Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: Best of Friends , Even More Help From My Friends , Help From My Friends , Making Memories , More Help From My Friends
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: TBA
Minimum Playthroughs: 1+ (Impossible in one run, but probably won't require a complete second playthrough with co-op, Sandbox and New Game+ to help out)
Collectible Trophies: Award Winning Photography , Nice Shot , Photo Album .
Missable Trophies: Alpha Vs. Omega , No Zombies in the Vents, Powered Up, Purewal Memorial Cup, Save the Girl... Yet Again, Team Player, Tiger Tamer
Glitched Trophies: Purewal Memorial Cup*

*Some have reported this as glitched, however I was able to get it on my first try. Results may vary.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Make sure to review the Sandbox Challenges and Survivors and Psychopaths Timeline at the end of the guide for more information!


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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is not very demanding when it comes to requirements. Much like the original Dead Rising 2, at the end of the game, you'll have access to New Game + mode, which carries over your character's progression and abilities, allowing you another chance to do anything that you've missed. In addition, returning to Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is the Sandbox Mode, which allows you unrestricted access to Fortune City with no time limit, allowing you to complete many of the trophies without the ticking clock hanging over your head. For this reason, I recommend that you play through the plot normally at first to enjoy the game and build up your levels. Since you'll have to reach level 47 anyhow for Hands of Doom, there is no need to rush.

PLAYTHROUGH 1: Normal Mode
Enjoy the game, and explore the area. Get a working knowledge of where you can find the components for useful weapons such as Knife Gloves, Super BFGs or Boomsticks. Read through the Survivors and Psychopaths Timeline to get an understanding of where and when they will spawn, how to best approach them, and what the rewards will be for saving them. You'll be going for all of your plot trophies on this run, and as many of the optional plot trophies as you can, depending on what survivor combinations you manage to save. While building up your character and acquiring combo cards, there are only a couple of important trophies that you'll really have to plan ahead for:

Purewal Memorial Cup requires you to avoid eating meat, dairy or drinking alcohol until the Military arrives. This means you will be consuming a lot of basic food items such as Orange Juice, Large Sodas, etc. To be safe, I would recommend also avoiding anything that might contain meat, dairy or alcohol, such as Pizza, Coffee Creamer, Painkiller, etc. While some have reported this as glitched, I was able to get the trophy with no difficulty, and I believe my caution on this point is the reason why. This might be best to do on your first playthrough, just to get it out of the way.

Cramped Quarters requires 8 survivors to be in your party at one time, then piling them all into a clown car. This might be easier on your subsequent runs when you have a better idea of which survivors appear when, but be aware at some point that you'll have to do this. If you happen to be approaching a favorable number and combination of survivors while on your first playthrough, give it a shot. A save made at the beginning of your attempt will allow you to go back and reload if you find that you can't fill your party, or waste too much time.

This likely will not be a full playthrough, instead a series of partial playthroughs. Since every time you re-start New Game +, you retain your character's progress, there really is no penalty for starting over if necessary. Use this playthrough to obtain any of the optional plot trophies that you may have missed, like Tiger Tamer or No Zombies in the Vents.

You may also want to wait until your second playthrough to attempt the Alpha Vs. Omega trophy, simply because is requires you to drastically alter the way you play the game. This is far easier to undertake when you're not concerned with any of the other trophy requirements in the game, ignoring everything but the Case File missions and survival.

PLAYTHROUGH 3: Co-Op and Sandbox Challenges
Once you are at high level and have acquired most of the combo cards, you can start working on the Single Player and Co-Op Sandbox Challenges. There are thirty challenges, all of which have to be completed in both Single Player and Co-Op, making sixty total Gold Medals that you will need to complete all of the trophies. While in Sandbox mode, you can also complete all of the PP Sticker collectible trophies, as you will have unrestricted access to all areas of the game, and no time limit to worry about.

The only thing that you will not have access to is Security Box Keys, as they are only present in the campaign mode. Aside from that, all magazines, weapons, items and stickers are available for your exploitation. While your character progression and money carries over between modes, your inventory does not, so be prepared to maintain separate stashes if you're jumping back and forth between modes.


DR2: OTR Trophy Master
Acquire all the trophies in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record.

Photo School
Take a high PP value picture.

Take any photograph that is worth over 1000PP. It is possible to do this during the photography tutorial at the beginning of the game by photographing T.K.'s meeting. Hold then press to bring up your camera. To improve the results of your photo, use to zoom in as much as you can, center the subject, and try to capture faces or items they're carrying. Press to take the photo when ready. You will get additional points if you wait for the yellow PP icon to appear above your subject's head.

Video example by PowerPyx.

Photo Journalist
Get back in the game by gaining lots of PP from pictures.

Earn 10,000 PP from taking pictures. This will come naturally over the course of the game.

Adult Content
Take an extremely erotic picture.

Earn over 1000 PP from taking a photo with primarily Erotic content. This trophy can be earned in a number of ways, either from photographing one or more of the many female survivors that you rescue, or by photographing erotic items in the Hot Excitorama (N110) or Uranus Zone. If photographing a survivor, try to get a good angle on her breasts and crotch. Survivors with more cleavage net you higher points. Please note that other picture types such as Horror, Drama, Brutality, Outtake and Special can contribute to this total, as long as the photo is predominantly Erotic. If you are having trouble getting the points you need, use the Erotic magazine from the mens bathroom in Slot Ranch Casino to boost your Erotic points.

Mixed Messages
Take a picture with elements of horror, brutality, outtake and erotica in a single shot.

You can get this trophy early in the game by going to Hot Excitorama (N110). Jam a fountain firework from Rocket's Red Glare (N108) in the mouth of a zombie, and kill a couple in front of the doorway. Get behind the counter and point your camera out the open door, being sure to capture some of the sex toys on the counter in the shot. You'll get Horror from the zombies, Outtake from the zombie with fountain fireworks in their mouth, Brutality from the zombies you killed, and Erotica from the sex toys on the counter.

Video example by PowerPyx.

Raw Emotion
Take a photo of a survivor in a very dramatic situation.

Earn over 1000 PP from taking a photo with primarily Drama content. Again, this can be earned in a number of places. Photographing a survivor that is being attacked or in danger is a good subject, either before or after you rescue them. Psychopaths attacking or going through one of their special animations are also good targets. If you are having trouble earning enough points, use the Photography magazines to boost your score.

Video example by PowerPyx.

Full Camera
Fill your camera's memory.

Even though Frank's digital camera can take an unlimited number of pictures, it only saves the thirty most recent ones. Once you have taken thirty pictures, you will get this trophy.

Nice Shot
Photograph a PP sticker.

See Award Winning Photography .

Photo Album
Photograph 25 PP stickers.

See Award Winning Photography .

Award Winning Photography
Photograph 75 PP stickers.

PP Stickers are very small and easy to miss, so much so that even though most are in plain sight you're unlikely to spot them unless you're actively looking for them. Simply press and hold then hit to bring up your camera, then hit to photograph the sticker. Each is worth up to 1000pp, so they'll be worth your time and trouble. If you are having difficulty finding a sticker, use the PP meter at the top of your camera's viewfinder. When you are pointed in the direction of a PP sticker, the meter will increase until green to indicate maximum points for your shot.

Video Walkthrough by PowerPyx for the first 76 stickers. NOTE: The map's numbering corresponds to PowerPyx's video for the 76 stickers shown, then has additional stickers added as I find them.

Making Memories
Take a picture of your co-op partner during co-op play.

Just as easy as it sounds. While in co-op, hold and press to bring up your camera. Aim at your co-op partner and press to take a picutre.

Camera Crazy
Take a picture of a psychopath.

Another straightforward one. While in combat with a psychopath, hold and press to bring up your camera. Aim at the psychopath and press to take a picutre.

Use the Snapshot skill move on a zombie.

Approach a zombie, hold and press . You will grab the zombie, spin them around and take an arms length photo of the two of you to remember this special moment. The zombie will be killed and you will earn 250 PP and this trophy.

I Got a Medal!
Get a medal on a challenge in Sandbox Mode.

See the Sandbox Challenges section for details.

Challenge Addict
Get at least a bronze medal on 10 different single player challenges.

See the Sandbox Challenges section for details.

Help From My Friends
Get at least a bronze medal on 10 different co-op challenges.

See the Sandbox Challenges section for details.

The Challenge Experience
Get at least a bronze medal on all single player challenges.

See the Sandbox Challenges section for details.

More Help From My Friends
Get at least a bronze medal on all co-op challenges.

See the Sandbox Challenges section for details.

Challenge Domination
Get a gold medal on all single player challenges.

See the Sandbox Challenges section for details.

Even More Help From My Friends
Get a gold medal on all co-op challenges.

See the Sandbox Challenges section for details.

Drugged Up
Take a dose of Zombrex.

Frank must take Zombrex once every 24 hours in order to ward off his infection. The very first mission that you receive in the game is "Find Zombrex", which will direct you to a nearby stash of the lifesaving drug. When the same prompts you to take the medication, press on the directional pad and you will get the trophy.

Save the Girl
Rescue a damsel in distress from the Twin Terrors.

In Case 5-2 you will have to bring $1,000,000 to Shoal (Y102), inside the Yucatan Casino.

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Save the Girl... Again
Save the damsel in distress a second time.

Missable. You must complete all the case files up to the Military's arrival. You'll get this mission at the conclusion of Case 7-2.

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Technological Terror
Destroy a 'harvester'.

Missable. You must complete all the case files up to the Military's arrival. You'll be able to earn this trophy during the Case File "The Facts".

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True Colors
Defeat the mastermind of the Fortune City incident.

Missable. You must complete all the case files up to the Military's arrival. You'll get this mission at the conclusion of "The Facts".

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Save the Girl... Yet Again
Save a damsel in distress for the third and final time.

Missable. You must complete all the case files up to the Military's arrival, and also trigger Overtime to be able to earn this trophy.

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No Zombies in the Vents
Unlock the secret shortcut.

Missable. Halfway through the day on 9/26 you will get the mission "Wilted Flower", where you will have to rescue the badly burned Linette from the back room of The Venus Touch (P109). Grab the coffee from the desk outside before you go into the back room, then give it to Linette when she asks for a drink. When she's ready, carry her to Brand New U (P203) and use the secret passage in the changing room. You will unlock the shortcut as well as the trophy.

Team Player
Avert a mutiny.

Missable. In order to receive this trophy, you have to have completed the mission "Hunger Pains". On 9/27, you will get a mission called "Snake in the Grass" in which Richard asks you to retrieve an Erotic Magazine from Hot Excitorama (N110). Find it on the shelf and bring it back to avert the "mutiny".

Powered Up
Restore power to the Yucatan Casino.

After defeating the Psychopath Ted and defeating or taming Snowflake in Yucatan Casino, find Lenny in the office behind the front desk. Before joining you, Lenny will lead you to the generator near the washrooms. Approach the generator and press when prompted to restore the power.

Out With the Old
Defeat the motorcycle-riding psychopath. [Story Mode Only]

On 9/26 at 3:00 PM you'll receive the mission "People Like Us" in which you'll have to defeat a Psychopath in Fortune Park.

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Prom Night
Kill 69 zombies. [Host Only]

See Six Digits?!? for details.

Elite Killer
Kill 1337 zombies. [Host Only]

See Six Digits?!? for details.

Luggage Code
Kill 12,345 zombies. [Host Only]

See Six Digits?!? for details.

Six Digits?!?
Kill 100,000 zombies. [Host Only]

After the madness that was the 72,000 zombies in Dead Rising 2, Capcom has decided to up the stakes even further with a full one hundred thousand zombies necessary for this trophy, setting a new standard for the word "grind". Right away, forget about doing this in Campaign or Co-Op modes. There is no way you will have enough time to complete the 100,000 kills in 72+ hours, and your kills do not carry over from game to game, or between modes.

Instead, go directly to Sandbox mode. You will have to kill large numbers of zombies anyhow to unlock all of the challenges, might as well put them to good use. If you're out to just farm the kills, put together a Slicecycle by combining a chainsaw and the motorcycle in the bike trailer near the Yucatan Casino on the Silver Strip. Once you have it assembled, drive up and down the strip cutting the zombies down like undead corn. Use the Bikes magazine to supplement your durability if you want, but you're more likely to run out of zombies than you are durability. If you're not as good at driving, the SUV is slightly less effective but will get the job done, the Key for which can be purchased at Tinkerbox (N103) for $2,500,000. Drive up and down the strip, plowing through any zombie unfortunate enough to cross your path.

At any time you are low on zombies, trigger the Extreme Off Road Challenge on the strip, which will populate the strip with a large quantity of zombies. When your bike breaks, enter another zone then return to the strip, causing the chainsaws to respawn. Lastly, make sure to save your game every 5,000 zombies are so. Just in case snipers happen to take you out, or some other random accident occurs, you don't want to lose your progress.

Luckily unlike DR2, with Sandbox mode and no time limit, the pressure is off to make every moment count. Unluckily, this just underlines how dull this process actually is. Once all 100,000 have been killed, you will get the trophy.

Use the Jump Kick to knock down 100 zombies.

An easy trophy to get over the course of the game. Simply press to jump, then while airborne hit to kick. You don't have to kill the zombie, just knock them down to receive credit. It's better to do this while running so you don't leave yourself open to attack when you land. After the 100th zombie is knocked down, you will receive the trophy.

Prestigious PP
Get over 2,000 PP from a single zombie kill.

Complete the Sandbox Challenge "Rooftop Massacre" with a gold medal to get the Boomstick combo card. Combine a shotgun and a pitchfork to create this weapon, and using its powered up attack by holding will net you 2500 points, easily earning this trophy.

Maintaining the City
Visit 10 different maintenance rooms.

After receiving the Maintenance Room key at the beginning of the game, simply enter 10 Maintenance Rooms to get this trophy. They're clearly marked on your map, and you'll be going in and out of them all through the game, so this trophy will happen almost automatically.

New Hotness
Build one of the combo weapons new to Dead Rising 2: Off The Record.

This can be done immediately in the game by going to the central save point in Fortune Park. Make a Weed Tendonizer by combining a Chef's Knife with a Grass Trimmer, both of which are conveniently located next to the Maintenance Room across from the save point. Once you've duct taped your creation together, the trophy will be yours.

Card Collection
Collect 20 combo cards.

See Card Archive for details.

Card Archive
Collect 50 combo cards.

You only need to find 50 out of the 65 cards available in the game, so you don't have to be concerned about finding every one. Most of the cards will come from normal leveling up over the course of the game, roughly half your total. The other half will come from completing the Survivor rescue missions. In addition to this, there are also a number of posters scattered throughout Fortune City that will give Frank inspiration for new combo weapons, adding a combo card to your inventory as a result. Finally, several of the sandbox challenges reward you with combo cards, making this much easier to achieve in Off the Record than it was in DR2. Note that scratch cards do not count, so you will have to wait until the actual card is awarded to you before marking it off on your list.

Use the map below to locate those posters that provide Combo Cards:

Hands of Doom
Unlock all skill moves.

You will receive new moves as Frank levels up. You will complete your skill set at level 47, so just keep at it and eventually this will unlock.

We Have a Winner!
Play a carney game and win.

There are several games in the Uranus Zone midway. Most center around throwing objects to hit targets without hitting obstacles. The easiest one seems to be the game where you hit aliens chasing beautiful space women who are running for their lives. You're given a toy rocket to throw in the usual way, holding , aiming for the target and pressing . Hit all three of the aliens without hitting the women and you will win.

Best of Friends
Defeat 5 psychopaths in co-op.

Team up with Chuck for some Co-Op campaign action, and defeat 5 psychopaths together. These do not have to be in the same play session or with the same partner. Sandbox Psychopath kills will not count.

Safety Check: Failed
Use the amusement park rides to kill 10 zombies at once.

In the Uranus Zone, go to the UFO Crash ride on the east side of the park. Remove the metal barricades from around the ride to allow the zombies to get near the circular platform. Lure them in using your own tasty brains, or use some firecrackers from the nearby Rocket's Red Glare (U110), until there is a large group of zombies clustered around the platform. Just south of the ride is a launch button that will cause the ride to shoot up into the sky, killing all of its undead passengers instantly.

You can also use the Galactic Glide, as demonstrated by PowerPyx.

Cramped Quarters
Get 8 survivors into a vehicle.

A variation on the Come On Follow Me trophy from Dead Rising 2, but with a vehicular twist. Not only do you have to have 8 Survivors following you at the same time, you have to take them out cruising. Not just any vehicle will do, in fact the clown car is the only vehicle that will accommodate eight Survivors at once. It spawns either outside the Swept Away (N101) chapel, or near the Galactic Glide ride in Uranus Zone. Believe me when I say that you will know it when you see it.

Getting 8 Survivors in the party at once is the tricky part. Before you start, make sure that you stop by Rags Mags (R212) and pick up a Leadership magazine. This will be critical in keeping your party together while you run all over the map to fill in the remaining slots. Remember that just like DR2, DR2OTR will only load 8 Survivors or Psychopaths at once, and if there are not enough available slots to load every person associated with a mission, it will not load at all. So if you find that missions are not loading for you, you may have to wait until a mission with the right number of slots necessary becomes available. Once you have all eight, find the clown car at one of its spawn points and get in. All of the Survivors will pile in the back seat and the trophy will be yours.

Note that Snowflake will not climb in the clown car, so don't count him as one of the eight. Plus, who wants to have to tell a 600 pound tiger that they have to ride in the middle? Not I.

Party Time
Get a survivor drunk.

When you have a survivor in your party, get their life down to about one third by leaving them to be mauled by zombies, or entering another zone without them. Once they're low enough, get 2-3 alcoholic beverages, approach the survivor and press when prompted to "Give Item". After they've drank 2-3 drinks, they will vomit all over the floor. Pssh... lightweight.

Puking Rally
Have a zombie slip in a puddle of vomit.

Get several bottles of alcohol and find a group of unsuspecting zombies. Drink the alcohol until you vomit, and when the zombies come after you, lure them into the pool of your sick. Hilarity ensues. Interestingly enough, the vomit doesn't even have to be yours. I got this trophy when facing the "Motorcycle-Riding Psychopath". He threw up on a nearby zombie, and I got the trophy from across the map without the hangover to go with it.

Watch PowerPyx take a collect call from Huey O'Roark on the porcelain phone.

Frank West: Cross Dresser
Dress up completely in women's clothing.

In Palisades Mall, go to Trendy Cindy (P113) or Brand New U (P203) and put on a hat, a dress or outfit and a pair of women's shoes. You'll get the trophy and realize that Frank makes an ugly woman.

Video by PowerPyx.

Purewal Memorial Cup
Don't consume any meat, dairy or alcohol until the military arrives.

Missable. As stated in the description, avoid eating meat, dairy or alcohol until after the military arrives in Case 7-1.To be safe, you should also avoid food items that might contain meat, dairy or alcohol, such as chili, pizza, or Painkiller. Once the cinematic of the military's arrival is complete, the trophy will pop. Note that for this to occur, you have to have completed all the previous case files, otherwise the game will end before you get the trophy. If you miss any of the case files, you will miss this trophy as well.

Tiger Tamer
Have Snowflake attack and damage a psychopath.

Anytime during Case 1, go to the Yucatan Casino to encounter Ted and his tiger friend Snowflake. Ted is a bit of a pushover, but Snowflake is hungry for fresh meat. You can attempt to tame Snowflake by putting out steaks for him and hiding until he has eaten enough of them to be at full health, but there is another easier way. After Ted is dead, leave the Yucatan and don't come back until Case 2-2. Upon returning you will automatically get a cinematic, and Snowflake will join you. When you go on the Case 2-2 mission "A Familiar Face", have Snowflake attack Brandon and you will receive this trophy.

Note that if you manage to tame Snowflake first before you kill Ted, his attacks against Ted don't seem to count for this trophy, so don't bother trying to approach the psychopath encounter with Ted the hard way.

Alpha Vs. Omega
Have Denyce attack and damage Sgt Boykin.

Missable. This is probably the hardest trophy in the game outside the challenges. Denyse is the very first survivor you encounter in the mission "Find Zombrex" in Case 1-1. You have to keep her alive and in your party all the way to Case 7-2, and have her damage Sgt. Boykin. This means that you cannot take Denyse back to the safehouse for essentially the entire game. Worse yet, in order to even have access to the boss fight with Boykin, you have to complete all of the case files with Denyse in tow. For this reason, I recommend that you do this trophy on a separate playthrough with a high level character, and spend most of the game just sitting and waiting. Unfortunately the 72 game hours you have to wait for the military translates to over six hours of real time, so be prepared for some boredom.

  • Make sure to get the Leadership magazine from Rag Mags. This will improve Denyse's health and speed.
  • Hold and press to indicate a location that Denyse should wait. This is critical to prevent her from following you into the safehoue or boss fights.
  • When you have to leave Denyse behind, try to do so in a Maintenance Room or washroom. Some location where zombies will not go.
  • When her health is low, equip a health item, approach her and press when prompted to give her the item.
  • Denyse will not take mixed drinks, nor will she use combo weapons. You will have to rely on normal food for healing, and standard weapons
  • Guns will never run out of ammo when held by a survivor, so take advantage of this and equip Denyse with a Merc Assault Rifle, shotgun or LMG.
  • Equip her with a good ranged weapon, or a melee weapon with a long reach to minimize the danger she will face in combat.
  • If you leave the zone that Denyse is in, when you return she will lose any weapon she had previously been equipped with. Be prepared with additional weapons.
  • Don't get too far ahead of Denyse. Frank moves faster than she does, and the Leadership magazine's range is not infinite. Once out of range, she will be slower and vulnerable.
  • In Case 6-1, you will have to fight a helicopter on the roof of the Fortune City Hotel.

    You must leave Denyse in the lobby, or she will be transported to the Safehouse at the end of the battle.

    Ensure that she is at full life, place her behind the desk at the far side of the lobby, and make sure you get the "Denyse is too far away" message before going up in the elevator. Immediately after the fight you will be transported to the Safehouse. Haul ass back to the Hotel as fast as you can. You should have enough time to get back to her before time runs out.

[top]Sandbox Challenges

Incidentally, if you find the video helpful, a thumbs up on Youtube would be most appreciated.

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[top]Survivor & Psychopath Timeline

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