Players: 1
Online Trophies: 1
Online Pass Required: Technically, you need The Crucible pass to unlock the Crucible
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 50 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 1/2
Collectible Trophies: Yes The Book of the Dead, Antiquing, All You Can Eat Buffet
Missable Trophies: N/A
Glitched Trophies: N/A


This game does glitch and freeze quite a bit. I would strongly advise having a back up save in cloud or a USB. Highly Recommend it!!!!!

[top]Tips & Strategies


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Scythe Attacks:

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Melee Attacks:

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TIP - You do NOT have to collect all the boatman coins.


All videos for the guide are done by powerpyx.


Playthrough One:
Start the game on Normal. This will help you get the feel for the game as well as make most enemies easier. During this playthrough, you will get all story related trophies. The game does have a nifty NG+ as well as being able to continue to play after you beat the last boss. To do this though, you MUST click continue NOT NG+. When you hit continue, you are able to run through all the areas and continue collecting your collectibles and finish up side missions.

I would suggest keeping track of which collectibles you have obtained already so that you are not exploring areas that you don't need too.

Before you do hit NG+, make sure you have complete these three trophies
  • GnoMad
  • Abracadabra
  • The Secondary Adventure
as if you don't, you will need to complete the whole game over again. Which isn't so bad if you start on Normal as you need an Apocalyptic run as well.

Playthrough Two:
Now start your game on Apocalyptic with NG+. The only things that do carry over are your stats, weapons and skills. Run through the game again and beat the story. If you happen to have clicked NG+ without collecting all the stones, pages and gnomes, you will need to find them ALL again.

Clean Up:
If you choose to continue instead of new game plus, this is the time to get your collectibles and all after you beat the story. This is also the time to get some of the miscellaneous trophies you may have not got when running through the story. This is also the best time to do the Arbiters Maze and the Crucible.


Unlock Everything

Crow Carrion
Defeat the Crowfather

Story Related. Can not be missed.
The Crowfather is also known as the Keeper of Secrets. He is the first *boss* per say you will fight. You will find him at the top of the Veil. You will first be in a dialogue with him and he will then disappear. Soon your *brother* War comes out and engage you in battle. Fight and defeat him.

Wars Attacks:
  • Heavy Sword hits. Avoid these by dodging out of the way by pressing and moving in any direction.
  • Special ability - massive swords coming from the ground. You will know he is about to do this when he starts blocking. Once he starts blocking, jump out of the way and away from him.
  • Locked Swords - When you lock swords with War, tap the button on the screen.
When you have defeated War, you will be in a dialogue with the Crowfather again. Approach him and hit the action button to kill him.

Crowfather Fight - Apocalyptic Difficulty

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Dust to Dust
Defeat the Guardian

Story Related. Can not be missed.
To start the Guardian Fight, you must first find the Three Heart Stones to place back inside the Guardian. The first two take some time to move around and locate how to release them. Once you make the two of them drop, Karn will carry them back to the Guardian, in which this path is pretty straight forward. The Third stone, however, is pretty simple to get too, but it is corrupted. As you walk back to return it to the Guardian, it will corrupt a Custodian, which will make him attack you.

Tips to beat Corrupted Custodian:
  1. Hit the Custodian with combos. Try not to do long combo's so that you can have time to evade his blows.
  2. The Custodian has two main attacks. One is he will clap his hands in front, which is easily evaded if you just dodge to the side. The second attack is a bit harder, which is the spinning attack. This attack does a lot of damage to you so try to avoid it. He will usually do the spinning attack after 2-3 clap attacks. Hit him with some combo's then quickly run away from him when you see him start the spinning attack.
  3. Use the Deathgrip to quickly get to him and perform some combo's.
With the Custodian gone, you will now head back to the Guardian. When the third stone is added, the Guardian will wake up and climb over the edge. You must now go and find him. Travel through Tri-stone into the open field where you will find the Guardian.

The Guardian Fight
Phase I:
One the Guardians left arm, you will see some yellow bombs. Wait for the Guardian to attack by slamming his weapon down to shoot the bombs with your Redemption. His arm will fall apart, exposing the Heart Stone. Go over to the heart stone and use the Deathgrip to get up to the stone. Hit it three times before you fall down and redo the process. The second time you do this, you will destroy the stone. This will disable his right arm.

Phase II:
This a bit more time consuming then the previous phase. This time, the Guardian will shoot out big, yellow, spiked covered orbs. You will want to shoot it a few times with your Redemption until it is ALMOST destroyed. At this point you want to ride Despair between the Guardians legs to make the Orb hit the Guardian. This will bring the Guardian down, but not for a long time. Ride over to the lower arm and use your wall run to run up the arm. Jump off of the two pegs to the wooden beam and slide down to its end. Look around for the Heart Stone and then jump to it, using the Deathgrip to grab a hold of it. Attack it a few times before you fall off. Do this enough times to destroy the stone.

Guardian Fight - Apocalyptic Difficulty

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Clipped Wings
Defeat Archon

You will find this boss at the end of Stains of Heresy. Archon has the Rod of Arafel, so he is not a boss to take lightly with. His hits are powerful and will cause a lot of damage, so be on guard and dodge when you can. Archon can withstand a lot of attacks, so use all the skills and combo's you can. The Archon performs several attacks that you need to watch out for.

Archon will commonly take flight. When he is in the air, he will have a protective shield up to prevent you from hitting him. You will need to just dodge his attacks and wait for him to lower his shield.

Rod of Arafel:
When Archon lowers his shield, this usually means he is gathering energy with the Rod of Arafel. At this time, use the Deathgrip to Archon, where you can unleash some combos on him.

Crashing Down:
After some time, Archon will come crashing down sending out a powerful shock wave. Leap and dodge this shock wave. If you need to stay in the air for a bit, perform some mid air combat moves to postpone you hitting the ground.

After you have hit him in the air a few times, he will be stunned. This is the perfect time to go in close for some strong hits. Soon it will prompt you to hit in which you will cut Archon's wings off.

Ground Fight:
Once Archon is forced to stay on the ground, avoid his powerful attacks, while trying to get in close enough to attack him yourself. When you see the Archon start to block, this is your clue to hurry and dodge backwards before Archon hits you.

Corruption Wings:
When Archon is close to dying, he will grow Corruption wings and take to the sky one last time. Dodge his charges and use the Deathgrip to close in on him. Again, when he starts to block, dodge out of his way before he attacks you and dodge again when he charges at you. Keep doing this technique until he is finished off.
Archon Fight - Apocalyptic Difficulty

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It's Not Over
Defeat Samael

Samael is found in The Lord of Black Stone. He comes in two phases. He is a strong boss and his hits are powerful.

Phase I:
Samael will come from his throne and attack. He tends to transport a lot, so keep focus on him and evade when he comes. Use your skills and combos on him when he is on the ground. When he takes some damage, he will return to his throne and send out some fire orbs. Evade them or go to the left or right and hide behind one of the pillars.

Samael will again come back and attack. Keep focus on him and get him with your combos and skills once more. Again, when he takes some damage he will return to his throne and send out more fire orbs. Hide or evade them once more.

He will return once more and attack with his transporting. Combo and skills. He does have one random attack he uses every so often, which is the shockwave. The moment you see him lift his leg, evade backwards away from it.

Now he will return to his throne, and you will need to go over to the throne and hit him a few times. A cut scene will activate and you will need to press when told to so that you can avoid Samael's attack.

Phase II:
Samael's attacks are a lot strong this time around. Evade his attacks as best as possible and hit him with some combos and your skills. The first time his health gets damaged a bit, he will sit in his throne and spots of fire will appear on the ground. Run around and evade these spots. Use the same technique as before when he gets off his throne until he sits down again with more fire spots. This time the fire spots are more frequent, so keep evading. When he gets up, combo him and use your skills. If you can, use your Reaper Form as well to pile on some damage.

Samael Fight - Apocalyptic Difficulty

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Soul Crushing
Defeat the Wailing Host

This boss fight is found at the end of The City of the Dead. This boss is gigantic and powerful.

Phase I:
The Wailing Host likes to attack by slamming his arms down with his fist then swinging his arms back and forth. Dodge the fist and watch for the arms. The first swipe with the arms will hit you if you are to close, as the next swipe will hit you if you are to far. So when he swipes the first time, dodge backwards then quickly dodge forward before he swipes them again. When you are in close enough, take some hits on the giant. Sometimes, the Wailing Host will smash the ground with his forearms instead of his fist. In this case, simply dodge out of the way then close in for some hits.

Phase II:
Periodically, the Wailing Host will vanish, sending out some ghostly skeletons. This is a good time to refill your wrath and health a bit. Once all the skeletons are gone, the Wailing Host will make his appearance again. When he reappears, use the same strategies as you did during Phase I. Soon the Wailing Host will collapse, in which you need to finish him off now.

Wailing Host Fight - Apocalyptic Difficulty

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The Big Boss
Defeat Absalom

This is the last boss you will fight. Surprisingly, he is a bit of a joke compared to the others you have fought.

Phase I:
Absalom with run at you and when he gets close enough, he will swing at you. Simply avoid the attacks and run away from him. Use your skills here as well. Sometimes he will jump at you from across the arena, so dodge to the side and he will get caught in the ground. This is the time to lay some damage on him. When his health gets low, he will fall to one knee, so run over and press

Phase II:
Basically the same as before. Use the same technique to get his health down. He has a few more attacks that you can easily dodge out of the way. When his health again gets low enough, he will fall to one knee. Go over to him and press again.

Phase III:
Now he is a little bit mad, so his attacks are a bit more dangerous. When you see him raise his sword, watch for the black bomb things to come out, and avoid them. Sometimes he will send out some vines to hold you. When you get caught in them, rapidly press to get out before Absalom comes over. When he lunges out you, lay on your attacks. Don't forget to use your Reaper Form on him.
Absalom Fight - Apocalyptic Difficulty

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A Stroll In The Demonic Park
Complete the game on any difficulty setting

See A True Horseman for more details.

Four My Brother
Complete the game on NORMAL

See A True Horseman for more details.

A True Horseman
Complete the game on APOCALYPTIC

If you choose to start the game on APOCALYPTIC difficulty, you will receive A Stroll In The Demonic Park and Four My Brother because the difficulty trophies stack. Starting the game on APOCALYPTIC will be harder as you won't have any of your upgraded weapons or armor, so do keep that in mind. You will also need more grinding time to level up yourself as well as some of your weapons.

On first use of Fast Travel

You will first learn to use Fast Travel when you have completed the Fire Mountain. This nifty way of traveling will make it easier to get back to the Tri-Stone as well as any place you have been want to go back too.

Hit and then over to the map. Move the right analog stick over to the area you would like to travel to and then hit
to Fast Travel.

The Spectral Touch
Collect Deathgrip

Story Related. Can not be missed.
You will find the Death Grip in area 9 of Heart of the Mountain - The Foundry. Area 9 is the Chasm Cavern. As you enter the area, Karn will throw you across the way to a ledge. Defeat the enemies that appear before you drop down the ledge to find the chest containing the Dungeon Map. When you find the map you will know you are close to the Death Grip. Go back up the ledge and head to the North. Go through the doors to find a strange item in chains. Hit the item a few times to reveal the Death Grip.

I Can Has Cake?
Collect the Voidwalker

Story Related. Can not be missed.
You will receive the Voidwalker near the end of your adventure inn Stains of Heresy. The Voidwalker is used to activate portals found in the areas. You fire the Voidwalker at one portal, and find another one nearby to fire at as well. The longer you hold down the shoot button, the more force the portal has behind it. Only two portals can be opened at a single time.

Tearing Time A New One
Collect the Phasewalker

Story Related. Can not be missed.
You will receive the Phasewalker inside the Black Stone once you have talked with Lilith. The Phasewalker is an upgraded version of the Voidwalker. Now you will be able to open Green time portals in addition to the blue warp portals. Just aim the Phasewalker at a time portal to open it and travel to the past and present.

Looks Familiar
Collect Redemption

Story Related. Can not be missed.
You will receive Redemption once you have complete the Fire Mountain and returned to the Tri-Stone. Within the Fire Mountain you will come across an arena where you will see a Stalker being attacked by Construct Warriors. *tip* if you stand there for a bit, the Construct Warriors will weaken the Stalker. Head into the fight now to destroy the Stalker and Warriors. When the Stalker is destroyed he will drop the STALKER BONE. If you remember, this is one of the items that Alya, one of the Makers at Tri-Stone, asked you to bring back to her. Head back to the Tri-Stone and talk with Alya. When you give her the Stalker Bone, she will reward you with Redemption, a powerful pistol that belonged to your brother Strife at one point.

Death Will Tear Us Apart
Collect the Soul Splitter

Story Related. Can not be missed.
The Soul Splitter is a upgraded version of the Interdiction basically. You will be given the Soul Splitter once you complete a quest given to you by The Lord of Bones. The Soul Splitter allows you to split your soul in half, basically into two mirror images. This will help you with some of them harder puzzles and get to areas you could not before. If you get to far from you physical body, Soul Splitter will deactivate, and you will go back to just one physical person.

By Your Command
Collect the Interdictor Stone

This is story related and can not be missed.
Once you have beaten the boss Gnashor in the arena, head back to the Dead King's Court. After talking to him a bit, you will receive the Interdiction Stone.

The Triple Lindy
Complete three different high dives in The Foundry

As you enter the room with the second Guardian Heart stone, look to the left and jump into the water. Swim over to the wall with the overgrowth on it and climb up. Turn left at the top and go to the end of the passage where you will see a balcony. Jump of the balcony into the water. Climb back up and jump off the middle balcony then one more time to the balcony at the bottom.

Here is a video of the spots.

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Fire of the Mountain
Complete Fire of the Mountain

Story Related. Can not be missed.

This will be the first quest you will need to complete for the Makers. To get to the area needed, you will need to pass through Stonefather's Vale, The Weeping Crag, Baneswood, then the Charred Pass to reach the Cauldron. When you reach the entrance of the Cauldron, you will see a Maker in a battle with some Construct Warriors. Help the Maker Karn fight, and he will tell you about the Cauldron. There is a total of 14 areas in the Cauldron that you will need to pass through.

Area 7 in the Cauldron brings you to area where you will witness a Stalkers being attacked by some Constructs. Stand back a bit and let the Constructs weaken the Stalker, then make your move. When you defeat the Stalker you will get the Stalker Bone, in which you need for Muria's side quest.

Area 13 is a Boss Battle.
Gharn is a giant who is defending the area, and you will need to defeat him to pass through the North Door.
Battle Tips: Gharn covers a lot of area with his charge attack. This attack can deal out some damage, so when you see the giant lift his one arm up, dodge the attack. After you dodge, go in for some combos on the giant. Occasionally Gharn will fall to one knee. This is the perfect chance to close in and get some combo hits in. Watch for when Gharn is about to get up though, because if you do not back out of the way, you will be caught in his explosive attack, dealing you quite a bit of damage.


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Area and Items

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After you have completed the Mountain, head back to Tri-Stone (Use fast travel) and speak with the Maker Alya.

Tears of the Mountain
Complete Tears of the Mountain

Story Related. Can not be missed.
This will be the second quest the Makers send you on. Now that you have brought the fire back, you must now bring the Tears back. Now that you have the pistol Redemption, head out into the Stonefather's Vale, and open the gate to the West. To get to the entrance of where the Tears are, you must head through the Shadow Gorge and The Fjord to reach the Drenchfort.


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Area and Items:

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Area 12
is the Boss Battle Karkinos. This is the final fight before the Tears are released.
When you enter the room, walk up to the ball and press to roll it then to push it into the stump in the middle. This will awaken the Karkinos. Karkinos will usually rear back, scream and charge at you. Dodge the attack and when it hits the wall a ball falls down. Be fast, as the Karkinos is down and the ball will hatch into an Earth Crag. Go over to the ball and push it into the Karkinos. Upon impact it will hatch, so kill the Earth Crag, then start hitting the Karkinos. When it awakens, watch out as it often jumps up and slams down releasing a shockwave. Jump over the shockwave and redo the previous attack. After about two or three attacks with the ball, the Karkinos will go into the middle of the arena and go under ground. When under ground, it will send out Red spots. Just avoid them by evading.

Head back to the Tri-Stone after defeating Karkinos.

Find all the Gnomes

There are a total of 4 Gnomad Gnomes that you need to find.

Gnome One:
  • Location - City of the Dead - Area 16: Northwest Balcony
  • Behind the rotating hand hold, there is a secret passage in which the Gnome is hidden.
Gnome Two:
  • Location - Ivory Citadel - Area 13: West Tower
  • After you have purified the pool on top of the West Tower, the Gnome is in the passage filled with Corruption ooze.
Gnome Three:
  • Location - The Weeping Crag - Area 5: Forgotten Treasury
  • In the Treasure Room's Northern waters, dive down to find the hidden underwater passage in which the Gnome is hidden.
Gnome Four:
  • Location - The Black Stone - Area 6: West Wing (Present, Third visit)
  • Open the locked door in the past the reenter the Great Foyer. Go down the hand holds on the north wall to reach the ledge below. Head through the portal to the present and go back to the North Wall. Go through the door to the West to find the Gnome.
Video of locations

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To Move A Mountain
Complete To Move a Mountain

Story Related. Can not be missed.

This quest takes place in two different areas, The Nook and The Lost Temple.

The Nook

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Enemies in The Nook

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Temple Path
Just a small pathway between the Nook and the Lost Temple

The Lost Temple

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Enemies in the Lost Temple

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Area 14 is the Boss Battle Construct Hulk.
Stay away from the Construct Hulk as he pounds the ground hard. You will notice as he does this, small bombs drop. Pick one up and quickly throw it at him. When it explodes on him, he will fall to the ground. When on the ground lesser construct warriors come out. Focus on hitting the Hulk with lots of combos and powerful attacks. When he gets up, he will be furious and continue to pound the ground, occasionally sending out shock waves. Jump over them and repeat the bomb throw.

Heart of the Mountain
Complete Heart of the Mountain

Story Related. Can not be missed.
This will be your fourth you will need to complete. This is the last quest before The Tree of Life an your battle with the Guardian.

Area and Items

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  • Corrupted Construct Warrior
    • Minion
    • They have incredible strength and relentless attacks.

  • Corrupter Construct Champion
    • Brute
    • They attack with much power and can withstand a lot of damage.

  • Corrupted Construct Adjunct
    • Minion
    • Powerful ranged attacks and resilient durability.

  • Nightmare Prowler
    • Minion
    • More vicious then other prowlers, they attack more often. They can absorb more damage as well.

  • Noxious Stinger
    • Fodder
    • A bit more dangerous then other stingers.

After finding the third heart stone, you will need to fight a boss, Corrupted Custodian.

Tips to beat Corrupted Custodian:
  • Hit the Custodian with combos. Try not to do long combo's so that you can have time to evade his blows.
  • The Custodian has two main attacks. One is he will clap his hands in front, which is easily evaded if you just dodge to the side. The second attack is a bit harder, which is the spinning attack. This attack does a lot of damage to you so try to avoid it. He will usually do the spinning attack after 2-3 clap attacks. Hit him with some combo's then quickly run away from him when you see him start the spinning attack.
  • Use the Deathgrip to quickly get to him and perform some combo's.
With the Custodian gone, you will now head back to the Guardian. When the third stone is added, the Guardian will wake up and climb over the edge. You must now go and find him. Travel through Tri-stone into the open field where you will find the Guardian.

After the Guardian is awoken, travel back to the Tri-Stone to complete Heart of the Mountain.

Tree of Life
Complete Tree of Life

Story Related. Can not be missed.

This will pop up as soon as you get to the Tree of Life after defeating the Guardian. See Dust to Dust on how to defeat the Guardian.

The Lord of Bones
Complete The Lord of Bones

Story Related. Can not be missed.
You will get this trophy for finding the Eternal Throne and talking to the Chancellor.
The Lord of Bones is found in The Kingdom of the Dead within the Eternal Throne. You can not talk with him just yet. You must first complete the Chancellors quest which involves you to go into the arena and bring back the skull of the beast. You must travel through The Toll of Kings - Gilded Arena. You have to collect the Three Animus Stones and bring them to the arena to call out the beast. See Complete The Toll of Kings

The Toll of Kings
Complete The Toll of Kings

Story Related. Can not be missed.

You must travel through The Toll of Kings - Gilded Arena. You have to collect the Three Animus Stones and bring them to the arena to call out the beast.

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After finding the arena, you will need to travel through the passages to find the first Animus Stone.

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Once you have found the first Animus Stone, head back to the Arena where you will use the Deathgrip to get to the head of the statue to place the stone. Then head out through another passage for the second stone.

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Just like the first stone, when you find the second stone, head back to the arena to place the stone on the statue. Head back out one more time to find the third Animus Stone.

Toggle Spoiler

With the last stone in hand, head back to the arena to place it on the statue. With the final stone in place, the beast finally shows itself.

Boss Battle: Ghashor
Phase I:
The Ghashor is a worm like creature who is tunneling underground. Watch it and wait for it come out and quickly use the Deathgrip on its face. It will fall down. Quickly go over to it and pull out some combos on it. It will soon rise and head back underground. It will sometimes come out, and spin like a wheel so dodge out of the way. When it comes out again, use the Deathgrip again then hit it with some combos.

Phase II:
You will notice a pile of armor sitting to the side. Well, this is the time where you see it being used. The Ghashor now equips all that armor to itself making it stronger and bigger. Use the Deathgrip to get close to it and hit it with some combos. Avoid it when it takes the worm thing in hand and slams it to the ground. Strike hard at its feet until it collapse. It does periodically gain health, so just keep at it.

Phase III:
After some damage, Ghashor will be helpless, and this is your chance to get a lot of hits in.

You will now receive the Golden Skull in which you now need to bring back to the Chancellor who is waiting at the Eternal Throne. He has no choice but to let you in to see the Lord of Bones.

The Court of Bones
Defeat Basileus

The Boss Battle with Basileus also happens to be a fight with Achidna (a side quest by Thane). The two will fight alone, then together, then separate, then together again, so be on guard. This battle takes place in the Court of Bone III.

Phase I:
The first attacks by Basileus are random and hard to predict, so you must be on guard and ready to dodge fast. Quickly go in for some fast attacks, then dodge fast out of the way. The skill Unstoppable comes in handy during this fight if you have it unlocked.

Phase II:
After losing some health, Basileus calls upon Achidna, a giant spider, for help. Don't be to alarmed with Achidna, because, although she is big in size, her attacks are not as powerful as Basileus. Achidna will jump up and slam back down, so dodge out of the way before she slams down on you. Jump and avoid her strikes at you while you look for an opening to strike yourself. When you find this opening, go in for some damage.

Phase III:
After some time and damage, you will soon separate the two of them, leaving Basileus on the ground to fight you alone. Don't think Achidna isn't around, as she will, from time to time, slam down on the ground. Simply listen for her chittering so that you can avoid the attack. Basileus is still fast with his attacks, so try and dodge out of the way before he hits you. Use your skills you have obtained as well as Reaper Form to do some major damage.

Phase IIII:
After some more damage is dealt, and Basileus only has a little health left, he will call Achidna one last time. Go on the defense and finish off Achidna before she lands any attacks on you. Once she is down for good, Basileus will surround.

Basileus Fight - Apocalyptic Difficulty

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The Book of the Dead
Complete The Book of the Dead

There are a total of 40 Book of the Dead pages you will need to find. These are scattered through out the land. Check every corner, under water and every room.
Video of all page locations

Toggle Spoiler

Number Location Details
1 Forge Lands (Overworld) - Stonefather's Vale Go over to the Northeast corner of the area.
2 Forge Lands (Overworld) - Baneswood (East) Go behind the East Ruin Statue.
3 Cauldron - Area 11 - Orb Room 2 Where you find the second orb, go into the little nook.
4 Cauldron - Area 14 - Cauldron Chamber - East Balcony Near the crank where you restore the Fire to the Mountain, it is inside a crate
5 Drenchfort - Area 3 - Great Aqueduct Use your wall run on the wall to the north and look behind the big statue.
6 Drenchfort - Area 9 - West Tear Duct After you flood the area, go to the Northern area and look inside the duct.
7 Shattered Forge In the area where you fight the Construct Sentinel, smash all the jars.
8 Lost Temple - Area 10 - Upper Custodian Hold After you have solved the Custodian Puzzle, go beyond the gate in the South Corridor.
9 Lost Temple - Area 12 - Orb Junction Cross the beams and go into the high nook.
10 Foundry - Area 9 - Chasm Cavern Once you have obtained the Deathgrip, enter the chasm's lower passage and head over to the ledge.
11 Weeping Crag - Area 8 - Submerged Staircase Once you have defeated the Stalker, go up the stairs then wall room to find the passage to find the page on a high ledge.
12 Nook - Area 3 - Lower Courtyard On the West wall, use the Deathgrip to go across. Destroy the Corruption Crystal to find the page.
13 Glided Arena - Area 1 - Exterior Pier On the North end, where Ostegoth's was standing.
14 Glided Arena - Area 12 - West Wing, West Statue Rotate the statue to raise the bridge to the West.
15 Phariseer's Tomb - Area 4 - Hall of Worship Behind the Statue, hidden in the back.
16 Phariseer's Tomb - Area 7 - Pillar Pit After you have extended the lower bridge, use the Deathgrip on the wall to the West.
17 Kingdom of the Dead (Overworld) - Spine On the East lookout of the stone bridge.
18 Judicator's Tomb - Area 8 - East Wing After Deathgripping to the Phariseer, go to the passage and in the north end will be the page.
19 Judicator's Tomb - Area 10 - East Tower In the middle of the tower, climb up the rest spot and Deathgrip the page from the near by broken staircase.
20 Judicator's Tomb - Area 12 - Stairwell After you are up that stairs, circle the balcony to find the page near the railing in the South.
21 Forge Land (Overworld) - Fjord (East Keep) Use the soulsplitter on the two plates to get the page.
22 City of the Dead - Area 2 - Champion Square In the Southeast corner.
23 City of the Dead - Area 7 - Rotating Bridge To the right of the crank on the South balcony.
24 City of the Dead - Area 4 - Statue Room (Revisited) After putting the lantern on the statue, spin it to the south to open the south passage.
25 City of the Dead - Area 19 - Burial Passages Near the entrance, break all crates for the page.
26 Lostlight (Overworld) Search the ruin to the right before crossing the stone bridge.
27 Scar (Before Earth) After you have reach the chest with the Skeleton Key, turn around, wall run and reach the other ledge with the page.
28 Earth - Area 2 - Northern Streets By the red corruption crystal on the way to area 3.
29 Earth - Area 4 - Subway Station Once you have the Staff of Arafel, you will need to Deathgrip the page from high up on the pipe in the stairwell.
30 Earth - Area 5 - Southern Streets (entry tunnel) In the south streets, you will find the page near the sewer gates in the east.
31 Earth - Area 6 - Noss Ambush Right before you drop into the plaza, the page is inside the building.
32 Earth - Area 12 - Overpass, lower area In the lower overpass area, look between a car and the wall.
33 Ivory Citadel - Area 13 - West Tower Enter the tower and go out to the south to find the page near a web of corruption.
34 Ivory Citadel - Area 17 - North Courtyard Near the north Holy Fire Node, it is by the west ledge.
35 Forge Land (Overworld) - Fjord (Vulgrim's area) Destroy the corruption crystals with the bomb, go inside the small room.
36 Shadow's Edge (Overworld) - Outer Keep On your way to The Black Stone, go to the passage on the left and climb the wall.
37 The Black Stone - Area 2 - Lilith's Chamber Near Lilith's Chamber and the ledge to the east.
38 The Black Stone (Past) - Area 5 - East Wing Climb out of the Cylindrical pit, and see the page in the corner.
39 The Black Stone (Present) - Revisited - Area 6 - West Wing In the portal side room, go to the northeast corner.
40 The Black Stone (Present) - 4th visit - Area 3 - Great Foyer Travel throw the portals to reach the nook before entering Samael's Throne.

City of the Dead
Complete City of the Dead

Story Related. Can not be missed.
This is the next quest after you complete Court of Bones III. The Lord of Bones opens up a new power within you to allow you to explore The City of the Dead.

Areas and Items

Toggle Spoiler

  • Tormentor
    • Brute
    • Fast and mean. Strike with their massive hook arm followed by a shoulder charge.

  • Abomination
    • Brute
    • Slow, but hit with numerous ranged shots. They also have venomous puke as well as an aura of poison.

At the end of the quest, you will run into the boss The Wailing Host. Please see Soul Crushing for details on how to defeat him.

The Root of Corruption
Opening The Well Of Souls

Story Related. Can not be missed.
This is your final quest, as well as your final boss. After completing The Lord of the Black Stone and collecting both the Angel and Demon keys, you will unlock the Tree of Death's door and enter the Well of Souls.

Final Boss Avatar of Chaos

Phase I:
The avatar of Chaos has a massive axe the he uses to deliver massive blows and makes it very hard to evade. Go on the offensive and dodge the axe while hitting him with some major combos and skills. Keep doing this and before long the Avatar of Chaos will fall to one knee. When he is on his knee, this is the perfect chance for you to move in and start piling on the damage. Soon it will prompt you to hit to try and perform a kill shot.

Phase II:
After your failed attempt to kill the Avatar of Chaos, the whole battle changes. Now the Avatar is covered in Thick vines of corruption and throws out some heavy blows that are insanely difficult to evade. Try hard to evade the blows while moving in for some heavy blows yourself. Again, he will fall to one knee when enough damage has been delivered and you will try for your kill shot again.

Phase III:
Again, the kill shot does not work, but it does weaken him a bit. At the beginning of this phase, it is the perfect time to unleash your Reaper Form for some heavy damage. During this time, the Avatar will slam the ground and send out pockets of corruption that can leave you temporarily helpless. Evade these pockets as best as you can during the phase so that your health is not in trouble. If you are caught though, press rapidly to free yourself. At every opportunity, go in and deliver some major blows to the Avatar.

You have now completed the game.

The Rod of Arafel
Complete The Rod of Arafel

Story Related. Can not be missed.
To complete the Rod of Arafel, you will need to find the three parts of the rod scattered on Earth.

Staff of Arafel
This part of the rod is found in Area 4 of Earth, The Subway Station. Kill the monstrous Suffering first, then head west and blast the demotic growth on the west wall to find the Staff of Arafel.

Eye of Arafel
This piece of the rod is found in Area 11 of Earth, Car Tunnel - North. Kill the Suffering in the tunnel and look around for the demotic growth again. Blast it out of the way to find the Eye of Arafel.

Rod of Arafel
The last piece of the rod can be found in Area 16 of Earth, Upper Bridge. Cross over the East passage to find some more demotic growth. Collect the last piece behind the growth to complete the Rod of Arafel.

The trophy will pop when all three pieces have been found and put together.

Diamond Geezerton
Unlock the Final Skill in Either Skill Tree

There is a total of 33 skills all together. There are two different skill trees, The Harbinger and Necromancer. The Harbinger side has 16 skills and the Necromancer has 17.

When you purchase one skill, it will open another one up that you can purchase. If you look to the far left, there are some numbers, those are the levels you have to be at to get the skill.

You won't be able to get all of them on either side until you have reached level 20. You must purchase all on one side to get the trophy, you can not simply unlock it. You don't need to upgrade it, just purchase it with the skill points you get.

Mass Ruckus
Equip Elite items to all slots

Elite items are the items with purple names. You can find these items easily through out the game in chest or dropped by enemies. If you can't find something by chance, simply find one of the vendors around and see if they have one. You need to fill all seven slots. This consist of your Scythes, Secondary Weapons, Shoulders, Armor, Gloves, Boots, and Talisman slots. You need to make sure all seven slots have purple named item equipped of this trophy will not pop.

Stains of Heresy
Complete Stains of Heresy

Story Related. Can not be missed.
This is the next area you will explore.
Area and Items

Toggle Spoiler

  • Ayfid
    • Soldier
    • Flying creatures that glow before unleashing their far-reaching strikes.

  • Corrupted Champion
    • Soldier
    • Powerful sword strikes and dive attacks with shockwave that follows.

Boss Battle: Jamaerah the Scribe
You can try to run in and hit Jamaerah, but he will rebel with a powerful lashing of a tentacle. Instead, look around and notice all the portals on the wall and ground. Keep your distance and open one portal on the ground and one portal across the room on the wall.

When you see Jamaerah glow golden, he is about to unleash a powerful energy blast. As soon as you see him turning gold, stand next to a portal you have opened, and evade into the portal before the blast gets you. The blast will go through the portal and hit Jamaerah from the back.

Soon Jamaerah will be stunned be his own attacks. This is the perfect chance for you to move in and lay some combos on him to rid his health. After dealing some damage to Jamaerah will go into the air, build up some power and come slamming down on the ground. Jump and avoid the shockwave that comes after the crash. Jamaerah will summon a few corrupted angels, so quickly take them out before you continue to work on Jamaerah.

When Jamaerah is near death, he will take to the air one last time, opening a portal below him. Charge up the Voidwalker and shoot any of the upper portals then open the one below him. Make sure to change to the Deathgrip and jump in the portal below Jamaerah. When you come shooting out the other portal, quickly deathgrip the scribe and do some mid air combos. Repeat this until Jamaerah is defeated.

The Mad Queen
Complete The Mad Queen

Story Related. Can not be missed.

This is completed by completing the Mad Queen quest. This is a quest given to you in the Shadow Forge within the Black Stone. You must talk with Lilith and she will award you with the Phasewalker. Shortly after this, the trophy should pop.

Lord of the Black Stone
Complete Lord of the Black Stone

Story Related. Can not be missed.

Toggle Spoiler

The Secondary Adventure
Complete all Secondary Quests

Thane's Side Quests
Name Objective
The Maker Warrior You must challenge and defeat Thane in a battle. You will most likely have to wait until you have finished the first quest Fire of the Mountain to defeat him.
Find and Kill Gorewood See Like a Noss for objectives and tips.
Find and Kill Bheithir See Like a Noss for objectives and tips.
Find and Kill
See Like a Noss for objectives and tips.
Find and Kill the Deposed King See Like a Noss for objectives and tips.
***The 4 quest will only be available AFTER you have completed The Maker Warrior. Thane will then tell you about the other four quest.***

Muria's Side Quests
Name Objective
Shaman's Craft You will need to find and collect three "ingredients" and return them to Muria. All three items are found inside the Cauldron. The items are The Stalker Bone, Mordant Dew and Carven Stone.
Spark of Life To start this quest, you will need to first talk t the angel Nathaniel at Lostlight. Take his scroll to the Chancellor at the Eternal Throne and then to Muria. She will then ask you to go and defeat the evil construct Ghorn in the dungeon Scar found in the Charred Pass.

Alya's Side Quest

Name Objective
The Hammer's Forge After you have restored the Mker's Forge to fully, you will get this quest. You will need to have the Deathgrip in order to complete the quest, so make sure you have it before you start. Go to the Shattered Forge and collect Valus's Lost Hammer and Splinter-Bone. Return the items back to Alya.

Vulgrim's Side Quest

Name Objective
The Book of the Dead The Book of the Dead pages are scattered through out the game. For every 10 pages you find and return to Vulgrim, he will give you a key to a Death Tomb. There are a total of 40 pages to find. See The Book of the Dead for page locations.

Blackroot's Side Quest

Name Objective
Sticks and Stones Collect all 69 stonebits from around the realms and bring them back to Blackroot. With Lure stone, you can shoot the stonebits with Redemption.

Oran's Side Quest

Name Objective
Wandering Stone With the Makers key, awaken Oran and he will tell you go and find his four limbs.
Location of limbs
  • The Fjord, along the path to Drenchfort
  • The Shadow Gorge, a bit after the watchtower gate.
  • Baneswood, just before the Charred Pass
  • The Scar, just before the dungeon's entrance.

Ostegoth's Side Quest

Name Objective
Lost Relics Collect all 30 relics from within the realms and bring them back to Ostegoth.

The Chancellor's Side Quest

Name Objective
The Chancellor's Quarry Bring the special scroll to the Eternal Throne. The Chancellor will then ask you to go through the maze and defeat the beast within. Bring back the Golden Skull to the Chancellor.

Nathaniel's Side Quest

Name Objective
The Lost Soul Deliver the scroll to the Chancellor and then to Muria in the Tri-Stone.

Uriel's Side Quest

Name Objective
Light of the Fallen Kill 10 Hellguards scattered on Earth and then return to Uriel.

Grim Reaping
Unlock Reaper Form

Story Related. Can not be missed.
To unlock Reaper Form, you will need to get up to Level 10. Once you are on Level 10, you can press + . You need to use the Reaper Form for the trophy to pop.

Bravo Old Chap
Defeat Wicked K

To get to Wicked K, you need to beat at least one section in one go. So this means 1-25, 26-50, 51-75 or 76-100. You don't need to do them all in one sitting. Once you have done one of them, you will be able to fight Wicked K.This mean you can't exit out or dying during one of the sets. After you have reached Wicked K, don't panic if he kills you as you can now fight him at anytime without having to do all the waves again.

Respec Yourself
Your First Respec

You can buy Respec from one of Vulgrim's Hideouts. Fine one of his many hideouts throughout the game and go into his shop. In his shop one of his items will be something called RESPEC. Purchase it and use it to wipe your skills clean. Once used, the trophy will pop.

Is There Anyone Else?
Complete The Crucible

There are 100 waves of the Crucible. To unlock the Crucible you must first defeat the Guardian and receive an anonymous tome message. Visit the closest tome (in Tri-Stone) to get the special invitations to the Crucible.

To unlock each set of 25 waves, you need to have the 4 Tarot Cards
  • The Fool
    • Unlock waves 1-25
    • Obtained by defeating the Guardian

  • The Emperor
    • Unlocks waves 26-50
    • Obtained by defeating the Wailing Host

  • Strength
    • Unlocks waves 51-75
    • Defeat Samael

  • The Devil
    • Unlocks waves 76-100
    • Advance Death to level 25

The other Tarot cards you will need to collect are
  • Death
    • Unlocks wave 101 - Boss Wicked K
    • Beat waves 1-100 in a single visit

  • The World
    • Bragging rights!
    • Defeat Wicked Killington in wave 101

The Crucible is now set into different stages based on the Tarot Cards.
  • Stage 1:
    • Recommended Level: 15-20
    • Waves: 25

  • Stage 2:
    • Recommended Level: 20-25
    • Waves: 25

  • Stage 3:
    • Recommended Level: 25-30
    • Waves: 25

  • Stage 4:
    • Recommended Level: 30
    • Waves: 25

Like a Noss
Defeat the FOUR creatures named by Thane

After you have defeated Thane in a battle in the Tri-Stone, a side quest opens. Thane will ask you to find and defeat 4 beast to become a great warrior. These four beast are not easy and take some skill to defeat.

Name Location Reward Suggested Level Attack
Bheithir The Nook Bheithir Talons 15-20 The fire attacks from this enemy are strong, so it is a lot easier to use your Reaper Form when you fight Bheithir. With Reaper Form, this fight is quite easy.
Gorewood The Weeping Crag - Go beyond the Stalkers Den to the Vale. Gorewood Maul 10-15 He has very powerful attacks, so it is recommended to keep dodging his attacks and performs combos when the time is right.
The Deposed King Lair of the Deposed King Scepter of the Deposed King 20+ This guy is tough. He has several attacks and can only really be harmed the most when his staff is stock in the ground. When he raises it up, quickly dodge the attack so that you do not get frozen, then lay the attacks on him. Keep doing this over and over while using some skills.
Achidna The Pyschameron Achidna Fangs 15-20 See Court of Bones for details.

Open all Death Tombs

There are 4 Death Tombs that you will need to unlock. Each one requires a key to open them up and each key can be awarded to you for every 10 pages of the Book of the Dead that you bring back to Vulgrim.

Video of Tomb locations

Toggle Spoiler

Name Location Special Item
Death Tomb I The Nook - on the exterior trail. Go to the Lost Temple then head South where you will find the Tomb door. Blade Master Talisman
Death Tomb II Lair of the Deposed King - Enter the Lair and head down the long, spiraling staircase to find the Tomb at the bottom. Demonheart Talisman
Death Tomb III Lostlight - Along the main trail, look between the Tree of life and Crystal Spire halfway down the trail. Hoardseeker Talisman
Death Tomb IIII Shadow's Edge - Just South of the Black Stone you will see the entrance. Spear of Storms

Collect all Ostegoth's Relics

There are a total of 30 Relics you will need to find.
Video of Relic locations

Toggle Spoiler

15 Relics of Etu-Goth
  • Kingdom of the Dead - Leviathan's Gorge
    • Northeast of the bridge, near the edge of the cliff.

  • Lair of the Deposed King: Area 3 - Main Ruin
    • Drop from the broken stairs and turn around.

  • Gilded Arena: Area 13 - Broken Stairwell II
    • Go to the third section of the stairs

  • Eternal Throne
    • Behind the Throne

  • Kingdom of the Dead - Sentinel's Gaze
    • Next to the torch once you climb up to the bomb pod.

  • Phariseer's Tomb: Are 6 - Room of Pillars
    • In the Northwest inside a crate.

  • Kingdom of the Dead - Spine
    • Near the edge of the cliff by the Arbiter's maze.

  • Judicator's Tomb: Area 8 - East Wing
    • Pull the lever and scale the wall to the right. Drop from the final hand hold to the passage.

  • Psychameron: Area 7 - Path of Shadows
    • As you cross the bridge you will see it on the landing.

  • City of the Dead: Area 9 - Wraith Gates
    • Across from the lever on the south wall.

  • Lostlight - Path to Crystal Spire
    • Near Vulgrim in the brush.

  • Earth: Area 17 - Hotel
    • In the entry, in the hole in the wall across from the chest.

  • Ivory Citadel: Area 13 - West Tower
    • Purify the water and follow the north aqueduct. Drop down to the lower channel and behind the waterfall.

  • Ivory Citadel: Area 19 - Portal Platforms
    • As you enter the room behind the statue.

  • The Black Stone: Area 7 - West Wing (Past, Revisited)
    • In the south room behind the bomb pod in the southeast corner.

10 Relics of Renagoth
  • Gilded Arena: Area 5 - Arena
    • Climb the east wall until you reach the upper balcony. Use the Deathgrip to get to the other side.

  • Leviathan's Gorge - West Valley
    • By the edge of the west cliff, behind a rock and vines.

  • Kingdom of the Dead - Spine
    • East of the Judicator's Tomb, by the east tower near the edge.

  • Psychameron: Area 5 - Puzzling Passages (West)
    • Once you have the skeleton key, deathgrip to the upper ledge.

  • City of the Dead: Area 3 - Central Plaza
    • Near the closed door that leads to the final battle.

  • Lostlight - Crystal Spire Grounds
    • In the east nook.

  • Earth: Area 4 - Subway Station
    • Go North of where you found the Staff of Arafel, and it's behind some red corruption crystals.

  • Earth: Area 5 - Southern Streets
    • In the northwest dead end, behind a car.

  • Ivory Citadel: Area 10 - East Aqueduct
    • Purify the water on top of the East Tower and follow the aqueduct. Drop down two times and turn around to look through the waterfall.

  • Ivory Citadel: Area 13 - West Tower
    • Near the two cranks and portal, across from the switch.

5 Relics of Khagoth
  • Kingdom of the Dead: Maw - West Valley
    • Press the switch atop the ruin and quickly climb the wall

  • Judicator's Tomb: Area 6 - West Tower
    • Search underwater

  • Ivory Citadel: Area 17 - North Courtyard
    • By the black corruption pool, behind the web of corruption.

  • Shadows Edge: Outer Keep
    • On your way to Black Stone, take the left passage and climb the wall. Reach the pressure plate and soul split. Back track to the right.

  • Shadows Edge: Death Tomb IV
    • Inside the Tomb.

I've Brought You A Gift
Complete the Arbiter's Maze

  • Level 1 - Declination
    • Secret Directions: S,E
    • Next level Directions: N,W

  • Level 2 - Apprehension
    • Secret Directions: N,N
    • Next Level Directions: E,S,N

  • Level 3 - Opposition
    • Secret Directions: N,S,E
    • Next Level Directions: W,E,N,N

  • Level 4 - Separation
    • Secret Directions: W,E,N
    • Next Level Directions: E,W,N,S

  • Level 5 - Deception
    • Secret Directions: W,N,S
    • Next Level Directions: W,W,N,E

  • Level 6 - Isolation
    • Secret Directions:E,E,E,S
    • Next Level Directions: S,E,E,N,N

  • Level 7 - Revulsion
    • Secret Directions:S,S,W,N,N
    • Next Level Directions:S,W,E,E,E

  • Level 8 - Inversion
    • Secret Directions:N,S,S,E,N
    • Next Level Directions: N,W,N,W,E

  • Level 9 - Benediction
    • Secret Directions: S,W,E,E,N
    • Next Level Directions: E,N,E,N,S

  • Level 10 - Ascension
    • Secret Directions: N,S,E,W
    • Next Level Directions: W,E,N,S,W

Items inside the Maze
  • Boatman Coin
  • Stone of Power
  • Soul Arbiter's Scroll
  • Black Demise
  • Stone of Mystics
  • Executioner's Hooks
  • Crown of the Dead
Boss battle: Soul Arbiter
Phase I:
You will find this boss on the eleventh floor of the maze. The Soul Arbiter is extremely fast, so watch his speed and evade when he comes at you. When you evade his attacks, quickly counter and hit him with some of your own combos. When the Arbiter starts to levitate in the air, quickly back away as he is about to drive his mace into the ground to deliver a massive attack.

Phase II:
When the Arbiters health has been cut down by a quarter, he will surround himself in a protective barrier. Your attacks have no effect on him now and he will not engage in combat either. This is the time you will need to focus on the enemies that surround you. Once the undead enemies have been defeated, the Arbiter will lower his shield and begin his attack once more. When his health reaches half, he will again, put up his barrier and more enemies appear. Just defeat them again to continue your fight with the Arbiter.

Phase III:
When the Arbiters health is left just at a quarter, he will summon an Undead General. The Arbiter is safe from your attacks, but you will not be so lucky. Keep your distance from the Arbiter and focus on the General. When the General falls, so will the Arbiters shield. The Arbiter is now near death, so it is time to finish him off. He will unleash powerful combo attacks, so evade and counter them with your own powerful combos. Soon you will be locked in swords with the Arbiter.

When the Arbiter is dead, you will claim the Crown of the Dead. Before leaving, go to the basement to open the chest. Exit the maze with the portal upstairs.

Death Reaches Level 30

This is going to take some time. To level up, you need to keep defeating enemies for experience. You are going o have to more than likely play on NG+ to get to level 30 as after a certain level, you will stop receiving exp. You will still receive exp from completing quest and all though. Some enemies will give you more experience then others will. Look through your armor to see which pieces give you some extra exp when worn.

Feeding Time
Level Up Your 1st Possessed Weapon

Possessed Weapons are not easily found as they are not as common as many of the other weapons you come across. Check chest and enemies drops to find one. When you have found one, go into the select menu and click on the possessed weapon. A menu will drop down so click UPGRADE. To upgrade, you take the weapons and armor you have in stock and * sacrifice* it to the possessed weapon. Up in the right corner you will see the level the possessed weapon is, how much more you need to go to upgrade and how much experience you get from each other weapon you sacrifice.

Pay It Forward
Gift An Item To A Friend

To send/receive gifts, you will need to be in the Tri-Stone area. You will notice a weird looking statue on the opposite side of Thane. It's a snake like statue known as the Ancient Tome. Walk over to it and press to access.

To send a gift:
Select an item from your inventory then press send. You will need to choose someone on your friends list with Darksiders II and just select them.

Receiving gifts:
Just hit the tab that says gifts and select which ones you would like to obtain.

All You Can Eat Buffet
Feed Blackroot all His Enchantment Stones

There are three different Stonebits you will need to find. The three are Stones of Mystic, Stones of Power and Stones of Resistance. These stones can be shot at with Redemption once Blackroot gives you the Lure Stone.
Video of all Stonebit locations

Toggle Spoiler

Stones of Mystics
  • Forge Lands: Fjord
    • On a cliff close to Blackroot.

  • Forge Lands: Stonefather's Vale
    • On the cliff right where you find a page of The Book of the Dead.

  • Forge Lands: Baneswood
    • Climb up the ruin and look across from the Chest.

  • Forge Lands: Baneswood
    • Go the North Nook cliff and look between the Northwest and the Northeast ruins.

  • Forge Lands: East Trail
    • Go to the side trail and to the ruined stoned shrine.

  • Forge Lands: East Trail
    • Behind the enclosed shrine's statue, high up on the wall.

  • Forge Lands: Charred Pass
    • When you are heading to the Cauldron, take the left trail and look up to an overhead rock.

  • Forge Lands: Charred Pass
    • Go to the Southwest ruin and go to the room right of the treasure chest.

  • Forge Lands: Shadow Gorge
    • On the entrance to the Shattered Forge, on the outside wall to the right.

  • Forge Lands: Path to Drenchfort
    • As you leave the Fjord, it is inside the cave.

  • Drenchfort: Area 3: Great Aqueduct
    • Above the South Water Canal

  • Tri-Stone
    • On the backside of the Makers Forge.

  • Nook: Area 5: Elevator Chamber
    • On the wall near the North elevator (ride up)

  • Lost Temple: Area 3: Great Hall (Revisited)
    • After you return with the Custodian, drop down in the pit in the south.

  • Weeping Crag: Area 1: Entry & Drawbridge
    • On the stone pillar beyond the draw bridge (east side)

  • Kingdom of the Dead: Serpents Peak
    • On the ceiling of the cave near Vulgrim.

  • Gilded Arena: Area 2: Stairwell
    • At the very top of the staircase heading to the arena on the statue.

  • Gilded Arena: Area 7
  • Gilded Arena: Area 9
  • Kingdom of the Dead
  • Phariseer's Tomb: Area 3:
  • Judicator's Tomb: Area 13:
  • Psychameron: Area 7
  • Boneriven: Area 3:
  • Lostlight
  • Lostlight
  • Lostlight
  • Earth: Area 1
  • Earth: Area 4
  • Earth: Area 5
  • Earth: Area 15
  • Ivory Citadel: Area 3:
  • Ivory Citadel: Area 8:
  • Soul Arbiter's Maze

Stone of Power
  • Forge Lands: Charred Pass
  • Forge Lands: Fjord (East Keep)
  • Lost Temple: Area 12 - Orb Junction
  • Weeping Crag: Area 9: Gorewood's Lair
  • Lair of the Deposed King: Area 1 - Death Tomb
  • Kingdom of the Dead: The Maw - West Valley
  • Gilded Arena: Area 10 - East Passage
  • Phariseer's Tomb: Area 7 - Pillar Pit
  • Kingdom of the Dead: Spine
  • Kingdom of the Dead: Spine - East Tower
  • Judicator's Tomb: Area 2 - Dungeon
  • Kingdom of the Dead - Sentinel's Gaze
  • City of the Dead: Area 9 - Wrath Gates
  • Lostlight - Crystal Spire Grounds
  • Scar - Before Earth
  • Earth: Area 7 - Car Tunnel-West
  • Earth: Area 17 - Hotel
  • Ivory Citadel: Area 15 - Corruption Pool - Third Floor
  • Ivory Citadel: Area 17 - North Courtyard
  • The Black Stone: Area 4 - The Great Foyer - Past, Revisited
  • The Black Stone: Area 6 - West Wing - Present, Revisited
  • The Black Stone: Area 7 - West Wing - Past, Revisited
  • Shadow's Edge - Death Tomb IV
  • Shadow's Edge - Death Tomb IV
  • Kingdom of the Dead - Soul Arbiters Maze
Stone of Resistance
  • Foundry: Area 1 - Foundry Entrance
  • Eternal Throne
  • Breach Rooftop
  • Kingdom of the Dead - Leviathan's Gorge - Underbelly
  • City of the Dead: Area 13 - Exterior Walkways
  • Earth: Area 6 - Noss Ambush
  • Ivory Citadel: Area 13 - West Tower
  • Ivory Citadel: Area 19 - Portal Platforms
  • Forge Lands - Fjord (Vulgrim Area)
  • The Black Stone: Area 5 - East Wing - Past

Full Potential
Unlock All Combat Moves & Upgrades

You can buy moves and upgrades by the two Trainers. Thane who is located in the Forge Land and Draven who is located in The Kingdom of the Dead in the Eternal Throne. Draven is a Ghastly Soldier in the center of the area. Just buy all the moves listed below from the two trainers for the trophy to pop.

Thane's Combat Moves and Upgrades
  • Scythe Attacks
    • Razor Slash
    • Harvester Spiral
    • Harvester Slam
    • Twin Cannon
    • Harvester Revenge
    • Hellraiser

  • Melee Attacks
    • Tremor Smash
    • Godfist

  • Heavy Attacks
    • Gravel Wizard
    • Painbringer

  • Other Moves
    • Meter Strike

Draven's Combat Moves and Upgrades
  • Scythe Attacks
    • Flip Saw

  • Melee Attacks
    • Rising Upper
    • Super Berserker Fury
    • Super Berserker Dive
    • Super Wind Blade
    • Super Wind Strike
    • Super Sidewinder
    • Super Seismic Hammer
    • Super Fortress Blast
    • Super Fortress Smash

  • Heavy Attacks
    • Widowmaker
    • Riftbreaker
    • Super Rock Breaker
    • Super Rock Crusher
    • Super Grand Slam
    • Super Moonshot
    • Super Tempest
    • Super Tornado
    • Super Knight Spear
    • Super Dragonslayer

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