Players: 1 - 4
Online Trophies: Dream Team , It's an order
Online Pass Required: No.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 24 hours + (Using XP exploits and co-op mode will speed it up)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1+
Collectible Trophies: Yes - The Hoarder , Professional Tourist , News Junkie , Mystery solved , The Collector
Missable Trophies: Dream Team , Siege Hammer
Glitched Trophies: Hunter-Seeker , Twins , The Hoarder , Achiever

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Dead Island: Riptide by Rubicant81
Dead Island: Riptide is the sequel to Techland's surprise breakout hit of 2011, Dead Island. Returning with the same survival horror gameplay with an action role playing twist, our unlikely protagonists must find their way off, yet another island infested with zombies. Does the addition of a new character, some new enemies, and a new island to escape from add up to a worthwhile purchase, or is this a title that should be left deserted with a scenario that is becoming more common with each passing year? Here's my bite on this sequel.

Overall: 7/10 - Click here to read the full review.


They thought they had survived the Zombie outbreak on Banoi. They thought they could get back to civilization. But after our heroes had reached the treacherous safety of a military ship - suddenly Fate strikes - a storm hits and horror and chaos come flooding back into their lives. Dead Island: Riptide throws players back into the phenomenal mixture of RPG, Open World and Multiplayer Coop action. Taking the best of Dead Island and evolving it even further, Dead Island: Riptide will build on the brand's success, with millions of gamers worldwide having to fight for their lives again!

Dead Island: Riptide takes the best of Dead Island and adds even more layers to it. With new Multiplayer communication features, a wider arrange of zombies, a new weapon proficiency system and many other features, Dead Island fans as well as players new to the franchise will enjoy yet another unique survival experience.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Xian Mei


Sharp Weapons such as knives and swords

Xian Mei is an employee at the Royal Palm Resort, born and raised in China, she chose an occupation that allowed her to leave her country of birth in order to experience different people and cultures - Banoi is her first placement outside of her homeland.
She is a fast learner, intelligent, and also - as a passionate sportswoman - quick on her feet. Having just arrived at the island, Xian Mei was responsible for a myriad of menial tasks at the hotel, before starting work as a receptionist. This opportunity to meet and greet all the different nationalities that visited the hotel was ideal for Xian Mei, as it provided a perfect source of inspiration for her dreams of travelling the globe.
That is of course, before suddenly the world around her begins to crumble...

Sam B


Blunt Weapons such as maces and pipes

A one-hit-wonder rap star of fading fame, Sam B was booked by the Royal Palms Resort Hotel to perform his well known song "Who do You Voodoo?" at a high profile hotel party. He gladly took the chance to play this gig.
Once strong, self-confident and proud, Sam B has had a troubled past and a history of drug and alcohol abuse, as his private life became caught in a haze of fake friends and bad advisors.
Trying to pick up the pieces and earn some extra cash, he suddenly finds himself surrounded by a whole lot of different problems...



Thrown Objects such as grenades, bombs, and molotov cocktails

A former American football star, spoiled by life and successful in every possible way, Logan's ego finally put an end to his bright future. Taking part in a reckless street race with tragic consequences, Logan not only killed a young woman - his unfortunate passenger; he also fractured his knee, putting an end to his sports career. His fall from stardom inevitably followed and he plunged swiftly into a life of bitterness and despair. In an attempt to get away from the demons hunting him, he gladly takes the chance to experience the beauties and wonders of Banoi.
Soon enough though the getaway he was dreaming about turns into a real life nightmare...




Purna is a former officer of the Sydney Police department. After losing her career when she killed a child molester who could not be touched legally because of his wealth and connections, Purna then turned to working as a bodyguard for VIPs in dangerous places all over the world.
She is hired not just for her skills but her looks as wealthy men did not mind showing up with Purna on their arm.

John Morgan


Hand-To-Hand Combat Expert

John Morgan joins the group of survivors in their fight against the Zombies. For years he has trained himself - and become a master - in hand-to-hand combat. His career in the navy has not taken off as he originally had envisioned, so he spends his time as a cook on a military ship. Little does he know that he soon can bring his skills to practice when the ship nears the island of Palanai...

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Playing Coop
It has been brought to our attention that many people are having issues with the game while playing coop so a word of caution. If you play coop, beware that you will most likely find at least one glitch!

If, for any reason, you have something glitch on you (be it hunter-seeker kills, collectibles, ect) then try doing them solo. This seems to be the general work-around. If that doesn't work, try again in New Game + as kills, collectibles, and such carry over.

Dead Island Save File
Players who have kept their save file from the first Dead Island will get an ingame treat. You can import your DI character into the second game, starting the game on the same level and with the same skills marked off. However, the enemies will be scaled to your level.

Melee Weapon Duplication Exploit Glitch

For those of you who played the previous Dead Island, there was a glitch where you could throw a melee weapon, open your inventory, unequip it, then pick up the one you threw to have two. The developers later patched it so it didn't work anymore. However, it looks like they forgot it again because you can do it in Riptide!

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Unlimited XP & Money Exploit Glitch

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General Tips
  • Press to skip the cut scenes and when the characters are speaking to one another
  • When descending long ladders, if you press , you let go of the ladder. If you press it again, you will grab ahold of the ladder. This will make the descent quicker. Beware that a mistake can mean injury or death so use it cautiously.
  • Kicks and jump kicks are the only actions that cannot be interrupted so use them wisely. Jump kicks will stop a charging walker or Infected almost every time!


Step 1
Complete the main story quests using any one of the characters, in single layer mode, whilst completing side/rescue quests and picking up any collectibles you see on the way. At the end of chapter 13 DO NOT get on to the boat as it will give you the option to finish the story and leave the island. Members have reported some collectibles and/or quests are not registering correctly when in co-op mode, so I would recommend finishing them off alone.

Step 2
Whilst still in single player, clean up any missed trophies, quests and collectibles making sure you get to 79/80 quests before finally leaving the island.

Step 3
Start a new game with a co-op partner completing the main quests only and tagging 100 enemies for your co-op partner to kill to get the last two co-op trophies.


The Whole World Went Away
Collect all other trophies

Collect all of the below trophies to unlock this new shiny platinum trophy.

The Storm
Escape from the ship

Main Quests
  • The Storm
To unlock this trophy you will need to complete the Prologue level. This is the very first level in the game which contains several cut scenes which you can skip by pressing to speed it up. Just follow the objectives, follow the path on your mini map and kill any walkers in your way. Just complete the level and the trophy will pop once you unlock the door to the bridge.

Heart of Darkness
Find a boat for use in the jungle

Main Quests
  • Castaway
  • Back to Reality
  • New Beginnings
During the mission "New Beginnings", you will have to look for a boat. Once, you find it (and deal with a slight issue), you will have a working boat. This trophy will ding as you are talking to Harlow.

Breaching the Tunnels
Successfully defend the tunnel entrance

Main Quests
  • Pathfinders
  • Saving Holy Man
  • Where the Dead Live
  • Meeting the Locals
  • Natural Resources
  • The Ritual
  • Way of Science
  • Dr. Kessler
  • House of God
  • Pump Action
  • Change of Plans
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Stalwart Defence
This trophy will unlock once you complete the "Stalwart Defence" mission where you need to fight of waves of enemies until the water is fully pumped out of the tunnel.

The Cinema
Clear out the cinema

Main Quests
  • City Newcomer
  • Front Row
This trophy will unlock once you have taken care of every zombie in the

Military Base
Gain access to a long-range radio station

This trophy will unlock once you use the radio in the Radio Room of the Military Base

Combat on the roof
Survive the horde on the roof

Main Quests
  • Rescue
  • Evacuation
This trophy will unlock when you survive the hub defense on the roof of the Cinema.

Henderson Town
Reach Henderson

Main Quests
  • The Tunnels
  • The Crossing
  • Terminal Siege
  • The Ferry
This trophy will unlock once you meet on the ferry after you surive the Ferry Station hub defense.

Meeting Serpo
Make pact with Serpo

This trophy will unlock once you catch up to Serpo in the Fort of Henderson Tower.

The Docks
Enter the docks in Quarantine Zone

Main Quests
  • Quarantine Zone
  • With the Tide
This trophy will unlock when you reach the door at the end of the docks.

You've tricked me once
Finish the game

You will need to complete all the main quests to unlock this trophy. The last quest before reaching the end of the story requires you to defeat and kill "Harlow" . Once you have done that just follow you mini map to the next objective where you will need to lower a boat into the water after speaking to Serpo. Jump on the boat and leave the island to complete the main story.

Finish all quests in the game

There are a total of 80 quests in the game and you will need to complete all of them to unlock this trophy. In your menu option will have the option to see you current, completed and continuous quests. The team and continuous quests DO NOT need to be completed as the continuous quests are never ending are they are basically quests where you need to bring them diamonds, canned food, pain killers etc etc but they will earn you loads of XP.

On your mini map look out for a white "!" as this will be highlighted when you are nearby a new quest. You should complete any you find whilst playing the story to save some time. If you see a small white or red hand logo on the mini map then that indicates you are near an item that can be picked up and is quest related.

You may find that this trophy has glitched for you. When you view your trophy progress via your menu it might say that you have completed for example 78/80 quests. When you go into your quest list it may show that you have completed 79/80. You can not restart the quests but you may not know which one glitched on you. I found that if you die whilst collecting an item or killing an enemy which completes that quest then it can become glitched. The only way is to reload last checkpoint if that did happen to you or wait until you start a new game and complete the glitched quests.

The quests are divided into 29 main quests, 51 side quests and 12 quests for killing the champion zombies (see Hunter-Seeker trophy ).

1- The Storm (This is single player only so Dream Team trophy not included)
2- Cast Away
3- Back To Reality
4- New Beginnings
5- Pathfinders
6- Saving Holy Man
7- Where The Dead Live
8- Meeting Locals
9- Natural Resources
10- The Ritual
11- Way Of Science
12- Dr. Kessler
13- House Of God
14- Pump Action
15- Change Of Plans
16- Heavy Equipment
17- Stalwart Defense
18- The Tunnels
19- The Crossing
20- Terminal Siege
21- The Ferry
22- City Newcomer
23- Front Row
24- Militarized Zone
25- Rescue
26- Evacuation
27- The Crash
28- Quarantine Zone
29- With The Tide

*Divided by area where the quest is, NOT by where the NPC is*
30- Heavenly Gift
31- Electrifying
32- Mines Go Boom
33- Genre: Horror Slasher
34- On The set
35- Fire Sale
36- Safe haven (Two parts are here; one is in Henderson)
37- White Line
38- Proximity
39- Stop The Madness
40- Antidote
41- Alternative Medicine
42- Defeat Eduardo "Quickdeath" Petoia
43-Defeat Jimmy "Deathtrap" O'Neill
44-Defeat James "Killer" Nisira
45-Defeat Olivier "Deathbone" Wenge
46-Defeat Peter "Undying" W. Spicer
47-Rescue Brian
48- Rescue Alfred
49- Rescue Tyler
50- Rescue Stanley
51- Rescue Mugambe
52- Rescue Megan
53- Rescue Kitty
54- Rescue Luke
55- Surplus (BioSphere Laboratory)
56- History Lesson (The Tunnels)

57- Family Ties
59-Super Hero
60-The Dead Can't Dance
61-The Darkness
63- ER
64-Perfect Plan
65-Ladies First
66-On The Edge
67- Reunited (find Marvin's wife)
68- Defeat Doctor "Scar" J.J. Evans
69-Defeat Joel "Blackheart" Chubalba
70-Defeat George "Body Eater" Serero
71-Defeat Geoffrey "Walking Carcass" Nape
72-Defeat Metzger "Skullcrusher" Sloat
73-Defeat Frankie "The Scourge" O'Hara
74-Defeat Ogio "Blindspot" Moke
75- Rescue Kyle
76-Rescue Gianna
77-Rescue Carlos
78-Rescue Alex
79-Rescue Xavier
80-Rescue Lydia

All Rescue Locations

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Mystery solved
Find all the secret files

See the The Hoarder trophy for more information.

Obtain level 50
Obtain level 50

See the Obtain level 70 trophy for more information.

Obtain level 70
Obtain level 70

Players who have kept their save file from the first Dead Island will get an in game treat. You can import your DI character into the second game, starting the game on the same level and with the same skills marked off with a maximum level of 50 originally or 60 with the DLC. However, the enemies will be scaled to your level.

To unlock this trophy your character will need to reach level 70 which is around 25,000,000 XP. You can view your characters level by pressing and view the skills section. You can earn XP by killing as many enemies as possible, completing quests and completing the challenges.

You will gain XP much quicker with the Survivor DLC pack and the new character John comes already with abilities that allow him to gain XP quicker.

XP Boost Glitch

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NOTE: The challenges have 4 different levels such as breaching 5 doors for the first level of the Party Crasher challenge then it will go to level 2 etc etc. The challenges are optional and you DO NOT need to complete them to unlock this trophy.

Challenge Name Challenge Objective
Party Crasher Breach doors
Black Friday The 13th Buy items from vendors
Don't Throw This At Me Kill Grenadiers
Stop Screaming Kill Screamers
Alpha Male Kill Wrestlers
Decapital Punishment Kill enemies by cutting pff their heads
Dead Man Walking Slay walkers
Let The Monsters Hit The Floor Kill floaters
Splat Headshot Crush heads
Treasure Hunter Open lootable containers
Trust Me, I'm A Doctor Revive Team mates
Undead Presidents Loot cash
Va Rly Rack up kills
Military-Industrial Complex Shoot rounds
Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb Kill enemies with explosives
Shocker Kill enemies using weapons with shock damage
Smells Like Apocalypse Kill enemies using weapons with fire damage
He Never Liked It Cut off limbs
Hit It Hit enemies with a melee weapon
FirePower Kill enemies with firearms
Tickle Tackle Tackle enemies
Socialite Spend time playing co-op with others
Finders, Keepers Loot corpses
What A Way To Go Kill suiciders
It's Way Over 9,000 Kill enemies with fury attacks
Anger Management Kill rams
Traffic Jam Kill enemies using vehicles
Who Butchers The Butchers Kill butchers
Mines Kill monsters using mines
Unstoppable Kill monsters using charge attacks
Self-Help Junkie Use medikits to heal yourself
Ha-Ha! Missed! - Kill monsters by shielding yourself from grenadier
Every King Dies Kill boss monsters

Siege Hammer
Install a total of 5 barricades during hub defense

You will get a chance to build barricades during the defense missions. Your first mission is available early on in the game after the prologue level, one in the stalwart defense mission where you need to defend the area whilst the water pumps out from the underground path and in the Ferry hub mission so there will be a few opportunities.

Basically before the enemies descend on you, look for the rolled up metal fences laying around which glow a silver colour, pick them up and go the holes in the walls and press to install the metal fence. Once the enemies break through the metal fences just rebuild them by picking up some more metal fencing and replacing the damage metal fencing. Do this five times and the trophy will unlock.

NOTE: Only the holes in the walls with red paint on both sides of the holes will allow you to install the fences.

Dream Team
Complete all the main quests cooperatively with any number of partners

You just need to complete the main quests with co-op partners to unlock this trophy so you can ignore all the side quests. You don't have to do them with the same player just as long as you fully complete them with another player. Use the Dead Island: Riptide Boosting Thread to find some co-op partners.

NOTE: See the Achiever trophy to view the main quests.

The Collector
Find 50% of collectibles

See the The Hoarder trophy for more information.

The Hoarder
Find all collectibles

You will need to collect all of the below items to unlock this trophy and during the game you can view what items you have collected via your inventory and see which ones are missing by pressing and to scroll through the options until you see the "Collectibles" section. Every collectible is numbered so it is easy to tell which ones you are missing.

There is a total of 61 collectibles in the game:
  • 9 Secret Files
  • 17 Guide Book Pages
  • 10 Voice Recordings
  • 10 Diaries
  • 15 Postcards

Quote Originally Posted by dajmer79 View Post
I grabbed every single collectable, counted them all in my quest log for a total of 61, and the trophy didn't pop because my in-game trophy list for Hoarder says I only have 60/61. From info I've gathered, there's no way of telling which collectable glitched and didn't register properly. A lot of people who've had this problem had to restart the game and start gathering all the collectables again, waiting for whichever one glitched the first time to finally unlock after collecting it a second time. Not sure if I want to do this. I got in touch with Techland and am hoping there's an alternative, or maybe a patch forthcoming.
NOTE: Collectibles carry over between playthroughs.

Angela Guerra Recording Part 1
Flooded Jungle
At the beginning of chapter 1, there is a hut in front of you that is only accessible from jumping onto the roof from the pathway above. The recording is on the table.
Angela Guerra Recording Part 2
Flooded Jungle Makata Village; During the side quest "Electrifying", you have to find some cables for Zoey. The recording is on the shelf underneath the cable inside the buidling
Angela Guerra Recording Part 3
Flooded Jungle Northeast of Helicopter Crash & in Miya's camp (Continuous quest "Femme Fatale"); it will be on the bench
Angela Guerra Recording Part 4
Flooded Jungle Kingston's Shack near Yagaria Waterfall which is also where you save Tyler; it sits on the edge of the floor near the chest
Angela Guerra Recording Part 5
Flooded Jungle When you are on the side quest "Antidote", you will save a girl named Kitty. The the north of her is a building. Around the west side is a ladder. Up the ladder and on the shelf is the recording.
Angela Guerra Recording Part 6
Flooded Jungle BioSphere Laboratory; Bunker you head to for side quest "Surplus". A path next to the main building leads to the bunker. Beware there are mines everywhere. You will need to trapeze along the edges to stay safe. Once inside, head up the wall ladder to find the recording on the table.
Angela Guerra Recording Part 7
Pinai Ferry After you defend the station in the main mission "Terminal Siege", the ferry warehouse door will be open. Go straight to the back right shelf to find the recording.
Angela Guerra Recording Part 8
Henderson Looking at the map, there is a triangle shaped courtyard between the military base and the cinema. On a table in the southern part of this courtyard is where the recording lies
Angela Guerra Recording Part 9
Henderson Across from the Fort Entrance is a little cafe area. The recording will be on a table. Beware, there is a Screamer in this vicinity!
Angela Guerra Recording Part 10
Henderson Next to the far west siren you have to disable is a army tent. The recording is on the shelf.

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John Morgan's diary part 1 Flooded Jungle From the bridge you blew up in Paradise, there will be a ladder to your right. Climb up it and through the doors to find the diary on the table in front of you
John Morgan's diary part 2 Flooded Jungle Second floor of the boathouse in Halai Village Survivor's Camp
John Morgan's diary part 3 Flooded Jungle During the main mission "Pump Action" you will have to go to a workshop to find a pump. The diary is laying on the workbench on the east wall.
John Morgan's diary part 4 Flooded Jungle Santa Maria Mission; main quest "House of God". On the second floor on a box.
John Morgan's diary part 5 Flooded Jungle BioSphere Laboratory; Sitting on the desk next to the window when you first meet Kessler
John Morgan's diary part 6 Tunnels During the main quest "The Tunnels", you will have to take the tunnels to Henderson. When you reach the large room, head to your left. There will be an open doorway and on the shelf in this antechamber is the diary.
John Morgan's diary part 7 Henderson When you first enter the Makeshift Hospital, look to your left. On the desk is the diary.
John Morgan's diary part 8 Henderson On a small table next to the Infested Warehouse transition
John Morgan's diary part 9 Henderson Found in a crate along the pathway to the cinema
John Morgan's diary part 10 Henderson Across from Gianna is a closed off alcove. Inside this alcove on a box is the diary.

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Postcard From Palanai 1 Flooded Jungle In the Bar in Paradise
Postcard From Palanai 2 Flooded Jungle Easternmost building (looks like a bar) in the Kiwi Camping grounds
Postcard From Palanai 3 Flooded Jungle In the same room as Makayla in Halai Village
Postcard From Palanai 4 Flooded Jungle Breri Outpost; you have to climb up to the second floor of the little building on the west side, then the ladder to its roof. Once there, jump across to the area in the tree; it's on the matress.
Postcard From Palanai 5 Flooded Jungle Mataka Village; Inside the room that only opens up after you save Marcus Villa. It is on the desk across from one of the paintings you can interact with.
Postcard From Palanai 6 Flooded Jungle On one of the outside tables on one of the southern walkways in the Halai Village
Postcard From Palanai 7 Henderson Nick's House; Upstairs in Waxwing's apartment, go into the bathroom. The postcard is sitting next to the sink.
Postcard From Palanai 8 Henderson On the porch of the Bank of Henderson in the town square, east of the Ferry transition point
Postcard From Palanai 9 Henderson To the west of the cafe and Fort is a building that is seperated. The postcard is on the arm of the couch
Postcard From Palanai 10 Henderson There is a pier directly south of the Ferry transition point. To get to it, go across the bridge then hang a left. Go down the stairs and around the corner, killing the walkers and single Infected. The postcard will be at the end, next to a chest.
Postcard From Palanai 11 Henderson On one of the covered tables next to the ladder that leads to Damien
Postcard From Palanai 12 Henderson On the bench in front of the Church
Postcard From Palanai 13 Henderson In Rodrigo's shop, on the wall behind the register
Postcard From Palanai 14 Henderson On the roof of the Cinema. Go to the opposide of the roof entrance and then go all the way to the left.
Postcard From Palanai 15 Henderson On a bench near the stairs to the east of Villa Henderson

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Palanai Island Guide 01 Flooded Jungle On the bench next to the car east of Paradise
Palanai Island Guide 02 Flooded Jungle Across from the Kiwi Camping grounds
Palanai Island Guide 03 Flooded Jungle On bench north of Hoyahoya Bar
Palanai Island Guide 04 Flooded Jungle Upper area west of the Crossroad Bungalow transition
Palanai Island Guide 05 Flooded Jungle During the side quest "Safe Haven", you have to go to a campsite by the water. Across from it, you have to save Alfred. The guide is in the trailer he is standing on, next to the weighted mod.
Palanai Island Guide 06 Flooded Jungle Marik's Marina; It will be on a table on the south side of the bar
Palanai Island Guide 07 Flooded Jungle Siting on a bus bench at the curve southwest of the BioSphere Laboratory
Palanai Island Guide 08 Flooded Jungle Take the boat west from Makata Village to an island campsite (near where you rescued Megan)
Palanai Island Guide 09 Flooded Jungle Next to the workshop in the storage room where you had to kill all the zombies for the main quest "Where The Dead Live"
Palanai Island Guide 10 Tunnels During the quest "The Tunnels", you will have a section where you must shoot the smugglers. Before going through the big round door, there is a small bedroll as well as a chest, medikit, alcohol, and health items to your right. The guide will be on the bedroll.
Palanai Island Guide 11 Pinai Ferry Second floor of the Pinai Ferry Station. It will be on a desk next to a monitor in the center room.
Palanai Island Guide 12 Henderson Next to the ladder that leads to Aubrey; the guide is on the table
Palanai Island Guide 13 Henderson Inside the theater, you will find the guide on the floor in the second row
Palanai Island Guide 14 Henderson When facing the Cinema West entrance, go left along the wall to find a table. The postcard will be on the table.
Palanai Island Guide 15 Henderson North section of the Sea Market; It will be laying on an ice cream table
Palanai Island Guide 16 Henderson On a bench along the passageway west of J.J.'s Clinic transition
Palanai Island Guide 17 Henderson South of the Infested Storage Transition is a small group of businesses. One is a pizza place and the guide will be sitting on a table near the door.

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Secret Files Part 1 Flooded Jungle Malai Village Survivor's Camp; under the bed on the first floor of the boathouse
Secret Files Part 2 Flooded Jungle South end of Malai Village where you have to kill all the zombies during the main mission "Where The Dead Live"; Sitting next to Liquid Fire Mod on right after you enter storage room
Secret Files Part 3 Flooded Junlge Across from drugs you have to find for the side quest "White Line"
Secret Files Part 4 Flooded Jungle BioSphere Laboratory; In the same room as Kessler's paper on Kuru which is the next room over from Kessler
Secret Files Part 5 Tunnels During the main mission "The Tunnels", you will have to find the keys in the smuggler's area. Next to the head smuggler's bed will be the guide on the floor.
Secret Files Part 6 Henderson In the Radio Room of the Military Base. This is the second floor room with the special Grenadier. It will be on a desk on the far wall across from the door you come in.
Secret Files Part 7 Henderson On a table next to the Fast Travel in the Palanai Military Outpost
Secret Files Part 8 Henderson Later in the game, you will have to go to Fort Henderson to find the downed chopper. Facing the chopper, the file will be on the backseat on the right side.
Secret Files Part 9 Henderson Before you head down the stairs to the docks, you pass a workstation and some wooden crates. Look carefully in the crates as this file is hiding

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Professional Tourist
Find all pages from the guide book

See the The Hoarder trophy for more information.

Kill the Twins

Location: Pinai Ferry Station

You will reach this location about halfway through the game while following the main story quests. You can also fast travel to this location later on. To unlock this trophy you need to kill two special gas zombies. The first one is located at the beach in the northern part of the map. He is easy to see and will attack on sight. The second one is a little harder to find. He is located in the southern part of the map and you need to climb a hidden ladder to make him appear. The ladder is behind a sign that says "Workshop". The gas zombie is trapped in the workshop garage and will only come out after you have climbed the ladder.

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This trophy personally glitched for me on the twin monster next to the bill board area. I threw a molotov at him setting him on fire but as I did that I was killed by another enemy and the twin and I both died at the same time. I had already killed the first twin on the beach so technically the trophy should of unlocked but it didn't. When I respawned the trophy still didn't unlocked and the second twin didn't reappear not matter what I did. The twin on the beach reappeared but killing him again didn't unlock this trophy. You will need to start a new game to unlock this trophy if it happens to you.

News Junkie
Find all the volunteer's voice recordings

See the The Hoarder trophy for more information.

At Your Service
Rescue 20 NPCs that have been grabbed by monsters

I recommend doing this in the ritual quest which is a main quest and takes place in the paradise survival camp. In this quest you and your team will have to fight off waves of different enemies such as walkers, thugs, floaters etc. When one of your team mates gets into a bit of difficulty and a monster grabs them, a timer-like icon appears on screen. You need to rush over and take care of the monster before it runs out. Don't worry too much about time as the timer takes a bit but don't dawdle either. You know you were successful when the icon disappears. Save your team mates 20 times and the trophy will unlock.

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Also, there's a really easy way to get At Your Service if you haven't unlocked it by the end of the game. Fast travel to the Santa Maria Mission outpost in the jungle, and you'll see the new guy, John, hanging around. If you head out the front where the boats are and go right, you'll see a dirt path ahead of you. Head up this path and you'll encounter quite a few zombies. Get their attention and lead them back to where John is. He'll start attacking them, but eventually he'll get grabbed. There won't be an indicator above his head though, so just keep an eye on him and, when he gets grabbed, kick the zombie off him. Repeat this as often as you need for the trophy.

The Hurt Mine Locker
Kill 10 monsters with one mine

A great place to get explosive mines is on the rooftop of the "Old Town Cinema" in Henderson. They will keep respawning in chapter 13, so you can farm as many as you want.

Once you have an explosive mine, go to the Ferry Station. Gather up a group of 10 zombies and jump on a car so they cannot hit you. Just shoot around to get their attention. Wait until 10 zombies are in one spot and start killing them. You may not dismember them with bladed weapons! Use guns or blunt weapons, their bodies have to stay intact. Leave one zombie alive and let it trigger the mine. The explosion has to destroy 10 bodies, no matter if these bodies are alive or dead. Of course you can also plant the mine while the ten zombies are still moving, but the blast might not destroy all bodies. It's safer to kill them first.

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Kill 100 monsters with thrown melee weapons

To earn this trophy, you must kill 100 monsters with any melee weapon that is throwable such as throwing knives, blades, or hammers. It doesn't matter if you soften them up with weapons first, all that counts is if the final blow is delivered by a thrown melee weapon.

I would suggest hitting your enemy until they fall onto the ground and kick them until their energy is at a minimum. Throw a few knives until they die and remember to press to retrieve your knives as they are reusable. I would suggest buying a minimum of 10 throwing knives as you may lose one here and there. Kill 100 monsters using thrown melee weapons to unlock this trophy.

Kill 50 monsters by smashing, decapitating or shooting them in the head

You should get this trophy fairly quickly. Simply kill 50 monsters using whatever method you like that damages the head. Curb stombing is the easiest method to use as it always ends with the head being smashed. Plus it will count towards Bully thus you are working towards two trophies with one effort.

Kill 100 monsters with a kick

To earn this trophy, you must kill 100 monsters with a kick. It doesn't matter if you soften them up with weapons first; all that counts is if the final blow is delivered by a kick. Note that curb stomping counts as a kick and is the most effect. When you curb stomp, you instantly kill the enemy. Also, curb stomping counts toward BrainLess .

Kill 100 monsters using the boat's speed boost

To earn this trophy, simply run over 100 monsters while in your boat while speeding. You will get an opportunity to use a speed boat whilst on chapter 2. To speed, hold down the while accelerating . You will know if you are speeding as a boat fan icon will appear with a meter. To speed things up even more, you can reload to the last checkpoint after killing all the enemies in the river to make them respawn and just keep repeating until the trophy unlocks.

NOTE: If you have drowners on your boat, you can use speed to kill them as well.

Kill 100 enemies using charge attacks

Charge is a skill you can unlock in the COMBAT Skills tree. It allows you to smack at enemies as you sprint by pressing while spriting. You need to kill 100 monsters with it to earn the trophy. Like the other kill trophies, the final hit must be the charge attack but you can soften them up first with anything.

NOTE: You can upgrade your charge to level 3 which will add 50% force, 50% damage and -%30 stamina taken.

Better than the arm
Kill 25 monsters with a chainsaw

Chainsaw Location 1

The first opportunity to get the chainsaw is when you are doing the "Genre: Horror Slasher" quest where you need to find a camera in the movie set. The chainsaw is located at the rear on a work bench. This chainsaw is weak so you will only be able to kill a few enemies until you need to repair it so I strongly recommend that you upgrade it.

Chainsaw Location 2

The second opportunity is at the end of the game which you can pick up after defeating "Harlow".

Another straight-forward trophy; simply kill 25 enemies with a chainsaw. Luckily, the developers have changed things a bit; chainsaws can now be stored in your inventory and repaired at workshops, unlike the previous game. This makes it much easier this go-round. Be prepared though as chainsaws damage easily and you will have to keep repairing them. Oh but what fun it is to slice and dice

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Serving Science
Finish quests for Dr. Kessler

The description is misleading. It is actually one quest that has multiple parts called "History Lesson". You cannot do this until you breach the tunnels which is chapter 6. When you do so, it is recommended that you do it while you are in them so as not to have to backtrack.

Once you drop down the ladder and into the tunnels you will need to look for glowing several bits of green slime. Remember to mark this quest via your menu after taking each sample so you can move onto the next green slime by following your mini map green zone areas.

The next stage is finding three sets of notes in the Imperial Japanese base. Once you find all the notes just head back to Dr Kessler to complete the quest and unlock the trophy.

NOTE: There is no fast travel until after you complete Terminal Siege after clearing Panai Ferry.

First Do No Harm
Finish hospital quests for Cecil

Cecil can be found upstairs in the Makeshift Hospital. He asks you to do two quests. The first is "The Darkness" in which you need to restore power to the place and "Healthcare" where he needs medicine for a really sick patient.

The Darkness Quest
  • Enter the makeshift Hospital where you will find Cecil upstairs in a large room with others. He will ask you to turn the electricity at the hostel back on.
  • The power switch is in the basement. It's dark so bring flares ans use your torch whilst fighting off enemies. Clear the cellar, flip the switch but you will then tasked to find a new fuse by Cecil.
  • Fast travel to Greg's Hardware store near the army base by heading towards the cinema area. Once you have the fuse head back to the Hospital and install the new fuse in the fusebox and return to Cecil.
The Healthcare Quest
  • Cecil will task you to find some morphine for his patients by starting to search in a pharmacy. Whilst searching you and be directed to the infirmary at the army base.
  • Once there head to the green highlighted area on your mini map and find the morphine inside the tent. Once you have it just bring it back to Cecil at the Hospital.

Defeat Harlow
Defeat Harlow

You will earn this trophy towards the end of the main story. When your up against Harlow, it will be separated into several stages and she will get more powerful as the stages progress. Harlow will be equipped with a chainsaw so be careful and try to use long ranged weapons and bombs. Remember you can pick up the Harlows chainsaw after defeating her.

WARNING: Do not proceed any further on the boat if you haven't finished the rest of your trophies as it will end the game. A fast travel map will be located behind you on the wall to finish off any quest, collectibles etc..

It's an order
Mark 100 opponents which were then killed by your co-op partners

Whilst in co-op mode with your partner, you will need to make sure you aim at an enemy and press and it will highlight them with a little monster face. Once your co-op partner kills that highlighted enemy then it will count towards this trophy. Do this process 100 times to unlock this trophy.

Take note that the tag is not permenate; it will eventually disappear on its own or if you should hit the tagged zombie. This means you need to make sure your partner is close enough to take out the zombie before the tag goes away or else you will have to retag them.

King among Kings
Kill special enemies: Grenadier, Thug, Wrestler, Infected, Suicider, Screamer, Butcher, Floater

To unlock this trophy you will need to kill each of the below enemies at least once. Each of the enemies will have their name above their heads such as "Infected" so you will know which one is which as well as their difference in appearance. You will find all of the below enemies naturally whilst completing the story line.

Infected are a step above Walkers. They have greater speed and can climb up/over things. They give off a scream before running at you so you will rarely be taken by surpise with them.

The simplest method for dealing with Infected is to jump kick them when they are running towards you then, when they are, either curb stomp their heads or just beat them to death. Word of caution; they are extremely dangerous in groups

Thugs look exactly as they are called: like a bouncer of a shady club. They are very strong, dealing massive damage when they hit and sometimes causing the player to be knocked back on their backside so feet away. However, they are very slow. You will also know when one is in the vicinity by the loud roar they give off every so often.

The simplest method for dealing with Thugs is to keep your distance and use ranged weapons. Chopping off the legs of a Thug will instantly kill him as well, but this method takes a great deal of time and patience. Also, if you have a chainsaw, the chainsaw will make short work of the Thug and, if done right, you won't get hit by him at all.

Suiciders are grossly misfigured zombies that look like an alien is trying to pop out of them. They give off a "Help Me" cry as they have enough awareness left to know what is going on but not enough to stop the virus that took over their body.

The simplest method for dealing with Suiciders is to use long range weapons. You can also walk up to them then run once they begin to explode, but this method can be dicey if you are not careful. If you are too close when they explode, you will die.

Floaters are zombies who have been in the water way too long and their bodies have bloated. They spit a green nasty goo at you that damages you, leading to death if you are not careful.

Butchers have a very distinct look; at the end of their arms, their bones have been sharpened to points. These bones are sharp like knives and can cut players to bit very quickly. They are extremely deadly in close combat as they are basically an Infected on Speed: tougher, more aggressive, and faster.

Screamers look like they escaped from some type of asylum or research lab. They give off a scream that can incapacitate the player temporary as well as call Walkers and Infected to it. They never travel alone. They are faster than Infected but just as easy to kill.

Stay out of the Screamer's range if you can, using firearms or thrown objects. If not, try to swoop in, get a few licks in, then run out of range. Also note that shock weapons made from Shock mods work great against the Screamers.

Wrestlers' arms look like clubs, which is also what they use them as. They are like mutated Thugs, what with their immense strength but slow speeds. One hit from the Wrestler's arm can take anywhere between half to all of your health. Also, they give a distinct roar similar to what the Thug gives so you should have a warning before you come upon them.

Distance is key here. You do NOT want to be in close range. Hit and run works as well but be prepared to be at it for a while.

Grenadier are scientist who have mutated. They grab a piece of their toxic, mutated skin then chunk it at you. They can throw quite a distance so beware.

Grenadier are very slow; much like Floaters. You can easily avoid their projectiles, and they don't turn very quickly. Treat them like you do Floaters and you will be good to go.

Find and kill all named champion monsters located in dead zones

There are thirteen monsters you will need to kill for this trophy. They are the hardest of the hard so extreme caution is always advised. Each one deals alot of damage, regens health when they land a successful hit and cannot be knocked off their feet.

They are all hidden in small side areas, the "dead zones". The first six can be found in the Flooded Jungle and the remaining seven in Henderson. The entrances to these side areas are marked on the world map. After entering a dead zone you will get a side quest to kill the champion. The champion is marked on the radar with a purple skull symbol. The champions are stronger versions of standard monster types. Make sure you have some good weapons in your inventory and use your special skills to kill them quickly. They give lots of XP and also drop some nice weapons.

  • It has been brought to our attention that several people are having this trophy glitch on them while cooping with others. As such, it is highly recommended that you work on this trophy ALONE so as to not have any issues.
  • If you were playing coop and had a monster glitch, try going back to that monster by youself as this has been found to work.
  • If the above is not the case, at this time the only solution is to try again on a different playthrough.
  • Do NOT go by the casebook. Go by your completed quests.
1. James “Killer" Nisira (Thug)
James Nisira's Bungalow, Oil Storage location
Once you enter the bungalow you will have a few zombies to take care of. After that, there is a door you have to open. Beware; inside are about 7 walkers and Nisira. Nisira, himself, has Thug strength, recovers health whenever he lands a hit, and cannot be knocked off his feet.

2. Joe "Ogre" Somare (Butcher)
Halai Village; Can't miss him as he is part of group that has Marcus Villa trapped
The easiest way to deal with the whole group is to stand in the doorway of the room you had to go through and lob sonic grenades (or anything you have) at group to quickly deal with all the walkers. Then, from same point, lob a molotov or two to deal with Somare.

3. Jimmy "Deathtrap" O'Neill (Infected)
Jimmy O'Neill's Cave
This one isn't as hard as the previous two. I recommend you take out all the walkers before moving around the center column; once you move around it, he will see you and attack. He is a badass but fumey Infected so take ranged or a chainsaw to make quick work of him.

4. Eduardo "Quickdeath" Petoia (Infected)
Halai Village; Ocean View Bungalows
You can't miss him and his group of Infected & Walkers as they will be right in front of you during the side mission "Antidote".

5. Peter "The Undying " W. Spicer (Thug)
Breri Outpost; Peter Spicer's Shack
Upstairs is a Floater, a frenzied Infected, and a walker or two. Downstairs, Spicer is alone.

6. Oliver "Deathbone" Wenge (Infected)
Northeast of Kingston's Shack; Oliver Wenge's Hideout
Another cave filled with a mix of Infected and Walkers. Some are toxic so throw a molotov or pull out a fire modded weapon for those first. Wenge is behind the stone column in the middle of the first room. There are three Infected and a some walkers in the passage past the main room.

7. Frankie "The Scourge" O'Hara (Grenadier)
Henderson; Frankie O'Hara's Apartment
There are a couple stray walkers going down the stairs and in the hall. Inside the room is a group of walkers, a Screamer, and O'Hara, who is a Grenadier. Throw a sonic grenade in the room to take care of all the walkers. Stay in the hall, out of range of the Grenadier, and make the Screamer come to you. Once you take care of it, go for O'Hara. Pick off any stranglers left, including the two Suiciders in the back left corner (you can safely shoot them through the fence).

8. Metzger "Skullcrusher" Sloat (Wrestler)
Henderson; Metzger Sloat's Hideout
Same setup as O'Hara's except that Sloat is a Wrestler.

9. Geoffrey "Walking Carcass" Nape (Wrestler)
Henderson; Geoffrey Nape's Warehouse
There are walkers downstairs as well as Nape who is a Wrestler. Upstairs in the closed room are some walkers and Frenzied Infected.

10. Doctor "Scar" J.J. Evans (Thug)
Henderson;Dr. J.J. Evan's Clinic
Laundrymat setup. A few Infected but mostly walkers. J.J. himself is a gassy Thug so light him on fire then take him out.

11. George "Body Eather" Serero (Thug)
Henderson; George Serero's Apratment
There are a lot of walkers scattered throughout the apartment but, besides Serero, that's all there is.

12. Joel "Blackheart" Chubalba (Infected)
Henderson; Joel Chubalba's Motel
Go down the hall, taking care of the ones out here before opening the door to the laundry room. Next you will have a room full of Infected, Chubalba being one of the Infected who will rush you when you enter the door.

13. Ogio "Blindspot" Moke (Infected)
Henderson; Ogio Moke's Laundry
Same setup as Chubalba.

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A big thank you to the following members who have helped out with the trophy guide:

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