Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: Yes
Double The Action
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15-25 Hours (Approximate, if anyone has a better idea it would be much appreciated as i didnt time it)
Platinum Difficulty 6-7 Depending on skill and patience with a few levels.
Minimum Playthroughs: 2-3 Recommended
Collectibles Trophies: Yes
King Of Looters
Suit Up
Top Gear
Missable Trophies:None
Glitched Trophies: None encountered so far, if you have had any please post and i will add it.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Under each chapter, i have added a type of walkthrough to help you if you are stuck.

Take note that most of these Tips & Strategies were made for playing through on Morbid or Grim.

IMPORTANT: EDIT: Due to the recent update, each checkpoint is now a save point . Thanks to Kaid-X for pointing this out.

IMPORTANT:Another thing, if you are playing the game by selecting each mission through mission select, you will not unlock the campaign trophies so you must play them through the proper way.

-Most of the accumulative kill trophies will not pop until the stats screen at the end of the level.

-While the Shocker did not seem great at first, fully upgrading its power is very helpful as it kills soldiers and firefighters in one quick zap at close range, and this is important for the final level.

-The Flamethrower is very effective as setting zombies on fire will disable them and they will wonder around aimlessly setting other zombies on fire and eventually dying, with the exception of Cutters, Jumpers and Firefighters.

-Remember if your health goes below 20% it will regenerate back to 20% when you are not being hit. Wait for it to regenerate before using health kits.

-For those of you who do not understand the armour types:
Strength: How hard you hit, your melee strength.
Endurance: Your total hitpoints, and how fast it regenerates the last 20%
Agility: Not exactly sure, but most likely how fast and far your Rush, and possibly how quickly your energy regenerates.

-Unless you have a good co-op partner, i would recommend doing your playthrough on Morbid solo, as it becomes harder with two people.

-The Mines are very useful to upgrade full. Whenever you are entering an area you think you can be ambushed, set up one behind you and it will most likely take care of anything that comes your way. Also when you are trapped in an area, it helps to set up one or two in front of you in case the hordes become to overwhelming.

-Use your ears, if you hear footsteps coming, you are about to be attacked by a horde. Larger thumps mean a larger zombie.

-If you see shipping containers or truck trailers, they will most likely hold zombies so be prepared for them to jump out at you.

-Use car alarms to your advantage. If you can see a horde of zombies in front of you, its a good idea to shoot at them to lure them, retreat to a car with an alarm and set it off, hopefully taking most of the zombies out in the explosion. This can also work with normal cars its just a bit trickier getting them to be in range of the explosion.

-Also remember before using the above tip, every unexploded car has loot in the boot that can be obtained by melee (R2). This loot also counts towards the total loot collected at the end of the level and the loot trophies.

-Fully upgrading the Rifle is a very good idea as it is unlimited ammo and can be useful in most situations. Its useful to keep the Rifle charged (Hold R1) and to pick off all zombies. Keeping your distance from a horde that you can just see is a good idea and picking them off until they run at you will help and if there is a lot, drop a mine while walking backwards and firing shots.

-The Blade Cannon is ideal for taking out large hordes in a single shot, be careful where your aiming though as if it hits a larger zombie it will get stuck in them.

-Learn your zombies and the best way to deal with them, this is what i found:
Skeleton Zombies Can be taken out with a single shot with the Rifle or Smg which is ideal for taking out larger crowds. Often when you are ambushed from behind it will be a group of skeleton zombies so its a good idea to retreat back into them with the SMG or Rifle and Melee or Dash when they are close.
Normal Zombies Take about one Charged Shot or two Normal shots with the Rifle. Main Zombies hanging around the level.
Fat Zombies Take around one Charged shot or 4-5 normal shots. When facing these zombies it is best to retreat so they are in a line and pick them off with headshots as shooting them will make them run and they will not stop running until they are dead.
Bikie Zombies Basically just Fat Zombies with helmets. Careful though as these take two Charged Shots and an extra 1-2 normal shots.
Firefighters A bit tougher than normal zombies as they have a helmet and they are immune to fire.
Soldiers Most annoying out of all the zombies. These guys are armoured and take a lot more shots than normal soldiers. Best way to dispose with these guys is to use the Shocker or Shotgun after setting them alight with the Flamethrower.
Creeper These can be found hidden along walls, often near loot. They will sprint at you when shot or they will ambush you. While shooting them with the Rifle is effective as it temporarily halts them, if ambushed by a group it is best to blast away with the shotgun.
Bombie Fat exploding zombie that charges at you until it explodes on you. If you cant kill them with you Rifle before it reaches you just dash away as it explodes and it will be ineffective.
Jumper Big muscley zombie that will jump at you if you are at a distance. Do not get to close as they will pound you with there fists. A good strategy is to wait till they jump and move towards where they were, hopefully moving under him. Otherwise rushing when he is about to land works. Just bang away at him with your rifle if there arent many zombies around, otherwise the Launcher or Shotgun will make short work of him. He can also be tricked into killing smaller zombies if you are being followed by them. Remember that while they may not directly hit you when they jump, there shockwaves will still damage you.
Cutter Be very afraid of these guys. One cut and back to your checkpoint you go. If no other zombies are around you can just use your Rifle, but using the Launcher is a good idea as it takes three shots. These guys will run at you so be very careful.
Mouth If there's no Cutters, these guys are your priority. They will keep on screaming and sending hordes of skeleton zombies at you until killed so its a good idea to set them on fire to stop the screaming or to pump the shotgun into them.

Also this is my first attempt at guide, so instead of flaming it if its poor quality, leave a helpful tip to improve my guide and i might even rep you
Special thanks to Dark_Raven666 for helping me out with my platinum and to DaveyHasselhoff for helping me start off my guide.
Another special thanks to Zaraeleus for writing up the amazing loot guide that i was to lazy to do so myself, remember to rep him if you use it .


First Playthrough
I recommend starting your first play through on Grim, as you can not play through on Morbid until you have finished Grim.
For my first play through i just concentrated on learning how to play, developing good strategies and learning enemy spawn points. I focused a little bit on earning the Up Close and Personal Aim for the Head Car Killer and such but they will most likely come without even trying. If a partner is available you could do this playthrough in co-op to get the Co-op trophies out of the way.

Second Playthrough
If you have not played through on Grim, do so now, otherwise play on Morbid. Finishing the game on Morbid will knock the toughest trophy out of the way. I will add tips into each chapters trophy section to aid you as much as possible. Reading the Tips & Strategies section will also help.

Third Playthrough
If you have not played through on co-op doing so now would be a good idea. While you are doing this you can use go for King Looter if you wish. If you are having trouble finding a reliable co-op partner, use the tip posted under the Double The Action trophy.

Clean Up
Now is the time to finish up all other trophies you have not yet obtained. This may include:
Car Killer
Very Dead


Romero Would Be Proud
Collect All Trophies

You will get this trophy after obtaining all other trophies.
If there is DLC released for this game, those trophies will not be needed for platinum.
For those of you who do not know, this is a reference to the "Grandfather of the Zombie" or, George A. Romero.

Easy Does It
Complete Campaign Mode On 'Braindead'

Simply complete campaign mode on Braindead.
These trophies stack so i would recommend starting on Grim.

Complete Campaign Mode On 'Normal'

Simply complete campaign mode on Normal
These trophies stack so i would recommend starting on Grim.
But if you think you may have trouble on Grim, it would help to play through on Normal first to get a feel for things.

Tough Enough
Complete Campaign Mode On 'Grim'

You should start your first playthrough on this mode. While it may be difficult at some spots it will not be to challenging. Follow my Tips & Strategies and it will be made a lot easier. I will be adding tips into each Mission trophy for the harder sections so following those will also help.
Trophy difficulties stack so completing this will also unlock Easy Does It and Mediocrity
Completing the game on this mode will unlock "Morbid" difficulty

Morbid Curiosity
Complete Campaign Mode On 'Morbid'

This is definatly the toughest trophy out of them all, but it is not impossible. All you need is a bit of skill, a good strategy and some patience with the tougher bits as you will die a fair amount. By reading my Tips & Strategies this should be made a lot easier for you.
I would recommend upgrading your Rifle first, followed by the Shotgun and then the Grinder, Launcher and Shocker. I would not even bother with the SMG as it isnt effective on Morbid and unpgrade your inventory whenever you have the chance. Most checkpoints you should restock your ammo and inventory and by now you should know the enemy spawns so it will not be much tougher than Grim.

Double the Action
Complete Campaign Mode In Co-Op Mode

If you have any trouble finding a co-op partner, i would recommend going to the boosting thread:

Otherwise, you could do what i did and do it on your own splitscreen.
What i did was set it up on Braindead split-screen co-op, and if i did not have anyone over to help me play, i would simply pick up my other controller at each checkpoint, send the second guy out to be killed straight away and played through to the next checkpoint solo.
Although it is slighty more difficult on co-op if your partner is dead, if you have played through on Grim or Morbid it will not be a problem, plus you should have the setting on either Normal or Braindead.

And so it Begins...
Complete Mission 1 (Any Difficulty Level)

You should not have to much trouble on this level. Just get used to the difficulty setting and how many shots it takes to kill each enemy.
Remember, the closer you are to the enemy you kill, the more points you will earn.
You should not have any trouble with the first two checkpoints.

Toggle Spoiler

A Trip Downtown
Complete Mission 2 (Any Difficulty Level)

Another Mission that should not give you to much trouble. You can now buy the Shotgun which is highly recommended.

Toggle Spoiler

Walk in the Park
Complete Mission 3 (Any Difficulty Level)

By now you should by the mines and start upgrading its Explosives Charges as this will come in handy. You can also buy the Flamethrower but this is not as important until the later stages.

Toggle Spoiler

On Top of the World
Complete Mission 4 (Any Difficulty Level)

You can now buy the Blade Cannon, if you can not afford it i recommend saving up for it. The Molotov is also available but only worth buying if you have a lot of gold.

Toggle Spoiler

Out of the City
Complete Mission 5 (Any Difficulty Level)

Time to buy the Rocket Laucher, if you dont have enough, save for it.

Toggle Spoiler

Hospital Bill through the Roof
Complete Mission 6 (Any Difficulty Level)

The Shocker is now available but not really needed till later on in the game, if you have plenty of points, feel free to buy and upgrade.

Toggle Spoiler

Complete Mission 7 (Any Difficulty Level)

Here comes the toughest mission. Be prepared when you get to the last checkpoint. The Dynamite is now available, but i didnt use it much, might come in handy though so if you have the spare points feel free. For these last few missions you will want to be stocking up on low ammo and inventory whenever you need to because it is important for your survival.

Toggle Spoiler

Train to Nowhere
Complete Mission 8 (Any Difficulty Level)

Not that difficult a mission, nothing compared to the last one anyway, pretty much all smooth sailing from here.

Toggle Spoiler

Sleeping with the Fishes
Complete Mission 9 (Any Difficulty Level)

Toggle Spoiler

Took the Highway
Complete Mission 10 (Any Difficulty Level)

Now your on your last mission. While not the hardest mission, it is the most enduring and you will easily be killing up to 2100 zombies. Stock up on ammo and inventory every checkpoint. This mission requires a lot of use from the Flamethrower, Blade Cannon, Launcher, Shocker and Shotgun.

Toggle Spoiler

Complete A Mission In Co-Op Mode (Any Difficulty Level)

See Double The Action (Above).
This should pop after completing the first level in co-op.

Very Dead
Complete A Mission On 'Undead'

Completing the first mission on Undead is the easiest way. Just keep the rifle charged and dont forget to use your flares and grenades. This should not be to much of a problem after completing the game on Morbid.

Complete A Mission Without Dying

See Skilled (below)

Complete A Mission Without Receiving Any Damage

This trophy can be a bit tricky but nothing serious. Best setting is to select Mission 1 on Braindead and take your time, and i mean move slowly. Keep your Rifle charged and use your flares and grenades. If you get hit or take any damage at all, you must restart the level as dying and returning to the previous checkpoint does not work. Completing this will also net you the Survivor trophy if you have not yet got it.

Zombie Killer
Kill 1,000 Zombies

This is very simple. Should be obtained after the second level as you will be killing around 800-1000 zombies a level.
This trophy will not pop until the stats screen shows up at the end of the level.

Zombie Hunter
Kill 10,000 Zombies

Just like the above trophy. Should be obtained by the end of your first play through, just keep on killing those zombies.

Kill 53,596 Zombies

This will most likely be your last trophy before Platinum.
After obtaining every other trophy you will most likely have around 35,000-40,000 zombies killed.
The best way to obtain the rest of the kills is to select Mission 10 in Mission Select and play through on Braindead over and over as you will be racking up a kill count of around 2000-2100 every playthrough as opposed to the 1000 kills on most other missions.
This will most likely be boring replaying the last mission but just enjoy it while you can because after this trophy you will most likely not play it again .

Also if anyone is interested in the significance of the "Kill 53,596 Zombies" trophy/ achievement in such games as Dead Rising 2 and Left 4 Dead (Yes i know its not on PS3) Have a look at this link.

Aim for the Head
Perform 500 Headshots

To perform a headshot, you must hold R1 with the Rifle to charge your shot. This is very effective with crowds as it goes through a line of enemies with one shot. You should be using this effectively throughout the game so this trophy should not be a problem.

Up Close and Personal
Perform 500 Melee Kills

This should come naturally through gameplay as you will often become surrounded by zombies.
Use R2 to melee.
If you have not obtained enough kills (highly unlikely) you will often see zombies lined up at fences out of reach that you can melee until dead. Be careful though as sometimes they can hit you back.

Blown to Bits
Blow Up 1,000 Zombies

This is another trophy that will come naturally on your journey to platinum. This includes explosions from any explosive weapon or item in your inventory and also when cars blow up. I earned this trophy at the end of Mission 9.

Burn 1,000 Zombies

If you are using the Flamethrower or Molotovs effectively this will come easily. Using the Flamethrower on the last level will make this trophy come much faster.

Car Killer
Destroy 500 Vehicles

This trophy may not come until you are near platinum. If this is the case when you are going for the Genocidiary trophy just destroy every car you see and youll get it in no time.
Using every car with an alarm is always a good idea for taking out zombies and it contributes to this trophy, just make sure you collect the loot from the boot first.

Fully Upgrade A Single Stat Of Any Weapon In Campaign Mode

Simply fully upgrade a stat of a weapon.
I recommend upgrading the Rifles "Rate of Fire" first off.

Weapon Specialist
Fully Upgrade All Stats Of Any Weapon In Campaign Mode

This will be easily obtainable in your first playthrough. Fully upgrading the Rifle first is a good idea as it is unlimited ammo and can be an effective primary weapon if used properly.

Suit Up
Collect An Armor Piece

You will earn your first amour piece at the start of Mission 1 in the large yellow crate. There are a number of these throughout the 10 Missions that must be collected.
These Armour pieces carry through every playthrough and once obtained will be saved.

Top Gear
Collect All Armor Pieces

For a guide to All Armor Pieces, see King of Looters below.

Help Your Country To Clear The Virus Infection

You will get this trophy after completing the first mission if you are online. After the stats screen it will tell you that your score is being processed or whatever and after that you will be shown the leaderboard of countries. This trophy should then pop.

Collect All The Loot In Any Mission

See King of Looters below for a guide to all loot.

King of Looters
Collect All The Loot In Every Mission

{Previous loot guide removed at the request of the guide writer as the site it was on stole it off him, with the original guide being on .org, working on how to add one in now}
**Note that i take no credit in the making of these videos, i simply found them on youtube as the person writing the old guide bailed on it, and i am busy with exams so i cannot write my own own.**
Mission 1: The Beginning

Mission 2: Downtown

Mission 3: Sorrow Park

Mission 4: Grieving Towers

Mission 5: Edge of City

Mission 6: Marrow Hospital

Mission 7: Graveyard

Mission 8: Trainyard

Mission 9: Harbor Docks

Mission 10: Highway to Hell

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