Players: 1-3 (Offline) 1vs1 (Online)
Online Trophies:
13 (14 if second Turntable not available see: Battle Ready )
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Estimated Time to Platinum:
50-60 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs:
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
1 (The Bigger They Are... )
Glitched Trophies:
Accessories: You need a 2nd turntable and a mic to be able to DJ Hero 2. ( see: The Magic Number )

[top]Tips & Strategies


-Abuse the Effects Dial ! Unlike the 1st DJ Hero which used the effects dial sparingly, the Effects Dial is used alot more in DJ Hero 2. It doubles your current multiplier and combined with the Multiplier Power Deck can get you a ton of points.

-Use the appropriate Power Deck ! The Rewind Deck is nice, but unless you can build up the appropriate hit streak to use it it's useless. So go with what's going to get you the most amount of points and what your good at within a certain mix.

-Don't sacrifice streaks and multipliers for Freestyle sections ! If you miss a Freestyle a section you don't get penalized for it, so don't sacrifice a streak or multiplier trying for one. The exception are DJ Battles, see next tip.

-Lockout the other guy ! During DJ Battles if you use the Freestyle Sections and Effects Dial first, you prevent the other DJ from using it. So it's good to practice this as it will enable you to win the battle easier.

-Don't sacrifice streaks and multipliers for Holddown sections ! You only have to perform the required action in a holddown once to keep your streak and multiplier active, so use this to your advantage. The exception is holddowns in Euphoria regions, where you must perform the holddown fully to get a perfect Euphoria.


-Boosting ! Boosting in DJ Hero is possible, just not as very straightforward as other games. There are no lobbies so you and your partner will have to "find" each other. Use the filters provided via the Online Menu to narrow it down. The more filters you define the better chance you have of hooking up with just your boosting partner and not some random. Make sure you and your partner have your game plan laid out before hand to make it as easy as possible. Use the boosting thread here to find a partner.

-Play at a level your really good at ! When I say good, I mean really, really good. If you can't FC most songs on Hard (or Expert) then don't bother playing on Hard (Expert) online. Most players online are playing on Medium and hitting 99%-100% of their notes.

-Song Selection is Important ! Just before you pick your mixes make sure you see what level your competitor is playing at. If your playing on Medium and he/she is playing on Hard/Expert don't feed them an easy song. Select the hardest songs like Galvanize and Firestarter. Or if both of you are playing Medium slect songs you know you can get 100% in. There's no guarantee the songs you select will be chosen, but you should always adjust your selections based on the type of opponent your playing.

-Play Star Battles as much as possible ! Star Battles are probably the easiest way to level up, even if you lose you can still make points by hitting 100% of your notes. Winning gets you 10 DJP, but hitting 100% of your notes gets you 20 DJP (playing on Medium). There are also bonus points given for maintaining a win streak and notes hit streak.

-Practice the Hard Songs on Medium ! When you select your songs there's no guarantee they'll be the ones that make the setlist, but you can do yourself a favor by always going for the harder more complex mixes (Firestarter, Galvanize, etc). Even on medium these aren't a cakewalk, and since most online players always select the easy less complex mixes you'll have a leg up by being good at the harder songs.

- Play Single Mix or 3 Mix Setlists * ! The last thing you need is to be ahead 4 mixes in a 5 mix setlist and have someone rage quit on you. Some people simply don't take defeat too well so keep the setlists small, win and move on. ***As of the latest update this is no longer an issue see the roadmap for more info***

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Cheats: Use at your own risk
In the Main Menu choose "Options" and enter the following cheats under "Retail Cheats". Cheats are case sensitive
Open The Trap-----Unlock deadmau5
Guetta Blaster------Unlock David Guetta

Enter the following cheat under Unlock All from the cheats menu
VIP Pass ------------Unlock all bonus content WARNING !!! This cheat code will disable leaderboards and trophies


The Roadmap to is divided into 4 sections. What order you decide to them in after the intro is entirely up to you. You should also be aware that unless you have a 2nd turntable and a mic you will not be able to DJ Hero 2
Empire Mode
QuickPlay Clean-Up

Whether your new to DJ Hero or a returning player, everyone should complete the Tutorial. For new players when choosing a difficulty set it to Medium as this will give you access to cross-fading which is something your going to want to learn early on, doing the Tutorial will also give you a basic overview of the control system. For returning players doing the Tutorial will introduce you to some of the new gameplay features like Freestyle Sections and Hold Downs, it doesn't take very long to complete and is something your going to have to do anyways for the trophy "Higher Education"

Immediately after setting up your character and doing the Tutorial the game throws you into your first mix. I suggest you quit to the Main Menu (don't worry you can go back to Empire Mode) and go to Options>Calibration. Calibrating your turntable ensures everything is in synch, and in Expert mode if your deck is a few microseconds off it can make a huge difference. This process doesn't take very long and is something your going to need to do anyways for the trophy "En Sink?"

Lastly, for anyone just starting out on Medium difficulty the speed in which you ramp up to Expert difficulty is entirely up to you and your skill level. If your getting 100% in most of the mixes, it's time to move up. If your struggling, keep practicing but don't lower the difficulty to Easy it wont do you a world of good.

Empire Mode:
This is the career mode of DJ Hero. Completing the various setlists, DJ Battles and Checkpoint Battles in Empire Mode is essential to getting the platinum. Try to 5-Star as many of the mixes as possible to unlock all the Venues and to earn enough Stars to unlock the mixes your going to need for the "You're The Best !" .

When facing the Guest DJ's in DJ Battles try to win so you can unlock the Power Decks. If your playing on a difficulty level that's giving you trouble drop to a lower difficulty. Aside from getting a trophy for acquiring all the Power Decks, they can also help you 5-Star most mixes easily.

There is only one trophy in Empire Mode that requires you to play on Expert "Supreme Master Of The Empire" so all of the following trophies can be acquired in one playthrough of Empire Mode by adjusting the difficulty as needed to complete the task for each of the following trophies:
  • The Emperor
  • Freestyle Superstar
  • Opening Act
  • Master Of The Empire
  • Grand Master Of The Empire
  • Rewind 4 The Win
  • Big Bad Boss
  • Bonus
  • Rise To The Challenge
  • To The Left
  • Six Spins To Win
  • World Number One
  • The Grandmixer
  • I Have The Power Decks!
  • Thirty Three Without The Third

QuickPlay Clean-Up:
After completing Empire Mode you should now have all the mixes unlocked in Quickplay and can start working on getting the remaining offline trophies out of the way. Consult the trophy description in the wiki for a how-to on obtaining whatever trophy your missing. Most of your remaining trophies will be fairly easy to obtain as they can be done on any difficulty level, with only 3 presenting a realistic challenge:

  • You're The Best!
  • You're Golden
  • Super Streak

This is where the majority of your time-sink will be spent whilst going for the . Obviously the better you are the faster you'll rank up. Check the Tips and Strategies section of the wiki for some Online tips. Check the wiki for information regarding each individual online trophy.
***As of the latest update FSG has listened to gamer complaints regarding Rage Quitters. Now if someone rage quits on you, you keep all your points you have made up to that point from any full mixes you have played. You even make points if they quit right at the start of a mix ***


Please be aware of getting the trophy The Bigger They Are... out of the way A.S.A.P ! If you level to 50 without having accomplished this trophy you will be unable to achieve the unless FSG raises the level cap.

Good Luck !!!


Platinum DJ Hero
Collect all other Trophies.

Collect all other trophies for this well earned

The Quickathlon
Set up and play a 10 mix setlist in Quickplay, earning at least 4 stars for each mix.

Go to QuickPlay, and create a 10 mix setlist by highlighting a song and pressing the blue turntable button. Does not have to be done in one sitting if you remember to save the setlist (see Mixtape Creation trophy for how-to), and can be done on any difficulty. So choose whatever mixes you feel the most comfortable with, but remember you have to get 4 stars in each of the mixes. If you get less than 4 stars you can always restart the mix or lower the difficulty setting. If you've played through Empire Mode you should have a large selection of mixes unlocked.

This trophy is best done at the same time as Me Like You Long Time heres how:

- "Like" 10 mixes by highlighting them and pressing Euphoria button
- Add the 10 mixes to a setlist by pressing the blue turntable button
- Press the button for Advanced Options and save your setlist (in case you dont want to do it all in one sitting)
- Play the setlist

Battle Star Spectacular
Win 50 Online Battles (in any Online Battle mode).

Simply win battles, there's really not much more to say.

You should however play at a difficulty setting that you can 100% most songs., since the majority of online players play at medium it's advisable you play at that level as well. Choosing Expert and losing to someone playing Medium is frustrating on it's own don't add to that frustration.

Check Tips & Strategies section of the wiki for Boosting how-to.

Boosting Thread

Fades Of Fury
Successfully perform 20,000 crossfades (in any mode except Party Play).

This trophy is cumulative across all the different play types. QuickPlay, Empire or Online. The more you play, the faster you will achieve this. You can check your progress by selecting Rep from the Main Menu, and going to Trophies.

1 Up
Beat a friend's score on any of the leaderboards.

If you don't have any friends with DJ Hero 2 there is a very easy way to do this. See Hero Feed Heroism trophy for more info

Freestyle Superstar
Get an A for Freestyling in any mix (in any mode except Party Play).

There are 3 different ways to Freestyle in DJ Hero 2. Scratching, Tapping and Cross-Fading. The tutorial teaches you all you need to know, so I suggest going through it. During a freestyle section simply do your best to either tap, scratch or cross-fade to the beat of the song your playing. You will more than likely get this trophy without even trying, it can also be obtained on any difficulty level.

Opening Act
Play your opening night in Empire mode.

From the Main Menu, select Empire Mode and play your 1st mix.

Reach online grade 50.

This is where a large commitment of your in-game time is going to be spent. The speed in which you get this trophy is dependent on how many times you win. The more you win the more DJP you make, the faster you rank up. Obviously your skill is going to impact how much you win or lose, but there are some tips to keep you steadily ranking up.

-Play on Medium. Unless you can FC most songs on Hard Or Expert, the majority of Online players are playing on Medium and hitting 99%-100% of their notes. You get more DJP playing on either hard or expert but unless you beat the other guy, hit 100% of your notes and get bonuses for win streaks and hit streaks it's all for nothing. Even if you lose you get 20pts for hitting 100% of your notes (medium) and get bonus DJP the more times you do that in a row. So winning isn't everything, your skill is !!!

-Keep your setlists short. Play as many single mixes as possible. Nothing is worse than playing a 5 mix setlist and then having someone rage quit on you. Which happens alot ! ***This is no longer an issue with the latest update. Please see the Online portion of the Roadmap for more info***

-Boost as much as possible. Find a dedicated partner if you can. Read the Boosting How-To in the Tips and Strategies section of the wiki.

Good Luck!!

Boosting Thread

The Magic Number
Play a mix in Quickplay with another DJ and a Vocalist (in local play only).

From the QuickPlay menu, simply select a song that supports another DJ and has vocals, there are quite a few so the choice is yours. You must have another DJ Hero turntable and a mic.

Mixtape Creation
Set up and save 3 setlists in Quickplay.

From the Main Menu select QuickPlay and select any song by pressing the blue turntable button then press the button on your turntable to access the advanced options. You will now have an option of saving your song as a setlist. Do this 2 more times for the trophy.

Master Of The Empire
Earn 12 stars in DJ Shadow's setlist in Empire mode on Medium difficulty or above.

See Supreme Master of the Empire

Grand Master Of The Empire
Earn 12 stars in DJ Shadow's setlist in Empire mode on Hard difficulty or above.

See Supreme Master of the Empire

Supreme Master Of The Empire
Earn 12 Stars in DJ Shadow's setlist in Empire mode on Expert difficulty.

You have to earn a minimum of 12 stars out of 15. While the 1st 2 mixes are fairly easy, the last one can be a bit of pain. However, if you have unlocked all the power decks you can use them to help you out. The Multiplier Deck is probably the best one to use as you can really fill up the Star counter if you can get a x10 multiplier. Once you earn 12 stars you will have 3 trophies popping

Supreme Master Of The Empire
Grand Master Of The Empire
Master Of The Empire

Go Crazy Broadway Style!
Perform Vocals in every mix that supports them (in any mode except Party Play).

You must have completed all the challenges in Empire Mode to unlock all the mixes available with vocals. There are a total of 58 mixes with vocals.

Once you have everything unlocked go to QuickPlay and press for advanced options and set the filter to Vocals. Your Quickplay list will now show all the mixes with vocals.

Create a setlist with 20 mixes (it's the max amount of mixes you can have in a setlist),engage your mic and start the setlist. Now let the setlist run its course. Go eat lunch or something. You don't have to do anything to receive this trophy just play through all the mixes, and make sure you have a mic engaged. Should take 2 and half hours to run through all the mixes.

Mama Said...
Win a Checkpoint Battle by knocking out the other player (online only).

Depending on the song (the longer it is the more checkpoints are available), you have to completely fill your checkpoint meter (it's the tower in between both decks) before the end of a song, thereby knocking out the other player. Obviously, your skill level and knowledge of certain songs are going to affect how well your going to do, but it's important not to slack on the effects dial as using this can be the difference in a tight battle.

Boosting Thread

Play Accumulator and win 10 mixes (or single mix battles) with a streak of over 50 (online only).

In Accumulator your objective is to bank the highest number of streaks than your opponent. Streaks are banked by pressing the Euphoria button. You start with 3 bank slots, but can get more by hitting perfect Euphoria regions. For this trophy you not only have to win but bank a streak of over 50, you can see what your highest streak banked was in the View Stats at the end of the match. You'll have to win 10 matches this way.

-The most important streak you bank will be your first. If you have a 50 streak going in the beginning and don't bank it and proceed to mess up, you'll start at 0 again so keep that in mind.

-Hit the Euphoria Sections: They give you extra bank slots, which is helpful if you've run out of slots and want to bank a long streak

-Playing on Hard or Expert gives you more notes to hit than someone playing on Medium so use that to your advantage if your good at those difficulties.

Boosting Thread

Chiggedy Check It Out
Win 10 Checkpoint mixes (or single mix Battles) by a margin of 3 checkpoints or more (online only).

In Checkpoint battles you have to score the highest percentage of notes hit more than the other player before each checkpoint. Each mix has a certain number of total check points so try to win as many checkpoints as possible. Win 10 battles by 3 or more checkpoints to earn this trophy.

Important Note about Checkpoint Battles:

I have seen on various forums (including our own) people complaining that they don't understand how they are losing checkpoints when they are hitting all their notes/fades and losing to someone getting 100%+ . When your playing and hitting notes/crossfades there are 2 different types of hits/fades. Just Hitting and Perfect Hits. When you hit a Perfect Note/Fade you'll see a firework fountain go off (with crossfades the firework will go off to the sides and not up), the better you hit the note/fade the higher the fountain. If you don't hit the note well or execute the fade well you won't see anything at all. The same applies to Freestyle Sections. The better you do in a Freestyle Section the higher the Firework Fountain will be. Hitting more Perfect Notes/Fades and doing better in the Freestyle Sections than the other guy is what decides tie-breakers. If your having trouble hitting Perfect Notes, make sure your DJH controller is properly calibrated.

See the following video for a good example of 100%+ and what I mean by Firework Fountain. Credit and Thanks for the video to Youtube user DDRfreak457

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Boosting Thread

Hero Feed Heroism
Play 5 mixes directly from Hero Feed Challenges.

If you don't have any friends with DJ Hero 2 there is a simple method to getting this trophy as well as the 1UP trophy

-Step 1: Create a new profile on your PS3 (this is your dummy account)
-Step 2: Have the dummy account send a friend request to your main account
-Step 3: Play any mix on DJ Hero 2 on the dummy account (make sure your connected to the internet and try not to post too high a score )
-Step 4: At the end of the mix, you will be offered an option to Issue Challenge. Select it and send a challenge to your main account
-Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and four, 4 more times on four different songs
-Step 6: Log onto your main account and accept the friend request from your dummy account
-Step 7: Start up DJ Hero 2 and from the Main Menu, select Rep and go to Hero Feed, you should see the challenges issued by your dummy account
-Step 8:Highlight one of the challenges and press the Euphoria button to accept the challenge. Beat your dummy accounts score and that will pop the 1Up trophy
-Step 9: Repeat step 7 for the 4 remaining challenges to get the Hero Feed Heroism trophy at the end of the 4th mix

Higher Education
Complete 6 of the 'New To DJ Hero 2' Tutorial lessons.

In case you missed doing the Tutorial the 1st time you started the game:

From the Main Menu, select Tutorials, choose your difficulty, select New To DJ Hero 2, and select 6 of the 7 tutorials available.

Thirty Three Without The Third
Earn 33 stars (in Quickplay, Empire or Star Battle)

If your going through Empire Mode you'll get this trophy sometime in London. You can also do this in Quickplay by 5-starring 7 songs or any other combination. You can also attempt to get this by playing online Battles. It's easily achieved and will probably be one of the 1st trophies you unlock.

Tappity Tap Tap Tappy
Successfully perform 50,000 taps (in any mode except Party Play).

This trophy is cumulative across all the different play types. Quicklist, Empire or Online. The more you play, the faster you will achieve this. You can check your progress by selecting Rep from the Main Menu, and going to Trophies.

Six Spins To Win
Activate 6 rewinds in Show Me Love (Stonebridge Radio Edit) / I'm Not Alone mix (in any mode except Party Play).

Difficulty doesn't matter for this trophy, so I suggest setting it to Easy/Medium for a quicker rewind. It's a fairly long song so you have plenty of opportunities to get it done.

You're The Best!
Earn 5 stars for every mix on Expert difficulty.

Sneaky devs made this a hidden trophy !!!

This is nowhere near as hard as it is in the 1st DJ Hero with the inclusion of Power Decks. Practice makes perfect, so obviously if your new to DJ Hero your going to want to get your skills up to Expert level. The consensus on the hardest songs seem to be Galvanize and Firestarter but with some practice and the use of a Power Deck you should be able to 5-Star these quite easily. The Multiplier Power Deck is an obvious good choice, but what you end up using however is entirely up to you, make your decision based on what your able to accomplish easily within a mix for maximum points. For example: The Rewind Deck may be a good choice but unless you can hit streaks of 60 it's useless.

***Take note, that any songs you 5-Star on Expert in Empire Mode will have to be 5-starred again from Quickplay***

Super Streak
Get a 400 streak in I Will Be Here / Speed Rail on Expert (in any mode except Party Play).

There are essentially 2 ways to go about this:

1- Select the mix from the Quicklist and attempt the streak that way or ;
2- Play the mix from within the Tiesto Megamix. The advantage here is that any streak you have from the 2nd mix carries over into the 3rd.

Couple of things to keep in mind while going for the streak:

-You DO NOT have to continuously hold down, hold down taps or scratches for the entire duration of the hold down to keep the streak alive. Simply do the required tap or directional scratch once and you will maintain your streak.

-There is only 1 Power Deck that will help you, the Euphoria deck. A deck that gives you extra points is useless while going for this trophy. The Euphoria deck for the double euphoria to help with the cross-fading going into the middle to end part of the mix where the spikes come into play is a good choice.

The following video is a perfect example of what I have mentioned. Skip to 7:47 of the mix to see the start and see how his streak has carried over. Also pay close attention to 8:47 - 8:52 where he fails the hold down scratch but keeps his streak going. Credit and thanks for the video go to DDRfreak457

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World Number One
Earn at least 3 stars in each of the mixes in the TiŽsto Megamix (in Quickplay, Megamixes, Empire or Star Battle).

The Tiesto: Megamix is in Las Vegas so you must have it unlocked in Empire Mode to play it. It will not be accesible in Megamixes from the Main Menu till you do.

There are 3 mixes in the Megamix:




You must get a minimum of 3 stars in EACH of the mixes. Difficulty does not matter so set it to whatever your comfortable with.

I Have The Power Decks!
Unlock all the Power decks.

There are 6 Power Decks that you unlock by beating the Guest DJ at each venue in Empire Mode in a Checkpoint Battle:

Tapping Deck - More points for tapping
Scratching Deck - More points for scratching
Multiplier Deck - Gives a max multiplier of x5, with a double max value of x10
Euphoria Deck - Euphoria lasts twice as long
Rewind Deck - Rewinds go back twice as far
Hypermode Deck - You only get half the sightline to see your notes.

You can beat the Guest DJ's on any difficulty level to receive these Power Decks, so drop the difficulty if your having a problem with any particular DJ. Also take note that unless you unlock the Venue in Empire Mode you won't have access to the DJ Battle in that venue

Keep Rising
Reach online grade 10.

You rank up in DJ Hero 2 by collecting DJ Hero Points (DJP in-game). There are various ways to collect DJP, but it all boils down to winning your battles and % of notes hit, as that's where the majority of your DJP will come from. It's possible to boost this if you find a dedicated partner. Check the Boosting section in Tips and Strategies for a how-to.

You can also find a boosting partner in the Boosting Thread here

You Want Some?
Complete 30 Online Battles (in any Online Battle mode).

If your going for the level 50 grade this will come naturally. Simply compete in 30 Battles online in any mode and win or lose this trophy is yours.

Scratching The Itch
Successfully perform 25,000 scratches (in any mode except Party Play).

This trophy is cumulative across all the different play types. QuickPlay, Empire or Online. The more you play, the faster you will achieve this. You can check your progress by selecting Rep from the Main Menu, and going to Trophies.

Battle Ready
Play all of the DJ Battle mixes (online or offline).

Note: If your going to do this offline you must have a second DJ Hero controller

To do this offline, go to Battle from your Main Menu. There are 17 mixes, so select them all to a setlist by pressing the blue controller button on your turntable. Start the setlist, and engage your second turntable. Go have lunch.

For online, when you go into a DJ Battle select any of the following 17 tracks. There's no guarantee the tracks you select will be chosen so keep track of the ones you've played using the following list:

Toggle Spoiler

The Emperor
Win all the DJ Battle setlists in Empire mode.

In every Venue there are DJ Battles against Guest DJ's, so you must unlock each Venue before you have access to them.

Simply beat the Guest DJ's on any difficulty level. Trophy will pop when you beat DJ Qbert for the second time in Ibiza:Encore you will also get the I Have The Power Decks ! and The Grandmixer trophies at the same time if you have been beating Empire mode in order.

You're Golden
5 star Galvanize on Expert difficulty.

Probably one of the hardest mixes in the game, but with Power Decks you can make mince meat out of this song. Which Power Deck to use is debatable but you can't go too wrong using the Multiplier Deck. With practice it shouldn't take too long for you to start getting x10 multipliers, and that's when you will really see your Star meter fill up fast !!!

-Keeping a decent streak and multiplier is the single most important thing you can do. That being said Freestyle sections give you nothing, so don't sacrifice a tap, scratch or cross-fade for them.

-On hold down sections (Taps and Scratches) you don't have to do the entire hold down to keep your multiplier. So do just enough so you don't miss a tap or a scratch.

-Don't ignore the Effects Dial. With the Multiplier Deck it can easily get you a ton of x10 multipliers.

The Completist
Earn 5 stars for any mix at all difficulty levels.

Pick a mix from Quickplay your good at and get 5 stars on every difficulty level:


En Sink?
Calibrate your system for DJ Hero 2.

For this very easy trophy select options from your Main Menu and choose Calibration. Follow the tutorial, trophy will pop when your done

Perfect Pitch
Hit 100% of the vocal notes in a mix (in any mode except Party Play).

When doing a mix that has Vocals you'll either notice green dots (rapping) and green bars (singing), or even a combination of both, that light up in relation to the words being sung or rapped. As the green dots light up you have to keep perfect synch with the rap vocals, same goes for the green bars except that you also have to get the pitch correctly. Memorizing the song is the 1st step to achieving this trophy !

From Quickplay, press to access advanced options and set the filter to vocals.If you can actually sing, pick a song that you know well enough, or for those of you that are tone death try:
-House of Pain "Jump Around" vs Busta Rhymes "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See" or
-The Prodigy "Firestarter".

If you don't have anyone to help you by playing the DJ, turn off your turntable and use a regular ps3 controller to start the mix with Vocals only. Thanks and credit to youtube user DDRfreak457 for a video demonstrating how it's done with perfect pitch

Toggle Spoiler

This song is fairly short, has no singing and therefore no pitches, and is fairly easy to memorize.If you do it like in the video provided you don't even have to sing the words !!! If you haven't gotten the Microphonical Magic trophy as yet, you will get both at the end of the mix.

Got ID?
Set your own online Tag and Medal.

When you select to play Online, you will notice the option of setting your own personal tags and medals. By default there is one tag and one medal already unlocked for you but those do not count. You must play at least one DJ Battle online, and win or lose that will unlock further tags and medals. Set a tag and a medal from the recently unlocked ones for this trophy.

Rewind 4 The Win
Perform 4 720' rewinds in a single mix, on any difficulty level without dropping your multiplier (in any mode except Party Play).

Few tips to remember
- Use the Rewind Power Deck if you have it, it'll ensure you spin far back enough
- After a rewind make sure you hit the next note, tap or cross-fade, even the effects dial counts
- Keep an eye on your cross-fader when you do rewind so you can reposition it if necessary.

Professional Face Removal
Win 5 Star Battles online.

In Star Battles your objective is to have more Stars than your opponent by the end of the mix. You get stars by filling the Star Meter located in between the 2 turntables. There are few things you can do to ensure you fill it faster than the other guy:

- Keep up a good Multiplier !:The fastest way to fill up your star meter is by keeping a decent multiplier up at all times. That being said play at a level your good at. Galvanize on Expert has over 1200 notes to it, while on Medium it has only 713, but if you can't keep a decent multiplier going on Expert you will lose the battle.

- Use Euphoria at the right time !: Your opponent can't steal Euphoria from you, so use it wisely. Don't be wasting it on a 2x Multiplier, unless you really have to.

- Abuse the Effects Dial !: I can't stress this enough, its usually the tie-breaker between 2 players who have both 100% in a mix. In the end it's who has the most points that wins.

- Song Selection Matters ! : Your playing on Medium and your competitor is playing on Expert. Don't feed him/her a setlist with Snow: Informer or any other easy song. Go for the hard ones, like Galvanize or Firestarter. Unless you've had the unfortunate circumstance of running into a DJ Hero God, chances are you'll score more points, because those songs are typically harder to keep a streak song. There's no guarantee the songs you pick will be chosen, just don't make it easy for the other guy.

Boosting Thread

The Bigger They Are...
Win 10 Online Battles against players of a higher grade (in any Online Battle mode).

This is a missable trophy!!!

While you have the option in online play to use filters to only play people that are a higher grade, the game takes it upon itself to start a game with anyone that's available at the moment. So it's entirely possible for you to rank up and a: Never beat someone of a higher grade and b: Constantly play people of a lower grade. So you really have to pay attention to a few things:

- Play on medium. You may be good on hard or expert, but since the game matches you with anyone regardless of your filter options, chances are you'll be playing people who will 99%-100% most songs on medium. Remember you HAVE TO BEAT someone of a higher grade so don't take chances.

- Check their grades before starting a battle. You get to see all the relevant info of the other DJ before picking your mixes so if he/she isn't a higher grade just leave (don't do this during the battle, no one likes a rage quitter).

- You get DJ Hero Points (DJP) when you lose as well depending on what you accomplished, so technically you could level to 50 without ever winning a match

- Boost this if at all possible to get it out of the way early. Check the Boosting tips in the Tips & Strategies section of the wiki.

Boosting Thread

Like Bacon?
Play Streak and win 6 mixes (or single mix battles) by 20 streak margin (online only).

In Streak to win you have to have banked a streak higher than your opponent. This is a single streak, not cumulative like in Accumulator. To get the trophy you have to have a banked a streak greater than 20 of that of your opponent.

- You get 3 bank slots but can get more by hitting Perfect Euphoria Sections. So bank as necessary, the important thing is to keep the streak going as long as possible.

-If your playing on Hard or Expert you get more notes to hit than your opponent if he's playing on Medium, so use that to your advantage if your good at those difficulties.

Big Bad Boss
Beat all the employee DJs in Checkpoint Battles in Empire mode.

Checkpoint battles with Employee DJ's are only accessible after you unlock London. To win Checkpoint Battles you must get the highest percentage of notes hit between checkpoints. There are a total of 7 Checkpoint Battles spread throughout Empire Mode:

2 in London
1 in Berlin
2 in Shanghai
2 in Las Vegas
1 in Ibiza:Encore

Difficulty level does not matter so go with what your comfortable with.

TIP: You can lock out a DJ from hitting notes by starting a freestyle section before he/she does, this includes the use of the Effects dial.

Unlock all the Empire bonus mixes.

The Bonus mixes (Bonus Setlist in-game) in every Venue are unlocked by earning a certain number of stars. The last Bonus setlist is in Ibiza: Encore, to unlock Encore you need 210 stars and to unlock the Bonus Setlist you need a further 15 stars. Soon as you unlock it, trophy will pop.

Me Like You Long Time
Apply 'Like' tags to 10 mixes and play these mixes (in any game mode except Party Play).

In Quickplay to "Like" a song simply highlight it and press the Euphoria Button. Do this for 10 different songs and then make sure you play them. Does not have to be done in one sitting.

Do this trophy in conjunction with The Quickathlon . See that trophies description for how-to.

Rise To The Challenge
In Empire mode complete 3 Setlist Challenges.

In every Venue in Empire Mode there are Setlist Challenges, simply complete the 1st three (West Coast Beats, Radio Jams, and Bonus Setlist) in Ibiza and this trophy is yours.

To The Left
Only crossfade to the left in all Freestyle sections in any mix (in any mode except Party Play).

When presented with a Freestyle Cross-Fading section only move your cross-fader to the left taking care when you move back to the center position.

At Least You Tried...
Fail to 5 star Galvanize on Expert difficulty.

Play Galvanize on Expert and fail the song. Another easy trophy. You should get this on your first attempt if playing on Expert

Hot Swedish Action
In any Battle get an A for Scratching, a B for Taps, a B for Crossfading and an A for Freestyling.

This trophy gives props to the Swedish pop group ABBA. All you have to do is :

Get an A in Scratching
Get a B in Tapping
Get a B in Cross-Fading
Get an A in Freestyle
All in a single mix

If you have 2 turntables this is easy to do. Go to Battle from the Main Menu, and select Checkpoint Battle. Select Snow vs Jackson 5 and Medium as the difficulty. Now when the battle starts DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the 1st 2 checkpoints, with the exception of the effects dial at the start. Ace the rest of the song, taking care during the 2 Freestyle sections to do well, remember slapping your fader back and forth won't do you a bit of good for a decent grade and we need an A in Freestyle. So get a good rhythm going in those sections.

If you don't have a second turntable, do a checkpoint battle on Medium in Empire Mode. Checkpoints battles are easier to do because you can use the actual checkpoints as markers for as much or in this case as little as you need to do.

Youtube user DDRfreak457 shows one way of doing it online. Thanks for the video

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Microphonical Magic!
Get a 200 vocal streak in any vocal mix (in any mode except Party Play).

See Perfect Pitch trophy for a how-to on the best way to get this trophy.

The Grandmixer
In Empire Mode beat DJ Qbert in each of his Battle Mixes.

You have to beat DJ Qbert twice for this trophy. Once in Ibiza and the last time in Ibiza: Encore. Difficulty does not matter so set it to something your good at. If you've been beating Empire mode in order, you should pop I Have The Power Decks ! and The Emperor trophies at the same time.

Credit Is Due
View the game credits.

Trophies don't come any easier. Simply watch the credits

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