Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10 - 14 hours
Estimated difficulty: 5/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: None, there is chapter select
Glitched Trophies: N/A


Crtytek's critically acclaimed FPS game Crysis has finally come to the PSN after being exclusively available on the PC for 4 years. You play as Nomad, a Delta Force operative assigned to Raptor Team. They are sent to the Lingshan Islands to evacuate American civilians. Along the way you fight the North Korean Army as well as an alien enemy known as the Ceph.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Armor - Armor is activated by pressing . It allows your Nano Suit to take the bullet damage. It can come in handy, especially on Delta if you get swarmed by Koreans, vehicles or MG nests. It will drain your power, which is represented by the blue bar on the bottom right of your screen. Also, every bullet you take will take a chunk away from the power.

Cloak - Cloak is activated by pressing . You will become invisible. Unfortunately, the AI in this game are good and will be able to spot you most of the time. Walking or running will start to rapidly drain power from the suit. If you take a bullet you will completely lose power and will have to wait for the suit to recharge.

Health - It is represented by the green bar on the lower right of your screen.

Infinite Ammo - When you press on the D-pad you will eventually come across something that looks like a sideways 8 (infinity symbol). It is a one shot, one kill ammo that will take time to recharge after every use. It is very effective when running low on ammo.

Ammo - Unlike most FPS games you can not walk over a gun to pick up ammo. You have to find a gun on the ground that you have and press to pick up the gun which will give you ammo. There are also ammo boxes that you can pick up at enemy bases/checkpoints.

Vehicles - Throughout the game you will see vehicles that you can use. To enter you walk up and press . Trucks can be found in many places but have nothing special on them. To switch seats in tanks, cars or boats press and you will be able to use the gun on them. The three most deadly vehicles (if controlled by the Koreans) are the cars (with MG), Helicopters and Tanks. They can kill you very quick. It is best to either avoid them or take them out with a RPG.

Binoculars - Activated by pressing on the D-pad, they can mark out enemies from a distance. Using will make you zoom in. The enemies won't stay marked once you come out of the binoculars but it will give you a good idea of enemy positions.

Weapon Customization - By pressing and holding you can add various attachments to your gun. It is best to use what the situation demands. If it is better to stealth by use the silencer. If there are vehicles and enemy groups use the grenade launcher.

Staying Hidden - Unlike Crysis 2, in Crysis it is very hard to sneak past enemies even when you are in Stealth Mode. The best thing to do is when you need to take out enemies is stay cloaked. Line up a headshot and uncloak right before you shoot. Then quickly go back into Cloak Mode. The enemy will still know you are in their area but they won't be fully aware and know your exact position.

Grenades - Pressing :r: on the D-pad will pull out grenades. As far as I know you can carry eight at once.

Ammo Types - By pressing on the D-pad you can switch the ammo type on certain guns. It will scroll between semi-automatic and fully automatic. If you have the grenade launcher or infinite ammo type (the one that has to charge and is one shot kill) it will also bring them up.

Know Your Position - This is key to the game. Be aware of your surrounds. If you are close to a vehicle it may benefit you to take it. If you are taking fire and you see a hut go to it. If there is ever a situation where you don't know what to do just run towards the green objective marker on your map. You may hit a checkpoint along the way.

Objects - Along your journyes you will notice certain objects can be picked up using . Then pressing again will give a power throw. For the most part this is useless. Unless you come across a lone enemy or two I suggest only using it for the trophy.

Choking - This isn't something you want to use too often and is best saved for a small group of enemies. Go up to an enemy and press and you will grab them by the neck. You can press to throw them or hold them until they choke to death. You can also shoot with while doing this.

Night Vision Goggles - Activated by pressing on the D-pad they make the screen green and give you a better look at things at night. Other than that there is not much use for them.

Stat Tracking - The game stat tracking can be annoying. If you hit a checkpoint and find a group of enemies you are trying to choke for the trophy, if you kill five then die you will lose those five kills. The game will count the kills if you make it to the next checkpoint.

Enemy Awareness - To the left of your mini-map is a bar. The more enemies know your position or that you are there it will fill up. Once the enemy sees you it will be a full red bar and a blinking red caution symbol.


  1. Delta Playthrough: In this playthrough you will get all difficulty and story based trophies. You will also do the secondary objectives. The other random trophies will come naturally. You will only have to actually attempt a few. Overall most, if not all of the trophies should be earned in this playthrough.
  2. Clean Up: Since you will most likely get all the trophies your first playthrough you won't need this step. If you have trophies left over they are probably Catch This and Choke Hold. It would be easiest done replaying "Contact" for the trophies you missed. Also, during this step you will do any secondary objectives you missed.


Platinum Trophy
Earn all available trophies for Crysis®

A Little Trouble Parking
Discover the fate of the Lusca's Call

This is story related an can not be missed.

During the first level "Contact" you will eventually meet up with your team. A cutscene will initiate and you will see a giant frozen boat. You will get the trophy during the cutscene.

Easy Darlin'
Rescue the hostage

This is story related and can not be missed.

During the mission "Recovery" you will come across a Korean compound. There is a bulding in the middle. Once you reach the second floor Psycho will be waiting for you. You two will bust open a door and rescue a hostage.

You Knew, Didn't You?
Regroup with Prophet upriver

This is story related and can not be missed.

Towards the end of the mission "Recovery" you will make your way along the river to meet up with Prophet. After advancing through Korean patrols you will find Prophet and a cutscene will start.

Very Strange Readings
Infiltrate the excavation site

This is story related and can not be missed.

During the mission "Relic" you will have to go to an excavation site that has a dome over it. Once you enter a cutscene will start and you will listen in on a conversation between Dr. Rosenthal and General Kyong.

Livin' Up To Your Name
Board the VTOL for extraction

This is story related and can not be missed.

At the end of "Relic" you will have to defeat four Korean Nanosuit Soldiers in order for the VTOL to land. Once they are dead the VTOL will land. Once you board it you will get the trophy.

Destroy all AA guns around the harbor

This is story related and can not be missed.

At the beginning of the mission "Assault" you will have to take out multiple AA guns. You will need to take the road heading to the left. Once all of them are destroyed you will get the trophy.

Enjoy The Fireworks
Destroy the cruiser

This is story related and can not be missed.

At the end of the mission "Assault" you will have to board a cruiser and find a computer on the second floor of the boat. Once you have found it you be ordered to call a Tactical Strike on it. Get off the boat, pull out your binoculars and press on the boat.

Empty Platform
Secure the train station

This is story related an can not be missed.

During the mission "Onslaught" you will come across a train station filled with enemies and a car. There will also be enemies on the cliff above you to the right. After everyone is dead the train station will be secured.

You're On Your Own
Proceed to the mining complex

This is story related an can not be missed.

At the end of "Onslaught" you will meet up with your team and advance past a barricade. There will be an enemy checkpoint to your left buy most if not all of them should be dead.

One Careful Owner
Reach the end of 'Onslaught' in the tank you started with

You will start "Onslaught" with a tank. You can not enter another vehicle and get out and advance on foot. You can exit your tank to take out enemies if you wish. You just have to reach the barracade at the end of the mission with the same tank you started with. It is ok if you die. You will restart at your last checkpoint with your tank at half health.

Going Underground
Enter the mines

This is story related an can not be missed.

You will get this during "Awakening". After clearing the mining area friendly VTOL's will drop troops. You will now have to make your way into the excavation area. After defeating a tank, Nano Soldiers and KPA you will enter a big entrence which is the beginning of the mine.

It's On Like General Kyong
Defeat General Kyong

This is story related an can not be missed.

At the end of "Awakening" you will have to battle General Kyong. Overall he is a very easy boss even on Delta. One method is to grab an object, throw it at him and then while he is down go up to him and punch him until he gets up. Another method is to grab the SMG and all the ammo you can hold. Grab an object and throw it at him and shoot him while he is down. A more simpler way is to just grab the SMG and unload on him.

Although it is a random occurence, sometimes you can pick up a barrel and throw at him. It may result in a one hit kill.

I'm Coming Home
Escape the mysterious structure under the mountain

This is story related and can not be missed.

During the mission "Core" you will come close to exiting the alien hive. You will come up to a circular wall that is closed. You have to fend off against aliens until the door opens. You will start to be dragged out and eventually wind up on a cliff right in front of the hive.

Expedition Team
Escort Prophet to safety

This is story related and can not be missed.

Towards the end of "Paradise Lost" you will have to go up against four aliens. Prophet will come and save you but his suit will malfunction. You will need to make your way to fires for him to gain energy back. Eventually you will come to a bridge and have to jump over. Once you are over you will get the trophy.

I'm A Marine, Son!
Help the marines evacuate

This is story related and can not be missed.

At the end of "Exodus" you will have to help Strickland and the Marines defend a position until a VTOL arrives. You will fight waves of the aliens. Once the VTOL lands and you get in the trophy will pop.

Strickland Would Be Proud
Defeat the flight deck invader

This is story related and can not be missed.

While playing the final mission "Reckoning" an alien mini-boss will be on the flight deck. He is a very easy kill. There is Mini-gun and RPG ammo scattered across the deck, especially to the left of the door you used to get to the deck. It should take about three shots of the RPG and two full clips of the Mini-gun to take it down. Use a Gauss Rifle to take out the alien bots that come after you.

Close Encounter
Secure victory in the Battle of Lingshan

This is story related and can not be missed.

Immediately after fighting the alien mini-boss during "Reckoning" you will have to fight the alien mothership. After the short battle it will crash into the ship and you will have to run and board the VTOL. It will be awarded on you board.

Delta: Act I
Complete 'Contact', 'Recovery' and 'Relic' on Delta difficulty

For this trophy you must complete "Contact", "Recovery" and "Relic" on Delta difficulty. These will probably be the hardest levels for you on Delta since you will just be starting out. You will basically learn the game as well as tackling certain scenarios.


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Delta: Act II
Complete 'Assault', 'Onslaught' and 'Awakening' on Delta difficulty

For this trophy you must beat "Assault", "Onslaught" and "Awakening" on Delta. By now you should know the game and strategies that work for you. These levels are fairly easy but will contain the most vehicles and Korean Nanosuit Soldiers in the game.


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Delta: Act III
Complete 'Core', 'Paradise Lost', 'Exodus' and 'Reckoning' on Delta difficulty

You will need to complete "Core", "Paradise Lost", "Exodus" and "Reckoning" on Delta difficulty. Personally, I found these levels to be the easiest of the game. The aliens are easy to kill, not many come at a time and you can cloak past them easily. You will have experience with the game now and will find it to be a cake walk.


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Paradise Lost

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Crysis Controlled
Complete the game on any difficulty

This is the standard beat the game on any difficulty trophy. See the videos added for walkthroughs as well as Cool In A Crysis for tips.

Cool In A Crysis
Complete the game on Hard or Delta difficulty

Delta can be difficult at points in the game. Once you get the hang of it it will become very easy. Armor and Cloak will be a big part of your survival. It is also best to equip the Sniper Scope and Silencer to every weapon once both are unlocked. You will need to kill quick and clean so the enemy won't become alert. You will need to go for headshots most of the time in order for it not to alert the enemy. Sit back and do it all from a safe distance and possibly behind cover. It is best to let them come for you. They may only come a few at a time and it will take a little longer but in the end it is the safest thing to do. If a vehicles is present use it and drive past any small enemy outposts. Enemies in cars, boats, tanks and helicopters are your biggest threat. You will need to take them out as quickly as possible. The binoculars are also key for Delta. Scope out and area and plan your attack before taking action. Some places will have gas pumps. If you take them out with a silenced weapon it can kill a decent amount of enemies as well as distract the rest.

Another thing I found helpful was to kill an enemy with a headshot and let another on come over and check on the deceased. They will remain still for a few seconds and that should be plenty of time to take out the enemy. Also, if you come across and MG position kill the gunner. Another enemy will go to the MG. Just rinse and repeat and you should get them killed quickly and carefully.

Following Orders
Complete 3 Secondary Objectives

You will get this on the first objective of "Recovery".

See Perfect, Soldier! for objective lists and descriptions.

Without Question
Complete 6 Secondary Objectives

You will get this on the first objective of "Onslaught".

See Perfect, Soldier! for objective lists and descriptions.

Perfect, Soldier!
Complete all Secondary Objectives

Secondary objectives are represented by a yellow marker on your map. They will only appear once they are available. They can range from taking out a jammer or getting a weapon. None of them are overly difficult and should only take a few minutes to complete. There are nine in the game that take place from mission one, "Core", to mission six, "Awakening".

Contact: Objective 1 - On the way to an objective Prophet will tell you to take out a Radar Jammer. Luckily it is on the way to the main objective. There are only a few enemies. If you go in guns blazing a boat and car with MGs will come along with a few more enemies. If you sit back on the high ground and take everyone out from there Once everyone is dead go down to the jammer and press on the control panel.

Contact: Objective 2 - Prophet will ask you to go to a Korean Command Post. There will only be one car to worry about. There are roughly eight Koreans near the post and there is an MG position. The intel you need to grab is inside a trailer. This is an easy objective even on Delta.

Recovery: Objective 1 - On the way to rescue the hostage Prophet will mention a Korean Radar Station. There will be a road on the right that leads to it. If you have a car you can drive by the bulk of the enemies. Once you are at the station there are about six guys you have to kill. Once they are dead go inside the hut and use the computer.

Relic: Objective 1 - After Prophet gets taken you will talk with Strickland. There is a radar jammer that you must disable before continuing. There are a few cars and a large amount on Korean Soldiers. I recommend taking the first car you see and drive to the jammer. There is a trailer right next to it to hide in. Let all the soldiers and the other car come to you. Once they are all dead go to the jammer and press on the control panel.

Assault: Objective 1 - On the way to the second AA Psycho will ask you to grab enemy intel. Luckily, you won't have to go out of your way for it. There will be an MG position as well as a helicopter that comes in. I either recommend having an RPG or a car with an MG for this part. Both will destroy the chopper easily but having the car will also allow you to shoot at the Koreans on the ground. The intel is in a hut on the left side of the base.

Onslaught: Objective 1 - You will have to go to a train station and secure it. There will be a train on the tracks with a boxcar containing weapons and ammo. You will need to destroy it. Since you will have your tank you will be able to make quick work of it.

Onslaught: Objective 2 - Strickland will order you to take out three AA guns so he can bring planes and VTOLs in. There will be one of the left, middle and right of the valley. I recommend going from the middle, to the left and finally to the right. The only major things you will have to worry about are other tanks and Koreans with RPGs. Fortunately, there are only a few Koreans per AA. Some people get confused on how to get to the AA on the right side. There are train tracks running along side the mountain. Just follow them and it will lead you to the third AA.

Onslaught: Objective 3 - This one is probably the easiest secondary objective of the game. On the way to the mines a VTOL will land on the right side of the valley. Strickland will order you to go get a Gauss Rifle from it. Just go inside the VTOL and grab it.

Awakening: Objective 1 - Right away you will have to gain intelligence data from a Korean base. Sit back and pick off any stragglers. Then make sure you gain there attention and let them come to you. A tank will start to come for you. If you have any RPGs left over use them on the tank. If not, evade the tank by either going around the left side. The intel will be in a big building on the left side of the base on the second floor. There will be a few enemies in there but you should be able to make quick work of them. There is a lot of ammo and weapons in the building, especially RPGs if you still need to take out the tank.

No Fly Zone
Destroy 5 helicopters

Helicopters will be a frequent thing in the game. They are killed with two RPGs, one tank shot or a fair amount of shooting with an MG. "Onslaught" will have many opportunities to take out helicopters as well as a few on the level "Assault". Make sure to take them down quick as they can kill you quick. Their turrets can do a fair amount of damage to you or your vehicle so take them out quick. If need be you can shoot them with your primary weapon(s).

Tank Buster
Destroy 5 enemy tanks

You will come across at least a dozen tanks in the game and should get this no problem. RPGs, C4 or another tank are the only things that can destroy an enemy tank. During the mission "Recovery" you will have to destroy two tanks with RPGs found on the roof of the hostage building. During "Onslaught" you will be given a tank and will encounter at least a half a dozen. Just take out tanks whenever you are given the opportunity.

This Is My Rifle
Customize a weapon to use all 5 modification points

By holding down you are able to customize your weapon. There are five slots: , , , and . You can get this early on so long as you find/have all of the attachments. During "Assault" you will eventually get to a cruiser. There are two buildings directly in front of it. The building to the left contains Explosive Ammo which will be the last attachment you will need for the trophy. If you have the SCAR still by this point in the mission do the trophy on it. If not there are plenty of enemy FY71s around.

Barrel - Silencer

Launcher - Tactical Attachment

Magazine - Explosive Ammo

Side Rail - Laser Pointer

Sight - Assault, Reflex, or Sniper (they are all good)

Special Forces
Kill 200 enemies

You will most likely get this during or before the mission "Assault". You will have no problem getting this. If you want to get it quick make sure to kill every enemy you come across and do the secondary objectives.

Team Raptor
Kill 400 enemies

This is more of a story related trophy. There is no way you will miss it. You will msot likely get it somewhere during "Core" or in the mission before. Make sure you kill all enemies before leaving an area as well as clearing out enemy checkpoints on the way to objectives. Secondary objectives also harbor a nice lot of enemies.

Long Distance Relationship
Kill an enemy 200m away

You will most likely get this during "Onslaught". There will be points where helicopters or tanks will appear from a great distance. Tanks are easiest taken out with the launcher while helicopters are best taken out with the MG.

Another easy spot is during "Assault" you will come to an AA gun on a peninsula. There will be a spot where a car is in a hut and two Korean soldiers will be present. After taking them out and activating your binoculars you will see a sniper behind the AA in a tower light up. If you stay at the car and shoot at him from there you will get the trophy once you kill him.

Weapons Master
Perform a kill with every firearm

Throughout the game you will find nine weapons that are a definite for this trophy. All you will have to do is get a single kill with each. If you do it right you will get your final weapon kill halfway through the mission "Core". I can't confirm if Grenades, C4 or the RPG counts towards this but do them anyway since they are very easy to do and come by.

Alien MOAD - During "Paradise Lost" you will be attacked by four aliens and Prophet will come and save you. He will set it down on a crate.

FY71 - Dropped by countless Korean soldiers and found laying around many Korean outposts.

Gauss - During "Onslaught" a secondary objective will be to pick it up from a VTOL.

Mini-gun - While playing "Awakening" you will come across a few Nanosuit Koreans who drop it.

Pistol - You will have this from the start of the game.

Precision Rifle - Like the FY71, it is found multiple times in the game. There should be a good amount of them in the first three missions.

SCAR - It will be your starting weapon on "Contact".

Shotgun - It is dropped by many Koreans during the game.

SMG - The Nanosuit Koreans will be carrying them during the final fight of "Relic". Also, when you battle General Kyong during "Awakening" it will be the only availably primary weapon.

Something For Every Occasion
Use all weapon attachments

During the game you will find weapon attachments for your guns, both primary and your pistol. All you have to do is equip each one to your gun. Not every attachment can be used on every gun. Press and hold in order to view your attachments. Pistols have their own Laser Pointer and Flashlight attachments that are available from the start.


Silencer - Available from teh start of the game.

Side Rail

Flashlight - Available from the start of the game.

Laser Pointer - You will come across this naturally, no need to worry about finding it.


Grenade Launcher - At the beginning of "Relic" Prophet will be taken by an alien and drop the attachment. It is also already on the SCAR you get on "Assault".

Tatical Attachment - This is another one that will come naturally.


Assault - On many of the enemy weapons.

Iron - Available from the start.

Reflex - Available from the start.

Sniper - During "Onslught" you will be told to pick up a Gauss from a VTOL. It is already attached to it.


Explosive - Found during "Assault" right before the cruiser. There are two buildings and it is on the one to the left.

Incendiary - You will have no problem finding it. It is on multiple guns in the game.

Choke Hold
Kill 20 enemies with grab

When you get close enough to an enemy you you will be able to press to pick him up. You will then be able to throw him by pressing again which is an insta-kill. As an added bonus you can also shoot with while choking your enemy to shoot your gun and use him as a human shield. This is best done on the lowest difficulty. If you attempt this on Delta avoid doing it to enemies with shotguns.

Marathon Man
Speed sprint 3km

You will get this without trying. As you run to objectives hold . If you have power in your suit you will do a speed run. Once you lose power you will do a normal one. Just make sure to run whenever you can.

Nano Ninja
Perform 5 consecutive kills without being spotted by an enemy

This trophy may fool you a bit. It's ok if the enemies know you are there, they just have to not know where you are. More than likely the alert meter will fill a little bit and become red but the enemy doesn't know where you are until they start shooting at you. You can either equip a silencer and assault or sniper scope to the SMG, SCAR or FY71 or you can stay at a distance and sniper them with the Gauss or Precision Rifles. I got this during the level "Assault". I went onto the roof of the building that is directly in front of the cruiser. I used my FY71 with the tatical attachment, silencer and sniper scope. There should be around four enemies on the boat and another few that come from the left by car. Aim for headshots and you'll do fine. If the enemy spots you and starts shooting let them kill you and retry.

Knock-off Knockout
Kill an enemy Nanosuit soldier with a Strength punch

This isn't too hard. I recommend doing it on the lowest difficulty but you can do it on Delta. The two best parts to do this is towards the end of "Relic" or before you enter the mines in "Awakening". To make it safer for you make sure there is only one Nanosuit Korean left. As a precaution, press to activate your Armor. Next press and hold and select your fists. Run up to the Nanosuit Korean and punch him a few times.

On the PC version there was a Strength mode that made your suit look redish. The PS3 and XBox 360 don't have it.

Pick up an animal

This is available during the first mission of the game, Contact. Right after you jump out of the plane you will have to swim towards shore. Once you get there you will see a turtle roaming the beach. Go up to it and press to pick it up. Then press again to throw it. Wait a few seconds and you'll have yourself a fun little trophy. You will also come across crabs, birds and chickens that you can pick up for the trophy.

Keen Observer
Tag 30 enemies using the binoculars

The Binoculars are activated by pressing on the D-pad. You can also use to zoom in. If there are enemies in your sights they will either be highlighted green, red or white. That is how you know they've been tagged. They will not remain tagged once you remove the Binoculars but you will be able to see them on your mini-map. You also don't have to kill them. Also, it must be 30 different enemies.

Catch This!
Kill 10 enemies by throwing an object at them

Throughout the game you will come across objects that you are able to pick up. In order to pick and object up press then you can press for a standard throw or for a power throw. For the most part enemies will die from one hit but if you want to be safe shoot them a couple times. I highly recommend doing this on the lowest difficulty. If you were to do this on Delta you would have to kill all but one person in the area.

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