Offline Trophies: 47
1 2 10 35
Online: None, breathe sigh of relief now.
Minimum Number of Playthroughs: You only need 1 playthrough. Go ahead and play it on Hard as the game is not difficult. You will need to farm Tech Points and that can be found in Episode II: Chapter IV Breaking Camp.
Glitched Trophies: 1. So far the only recorded glitched trophy is Grease Monkey. During my playthrough I purchased the weapon upgrades from both pre-mission and during in level opportunities. So far the only way to resolve this issue is to PURCHASE ITEMS ONLY FROM THE WEAPON BOXES FOUND WITHIN THE LEVELS. This method should hopefully work. If you are in my boat then you must delete your save data and purchase all weapons within game should resolve the issue.
Time to Plat: 20 hours


Dark Void 100% Complete
Earn all trophies.

Once all proceeding trophies have been obtained a new platinum for your collection.

Complete Prologue.

Practice your Rocket Pack skills here. Once you have mastered the rocket pack return here and kill 5 UFO ships to unlock the Mark of the Adept trophy.

Crash Site
Complete Crash Site.

Your first mission where you are introduced to the basic Survivor machine gun. Also, when you see the Blue Skinny enemies pick up one of their basic infantry weapons and use it to begin the Master of Arms trophy.

The Village
Complete The Village.

Proceed through the level as you will simply walk into the Village and also talk to certain villagers to progress the story forward.

Spare Parts
Complete Spare Parts.

Welcome to the basic fight/rocket pack mission. Follow the yellow indicator to each of the parts needed by the NPCs. Also focus on the inverted cover while on the U.S.S. Cyclops and practice using this method.

Village Attack
Complete Village Attack.

The village you entered is now under alien attack. Practice blind firing against each enemy as you are introduced to the alien commando unit. The commando is distinguishable by a larger, sleaker head and also the use of the grenade type weapon.

Into the Void
Complete Into the Void.

We begin the level with full usage of the Rocket Pack. Here are the following trophies to do here: Grand Theft UFO, Forgot My Tow Cable, and Get Your Feet Wet and Terminal Velocity. Begin the level by performing some of the trophies and then begin to take down each tower. Once you see the Archon focus on the 4 red leg joints and take it down. Proceed down the tunnel clearing each enemy along the way.

Prophesied One
Complete Prophesied One.

Welcome to an escort mission. Thankfully the target's health does regenerate over time when he is not under attack. You will also see Aliens with Rocket Packs as well. But some of these Aliens will have a sniper type weapon. Grab it and keep it with you until the end of the level.

The Survivors
Complete The Survivors.

Welcome to the Survivor's camp and the Ark. Clear out the enemies at each beacon and also the temple at the end.

Prison Escape
Complete Prison Escape.

Attack the UFOs at the beginning and once again destroy the generators. Another good place to practice killing a Knight with a grenade.

Breaking Camp
Complete Breaking Camp.

This mission will serve as your tech points farm location and also a host of many trophies to spam. Simple mid-point battle. You will pick up the final weapon here so do not worry about missing it. When taking down the 3 Archons be quick and efficient. Attack from a high, dive-bomber like pattern. Also, this is where you will first meet the Sarpa pilot inside the Archon.

Defending the Ark
Complete Defending the Ark.

An escort mission with the Ark. Enter either the Ark's turrets or one of the Survivor fighters. Focus only on the UFOs, the 3 transports, and mines and the Ark will survive.

The Collector
Complete The Collector.

Welcome to the digestive area of a random creature. Immediately attack the globe orrafices around the area to cease the gas attack. Then proceed to attack the sac surrounding the bottom organ. Remember to do a complete 360 degree rotation around the organ to make sure you destroy all sacs.

The Revolt
Complete The Revolt.

You begin the mission with a two front attack by the Aliens. Dismantle them and proceed through the level. You will finish this level with an escape attempt.

Tower of Return
Complete Tower of Return.

Final boss fight and not difficult by any measure. You will notice the glowing chest opening, aim for it and do not stop. The first attack pattern is fire at the chest while the head fire machine gun type bullets. Next attack pattern is fire at the chest while the monster releases a larger projectile. Final attack pattern has the creature charging towards you. Fire into the chest and spead up above the monster's head to avoid any collision. Once harmed approach the beast and hit to initiate another mini game. The first head now defeated repeat the same patterns for the 2nd head and then end of game.

Dark Void
Complete Dark Void

Simply finish the game on any of the 3 difficulties.

Ultimate Bad Ass
Complete Dark Void on Hardcore.

You must play the entire game on the highest difficulty setting. Do not fret, it is simple.

Dear Diary
Found a Journal.

Following the collection guide and below and the one in the spoiler will net you this beauty during the first level post Prologue.

Found all journals.

Please see the 2nd post for a collectables guide. For a visual guide please see the following site made and credited to gamesradar. Journal Guide by Gamesradar

Tesla's Apprentice
Upgraded first weapon.

The first weapon to be upgraded

Grease Monkey
Upgraded all weapons

The trophy is glitched for some. If you want to avoid the glitch only purchase weapon and jet pack upgrades from weapon boxes located throughout the levels. If you wish to farm tech point do so on Breaking Camp. You will earn around 8,000-10,000 tech points per round.

Pack Rat
Acquired 30,000 tech points.

You do not have to collect 30,000 at once. Can be obtained over the course of the game.

Grand Theft...UFO?
Hijacked 20 UFOs.

During any free fly mission you will need to be relatively close to a UFO and see the highlighted above the UFO. Once prompted play the mini game and take over the UFO. You may abandon the vehicle and hijack another.

Demolition Derby
Collide with another UFO 10 times.

Once you have taken control of a UFO you must physically collide with 10 different UFOs or as many times as you can with others. It does not have to be with the same target, but does have to be with a single, hijacked UFO. Great level is Breaking Camp.

Blind Luck
Kill one of each enemy footsoldier using blind fire.

Here is a list of the 8 common enemies that count towards the trophy. Simply stay hidden behind cover and blind-fire. Blind-fire is when you release a volley of ammo while not aiming with the sights.

1. Blue infranty- Crash site
2. Red infranty- Spare parts
3. White infranty- The Survivors
4. Blue Power Suit- Crash Site
5. Red Power Suit- The Survivors
6. Silver infranty- Propheseid One
7. White Power Suit- Propheseid One
8. Gold Power Suit- The Revolt

The Big Bang
Destroy a Knight using a grenade.

When you first meet the Knight it will be a flying enemy with a tail that has both multi-cannon weapon and a splash damage weapon. To ensure a grenade kill wait until the Knight has been softened by your weapon until the Knight is engulfed with blue flames. Once engulfed begin to throw grenades at the creature until it explodes.

Captain of the Ship
Destroy 10 enemy aircraft while yours is on fire.

Fire onto an UFO until it is smoking and then hijack it. Begin to attack and destroy 10 other UFOs. Done on Casual difficulty and Breaking Camp.

Forgot My Tow Cable
Fly through an Archon's legs.

When you first meet the Archon approach low to the ground and fly from the tail to head. It is not diffuclt. Do not engage the Archon during your approach.

Kill 10 enemies by exploding a piece of dynamite in the air.

This trophy can be obtained by 1 or two methods. 1) cook the grenade until ready and then release while in the air. 2) throw grenades at airbourne enemies. Does not need to be 10 at once.

Get Your Feet Wet
Buzz the Water.

The first time you are given free flying ability with the rocket pack is in Into the Void. All that is needed is for you to fly close to the water as possible without collision.

99 Red Balloons
Kill 10 enemies while they are in the anti-gravity bubble.

You will be given the Magnetar weapon in Prison Break. Fire a round at an enemy and then immediately change to your other weapon and destroy the target before the magnet turns off.

Cliffhanger Killer
Kill 50 enemies while in vertical cover.

Vertical cover is introduced early in the game and is one of the staple parts of the game. Enter vertical cover by hitting to climb up or down while in cover. It is simple to kill 50 enemies while in vertical cover, treat it as if you were in regular cover and you will be fine.

Death from Above
Kill 50 enemies while in hover.

When given the rocket pack hit twice to hover. Once in hover mode begin to unleash whatever rounds you have with your weapon. It is a little difficult to control but with a little practice it is simple.

Bird of Prey
Kill 25 ground enemies using your rocket pack guns.

The rocket pack guns must be used while you are using the rocket pack in flight mode. Breaking Camp has an event where three sets of transport ships drop off aliens while you are in free flight mode. Engage the ground targets by using the machine guns. You can restart the level and spam kills.

Mark of the Adept
Kill 5 UFOs in the Prologue.

During the Prologue mission destroy the attacking UFOs with your rocket pack guns. Do not hijack and play on casual.

Rocket Clothesline
Perform a melee after turning off rocket pack thrusters.

Thankfully you can do this while hovering. Disengage your hover near an enemy and immediately hit to melee one of the smaller enemies.

Terminal Velocity
Free fall for 10 seconds.

At any point during a free fly mission fly to the top of the map and turn off the rocket pack and fall to the ground. You will know it is working when Will is falling like a person jumping from a plane.

The Squishy Center
Kill a Sarpa piloting an Archon

Breaking Camp is the best place to perform this feat. When all 4 red leg joins are destroyed approach the tail of the Archon and hit to initiate the sequence. During the sequence you will unlock the Archon's cockpit and out jumps the Sarpa. Follow the on screen instruction for the takedown.

Cleanup on Aisle Three
Kill 100 enemies with headshots.

Cute name. Simply aim high and go for the head.

Rochambeau, I go First
Kill 50 enemies with melee attacks.

Head towards any of the basic infantry troops and hit until the enemy is dead. Do not focus on the trophy while on Hardcore, will come naturally.

Blue Light Special
Kill 3 enemies with one grenade.

When you are first given grenades in Crash Site turn quickly around and four Aliens will emerge from a rock path throw the grenade in the circle of the aliens. Cooking does help a little.

Killing Spree
Kill 10 enemies within 60 seconds.

When you first come across the turret in Crash Site you have the best opportunity here. Hop in the turret and hold down the fire button near the door past the stone bridge. Around 10-13 enemies emerge from behind the door and can easily be destroyed by the turret's guns.

Those Aren't Fortune Cookies
Step on 10 slugs.

The larger infantry units house tiny, slug creatures. You must hit them with a head shot to allow the slug to escape. A successful escape will show the enemy spewing the slug from its head. Once the slug is on the ground simply melee with . This is a random occurrence so bear this in mind and take your time.

Light Up the Sky
Destroy 25 targets with the Ark's AA guns.

Breaking Camp is the perfect place to perform this trophy. Just enter one of the turrets with and begin to unload onto the UFOs.

Master of Arms
Kill an enemy with every weapon.

There are 6 weapons:


Just kill one enemy with each weapon for the trophy.

I'm a Rocketman, Baby
Perform 100 special maneuvers while using the rocket pack.

During the first free fly rocket pack misison you will be given isntructions on how to perform the special maneuvers. Once you learn the moves perform 100 of them. Becareful and watch your boost meter. If depleted you will fall. Let it recharge and start anew.

The Devastator
Destroy 25 UFOs while piloting a Survivor fighter.

During Breaking Camp you are given the option of taking Survivor planes. The weapons are decent. There are plenty of UFOs to take down with the fighter.

Float Like a Butterfly
Kill 10 attackers immediately after escaping from their melee.

A little difficult to have happen as it is random. Approach one of the heavier troops and allow them to grab you; escape and immediately hit . Can be done during the 2nd and 3rd episodes and on Casual. Will take some practice.

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