Trophy Difficulty: 7/10
Approx. Time for Completion: 15-25 Hours
Trophy Kind: Offline only
Playthroughs Needed: 1 (Recommended: 2)


Original Box Art before release below.

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Life has always been a story of Heaven vs. Hell, it happens everyday beyond what we can comprehend with our eyes. Now they have come out of their very own realms to finally battle for Earth itself. Will we survive or will we die out and have a catastrophic ending to our own history?

Story of Darksiders

War of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; which consist of Strife, War, Fury, and Death; is framed for beginning the Apocalypse too soon on earth. Mankind is now extinct and the other three horsemen are nowhere to be found, thus, the Charred Council strip War of his divinity and power. As 100 years pass after the Apocalypse, the council allows him to return to earth and clear his name. War now seeks to avenge his punishment by finding the one who framed him. As the battle between Heaven and Hell continues, War has to fight both angels and demons to get answers. The angels believe War is guilty and the demons just purely hate any living thing but themselves so they constantly see War as a threat.

Intro Trailer- 3 Kingdoms

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[top]Tips and Battle Strategies

Types of Souls:
Green Souls- Raise health
Yellow Souls- Raise Wrath Power for special wrath moves
Blue Souls- Allow you to purchase weapons, upgrades, items, and abilities through Vulgrims shop.
See Death Dealer above

* Kill any ravens (black birds) you see because they give green health souls.

* Kill any zombies (Wicked) you see by pressing to Instant Kill them and you'll get green health souls.

* Kill any flying insects (Locust- green, Stinger- blue, and Redtip- red) type demons by pressing near them to Instant Kill them awarding green health souls.

* Kill any small spider demons (Broodlings) you see by pressing to Instant Kill them for green health souls.

Battle Strategies
* When fighting Fleshbursters (fat fiery demon) or Ravenous (blue fat fiery demon), spam the Crossblade on them continously because they will be stunned for the whole duration giving you time to combo them down while they are defenseless. Spam this technique and they will rarely touch you and also to kill them easily.

* When fighting Rot Maulers (demons with red bulbs all over their body that collect green gas), use the Crossblade on them as they collect green gas all over their body to diffuse the gas. This will prevent that attack from effecting you and it will give you an easier time to kill them.

* When fighting a Wraith soldier (shadow wraith demon), they will turn into a blue form as a ghost meaning they are immune to damage. Stay away while they are in this form. As soon as they materialize into flesh, dash them and use combos to knock them out of the air for an easier time killing them.

* When fighting Conscripts (skeletons with blue armor and big axes), Spam the Flipsaw move with the Chaoseater while dodging its attacks. Keep jumping and using Flipsaw to pierce off its armor quickly.

* Certain points in your adventure, you will encounter a special enemy called a Wicked K. These guys are british talking zombies with a top hat. They can only be beaten with one move which is the Devil's Cross () aka Block Counter. You must wait for them to swing their cane at you and right as they do, press and you should counter them and damage them. After a few Block Counters, they should be defeated and give you tons of souls.

Locations and Conditions for encountering the Wicked K:

(1) Choking Grounds- Req: Appears once you free the Tormented Gate in this area- In the secret room (crypt) beneath a draggable stone structure on the south side of the map. He is in the middle crypt.

(2) Drowned Pass- Req: Appears once you free the Tormented Gate in this area- In a giant pipe southeast of the map.

(3) Twilight Cathedral- Req: Can be reached once you have obtained the Abyssal Chain- In a cave on the northwestern side of the entrance to the cathedral.

(4) Anvil's Ford- Req: Once you have obtained Mercy- In the grassy area on the westernmost side of this area where you see a blue chainpoint.



Collect all bronze, silver, and gold trophies.

Prison Break
Free Samael from his prison

Once you use the Earthcaller in The Crossroads, the gate will move and you enter the building (See To Move A Mountain below). Traverse the building and eventually you will reach the exit door and land in the Scalding Gallows. Once here, head to the center where you see giant demon spikes and a large platform guarded by a Phantom General. Defeat him and his minions, The Watcher will tell you to move the statues to release blood into Samaels prison. Press and hold then move it to the base of the funnel. Do this for the statues on both sides of the platform and the blood will allow Samael to be free from his prison.

Death Dealer
Meet Vulgrim

Once you have traversed out of the Seraphim Hotel and landed in The Crossroads, a cutscene will introduce you to Vulgrim (Soul Merchant). You will have some dialogue between you and him then you will get the trophy.

Note: Vulgrim collects blue souls in return for new weapons, upgrades, items, and abilities. Whenever you have souls to spend, simply return to Vulgrim and he will collect the souls. Certain things can be bought with souls.

Below is a complete list of weapons, upgrades, items, and abilities that can be purchased.

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Like A Bat Outta Hell
Defeat Tiamat

Tiamat starts the fight flying around shooting fireballs at you, to avoid them you can just run away or dash away using . One strategy to get her out of the air is to throw a dormant bomb growth (press to grab one) at her mouth with aim mode () while she is about to shoot a fireball, this will cause the growth to explode causing her to fall. Another way is to throw the dormant bomb wherever in her body and then using the Crossblade, press and hold to multi target a lit torch and then the growth, then release the Crossblade using to blow up the growth also causing her to fall to the ground. Now Combo her while she is stunned and when she gets up back away. Now she will use another attack which she swoops down and slides her claws on the ground across the platform trying to slice you. Simply dash () to the sides and repeat the above process. When she finally stops flying and lands, she will destroy all the bomb growths. Now keep throwing the Crossblade at her to deplete her health a bit, she will start shooting fireballs at you, throw the Crossblade right as she charges them to stun her. Tihs will cause her to jump into the air and close her wings which when she lands she will cause an explosion so dash away from her fast or keep a far distance to avoid the impact. Periodically she will start to charge you. Quickly spam when it pops up to punch her in the face twice causing her to get stunned. Now dash to her and combo her like crazy, she will get up eventually then you back away a bit. Also if you go for close hits she will try to hit you with her claw so just jump over it. Repeat the ground process until a cutscene starts, War now kills her.

Twilight Cathedral- After you have placed the third and final blade into the angel statues, the platform will rise into the courtyard opening the final door which leads to the final fight of the cathedral against the Bat Queen Tiamat.

See the spoiler box below for video reference

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One Tough Cookie
Meet Ulthane

As you enter Anvil's Ford, you will see a Hammer in the middle of the area. Press to try and pick it up to start a cutscene with Ulthane. Now he wants to fight you and he is immune to all your attacks but Chaos Form. So enter Chaos Form, if you can't yet just hit him with Chaoseater combos until it fills up. Strike him a few times in Chaos Form to make another cutscene start. After the cutscene, the trophy is yours.

Rocked Your Face Off
Defeat The Griever

The Griever is a simple boss fight. You start off in her lair but destroy all the blue ice walls with the Tremor Gauntlet as fast as possible before and at the start of the fight. She will charge a fire beam and lock on to you so make sure to jump over it or dash away. If you hide behind an ice wall, she will start burning it causing it to become unbreakable for a short time so make sure to stay in the open dodging her fire beam then when she stops shooting it, break the rest of the ice walls. Now Grab the train ( near its back side) once the tracks are clear of the ice walls and then press and hold to power punch the train cart into her stomache. She will hit it back to you so don't move from your position and quickly do it again to stun her. If you can't get the second hit right after, she will start slamming into the walls causing stones to fall on you so dash or run around dodging them as they fall. Once she stops power punch the cart into her again. Now run up to her stomache and use the Tremor Gauntlet to break open the crystal on her belly. Once opened, combo it down with your main weapons. She will then get up and shoot out swarms of locust demons, simply spam and when they try to charge you, you will Instant Kill them. Repeat the same process as above comboing her belly once it is opened and in no time, you will finish her off with style nabbing you the trophy.

The Hollows, see Treasure Hunter chest 1-28 to see steps on how to reach The Griever.

See the spoiler box below for video reference

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Ashes to Ashes
Defeat The Stygian

This fight is very easy. As soon as you reach The Stygian, you will see he is imprisoned by many chains. Use Ruin to kill most of the demons gaurding this beast. As soon as you kill most of them, a cutscene will start showing the Styigan breaking lose and killing the Phantom Soldiers. Now you must use Ruin in this fight to survive. The Stygian will be underground chasing you to attack you. He will start off having a metal plate on his mouth protecting his soft spot. You must let The Stygain get close, dash to get out of harms way with , now sharp turn with Ruin and try to run along the beasts body. Now start striking the metal plate on its mouth on both sides, eventually you will strike it off leaving its soft spot vulnerable. It will now summon baby worms that will chase you. Simply target them with and constantly shoot their mouths with Mercy, they go down pretty fast. They can be quite fast so when they get really close, dash away or they will charge you and dismount you. If you get dismounted simply press and to remount Ruin. After killing all the baby worms, The Stygian will enter the fray again. He will charge out of the ground periodically in a vertical manner. Then he will start chasing you again, keep shooting its mouth with Mercy to weaken it. Repeat the process a few more times until The Stygian falls on its belly allowing you to run up to him and press to Instant Kill him.

The Ashlands- See Treasure Hunter chests 1-22 to see steps on how to reach The Stygian.

See the spoiler box below for video reference

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One Mean Mother
Defeat Silitha

This fight is somewhat easy. Silitha starts off the fight standing at the back of the room, use the Abyssal Chain () to latch onto her and start comboing her in the air. She will now teleport three times and try to crush you by landing on you. Quickly dash away () and start comboing her as she lands. She will continue to try and crush you so repeat the process until she stops and stands at the back of the room again. Now latch onto her again using the chain and start comboing her. Eventually she will start slashing you once she teleports over you and lands so dash away and strike her a bit before she teleports again. This process can take awhile so find a good time to unleash Chaos Form and combo her down. Once you inflict enough damage she will jump to the ceiling and hang there. Chain points will spawn around her, latch onto one with the Abyssal Chain and then latch onto her. Now War will make her fall and finish her off in a cutscene.

Iron Canopy- See Treasure Hunter chests 1-26 on steps to get to her.

See the spoiler box below for video reference

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Payback's A B****
Defeat Straga

This encounter is not to be confused with the Straga fight in the beginning of the game, this one is towards the end. This fight is surprisingly easy for being the boss before the final boss. You start off the fight in a room with two portal doors on the floor on the left and right side. Decide which one you want to activate with the Voidwalker. Then wait for Straga to raise his mace, notice the mace has a portal door on it. Now when you get the chance to activate it, do so. Just wait until he has the mace still for a bit to give you enough time to activate it. Now when Straga puts the mace behind his head, he is about to smash you. RUN THROUGH THE PORTAL NOW to get to his backside, now press to weaken him. You will land in front of his face so just combo his face a few times until he gets up. Now he will spawn a slew of skeletal soldiers (Undead Lords), kill them off. Also while you fight them, he will occasionally smash you with his fist while fighting the demons. Just side dash as fast as possible to avoid it. Hewill also charge his mace and swing at you, to avoid it you have to run out of its radius, otherwise it will hit you. Now he will lift his mace agin so repeat the portal process to get to the back of him. Once you have pressed behind him for a second time he will weaken again and you must combo his face. Now he will summon blue fallen angels. Kill them off and repeat the tactics to avoid his attacks. Once they are all killed, repeat the protal process one more time to get to his backside and press . Now comes a cutscene with one of the sickest finishers ever.

The Black Throne- See Treasure Hunter The Black Throne chests 1-34 on a very lengthy explanation on how to reach Straga.

See the spoiler box below for video reference

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The Final Challenger?
Defeat the Destroyer

The Shattered Throne- The 1st stage of this fight is pretty simple. for this stage you must use Ruin or else you will surely die, only Ruin is fast enough to dodge The Destroyer's attacks. The Destroyer will try to run around you and then charge you with a claw swing so use Ruin to dash away from the charge now turn around and run towards The Destroyer's legs and hit it with the Armageddon Blade to make The Destroyer fall onto the ground and be stunned. Now run towards him and mount off of Ruin when he is laying on the ground and combo his body and/or face until he gets up. If you swing too early while being charged by The Destroyer, he will dismount you and you must remount Ruin and try the above process again. After comboing The Destroyer, he wil eventually get up and fly into the air shooting some fireballs so just run around on Ruin dodging them and then dash because The Destroyer will dive and slam onto the ground near or on top of you. Now run to The Destroyer's legs and hit them again to trip and stun him. Now combo him down until he gets up. This process must be done about five or six times to finally have War get off Ruin and press when it shows on top of The Destroyer's head. After pressing when prompted War will mount onto The Destroyer and he will fly up, now you must press repeatedly to stab The Destroyer in the back during flight to make him fall and break through the floor onto the platform beneath it starting the 2nd stage of the fight. In the spoiler box below, you will find how to beat the 2nd stage of this fight. It is in a spoiler box because it reveals who The Destroyer is for those who haven't reached the fight yet so CAUTION if you don't want any story spoiler.

2nd stage of The Destroyer fight below, CAUTION reading because it contains a major spoiler for those who haven't reached this fight yet.

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See the spoiler box below for video reference

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Balance Restored

Simply defeat The Destroyer on NORMAL difficulty for this trophy, trophy difficulty stacks! Game starts with NORMAL difficulty as default difficulty.

Note: It is recommended to play the game on NORMAL first so once you beat the game you can get the EASY difficulty trophy as well as the NORMAL difficulty trophy. And also if you get the Abyssal Armor set, it will carry on to the next game save so you can use it for APOCALYPTIC difficulty and have an easier time.

The True Horseman

Simply defeat The Destroyer on APOCALYPTIC difficulty for this trophy, trophy difficulty stacks! If you get the Abyssal Armor set on the NORMAL or EASY difficulty, it will carry on to the next game save so you can use it for APOCALYPTIC difficulty and have an easier time.

To Move a Mountain
Collect the Earthcaller

Once you have met Vulgrim, he will ask you to collect 500 souls for him in return for this item. Simply kill enemies in the area until your soul meter shows 500 blue souls. Once you have collected enough souls, approach Vulgrim and he will give you the Earthcaller. Now head towards the large stone gate and press and the gate will wake up and have some dialogue with you. He will then walk away allowing you to pass further into The Crossroads.

Note: To activate a fight with the large blue demon (Gholen) for some big amounts of souls, head to the left of Vulgrim while facing him and eventually the blue demon will pop out and you can kill him for a lot of souls.

Who's Counting?
Defeat more angels than Ulthane

Pull the Hammer in the middle of Anvil's Ford to start some cutscenes eventually showing a tally of you and Ulthane on how many angels killed. Make sure you steal his angel kills by letting him weaken them then you press rapdily to Instant Kill them. Also If you want you can unleash Chaos Form but use it in the middle area when there are tons of angels everywhere, this area is the one with icicles hanging. You will eventually fight an angel that when defeated drops a cannon called Redemption. Pick it up using then press and hold for a strong blast or just spam for rapid shots; that seems to work better; to unleash hell on the angels. Make sure to shoot Ulthanes angels to steal them from him and get your count way past his. Eventually after he breaks an ice wall for you, you will reach a door and he will give you an enhancement called Combat Lore if you won. Now you should get this trophy. If you lose this competition without reloading a previous game save, you can't get Combat Lore for free, you would have to buy it from Vulgrim for 1000 souls.

Reach Out & Touch Somebody
Collect the Abyssal Chain

Iron Canopy- Once you fall through the floor next to the room of a Loom Warden, go to the left room and you will see a structure. Combo it and you will retrieve the Abyssal Chain. Refer to Treasure Hunter Iron Canopy chests 1-11 on how to reach the Abyssal Chain.

Note: To use it, press near chain points and it will grapple you onto them, you can also swing from one chain point to the next.

Into the Void
Collect the Voidwalker

The Black Throne- Once you have reached the room full of circular orange "windows" and have defeated the slew of demons, the floor will open up revealing a structure. Combo it to reveal the Voidwalker. See Treasure Hunter The Black Throne chests 1-6 to see a lengthy explanation on how to reach the Voidwalker.

Note: To use it you must press on the orange portals, works best in aim mode (). The first portal you hit will be the entrance portal (orange colored) and the second portal you hit will be the exit (blue colored). For the exit portal, some will launch you into high areas. But you must first charge up the void blast by pressing and holding for a full blast allowing a more powerful launch from the exit portal. Actually the orange portal shows your first portal opening and the blue signifies your second, both can act as an entrance and exit.

Elemental Thief
Collect the Crossblade

Twilight Cathedral- (The courtyard where Tiamat and the angelic beast fight). As you head into the room with the Shadow Current on the left side, glide onto it and behind you is a ledge, open the door and head towards the draggable statue, press to push it onto the floor of the courtyard. Now drag it to the south side of the area near some ledges, climb the ledges and you will see a door to your right. Enter that door and you will see a bomb growth, grab it and throw it at the demon holding a statue head. It will explode causing the statue to fall and make a hole in the ground leading to the Catacombs. As you progress down, you will see a chest full of green health souls. To the right of it is a strange stone structure, simply combo it until it opens granting you the power of the Crossblade.

Note: You can use aim mode () to better target enemies as well as target multiple enemies while pressing and holding while in aim mode then release to throw the blade. You can also press and hold to charge up the power of the attack of the Crossblade.

Sight Beyond Sight
Collect the Mask of Shadows

Once you have defeated Straga in The Black Throne, Azrael will teleport you to Eden. He will wait on a platform. Walk up to him and a cutscene will happen, he will now grant you the Mask of Shadows. This item will allow you to see in the Shadow Realm whenever you want. Many shadow chests are attainable only in the Shadow Realm. To use the Mask of Shadows, simply equip it and press .

Kill 10 enemies with one Blade Geyser wrath attack

The best place to earn this trophy early in the game is during the Speed Brawl Shadow Arena Challenge in the Choking Grounds. This challenge starts off with a bunch of wicked demons, wait for them to all get close and then unleash Blade Geyser. Blade Geyser LV 2 works better for more range but Blade Geyser LV 1 can do the job. An alternative in case you passed the challenge without getting the trophy is that late in the game, you can return to the Broken Stair. Now head into the building here to be attacked by a ton of wicked demons. Here is another opportunity for the trophy. Again, let them all pack up close to you and then unleash Blade Geyser.

Treasure Hunter
Search 150 caskets

See spoiler box below for the locations to all the chests

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Tremor Bringer
Collect the Tremor Gauntlet

The Hollows- As you enter a hallway that makes you fight some black demons and a large blue demon, you will see a water hole at the end of the hallway, enter the water hole and submerge and then as you reach the end, surface to see a locked blue door. Head to the right to submerge into another water tunnel, as you progress through, there will be a accessible area to the right. Head all the way west to see a light from above, surface and you will be in a room with a pulley. Pull the pulley in the room with chest two chests in it. Now this will cause the fan to stop working in the earlier part of the water tunnel allowing access to a previously unreachable area. Head there and you will see a light from above on the side, surface it. Now you will see a skull chest with a Beholder's Key in it. Return to the locked blue door in the earlier part of the level top open it with the newly acquired key. You will see a structure, combo it until it reveals the Tremor Gauntlet.

Note: Press and hold to charge up the gauntlet and then release to throw a strong punch into the ground causing a tremor. Use this technique to break any ice walls you encounter. You can also just oynch them to break them.

An Old Friend
Collect Mercy

Once you have defeated The Griever, take the blue portal to be sent to Anvil's Ford where you see a cutscene of Ulthane forging a weapon. He will give you this weapon. To use it, press and also you can use aim mode with . It has unlimited rounds so don't be afraid to use it.

Collect the Scythe

You can purchase the Scythe in Vulgrims' Shop for 1000 souls. The best way to get this for free is to turn the Scythe into The Harvester before buying it. To do this, enter the pause menu and under game options, look for enter code. Enter The Hollow Lord and select done to unlock it. Now head to Vulgrims's Shop and you can buy it for 0 souls instead but now called The Harvester.
Thanks to Gauss for this exploit.

Aerial Predator
Kill 160 enemies while on the angelic beast

This trophy can be a real pain. To aim at multiple targets, Press and Hold , move the right analog stick to aim with the "crosshairs" at a bunch of targets then release . Spam this technique on every enemy you see, make sure to spam this on the small flying demon hordes that are in the lava caves. If you fail on this trophy, just load the game save from before the event and try again.

It can only be done on the flight to the Twilight Cathedral from The Broken Stair.

Make sure to save before this event in case you can't get the 160 kills.

Full Power
Collect the maximum amount of lifestones

See spoiler box below for lifestone locations

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Also check out this video for an easier reference of the Lifestone Shards.

Wrath of War
Collect the maximum amount of wrath cores

See spoiler box below for wrath core locations

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Also check out this video for an easier reference of the Wrath Shards.

Ultimate Blade
Forge the Armageddon Blade

Once you have seen the vision through the Tree of Knowledge in Eden, you will be tasked to find the 7 Armageddon Blade Shards. This sword is the only weapon powerful enough to defeat The Destroyer.

All the Armageddon Blade Shards are only visible using the Mask of Shadows so activate the mask when near a shard.

Make sure that at this point in the game, you collect every trophy and all the collectibles you can before talking to Azrael again, if you talk to him, you will face the Destroyer and not be able to finish collecting.

See spoiler box below for Armageddon Blade Shard locations

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Wrath Machine
Collect all the Wrath Powers

Simply buy the first level of every Wrath Power to get this trophy.

Required Wrath Powers:

(1) Blade Geyser LV 1 (Start off with this power)

(2) Stoneskin LV 1 (Purchase)(Available in the shop at the beginning)

(3) Immolation LV 1 (Purchase)(Unlocks after defeating Tiamat in Twilight Cathedral)

(4) Affliction LV 1 (Purchase)(Unlocks after defeating The Griever in The Hollows)

Obtain Ruin

The Ashlands- Once you have reached the arena in this area, you will fight waves of demons. Save Chaos Form for the Trauma's (large orange demons with huge claws). You will eventually fight a mini boss called Abyssal Gladiator, he is riding Ruin! Weaken him with Mercy and as he gets near, strike him with your weapon. Eventually you can press to drag the rider off Ruin. Now h will fight you on the ground. Dodge his attacks and keep comboing him. Eventually you will kill him and Ruin will try to hurt you. War refuses to fight Ruin and Ruin runs through War signifying he is Ruins rider as he used to be before War was stripped of his power. To summon Ruin, press and at the same time. See Treasure Hunter The Ashlands chest 1-17 to see a lengthy explanation on how to get to Ruin.

Kill 666 Demons

Simply defeat any demons you see on your journey, keep killing as many as possible and in no time you will receive this trophy. You can check on the menu to see how many demons you have slain.

Don't Make Me Angry
Collect the Chaos Form Ability

Once you have defeated Tiamat and collected her heart, press at Vulgrim for him to allow you to pass through the Serpent Holes to return to Scalding Gallow, this will trigger a cutscene with Samael, after War gets angry and tries to kill The Watcher he awakens his Chaos Form inside of him. To use Chaos Form, press and to unleash the mighty form. In this form you are invincible against attacks. And your attacks kill most enemies in one mere hit, others take two or more. This form only lasts a couple of seconds so it is recommended for boss fights, elite enemies, or when you are very low on health and you can use it for emergency sake. To enter the form again, you must fill up the Chaos meter by killing enemies.

Chasm Jumper
Gain the Shadowflight Ability

When you free Samael, he will give you this power to enter the Twilight Cathdral. To use Shadowflight, you must dumble jump ( then again in mid-air, then hold to use Shadowfligh and glide to far away areas.)
See Prison Break above.

World Raider
Collect all 27 Artifacts

See spoiler box below for Artifact locations

Note: Whenever you acquire a Soldier Artifact, give it to Vulgrim and he will reward you with 500 souls.

Note: Whenever you acquire a Champion Artifact, give it to Vulgrim and he will reward you with 1000 souls.

Note: When you acquire the Overlord Artifact, give it to Vulgrim and he will reward you with 5000 souls.

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Also check out this video for an easier reference of the Artifacts.

Legendary Form
Collect the Abyssal Armor Set

See the spoiler box below for Abyssal Armor Piece locations.

Toggle Spoiler

Also check out this video for an easier reference of the Abyssal Armor Pieces.

River of Blood
Shed 3000 gallons of demon blood

Simply defeat enemies, each enemy spills blood. You must kill many demons to reach this goal. Bigger demons spill more blood so don't miss out on killing them. You can check on the menu to see how much demon blood you have spilled.

Dark Rider
Ride for 100 miles

Simply ride on Ruin for 100 miles. Once you get him, count your miles or just run around The Ashlands ash fields until you get this trophy. See Reunited above to see how to get him.

Kill 150 demons from horseback

Simply kill 150 demons on Ruin. Every opportunity you get to ride him with demons around, do it and kill them until you get this trophy. See Reunited above to see how to get him.

Note: One of the best strategies for this trophy is to go to Vulgrim and use the Serpent Holes to The Ashlands by The Stygian's Lair. Now run to the entracne of The Ashlands and eventually you will get a chance to get on Ruin in all the ash valleys and fields and there are a slew of demons to kill while on horseback so you can farm that area in a few runs you will get it. Also everytime you visit Scalding Gallow, use Ruin to kill the demons.

Time Lapse
Gain the Chronomancer Ability

Once you have defeated The Griever and collected her heart, press at Vulgrim for him to allow you to pass through the Serpent Holes to return to Scalding Gallow, now walk to Samael's platform and a cutscene will trigger. He will tell you of the Chronospheres and grant you the power of the Chronomancer.

Battle Hardened
Max out all weapons & unlock all combat moves

This trophy takes a lot of patience anda bit of grinding enemies. One of the best places to do this is in the room next to Silitha's door because the enemies here always respawn when you leave the area and re-enter it. You MUST max out the Chaoseater, Scythe (Harvester), and the Tremor Gauntlet each to level 4. Use the Combat Lore enhancement on the current weapon you are trying to level to gain more experience, War's Glory gives much more weapon experience if you have attained this enhancement which is chest 25 towards the end of Iron Canopy. You gain experience for every swing of your weapon and killing the enemy. You must also purchase all the combat moves from Vulgrim. You need to purchase level 3 moves for the moves that have various levels.

Note: Even if you have maxed out all your weapons and bought all the moves, the trophy won't unlock until you have talked to Ulthane and forged the Armageddon Blade.

Below is a video showing a great farming spot for this trophy.

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High Flier
Kill 5 duskbats without touching the ground

The best place to achieve this trophy is in the Shadow Arena Challenge: The Gory End. At the beginning are 4 duskwings, kill about 2 or 3 to make more come out to ensure there are 5 on the field. Now jump near a duskwing and press , after it is killed jump in mid-air to another one pressing . Jump and spam in mid-air near duskwings to ensure you don't touch the ground before Insta Killing 5 duskwings.

Improvised Kills
Kill 150 enemies with items from the environment

This trophy can be a pain for some. Simply use any environmental objects on your journey and use it on weak enemies. A good way to guarantee an environmental kill is to combo your enemies until they show a on top of their heads. Now their one hit away from death so grab an environmental object and kill them with it. Another good way for this trophy is during the beginning of the game when Vulgrim asks you to collect 500 souls, simply kill all the Wicked with environmental objects, now save the game and quit to main menu, then reload and the objects will respawn. Do this a few times to guarantee the objects respawning. If you do this anyother time after, the objects won't all respawn, only very few.

You Call That Easy?
COMPLETE the game on EASY

Simply defeat The Destroyer on EASY difficulty for this trophy, although recommended to be done on NORMAL since trophy difficulty stacks!

Open Air Parking
Destroy a helicopter during the apocalypse with a vehicle

This trophy is very easy to miss. You can only get this trophy in the beginning of the game during the actual Apocalypse. When you get to the area where you fight the large orange demon (Trauma), it will tell you to change into Chaos Form. DO NOT, instead kill the large demon in normal humanoid form and when you do kill it, the bus blocking your path will blow up. Now proceed and look to the right, you will see a large stone giant (Tormented Gate). Now go towards it and then a small cutscene will show demon spikes blocking the way you came from. Now grab a car with and activate aim mode by pressing . Now look into the sky for a flying helicopter and throw the car at it. When you hit the helicopter, it will crash down and you will get this trophy.

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