you Fanatic Rave. You will need over 100 AP to get this off twice, which can be done easily by equipping Chicken Rings and Chicken Emblems that have been upgraded fully on all three characters.

The Gun Runner
Collect every type of weapon.

These are some of the hardest trophies in the game, but you can get them on one play through. Follow this for all the collect trophies.

1. Every item you get, make sure you keep until after you beat the game and watch the True End.

2. Never use any item that requires to synthesize into another item.

3. Try to overkill and steal from every enemy in the game.

To help yourself, you are best to do this on a fresh new game, because you can get everything on one playthrough, even on Easy. As you get synthesis guides, start synthing items until you have a good supply of the weapons you cannot purchase in the store, and from the store items a high amount of synthed items to be used to synth more items. By the time you reach 3-1 you should have everything minus a few things depending on what enemies you can fight. Repeat this process until you have gotten the items you need, then stock up and move on. This will help you on your path, if you play through the game a second time, you can find all the items you need for synthesis twice if you spend enough time looking for them. Use the monster encyclopedia to make sure you steal rare and normal items from them, along with overkill. You will need to synthesize the shit out of everything to get every weapon in the game. Once the weapon is registered in the Item Encyclopedia, you are done with that and no longer need it in your inventory, but save them for synthesis break down.

The Battle Ready
Collect every type of armor.

You will get most of the armor in the game just by playing it, the later items need to be synthesized, so save up all your items and materials you find on enemies.

The Fashionista
Collect every type of accessory.

Same for the armor, you will find most throughout the game, and will have to synthesize the rest. There are not many Accessories in the game so this is the easiest out of the collection trophies.

The Packrat
Collect every type of item.

This is the HARDEST out of the collection trophies. You will need to find every item in the game (does not include equipment). This means items off bosses, items from synthesis (break down) items off overkill/stealing. You will get most of the rare items after you see the True End by stealing/over-killing the repeatable bosses.

The Grave Robber
Find 150 items using Search.

Simple enough, find 150 items using the search function that you learn at the beginning of the game. You need to liberate these souls along with finding events to increase your search level for events with the True End, certain souls can only be found if you are on the path to the True End as well. Be vigorous with your searching.

The Dood
Earn the True Ending.

The True End is a little bitch, and a single screw up or missed event can lock you out of it and you will get the Normal or Bad ending. Here is a list of the events you MUST see to get to the True End. Remember during some boss fights, you have to either kill them in a certain time limit, not kill them, or kill only specific people (listed below as well).

1. Hot Spring Event #1 Gasping Fish Beneath the Ice”. 2-1. Located south east from Ferryman's Hideout save point, at the pointy tip of the forested area, east of the small lake.

2. Marie Event #1 “Comedic Tragedy of ‘F’”. 3-1. Located on the south most level. Go down the stairs and search the round patch of forested area to the right.

3. Ayatane Event #1 “Scarlett Noella”. 3-1. Located south from where you found Comedic Tragedy of "F". go to the very south of the whole map; search the dirt area between the 2 groups of houses, just by the forest's edge.

4. Lazarus Battle “Twin Canumares”. All the way to the very north and center, in the middle of where the biggest collections of houses are. Search east and slightly north of Julio's Tower save point. You must kill him within 5 turns at 0 or less HP.

5. Hot Spring Event #2 After entering region 2-2 Go back to 2-1. Go to Spies' Quickness save point. Search the other side of the mountain along north of the bridge. “Ancient Volcanic Water”.

6. Dmitri/Lilith Event #1"Tragedy Beneath the Moon”. 2-2. Search the narrow path west of Midbase Exit, just below Observer's Hideout. Kill only Lilith During this fight or you will be locked from the True End.

7. Marie Event #2 "Thorough Purging." 2-2. It's located southwest of the huge white tower or west of the huge crack in the middle of 2-2. Also, west of the Augustine (Frozen Terrain) Event.

8 Ayatane Event #2 Never Ending Fantasy." 2-2. Southeast of the Midbase Exit. Search the third most floating island.

9. Troy and Aneesha Battle DO NOT hit Troy at all, focus on combos toward
Aneesha and do this as soon as possible. “Emma Loage Forest”. 1-2. The first event that appears below the first town, next to a tablet.

10. Dimitri and Lilith Event #2 After first Troy and Aneesha battle
in 1-2, head back to 2-1 to view the event near the forest above the lakes."Forest of the Ice Butterfly". Search south west of the Ferryman's Hideout save point.

11. Marie Event #3"Dale Wenso." 1-2. Search the top left corner of 1-2, next to the mountain. After the Troy battle.

12. Ayatane Event #3 Gi laMensa”. 1-3. On the right side of the huge mountain, there should be a narrow path that leads to a small island. Search that area. This event should be available immediately after the Etna fight you just had in Luco Mountaineering Entrance and before Khmen River.

13. Hot Spring Event #3 “Niu Spa”. 1-1. Search along the edge of the mountains south east of where Manor at Len Mountains is located. It should be along the patch of tree-less grass fields. The e-guide makes no mention of this, by the way.

14. Marie Event #4 “Disappointed Inquiry”. 2-3, north of Traveler's Distance save point, across the bridge between the islands. Search the forest below the mountain with 2 peaks.

15. Marie Event #5 “Sheritun de Mollet Guinea”. 3-2. Search the patch of forest south west of the Puga Queen Tower save point and west of the lake.

16. Augustine Battle Do not harm Augustine, just kill his minions needed
for True End, or wait until the battle ends while focusing on minions, just
don’t harm him. “Tigneri's Cage”. 3-2. Northwest of “Sheritun de Mollet Guinea”. In the forest west of the small section of houses. This is a 2-part battle where the first one is between Lazarus and York. Augustine’s will follow right after.

17. Marie Event #6 "Overwhelming Enea's Square". 3-3. Just east of Bell Kant Exit, search the forested area there.

18. Ayatane Event “Nikran Fire Spot”. 3-3. North east of Verpo Tower save point, in the northern part of the “town” area. This event is immediately after the lower right tablet vanishes.

19. Hot Spring Event #4 Enter the dungeon to 4-1 watch the event
then go back to 3-3.“Rofia Spring”. 3-3. At the very eastern side of the map, there's a small patch of forest that's next to the large tree-trunk tower. Search around the small lake. If you get to 4-1 and see the scene as you exit, you will be locked out of the True End.

20. Head back to 2-3 to view an event, then 2-2 to view another (After you fight Jedah for the first time) “Wailing Evergreen”. 2-3. Search the edge of the forest, directly west of Chalephene Exit. “Eclipse of the Empress”. 2-2. Directly south west of the Hellzeit Entrance. Search the edge of the island.

21. Dimitri and Lilith Event #3 “Ripquake Entrance”. 4-2. Coming from 4-1 through Sazaruka, this event is located at the western side of the map, the tower with the tree bark, you will enter a dungeon called Ripquake.

22. Witness Miko talk with the three siblings in 4-2 before Troy's
communication. “Jill Elino Flash”. 4-2. North of Sazaruka Exit, go directly north and it’s along the corner behind the buildings.

23. Witness Troy's communication event. “Rend Boundary”. 4-2. As soon as the first tablet vanishes, this event will be available.

24. Ayatane Event #5 Troy and Ayatane must not die during Jedah and Judas battle in 4-2. If they die, reviving them doesn't count. They mustn't
die at all. If you're on the true ending route so far, Titles 31-50 and 72-80 should appear and this will secure True End.

The Hikkomori
Earn every single Title.

You will see the hidden titles after you kill specific enemies or find specific items. Keep checking back and fulfill the requirements the titles ask. After you get the L.O.X. title this will unlock.

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