Players: 1

Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-2 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Peng Me Again
Missable Trophies: Peng Me Again, Ship Shape, Remember the Alamo, King of the Hill, Grind House
Difficulty Trophies: The Veteran
Glitched Trophies: None

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[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All trophies are in XMB order
  • This story is a follow up story to the Dead Space: Extraction game. I strongly recommend you play through the story line of Extraction first before playing this game, to have a better understanding of the characters.
  • The Severed DLC takes place on the Sprawl at the beginning of the outbreak and the story runs at the same time as the Main story of Dead Space 2 as you are trying to escape the sprawl with Isaac.
  • Again if your girlfriend or wife wants to play or watch, recommend it for a nighttime activity with no lights to "enhance" the experience
  • If you have completed Hardcore mode on the main game, you will have access to the Hand Cannon at the first store making the DLC a breeze.
  • You will have access to any DLC weapon packs you have purchased for Dead Space 2 at the first store.
  • The Patrol Suit has the same Inventory Slots and Armor as the DLC suits. It also gives you a damage to the Seeker Rifle and the Pulse Rifle.
  • If you miss any of the missable trophies, the game is short and you can replay on any difficulty level to quickly get back to the point you need to get the trophy you missed.


The Betrayal
Severed: Complete Chapter 1

This is a story based trophy

This trophy will unlock once you have completed Chapter 1. Chapter 1 runs you through part of Chapter 11 backwards from the Dig site, to the Ship Dock at the beginning of the level. At the end of the level you will face the Gunship, for strategies on the gun ship see the Ship Shape trophy, and make sure you have completed that trophy before moving on to level 2.

The Sacrifice
Severed: Complete Chapter 2

This is a story based trophy

This one is easy enough. You will unlock this trophy for completing Chapter 2. Chapter 2 runs you through Chapter 1 of the main game backwards, just after Isaac has been through there in the main game. The nice part is you get to have revenge on all the Necros that were chasing you while you had no weapons in the main game. There are really no major battles in this Chapter, at the end of the level you will need to shoot the Purple Nodes in the door to release the locks to finish the game. Make sure you have the Remember the Alamo trophy before completing this task.

Ship Shape
Severed: Take out the gunship within 30 seconds

This trophy is Missable

You will encounter the Gunship at the end of Chapter 1, which is where you land for the start of Chapter 11 in the main game. This one is actually pretty easy, the Gunship is small and will be in front of you shooting nonstop. Stay behind the crates in front of you and grab the Explosive Canister on your right with your Kinesis. Throw this at the Gunship to cause damage and stun it, then look on the wall to your left and you will see a refillable Explosive Canister chamber. Grab the Explosive Canister and then throw this at the Gunship. Now at this point, look in front of the crates while the Gunship is stunned. Sometimes there is a Canister there, and sometimes not, if there is grab it with your Kinesis and throw it at the Gunship to finish it off. If there isn't one there, jump back behind the boxes and wait for the Canister to refill in the port on the wall. Once it does grab it and finish off the Gunship. It will only take 3 Explosive Canisters to destroy the Gunship. If you don't get the trophy when the Gunship goes down, reload your save point from the room before this and try again. If you are having trouble with the time limit, grab the wall canister first, then the canister on your right which will give the wall port time to refill, and then by the time you use the second the port should be ready for you to immediately grab the last Canister to destroy the Gunship.

I'm not sure about other weapons on the Gunship, the Hand Cannon did no damage to the Gunship so I recommend just using the Canisters.

The Veteran
Severed: Complete on Zealot difficulty

Easy enough, when you load up the game from the Main Menu, Zealot will be available to you from the start. Zealot isn't hard and if you already have the Hand Cannon it will be a breeze. If you haven't completed the regular game on Hardcore mode, use your upgrades wisely and proceed with caution. Your Patrol Suit is as good as the DLC suits, so you don't need to worry about changing to a better suit. Even without the Hand Cannon this should be very easy for an experienced Dead Space 2 player. Once you finish the game on Zealot the trophy is yours.

Remember the Alamo
Severed: Kill 16 or more enemies in the final last stand combat sequence.

This trophy is Missable

This will take place in the final sequence of the game. Gabe will end up with his legs blown off while trying to help Lexine escape the Sprawl. Once this happens, you will need to blast the purple nodes by the main cargo door to open the main pressure door for her to escape. You won't be able to move at this point. Instead of shooting the nodes, what you need to do is shoot the horde of Necromorphs that begin attacking. Sounds easy, well unfortunately you are on a time limit before Gabe bleeds out and you die. If you have the Hand Cannon, you should have no problem getting this on your first try. If not, I recommend grabbing your most powerful weapon and start blasting away at the Necros. Don't worry about your health, if you die you will respawn right before this point at the checkpoint. Kill the Necros as fast as you can and watch out for the Exploders. If you blow them up too close to you, it will be respawn time. If you are having problems with this, don't save over your final checkpoint and once you beat the main game on Hardcore reload the game, then backtrack to a store and grab the Hand Cannon then try it with that, OR you can replay the game on a lower difficulty which will make the Necros easier to kill. Once you kill 16 Necros the trophy will unlock.

Peng Me Again
Severed: Find the Peng treasure in Severed.

This trophy is Missable

Ahhh the prestigious PENG Treasure, always hiding from us like an Easter Egg hunt. The PENG is very easy to find in the DLC. On Chapter 2, which will be Chapter 1 from the regular game, you will be retracing Isaac's steps back to the very start of the regular game. If you have already played the regular game this will be much easier for you to find because you will understand the landmarks I am describing, if you haven't I will try to make them, as clear as possible. After you have passed through the Medical Center, you will come to a large operating room. In the regular game, this is where you get the Kinesis Power. If you haven't played the regular game yet, this room is very obvious as it looks like a Surgical Auditorium. Head through the unlocked door and down the hallway and you will come to the large room on your left that was pitch black in your regular walkthrough. On the other side of this room is an elevator that takes you up to the Doctor's Office where Isaac gets the Flashlight in your regular game. This is the path you are supposed to follow for the DLC story. Instead of going into this room, head down the hallway and through the unlocked door at the end. Inside you will be in the shower room. Take out the Pregnant that attacks you and head around the corner to Access Tunnel and your lovely PENG Treasure will be waiting. Once you grab it you will get attacked by 2 Super Slashers and another Pregnant, so be prepared. You will also get your trophy.

Peng Me Again video walkthrough by TheMediaCows To view more videos from him click here.

King of the Hill
Severed: Defend the quarry platform until the door unlocks

This trophy is Missable

This is located in Chapter 1. After you have left the Grinder Room, you will proceed down a couple of Corridors and come to a large room with Ramps leading up. You will also be talking to a friend on the radio who is telling you to come up to them. Find the unblocked ramp to your left and head up the ramp and you will find your friend screaming and getting attacked by an Infector. Take out the Infector, and sadly take out your friend, and you will notice that both sides of the room are locked. In the middle of the room is a platform and a Security Override Panel. This platform is your hill. Hold down the to use the Security Override, then prepare for battle. Their will be 4-5 waves of enemies that attack you at this point consisting of Leapers, Slashers and the Pack. There is nothing too overwhelming about it, but you must stay on this middle platform until the countdown ends and the doors unlock! If you leave the middle platform for any reason once you start the override, you will not get the trophy. It doesn't matter if the enemies get on the platform, as long as you stay on it and blast them. Once the Override finishes, the doors will unlock and the trophy will be yours.

Grind House
Severed: In the grinder room, cause an enemy to die in the grinders.

This trophy is Missable

This is located in Chapter 1, and is one of the more difficult trophies in the game. When you come to the first store, spend some of your 50,000 credits you start with on the Force Gun. Don't bother upgrading it at the Workbench, because you don't want it strong enough to kill, only strong enough to knock back. Make sure you save your game! Head through the doors into the next area and you will be in the Grinder Room. Once inside, use Stasis on the two Slashers on your right side, then head to the FRONT of the Grinder. The front has a break in the fence where you can knock the Slashers into the Gears, the back doesn't. Now comes the hard part, while avoiding the Pack and Exploders that attack you need to hit the Slashers with your Force Gun while they are close enough to the opening that they get knocked back into the Grinder. They must die from the Grinders and not from your Gun to get this trophy. This will only work on the Slashers because your force gun will kill the Pack with one shot and cause the Exploders to Explode. If you kill the Slashers with your gun and not from the Grinder, reload your Save Point and try again. Once you have killed one of the Slashers from the Grinder the trophy will unlock.

Tip from oscar_383
For grind house after i killed the two slashers , then the little guys come that run after you. If you just run into the grinder when they are close they will come if after you as you suicide in the grinder. Thats how i got my trophy.
Quote Originally Posted by bushpig94 View Post
Another tip for Grind House, if you have the DLC get the Contact Beam, run past like DAVEY said, and when you get to the platform in front of the grinder and a Slasher is right in front, Kenisis it, then use the Contact Beam alt. fire.

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