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Players: 1. Network 2-4
Online Trophies: Need a hand?, People Person, Ménage à trois, Originality, Together in the light, Going steady
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: NA
Estimated Time to 100%: 60-70 hours?
Minimum Playthroughs: 2-3 due to needing more EXP points for School of Hard Knocks. Or 1 with A LOT of grinding.
Collectible Trophies: Gotta find'em all, Nearly there
Missable Trophies:
Glitches: First!,
A Taste of Everything, Warranty void if used, Road Trip, Hell in paradise, There and Back Again (I've emailed Deep Silver about this trophy, as it's the one that everyone is experiencing)

MISSION: MISERY WAGON, when you get to the location, you're supposed to clear the surrounding area of zombies, then it will trigger the game to open a door for you. For alot of people this isn't happening for whatever reason, either a zombie has glitched inside the building (although you can Molotov him) or it simply doesn't trigger.
Resetting the PS3 sorted this out for me, since reloading the mission made no change.
Or has said if you run to the water, you'll get told to return to the area, which apparently opens the door. (Thanks to sammingo)

MISSION: A NEW BROOM SWEEPS CLEAN, after killing Bob, you're supposed to take down the barricade from the door. For some reason it glitched and there was no barricade to take down and wouldn't let me open the door either.
Restarting my PS3 from the same spot, sorted this out.

POSSIBLE CAUSE OF A GLITCH. "If you have 1000-1500 miscellaneous items in you inventory that the save will corrupt. Just did it to me. I was trying to buy up a bunch of oleanders had about 600+ and my regular stuff for mods that I already had. Just figured it happens around 1000-1500 range." - OOHighwayOO


Dead Island is set on the tropical Island Resort of Banoi that has somehow become rampant with the infected zombies and other mutated beings set on feeding off all living things there.
You are given the choice of four different and very unique characters that each level up and progress their own way through a hectic and terrifying experience of trying to get off the island by whatever means necessary.
Dead Island allows single player campaign play as well as online or LAN co-op play with up to three other players.
You will meet many different people throughout your experiences in the storyline and some you get to decide whether to help them or let them fend for themselves. Ultimately it's a race for survival with your merry band being some of the only to not be able to become infected by this deadly viral outbreak. Will you survive and make it back home alive?

[top]Tips & Strategies

Game/Trophy WARNING

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General Tips
Check everywhere and everything. You'll pick up a ton of seemingly useless crap. But later on, they come in useful for weapons and to give to other survivors in trade.
You'll also pick up Customized Weapons, Rare Weapons and other useful things. Also needed collectables are laying around.
For some of the trophies, I'm going to put my Personal Statistics down from ONE playthrough. To give a rough idea how easy/hard it is to achieve. Baring in mind, I went everywhere I could to find everything I could, to make the guide as thorough as possible.
Random tip for upgrading the Skill Tree... Each branch, is 3 tiers (levels) To advance to the next level you need 3 points in that tier. So you need only put 3 points into it (say if you wanted to put one point into each of the 3, you could and then the next tier becomes available). This only works for each different branch however, so keep in mind.
Repair your weapons frequently. As not only does a broken weapon do a lot less damage, but it cost a lot more to repair too.

Enemy List and Tactics
Just a simple list of the enemies you'll face in the game

*Walkers: Your simple minded slow moving zombie. Use normal hit and run attacks with whatever your preferred weapon choice is OR pop a few guns shots off at them. A swift kick will give you the extra distance or hopefully knock them down. When they're on the floor, you can easily take their heads off, killing them easily. Kicking them on the floor, will also keep them down and wipe out their health.
Drowning! Kick them into the sea, or swimming pools and they'll start to drown, they're then easy to keep drowning with a nice kick.
Jump kicks tend to knock them straight onto the back, which is useful to gain that needed distance.
Also hack a leg off and it's the same as taking their head off.

*Infected: These are your quick moving, fast, and kind of agile zombies. Probably the more difficult of the enemies you'll face more of the time. Use long range weaponry if you can and seek cover on top of cars and obstacles if you seem to get swarmed by several at a time.

*Thugs: The big brute zombies that lurk around and you can hear roaring about the place. Very slow and don't particularly come after your character. Extremely powerful and recommend guns or a quick couple melee shots and then back off. Watch for openings when he roars and go in for your attacks then. IF can slice off both arms, he'll be forced to headbutt you which is far less deadly compared to his swing attacks.
Slash and evade. Or use Molotov Cocktails. THEIR LEGS!!! Taking out their legs is easiest, as they die when they lose a leg.

*Humans: Just your average day drug peddling punks, ready to pop a cap in anyone coming onto their turf so to speak. Long range combat is recommended as trying to run with a knife or hammer at a guy wielding a assault rifle is suicide, even most of the time on video games. Melee ONLY if no ammo at all and you can take lots of cover/sneak up on your enemy.
Alot better at wiping your life out, but one quick bullet to the face will kill them. Or most weapons do alot more damage than they would to zombies.

*Suiciders: These are the mutated like masses that shamble around in different areas. They are slow moving mostly and HIGHLY recommended to use guns on them. IF you get too close or melee a Suicider, they will explode killing themselves, any enemies around, and you as well (unless you run and evade quickly!). No other attacks.
They do the hard work, so you don't have to!

*Rams: These are the zombies that charge about wearing straight jackets and can go quite fast. Their only attacks consist of charging and a kick. Simply bait them into running into an object and then slice away or shoot at their backs, which is the weak point of a Ram. To evade press a directional button and

*Floaters: These are the big fat blobs of zombies that you'll first encounter in the sewers. They'll swing at you if you get in close, but primarily spew some nasty shit from their faces and most times are surrounded with other zombies. Take them down by getting behind with melee (won't even be able to mess with you from behind at all) or just shoot from cover with whatever guns you have.

*Butchers: These guys purely suck! The hardest enemies you'll find in the game here. They are quick, agile, powerful, and viciously relentless in their attacks. Try to use long range guns if you can. If not this is a perfect time to perfect your timing, when they rush you, slice at the right second and their head will roll off. If you miss that, use a quick weapon, or he'll just keep hitting you.
They don't look like much, but will tear you apart with their little nubs for arms they've munched off. If not careful, they'll munch off your face too.

NOTE: Beware of the enemies with body armor and masks as they're harder to kill.

Infinite Money Glitch by PowerPYX

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Infinite EXP Glitch by PowerPYX

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Annoying Quests!!!
NIGHT HAWK: I spent a good few hours trying to find this damn jungle!!!! But you cant access this until an Act later.
For one of the quests you're asked to find Maggie, she's in the Lighthouse.
Along with any other quests you get in Act I, regarding the Jungle.
A MATTER OF HONOR: Her necklace is on the coach. Again, spent ages looking around that damn waterfall.


Firstly, begin by playing the game either through single player or online co-op if you wanted to.Personally I prefer the single player experience first, saving the fun co-op for later.
NOTE: At the time being the online has been causing several glitches and trophy issues so play at your own risk.

During this first playthrough, you will want to gather up at least 120 of the collectables that there are, meaning all mods; IDs, Banoi Heralds, (at least 5 exceptional weapons), and the few recordings that there are.
Along with that, you need to reach level 50 through doing all sidequests (atleast 75 for the trophy anyways). This will more than likely take another playthrough.
Next, you will want to play through Act I with each of the four characters. Only necessary to play Act I with all characters, and you could also take care of online trophies at this point if you had a friend to co-op with. Also, may need boosting to handle some of the online trophies such as People Person, where you need to play with 10 different players.

Finally, you will want to manage to play Dead Island 28 days later. There is a trick to changing the time, (as noted in the Trophy Guide) so you can go right ahead if want your platinum sooner, unless this has been since patched. But again, this is kinda cheating :p

Below is a video of PowerPYX just having fun, playing through the game. So if you're unsure about whether to buy it, etc. Check it out

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Thanks to NeroRadec for helping, PowerPYX for the videos and Athena for the banner. Kudos to everyone that messaged me with other tips that have been added.


The Whole World Went Away
Collect all other trophies.

As with every game I'm aware of, collect all other trophies, excluding DLC to get this platinum.

One is All I Need
Kill 5 Infected in a row with a single blow

This took me a few tries, but you should be able to achieve it without too much difficulty whilst playing through normally. Kill 5 Infected in a row, best is to do it with a sharp weapon that you've upgraded as you can take their heads straight off.
A decent place to do this, is when Ope is testing you in a makeshift arena. You'll know when you're there.

Can't Touch This
Use a hammer to kill a series of 15 zombies without taking damage

Easiest is to fully upgrade the hammer to it's max upgrade, kick the zombies down, then give them a nice blow to the face. It's an instant kill. (Thanks to SteezeOritz)

PowerPYX Video

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Kill 50 human enemies

Later on in the game, you'll come across survivors that aren't.... well... friendly.
So kill them, you'll know who they are, because they'll be attacking you. Kicking these people, don't tend to do anything. But weapons seem alot more effective on people than zombies.

Light My Fire
Set 10 zombies on fire simultaneously

Set 10 zombies on fire at the same time.
In the City of Moresby, follow the canal right down to the beach. You will see a group of about 10-12 zombies on the East side. These zombies always spawn in such a large group and because their spawn points are so close to one another, they're quite easy to round up with Meat Bait and light up with a Molotov.
I just ran circles around them until they were in a tight circle (I can thank Nazi Zombies for that little tip) On top of that, you can use Nick's Hub for easy access by fast traveling there and then sprinting over to that location. - Thanks to Disconnected

PowerPYX Video

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10 Heads are Better Than 1
Kill 10 zombies in a row with headshots

Once you've got a fun, upgrade it fully. Then go zombie hunting. Easiest way is to knock them to the floor, the shoot them point blank in the face.

PowerPYX Video

NOTE: I ran out of ammo with ONE zombie left to headshot (I was using the trophy as target practice, so doing long range) .... If you reload your last checkpoint, you're given ammo back, and your head count stays the same!

A Taste of Everything
Kill a zombie with 10 different melee weapons

You'll get this as you play through the game. Everytime you pick up a new melee weapon, simply kill a zombie with it.

To Put it Bluntly
Kill 250 zombies using blunt melee weapons

I got this during Act 2, so pretty early on. Just kill 250 zombies with blunt weapons, so; crowbars, baseball bats, hammers etc

Hack and Slash
Kill 250 zombies using edged melee weapons

Again, I got this at the start of Act 2, so pretty easy. Kill 250 zombies with sharp weapons; machetes, knives, sickles etc

Guns Don't Kill but They Help
Kill 250 zombies using firearms

Pretty obvious. Kill 250 zombies using firearms, so; pistols, magnums, shotguns, rifles.
Saying this, use the ammo sparingly as there doesn't seem to be alot of it. Plus you need to kill 50 humans as well. So I've just been wearing down the zombies health as much as possible and finishing them with a bullet to the face.

Tae Kwon Leap
Kill 25 zombies with your bare fists

As the title says. Have no weapons equipped and punch and kill 25 zombies. To speed up the process, kick them to the floor first, then finish them off with a few punches.

I Want One of Those
Customize 25 weapons

Customize 25 weapons, so just create 25 weapons at the workshop benches. Every time you create a weapon it counts, so you can just create 25 of the same weapons.
NOTE: I modified 43

Kill 50 zombies using a vehicle

Once you have access to a jeep, just go running over zombies. Although you should pick this up by just playing normally.
NOTE: I killed 81

Kill an Infected with a grenade blast

As with alot of trophies, make it easy for yourself! Kick them to the floor, drop a grenade on them and RUN!!
Note: This needs to be with a grenade as Incendiary Grenades or Deo-Bombs don't work.

Road Trip
Drive a total distance of 10 kilometers

Simple enough, as soon as you get a jeep. Just drive to every far location and you'll rack up the kilometers.
NOTE: Total distance overall, including walking was 235.47km

Travel a distance of 20 kilometers on foot

As with Road Trip, you'll cover this easily playing through the game.
NOTE: Total distance overall, including driving was 235.47km

Rootin' Tootin' Lootin'
Loot 5 Exceptional Weapons

These, like alot of weapons are found in the silver boxes. You can also get this by collecting them off enemies.
The important ones here have an Orange Name Colour.
"These are in completely random locations and is based on luck" - GotItMemorized
Some of these weapons are:
Brutal Sickle
Diving Knife
Wicked Double Blade
Wicked Sickle

An example of where they are:
  • The Third Head of Cerberus. Climb up on the building to get to the 3rd speaker, an Exceptional Weapon is in the crate.
  • In the Police Station, when you first meet the Punk, check out the room to the left.
  • In the warehouse after completing VISIT TO THE PUB.
  • Whilst doing SOLDIER OF FORTUNE, you come to a harbor, that heads inland quite far. At 41m check the box for an Exceptional Weapon.
  • When walking with Ope, I got one off of a Thug that I killed.
  • CHASING THE WHITE RABBIT - When you do a few wings, you come up to some stairs with a workbench just before the door. In the next wing you'll see a guy on the floor with the Exceptional Weapon.
  • OMAR ESCORT. As you're following him back you'll come across a pool with a box on the side by life rings.
NOTE: I ended up with 7

To Boost - Thanks to SLOPPYWAFFLE

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Tis' but a Flesh Wound
Sever 100 limbs

Use a sharp edged weapon and cut off enemies arms of legs. Depending on the weapon used, their limbs could come off with one hit, or a few slashes.

There and back Again
Explore the entire island

Explore the entire island.
Below is an idea where you need to be, to trigger each part of the trophy. We're one short, as it's glitched. (Thanks to Disconnected for the list)
Here's the list of locations:

Toggle Spoiler

Here are maps with pictures of the locations:

Toggle Spoiler

NOTE: This trophy is glitched. There's a duplicate somewhere, stopping you from getting the trophy. (I've emailed DeepSilver about this trophy, as it's the one that everyone is experiencing)

Ah! Spoiled Meat!
Kill a Butcher using an axe

Kill a Butcher with any type of axe.
Wow, these guys SUCK! The Butchers pretty much just constantly jump around and try and slash you. I kept him at a distance by kicking him away, then hacking him with a fully upgraded, Shock Splitting Axe.
Becareful though, they can take quite a few hits and their quick movements make them hard to aim properly.

Oh, No You Don't
Kill a Ram using tackle skill

Sam B has the tackle skill. To use, simply sprint after upgrading the Skill Tree for the tackle to actually tackle things...
Then weaken down a Rammer, by letting him charge, evading him, then slashing his back, until he's got a small amount of life left.
Once he's staggering after another evasion, sprint into him and give him a taste of his own medicine.

PowerPYX Video

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Heal yourself with a med kit 100 times

You can buy med kits from survivors at every major location, Lifeguard Center, Lighthouse etc. You can find them in the surroundings, but it's quite rare especially in the early Act, becoming more frequent in later ones.
When you're injured press to use a med kit. You'll need to do this 100 times.
NOTE: I healed 147 times.

Swing Them Sticks
Kill 150 enemies using Analog Fighting controls

Ok, this one is a bit of a pain. Go into options and switch Fighting Controls to Analog.
Then you have to kill 150 enemies with these controls. So hold the right stick fully to the right, then swing left to swipe left. Hold up and then swipe down, to bring the weapons sharply down... etc
I'd do this as early in the game as possible, before the higher tier enemies.
If analog combat is giving you trouble, then you can use a gun and go for headshots. This is alot easier than melee weapons to use.

Everybody Lies
Use a large med kit to heal an injury of 5% or less

You can buy Large Med kits later on in the game. When a tiny bit of your health is gone, use the large kit to gain this trophy.

Hell In Paradise
Complete act I

Complete act I... simple
Act I Recap

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No Raccoons in Here
Complete act II

Complete Act II, which is basically the City level.

Act II Recap

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King of the Jungle
Complete act III

Complete Act III, the Jungle.

Act III Recap

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Banoi Redemption
Complete act IV

Complete Act IV

DON'T read this spoiler unless you wanna know the ending
Act IV-Finale Recap

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Right 4 Life
Complete act I with 4 different characters

As simple and as long winded as it sounds.
Complete Act I with all 4 characters.
You'll basically just be able to run through the game, skipping the side missions.

A Very Special Day
Kill 250 zombies with modified weapons

Kill 250 enemies with a weapon that you have modified at a workshop, even by just Upgrading the weapon.

How Many Days Exactly?
Play Dead Island at least 28 days after starting it for the first time.

You can get How Many Days Exactly? before the 28 days is over by changing the PS3 clock.
Way to do this:
1. Start a game (Prologue) and ensure it saves
2. Close the game
3. Log out of PSN
4. Change the clock 30 days forward in time
5. Start game and it should pop

Busy, Busy, Busy
Finish 75 quests cumulatively

Finish 75 quests altogether. So finish as many side quests as possible.
NOTE: I did 136 quests. So that's the maximum, unless I somehow missed one.

Learning the Ropes
Reach level 10

See School of hard Knocks

Dedicated Student
Reach level 25

See School of hard Knocks

School of hard Knocks
Reach level 50

Throughout the game, everything you do builds up experience. So the better the kill, the more experience gained, the harder the enemy, the more EXP, every completed mission... more EXP.
So try and do as many Side Quests as you can to build up as much EXP as possible.
If you think you're struggling, there's a special ability in the Skill Perks to give more EXP per kill etc
It seems that you'll also have to do 2 playthroughs, so NG+. Unless you do alot of grinding, but NG+ will be quicker.
Also, check the Challenges, they can give you a fair bit of EXP for completing them.
NOTE: I started Playthrough 2 at Level 38

Kill a Suicider with a grenade

Later on in the game, you'll come across the Suiciders. NeroRadec got this trophy at the first Suicider, by picking up a gas bottle and shooting it as it landed by the Suicider.
I can also confirm this, works perfectly, especially if he's surrounded by other zombies!

Knock, Knock
Breach a locked door with the first blow

Who's there? .... Cough, cough.....
Some of the doors you have to breach, you have to hold "down" on the right analog stick, then flick "up" at the right time and get it just in the red area. This just takes practice and timing... or luck.
PowerPYX Video

Toggle Spoiler

Gotta Find'em All
Find 60 collectables

See, Nearly There

Nearly There
Find 120 collectables

Throughout the game you'll find collectables. These will be in the form of Personal IDs, Fact Books (Banoi Herald Excerpts), Collectable Mods (so, weapon blueprints) and Tape Recordings. You'll easily have more than enough for the trophy.
The numbers for the IDs etc are impossible to collect in order, so I'll write them down as I found them in-game.
Also I noticed that collecting blueprints, collectables from quests and finding them were counting towards my overall total EVEN when I double collected them with another character replaying Act I. So basically on New Game +, you can grab the same collectables and they'll still add up.
NOTE: It seems I missed quite a few out and I thoroughly checked everywhere. Either way, I had way more than 140 according to the Challenges.

Personal IDs

Toggle Spoiler

Banoi Herald Excerpts

Toggle Spoiler

Collectable Mods

Toggle Spoiler

Tape Recordings

Toggle Spoiler

Steam Punk
Create weapons to rival the gods of fire or thunder

At the workshops, create a weapon that "rivals the gods". Basically a stick with fire. Or something along those lines. I upgraded a stick to a "Scorching Stick" and the trophy popped. This was using the Torch Mod Blueprint.
Also you can also get Steam Punk by applying the Shock Mod to a Homemade Machete.

Save 5 people besieged by zombies

During the game, you'll find people trapped in houses, cars etc, by zombies banging and trying to get in.
Simply clear the area and speak to the people, who usually give decent weapons or amount of money.
It seems like you need to do it with all one character.

Need a Hand?
Join another player's game

Join another player's game online. Not much else I can add.

Warranty Void if Used
Create a customized weapon

You should get this one early in. When you find a workshop, create a weapon from a Blueprint and you'll get this trophy. Create 24 more and you'll get another trophy for I Want One Of Those

Kill 100 enemies with Fury attacks

When you kill enemies, it fills up your Rage/Fury bar in the top left. When it's full, hold down and you'll enter Fury Mode. You just need to kill 100 enemies whilst in Fury.
Xian seems useful for this, as she turns into American Psycho, going slash crazy.

People Person
Play with 10 different co-op partners for at least 15 minutes each

Play online with atleast 10 different people online, for 15 minutes at a time.

Ménage à Trois
Complete 5 quests with 3 co-op partners

Complete 5 quests with 3 other players.
Which would mean there would be 4 of you... meaning the trophy doesn't make sense

Play in a co-op team of 4 different playable characters

Play co-op online, with every player choosing a different character.

Together in the Light
Complete 5 quests in a single co-op game with the game partners

Simply complete 5 quests with a single partner in co-op.

Going Steady
Complete 25 quests while playing with at least one co-op partner

As simple as it sounds. Complete 25 quests whilst playing with atleast one other player.
You can check in game, to see how far you've come along.

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